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(o)>   Dark Energy Dark Matter  

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(o)>   Disease Is a Holographic Computer Virus  
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Divine Protection by Declaration         Divine Protection by Declaration

(o)>   Dopamine-Money-Cocaine Connection       

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Dark Energy  Dark Matter


Of all the matter and energy that make up the universe
only about five percent is perceivable
to human senses or to present-day, scientific instruments.  

Unlike physical matter,
dark matter neither emits or reflects light, and,
unlike physical matter which gathers together in clumps,
this invisible energy, is present everywhere,
including where you are as you read this.    

We know it exists because of the gravitational effect
that it has on the rest of the universe. 

Telescope to Hunt for the Missing 96% of the Universe     
Dark Energy:  Was Einstein Right After All?      
Dark Matter Mystery:   Why are 400 stars moving  as if Nothing Were There?     <><




Disease is a Holographic Computer Virus   



Remember, we live in a holographic Universe.  
Our bodies, like everything else, are holographic images.  
We functional at vibrational frequencies.  

Disease (and all that comes with it) is a computer virus.  
Body problems are a computer virus.  
Anything dysfunctional in our physical body
is a virus in our holographic computer image of ourselves.  
If we are sick, we are simply vibrating an a rate of vibration,
a frequency  that is dysfunctional to your healthy bodies.

Change your image of your body and
your body changes to match your new image

To experience excellent health,
think of yourself as healthy and
feel the internal feelings of excellent health.  
body will shift to match your new self image.  
Then physically feel excellent health.  

That's what instant healing is.  
That's what all healing is.  

See the Section titled:   How Jesus healed.         >





Divine Protection by Declaration.



Divine Protection by Declaration 



Protection by Declaration



You are a dynamic, divine God-Being.  
You, yourself, are the ultimate protection. 
ou are GOD!  What more can you be than you.  

Say this to yourself: 

I Am God like a Wave
Is the Ocean.  

You are God like a Wave is the Ocean.  

We Are Gods like Waves Are the Ocean.  

We  Are  the Ocean of Consciousness.  
The Ocean is  Us.  

The Universe is
a mental creation of The All
(aka:  Source/ Creator/God/Goddess).
You, as a God-Being in physical form,
are immersed in every moment
in a pool of infinite, Divine Energy.
You are that energy.
You are a part of God.  

We are to God like wave s are to the ocean.

We are not only a
We are also a Great Creators.   
We say that because, for each of us,  our thoughts,
beliefs, attitudes, expectations, words, and actions
are always creating
the timelines for ourself.
Our personal timeline is a perception, a possibility of
the future  we are headed for.

Our actions inspire more thoughts. 
Technically-speaking, it is our thoughts,
empowered by our emotions 
that do the actual creating.   

We say that because we know that we (all humans)
live in Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
Holographic Universe.  

Our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes,
words, expectations,  actions tell our
Body-Mind    (Innate body / Smart Body)  
our intentions are. 
(i.e. what we want it to create.)   

Our Body-Mind (innate) then does it's best
to create a physical experience
that matches our self-created intentions.  
For our entire lives, most of us
have done this this unconsciously.  


By your conscious intentions,
we now realize/ know  that we have
the power and the ability to
make changes in
thoughts, beliefs, attitudes,
expectations, words, and actions.

You have the power   and the ability
to move and shape and use   
the Universal energy
any way we choose to use and apply it.

The more we are aware of this, and
the more confident we become. 

The more we practice being and doing,
the more powerful both we and the result will be.

The truth we all  humans are God-Beings 
soon becomes knowing beyond any doubts.   

Do not think or speak from a vibration of fear.
Think and speak from the power of yourself
as a God-Being experiencing life in human, physical form.

We simply declare ownership of our own space.
Wherever I am, this space is my space!
I intend, declare, and know that
only love can enter my space!
Only positive vibrations are allowed here.   
This is so because, as God, I have declared it to be so. 

I Am God like a Wave
Is the Ocean.  

You are God like a Wave Is the Ocean.  

We Are Gods like Waves Are the Ocean.  

We  Are  the Ocean.   The Ocean is  Us.  

We  Are  God's Waves.   And We Know it!

For more gifts of
Fifth Dimension Wisdom


Also see "God-Beings   Humans are God-Geings"~   


Divine Protection by Declaration





The Dopamine-Money-Cocaine Connection


Are you aware that snorting cocaine and
making large amounts of money,
both have the same effect on the human brain?   

Both trigger the brain to produce dopamine.  

It's the dopamine that creates
the feel-good fahzoom feelings.   

Sky-diving, bungee jumping, sex and
thousands of other experiences
also trigger the dopamine response.  

Where do you get your
feel-good, fahzoom, dopamine highs?  

Are there any major downsides
to the way you create your highs?  
Whatever your choice is, it can
be enhanced, surpassed, or replaced
by perceiving it from
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.    



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