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Fifth Dimension Consciousness

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The Cabal

updated  7 April 2019

Cabal Criminals


The Term "Cabal" refers to a group of
super-wealthy, sadistic, compassionless, psychopaths
were attempting to turn America
and all other nations into a one-world dictatorship
with themselves in control.   

Become aware that these evil beings  exists,
but do NOT Dwell on it!
Check this overview of them
and then focus on Something else.  
Why?  Because The Universal Law of Returns tells that
focusing on what you do NOT want
brings you more of what you do NOT want
Here's our suggested point of focus.  

These satanic, fascist, child rapist, politics-by-murder con artist
were also know as
Shadow Government        The Deep state

They were the ultimate in service to self
at the expense of everyone and everything else.  
They hid under several innocent-sounding names,
chief among them was the Federal Reserve
CIA and "The New World Order." 
Fortunately, The powers that be have become
the powers that were - the powers that used to be  -
the powers that are no more,

At one point, they had complete, secret control
of every major corporation in America and Europe. 

Criminal Cabal's Secret Corporate Control System

The overwhelming evidence tell us
that every one of the world's major problems
and major conflicts can be traced to
That core cause is the Cabal Criminal Bankers

They had been waging a secret and silent war
against the American people since shortly after WWII.  

The Cabal Criminal Bankers funded
and orchestrated the war against humanity
with every kind of evil, criminal activity you can imagine
and by much that nobody wants to imagine.   

The CIA was the source of mafia-style
thugs, trafficking in sex slaves  and satanic ritual murders.    
Every one that threatened their control was simply murdered

The human population,
particularly the American people
were their main enemy, their primary target.    

Killing six billion humans was their goal.   
Intentional environmental destruction
was one of their most effective means of killing.  

Intentional, Highly Destructive Weather Manipulation
was one of their final assaults
in their war against  the human population.  

Cabal agents murdered Presidents
Garfield, Lincoln, and Kennedy. 
They got away with it because. 
In those days, We-The-People
had no idea that
humanity was secretly enslaved by
a species of off-planet beings and
orchestrated by a cartel of genetically alerted humans
known as the Cabal.    

The reason for weather manipulation
is to rapidly destroy the Earth's ability
to support its human population.  
Without the Earth's life support, you would have died.  

If they had , you would have died  or become a slave.  
If they had won, in two years,
six billion humans would also have been murdered,
that includes you and your family.    

These are the same people who were responsible for
the rape, torture and murder of
tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands
of children every year. 
These were the men (and a very few women)
responsible for mind manipulating
humanity with lies, illusions, and false beliefs

Here's one woman's survival story. 
Secrets about the CIA's Global Sex Slave Industry

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>
<><><>   <><><>   <><><>

Exposing Human Programming ... stepping out of the Matrix! - YouTube
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8gwX89AdCE ~
An explanation of how the criminal controllers function
You are the enemy.   We-The-People  are the enemy.

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<><><>   <><><>   <><><>

Here, for example, is  how they start
violent confrontations and wars.   

In any area of disagreement
the Cabal send their agent provocateurs
into both sides.   
They have one side commit a violent act
on their own side
and blame it on the other side, then
both sets of provocateurs fight each other.  

The criminal leaders on each side
blame the violence and the fighting
on the other side. 
The secret Cabal leader used this conflict to claim that
the provocations were reason enough to start an all out war.  
The leaders then feed off of
the low vibration energy, fear, anger, death. etc..  

Each year, they passed more freedom-restricting laws,
they stole as much wealth as they possible, and
raped, tortured, and murdered  thousands of children that
they kidnaped during the conflicts.

They destroyd the evidence, murdered witnesses
who give testimony that did not fit
their version of the story.  

The people never knew that the entire
conflict/ war was an intentional setup
because they falsely claimed that
humans were inherently evil.  

A Major Milestone in
Rebuilding the American Dream

will occur the day all home owners, in-mass,
stop making home mortgage payments
to the Cabal criminal bankers.

That will take
about 130 BILLION dollars every month
away from the Cabal Criminal Bankers and  
provided 75 million home owners
and their families with an average of $1,780
in spendable money
every month.   

That amounts to about a
130 billion dollar
economic stimulus
inserted into the American economy

every month

This will start a


that will provide
financial abundance for everyone

and, at the same time,
completely destroy
the Cabal banking criminals.

Cabbal Criminals



C S 18-06-22




Nobody dies from AIDS.  
They die of some other disease that entered the body
because the immune system was destroyed.
You can be pretty confident that no autopsy report will tell us
what actually killed Eric "Eazy-E" Wright..

The short period between his discovery of aids and his death
Fits the pattern of the activities of the agents of the Cabal.

