Life Is Not
What You
Have Been Led
to Believe It Is
by Those Who
Claim to Know.!

See the Truth +  Speak the Truth +  Live the truth  =  Be Free





Here is your

Ticket to Freedom







The-Fast-Track-to-Cabal Elimination

The TLC-Life-Center Team
    applied the Sherlock-Holmes
        Deductive -Reasoning-Technique   and
            the evidence from several teams of
                scientific  investigators.
                    Together, we  exposed
The Antarctic  Ice Wall Lie.  

For the evil ones, it is essential for them
to keep this lie believable.
Why.?   Because  when we expose
The Antarctic  Ice-Wall-Lie
it will uncover a huge network of other,  major Lies.
All  this exposure  will wake up a huge number of human and
their waking up will  break  evils strangle hold
on humanity's consciousness..
Once we've examined the Ice Circle
we demand end to Antarctic  secrecy

AND Remember, we are NOT working alone
Exposing the Antarctic, Ice Wall fraud
is only one of sixteen major tactics
used in our Winning Strategy.

At the same time, that
the Ice-Wall-Lie is being challenged,
another team is exposing
The Six, Major, Banking Frauds
and making huge demands for
the return of all interest paid on homeloans.
Then, that team will demand
and the fraudulent home loans be cancelled

*   At the same time, another of our  teams
    is organizes people with unpaid student loans.
*   The claim here is that
     the loans were maid with fake non-existent money.
*   The lenders  stole the value in the money  they loaned.
     They stole it from We-The-People.

      by way of inflation
       Inflation reduces  the value 
     that is  n already-in-existing-money
*   Thus the contract is illegal and unenforceable.
*  We demand the return of all interest money paid.
*   Student loans have no collateral behind them..
      When the debtors collectively stop paying
     the evil ones have nothing that they can steal.

At the same time, Another of our teams is working to
break the Cabal barrier to free energy technology.
See the Foster Gamble film  Thrive II.

at the sane time, another of our teams
is focusing on Month, Full Moon Celebrations  of Life and  Llove
This is focal point of our
 Children and Adult Education Center

At the same time,  another of our teams is focusing on
 Creating a National Support  Network for
Local-Communality-Grown      Organic Food Gardens
These Gardens and the support system are are
all owned and managed by We-The-People.

Your job is to decide which team
is most appealing for you to play on.
Once you know what you wand to focus on,
 take whatever action your inner spirit guides you to do.

Our mission is to Free humanity from
evil's secret mind control prison.
It is by far the fastest path to human freedom.

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For those interested, here's a personal note

My personal journey to this present Here and Now Situation
began in 1965  after watching a
PBS Television series called  The Longest Search.
It focused on cosmology, the nature of reality,:
i.e.  What are we,
      Where did we come from, 
      Why are we here. 
      What happens when we die.
Thy examined this from a religious perspective
 and NOT from scientific evidence.

At that time, the non-physical side of reality
was still unknown to the general public.

The conclusion was that everybody
was pointed in their own direction
and that we knew nothing with any degree of certainty.

My response was:  "There's got to be a better way."
I've been on my own search for that better way ever since.
More on this later,  For now, it's time to leave evil behind
Our winning Strategy offers the fast-track  way to do  that    







Here are some of the  growths in awareness
that have come to humanity since 1965.


Physics of Consciousness       How the Universe Functions      

Rules of Reality
22 Major Laws and Principles

Seven Lost Secrets of Llove

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Now lets examine what the evidence tell us about
The Ant arctic  Ice Wall

This is a False-Belief-Busting disclosure of
an evidence-based truth that will completely shatter
many,  major, false belief about your life on Earth.

Five. Critically Important, Evidence-Based Truths 
that are still  not known  by most of the general public.

*1   Everything physical is created within a torus structure.

*2  All the  oceans on the entire Earth are
      on one, single, flat plain

*3   We are inside, not outside of the Antarctic Ice wall

Nobody representing We-The-People
     has ever been  allowed to
     independently investigate
     what is on the other side of that ice wall.

