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Facts of Life   A few Basic Facts Of Life        

FahZoom Breath       FahZoom Breath and Release Technique  

(o)>   Fear //  Awareness of Danger     


(o)>   The Federal Reserve    

(o)>   Feelings - Focus on the Feelings     

(o)>   The Fifth Dimension Consciousness   


Fractal     Fractal       

Futile Gesturing     Futile Gesturing   <><>     






A Few Basic Facts of Life



Joy is our natural state of being   <><><><><><><>

In third dimension consciousness,
if our intention is to reach a specific destination,
we must each answer four basic questions:  
*   What is the context in which I am presently functioning
*   Where am I?  
*   What is my destination?  
*   How do I get from where I am to my destination?  

*   We succeed when we are willing to seek and to find
      the functional answers
     to all four of these four questions.   
*   We succeed when we are willing to learn
     things that we don't already know.  

*   We succeed when we commit ourselves to succeed.  
*   We succeed when we declare our intention to reach our destination.  
*   We succeed what we are motivated by desires --
      desires that are stronger than our desire
      to continue as we are and as we have been. 

Lies - The Biggest Lies    

Separation Consciousness    
Scarcity - A Self-Created Illusion    
Violence Solves Problems    
Victim Consciousness   
False Religions  
Debt-Based Money
     Add to this page, section titled Fairytale Money
The Ego Fairytale    

<><><>   <><><>   

Who and what you are.  
Where you are.  
The context of Third Dimension life on Earth.      .






Fahzoom Breath and Release Technique


The Fahzoom Breath and Release Technique is the master cycle breaker.   It not only breaks the cycle, it eliminates the cycle so you are no longer mind-control-programmed to do the same damned dumb thing over again and again.  

The Fahzoom) Breath and Release Technique involves combining conscious breathing with The Three, Primary Sounds of Delight,  --  Aahh!     Uuooo!     Mmmm.  

It's a technique for creating the feelings of joy in your physical body.   It's also a technique for ridding both your mind and your body of low frequency thoughts, beliefs attitudes, emotions, etc.  (such as guilt, fear, and anger).

Instead of Working on Your Problems,      

Celebrate Their Replacements.   

Fahzoom Breath and release technique       k-fahzoom-breath.html








Fear   //   Awareness of Danger



Awareness of Danger:   
The reason you don't put your hand on a hot stove or walk carelessly across a busy, city street is that you are aware of the physical risk to your body.   Avoiding dangerous behavior  is not an act of fear.   It's a matter of intelligence.   It's  about here-and-now, physical safety.   It's part of your biological nature.   You don't sit around in fear of using your kitchen stove or in fear of crossing the street when you go out.   

In contrast to the awareness of danger, fear is not in the here and now.   It's not an immediate concern for physical safety.   It's about the future.   Fear is clearly described by Eckhart Tolle in his book, The Power of Now.**     Here's a quote form page forty-three:  

"The psychological condition of fear is divorced from any concrete and true immediate danger.   It comes in many forms:  unease, worry, anxiety, nervousness, tension, dread,  phobia, and so on.   This kind of psychological fear is always of something that might happen, not something that is happening now.   You are here and now, while your mind is in the future."  

Fear is focusing on what you don't want in your life.   If it's a precursor to action, that's one thing.   If it's simply dwelling on potential grief and misery, that's something else.  Excessive focus in this manner produces depression and attracts the things feared.   

It's a projection.   It's a mental  fantasy.  According to The Laws of the Universe,  you are constantly telling the universe to bring to you what you focus your attention on.   Is it any wonder that fear which is not a precursor to action is a downhill spiral into depression and into grief and misery, and into an experience of that which is feared?

**  The Power of Now,  New World Library,  14 Pamaron Way, Novato CA, 94949    ©1999) 

Fear  //  Awreness of Danger





Federal Reserve 


Although some of you may find this hard to believe, here's a piece of truth you ought to know:   The Federal Reserve is the greatest, most-lucrative, longest-lasting financial swindle the world has ever seen.     

The Federal Reserve is not a government agency.   It is a private corporation owned by a group of foreign and domestic banks and run for profit by a cartel of criminals commonly known as the Cabal.

The United States government is presently functioning under a financially corrupt banking system that's at about 100 years old.   That's horse and buggy economics.   It's Exploitation Economics.   Our present economic system was designed and established in 1913 by and for the Robber Barons of the late 19th and early 20th century.   It's way past time to modernize our financial system.   

Update 22 May 2016      FYI:  
The evidence and the reports that I have heard and
the new contexts that we are in
indicate that the Federal Reserve and
the Cabal criminal bankers who run it
are being  thrown out, and
that a new, gold and/or silver-backed monetary system
is about to be  introduced into
the United States financial system
directly from the U.S. Treasury.  

All indications point to the conclusion that this is correct,
however, we cannot trust anything
that comes from our so-called leaders
or anything that comes from
those who claim to be replacing our so called leaders.  

Also,  we have been hearing "coming soon"
for so long that we cannot be certain
that this is actually true and not just another Cabal lie.  




Feelings Focus on the Feelings


Feelings are an essential part of manifesting.  

Decide what you intend to be, do, have,
express, and/or experience.,
Declare it to be,
then focus on the feelings that you will feel
when your intention is fully manifested in its physical form.  

Pretend that your intention is physically real.  
Feel the joyous feelings.  
Focus on the feelings! 

In terms of physical activity,
do what feels right in the moment.  

DO NOT focus on money!  
Focus on the fahzoom feel good feelings.  
If money is required, that's Source/ Creator/ God's job.  
Money is part of the process.  
You job is to stay out of the process.  
Your job is to focus on the end result and
feel the associated feelings.

<><><>   <><><>

Your stated intention is the context that you create
by declaring your intention into existence
in the non-physical world.  
Your context is the container in which
you create and experience your manifested intentions.  

Everything is done inside a set of contexts.  
If your intention is to create consciously and intentionally,
you'd be wise to understand how to use a context.    
Context and Content  

<><><>   <><><>

If you are serious about
being the consciousness that controls your life,

it's a process.   It takes time. 
It takes effort.  It takes commitment.  

If you are willing to take  the time,  make the effort ,
and be committed to your stated intention,
start right now.  

If not, don't waste yourself being a half-assed failure.  
Either do or don't do.  

Here's the bottom line: 
If you want to successfully play the game called
Human Life on Planet Earth,
you must learn the rules. 
Nobody is going to do your job for you.  

You do it yourself or stay stuck,
Learn the rules or remain a wage slave living in
an invisible prison of
lies, illusions and false beliefs.

Apply the rules to your life or continue to
wallow in your old obsolete, third dimension sheiyt.  

Either leave now or answer this question.













"A fractal is a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern that displays at every scale. It is also known as expanding symmetry or evolving symmetry."  

"In 1975 that the eminent mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot coined the term fractal to describe patterns that are self-similar across different-sized scales, a “middle ground” between order and chaos."


Here's The Universal Law of Correspondence
in an image format. 
In the picture below, notice that
the same pattern is repeated over and over again.   
This image is called a fractal.  
Notice that there are variations and at the same time,
the basic image is repeated over and over again.  
You can find hundreds of examples of
repetitive patterns in nature,
a fern leaf, a peacock's tale, a sow flake, et cetera. 
Look closely at any tree and you'll see this principle in action.



Fractal Nov 2016 










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