The Cabal Behavior Pattern:
When the Cabal discover a person
who has the potential to threaten their control,
or has the potential to be a researcher for the Evil ones
that person is
*   Bribed, - offered huge financial and other rewords
    if they will serve the evil ones.
*   Tricked into deeper  and deeper involvement
     in ethically, morally, and/ or legally questionable activity.
     until  he or she is so deep  he/she can never back out.
*   Drugged and photographed in a murder scene,
    An then forever blackmailed.
*   Compromised and or destroyed financially.
*   Their credibility/ believability is destroyed.
*   The are enslaved by lies and illusions.
*   They are murdered, suicided, or set up for  an accident.
*   Murdered or otherwise  eliminated,
*   Kidnapped and sent to an off-planet prison, research center.

Eazy-E came into Earth life in the most difficult time
for a person of African decent.
He also came into the most difficult location
in all of the western United States.

Eazy-E was a baby in the days when the Cabal agents murdered
Malcolm X , Martin Luther King, John Kennedy,  Robert Kennedy,
John Lennon Was murdered in 1980.

Do you recall Harold Holt, the Prime Minister of Australia,
 a true agent of the people.
On 17 December 1967,  he disappeared
while swimming in the sea near Portsea, Victoria.
An enormous search operation was made,
but neither  he, his bod, or any other evidence was ever discovered.

On September 29, 1913, Rudolf Diesel, inventor of the engine
disappears from the steamship Dresden
while traveling from Antwerp, Belgium to Harwich, England.

And then there is the murder of  Martha Mitchel the, wife of
Attorney General, John Mitchrl in the Nixon administration

And the mysterious death of James Forestall Former former under secretary of the navy. 
He died on or about May 22, 1949, at the National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland, as a result of a fall or a push  from a high point in the tower, building one, National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland.  

And the list goes on with literally thousands  of incidents.
Way too long to list here.

The pattern goes back
to before recorded history and continue today
Fortunately, the criminals
are now being systematically eliminated.

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The CIA was the murder and mayhem portion
of the Cabal criminal Bankers.  

Are you aware that the CIA and
the Criminal Cabal Bankers
owned and manage the illegal drug industry.  
Their proceeds are estimated to have been
at least 550 billion dollars annually
from this activity lone.   .   


Are you aware that, in 1953, the CIA overturned a democratically elected government in Iran and installed the hated dictator, Mohammad-Rezā Shāh Pahlavi, commonly known as The Shah of Iran, to effectively ruled the country as an absolute monarch.  

All the trouble with Iran during the past 59 years is a product of CIA's intentional destruction of a democratically elected government. 


The list of CIA criminal activities is so extensive that the most efficient thing this author can do is link you to some of the websites the detail their activities.  

Here's an indication of the extent of their criminal activity:   If you go to Google search engine and search for "CIA Crimes Against Humanity"  with quotation marks around your search title to eliminate unrelated links, 130,000 listing show up.        

Here are a few sites that will give you an example of CIA criminal activity:      

The CIA: Keepers of the Hit Lists. War Crimes as Policy   

Top 25 Crimes of the CIA

Marshall planned to expose CIA crimes  

Here's a recent find:  
Evergreen CIA Owned Airline:
Dropping Poison On You And Your Family

<><><>   <><><> 

In spite of the overwhelming evidence, few realizee that the CIA was the Criminal Cabal's version of the Russian KGB.  

The CIA was the violence and physical-crime portion of the Cabal Criminal Bankers.     Are you aware that the atheist criminals that run the CIA were  waging a secret/silent war against against the American people.  

You were high up on their destroy the enemy-list if you were: 
*** An active church member,  
*** Pro-choice,  
*** A union member
*** A news reporter,   
*** An undocumented citizen of a foreign nation,  
*** Black, Latino, or Native American,  
*** Gay or Lesbian,  
*** A retired senior citizen,  
*** A member of or a supporter of any environmental organization,  
*** Actively working to wake up the people to what the
         Cabal criminal bankers and the CIA were doing.     

If you are not on the above list, you're still an enemy: 
*** If you are NOT wealthy or super-wealthy,  
*** If you're NOT member of the criminal Cabal, 
*** If you are NOT a top executive of a major corporation
*** If you are Not a child-molesting devil worshiper.  

The CIA had been actively working to destroy peace and freedom since its birth during and shortly after WWII.   Their list of its crimes and destruction is so long and so extensive that it's like reading a whose who list of the criminally insane.  

Everything they did was silent, secret, and hidden under the cloak of protecting the people from an enemy that they, themselves, created.  










Choice Point


Choice Point Defined


A choice point is a natural place where
changes in context occur -
a point where one cycle ends and another begins.  

There are personal choice points and collective choice points.  
We'll start with the collective choice points. 

Greg Braden reminds us that we are at the choice point in three major changes. 