*5   There Are no pictures of Earth taken from space.
       All the pictures we see of Earth from  pace
        are Photoshop creation ay NASSA employees.

*   Did You Ever Wonder Why All the Secrecy?
*   Did you ever ask:  What are our so-called Leaders  hiding?

*   Meaning-Significance-Effect-Result-Consequences
     Where will this truth lead us?               

*   Also Remember:
     The most powerful significance here is
     NOT in the physical structure of the Earth.
     It's NOT in our relationship to the ice wall.
          It's in the truths that are being revealed.
          It's in the lies that are being exposed.     

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*   Section Title     The-Antarctic-Ice-Wall   .....






Our public persona. is to focus on science.

*   We say that our research team
     simply wants to gather evidence
     to prove or disprove our theory

The theory 
     That the ice wall is at the exterior ring 
      of the Earth's Torus Field

*   We have a hidden agenda.
     that we do not talk about.
*   The hidden agenda  is to
     expose those in control
     as liars and criminals
*   This is another example of
    using our opponent's strategy against them.
*   Talk  science.     
*    Ignore the nature of the opposition

We focus exclusively on that which
     we choose to experience.
We allow the evil ones to be. as they are    
We ignore them.
Why.?   Because:
*   Fighting is for losers
*   The Universe gives us more of
     whatever we focus your attention on..

*   When we create our new reality,
     we include only that which
     we choose to experience.

The Ice-Wall-Challenge is just one piece of
a Winning Strategy that has  at least
fifteen other, major pieces

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Section itle:   Our-Points-of-Focus.      .....  






In this Challenges,
our job is to challenge the opposition,
to put them n the defensive.

We say we are simply seeking evidence
to support or refute our theory that
the ice wall is actually the outer ring of Earths  Torus Field.

We say that another of
our scientific objectives is
to test the theory that
Gravity is actually Torus-Field-Energy.

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*   Section Title:     .Going-on-the-Offensive.     .....   





The White-Hats   

.This is the good guys response to the Corona vitrus
We are doing to them what they did to us.
We simply following scientific reasoning that i
a planets torus field the outer ring
on planet Earths torus field in an Ice ring
We declare it to be the trutt and
offere evidence from both sides in a cosmic courtroom

We pulled the sword out of the stone.
we are here to take the stone out on the sword.
Our weapon, our sword  is Llove. 
Llove is our reason for being here on Earth.
Sword is low vibration  destruction
Our  vibration is    Joy,     Peaceful coexistence.
Llove,    Safety,     Comfort,     harmony
Sensual play,     and  sexual-sensual  play.

We are Truth-Seekers and with our existing evidence
we seek more  truth about what is called Antarctica
Is it a continent or is it an ice  wall .
What does the evidence tell us..?





C S 18-06-22



The Black hats    

On the  side of the round earth-promoters
*   Cabal Criminal s  they are pathological liars.
*   The say the Earth is round because when a ship sales away
     it allears to disappears over the horizon.
     Not true.  With a telescope the ship is still visible

What Are the Contexts and Circumstances

*   No pictures of Earth from space
*   Extreme secrecy.
*    Vast amounts of evidence kept hidden from the people.
*   Main street Media. is a propaganda machine.
*   Huge amounts of one-sided messages being
     peddled on TV.
*   They Dictate what behavior is considered acceptable
    We've been mind-mipulated to ridicule
     thoe who oppose the establishment's propoganda stories.
*  Newtonian physics has been proven wrong. 
    It's still being peddled and taught in schools
    that Newtonian Physics is the truth
* The evidence based  truth is that welive in an Electric Universe
*  We-The-People are treated as cattle.
    never considered in the real dcision making proses
*   Nobody an any polital and social positions
     really supports the people.








.Thank you,
Blessings Be Llove   (love)

Robert Cote'  and  Aum  FahZoom
1-818-727-0727   ....







C S 18-06-22





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