Collective Choice Points:
We (the collective we)
are at three major choice points right now. 
1)   Environment  2)   Economy   3)   Conflict
In each of these areas of life,  major changes are in process
The old is ending and the new is just beginning.  
It's a point at which it is easy for us to choose
what attributes the new creations will express.  

1)   Into a Climate Cooling cycle 
***   From intentional climate manipulation
and intentional destruction  
***  To preparing and planning for
a natural, cooler weather cycle.  

The environment is a disaster.  
The criminals who controlled everything
are being removed from their positions of power.
We (the collective we) are becoming aware and
we are making change.  

2)   From Economic  Slavery to Financial Freedom:  
Our money system in transforming
***   From criminal-controlled, fraudulent, easy-to-manipulate,
         debt-based money swindle of the Federal Reserve
***   To Debt-Free Money issued directly from
          the United States treasury.    

The economy has been controlled by criminals and
has been used to enslave the people.  
The criminals are being removed from power and
a new system for creating abundance is replacing the old.  

3)      From Conflict to Cooperation:  
Fifth Dimension Consciousness clearly demonstrates that
Cooperation is replacing fighting, conflicts, and wars. 

In the old system, conflict and violence were used
to give the false impression that
conflict and violence solve problems.  
The criminal who used violence
as a tool to control the people
are being removed from power and
the new way of caring, sharing, and cooperation
is replacing the old.     

4)   A Fourth ,Major Cycle of Change:  
Bruce Lipton, an extremely talented micro-biologist
exposes and explains a fourth evolutionary cycle.  

He exposes the false Darwinian Theory of Evolution and replaces it with
Fifth Dimension a scientifically verified evidence
that humans are evolving into a new collective conscious being
known as Humanity.   

We, both individually and collectively,
have the opportunity to build the replacement for the old
in all four of these areas.  
These are choice points for us, collectively.   

5)   The Transformation of Technology: 
Have you noticed how rapidly technology is changing.   The rate of change is dramatic, rapid, and almost unbelievable.   

6)  The Evolution of Collective Consciousness:  
Humanity is becoming a single, global unit.   On the Fifth Dimension, Cosmic level, we are also becoming aware that we are one, single unified being called Humanity.  

Personal / Individual Choice Points:  
Also be aware that the collective changes
are the result of individual changes.   
Each of us is at a choice point in each of
these three areas of collective change.  
Answer this question: 
"Who do I choose to be in these new and growing contexts?  

Notice that the changes in collective context are providing us
with wonderful opportunities to enhance
the joy and abundance in our personal lives.  

You now know that you are a powerful, non-physical,
multi-dimensional, divine being
having a human experience
in a physical body
on planet Earth
in a holographic universe
that used to be controlled by psychopathic criminals.  

Who do you choose to be in this new context?.  
What do you choose to be, do, have, express, and experience
in this new context?  

Are you going to apply the rules of reality to your life and
learn to create a life filled with
Llove joy, health, wealth, and abundance?  

Choice Point 




Collective Reality


Collective Reality


We are incredibly powerful creators.  
We live in a holographic universe.  
We each create our own personal reality
by our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, expectations etc.   
Everybody's individual thoughts, when combined with
everybody else's individual thoughts
creates what we call our collective reality   

Together, we create the world we experience.  
In order to create a fair, Lloving world
of peace, freedom, joy, and abundance, 
The changes are made at the level 
the individuals that make up the collective.  When enough individuals wake up, then the collective reality changes   

Collective Reality









Cosmology is the study of the nature, the origin, the structure,
and the possible future of life
the physical and non-physical aspects of the universe.  

Until very recently conclusions
have been based upon religious beliefs -
beliefs that are centuries of years old.   
Present day religious leaders
simply ignore the available evidence. 

With the awakening of humanity,
the truth is finally altering public consciousness.   
Here are the five basic, previously unknown
facts of life
The Nature of Reality    

One:  We Are Eternal, Divine beings having a human experience.

Two: We live is Source/ Creator/ God's Cosmic Holograph.     

Three: The Earth's portion of the Cosmic holograph has been hijacked by the Cabal banking criminals.  

Four: All major organizations are actually secretly controlled by the Cabal's Secret Human and Corporate Control System.  

Five:  Understand the above four facts, are pre-requisites for escaping from their secret mind-control system.  





Cycles of Change


Cycles of Change


In case you haven't yet noticed,
MAJOR changes are happening
everywhere and in everything.   
We are at the choice point in four major changes.  
Three are natural cycles and one is
the most unique change in all of cosmic history.  

A choice point is the time between the end of one cycle
and the beginning of a new cycle.   Because we are great creators and
because we live in a holographic universe,
we have a choice regarding who we choose to be in the new cycle.  


Cycles of change





















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