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Leap of Faith  


A "leap of faith" is a religious term and means
to believe something with no proof at all.  

If you are talking about “God,” that’s all there is.  
Take it or leave it.   There’s nothing else.  
Why do we say that?  

Because the transcendent unknown that we refer to
with words such as "God"
is the ultimate and most profound mystery of life.. 
It is simply impossible to know with provable certainty
anything at all about "God."   
One simply cannot use physical evidence
to prove or disprove the existence of something
that is not physical.   

Thus, everything said about that transcendent unknown
is speculation, guess work, or  pure fantasy.   
With absolutely no facts to go on,
the only way to accept any religious belief
 is by way of "A leap of faith."  

And one other thing:  
In order to have a meaningful discussion
about whatever it is we call "God"
we must first define what is meant by the word "God."

Every religion is based upon numerous leaps of faith.  
Those who say they know because
their sacred text tells them it's so,
have simply moved their primary leap of faith onto a book.   

With no proof at all, they declare their book
to be God's instruction manual for all human beings.  
They also declare their book to be
the one and ONLY book God ever wrote
or inspired to be written.     

How do we determine which of the numerous sacred books
is the one and only sacred text.  
Most people base their faith upon
the sacred book their parents believed in.  
And where did their parents get the wisdom
 to know which book is "the one and only sacred text?"  
From their parents who go it form their parents
who got it from their parents, and in some cases,
the chain goes all the way back
to those who believed the Earth was flat.  

Mindless true believers don't seem to question
the logic of this determination process
nor do they question the antiquated belief system
 that  it produces.  

And the bottom line:   They may be right.  
But so may those who believe in
the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny. 
None of us  knows anything about God with provable certainty.   

Everything religious is based upon one or more leaps of faith --
upon numerous, un-provable assumptions --
upon stories handed down to us for generations --
upon guesses, speculation, wishful thinking -- 
and upon an inherent need for answers
to unanswerable questions.   

Here are just a few assumptions / leaps of faith:  

Humans are separate from God,
Man is made in the physical image of God,  
 (What do you suppose that really means?   

Imagine  The Ultimate Source of All That Is 
 stuck in an insignificant puny, physical body.)   

Human beings are inherently evil,  
My religion is the only true religion, 
Our sacred text is the only sacred Text,
Our sacred text is the literal word God,
My religion has exclusive access to God,  
If I die while murdering those who believe in a
          different religion, I'll have a special place in heaven,
God murdered his son to prove he loves me,  
I'm acting on instructions form God, and so whatever I do is OK,
Only Catholics go to heaven,
Our religious leader is infallible,
Heaven is a place above the clouds.  

Here are some additional discussions relative to a  Leaps of Faith:

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Belief Box   

If you pray, you might add this to your prayers:  
"Dear God, protect us from those
who think they know the truth and
 are intending to force their fantasies onto the rest of us."







Life Is Not
What We Have Been Led to Believe



Life is not what we have been led to believe it is
by those who claim to know.   

You and I and everybody else have been 
(and most people still are ) 
making critical, irreversible, life-altering decisions
based on false, incomplete, and/or
intentionally deceptive information.  
and in the absence of
vitally important,  missing information

We now have the knowledge and
the power to change that.  
By seeing a bigger picture of reality.       

Our websites, particularly  
open doors to new opportunities
and to amazing realities
that previously we did not even know
that they existed.   


We include four pages (linked to below) about how the Earth
has functioned for your entire lifetime. 

Do not focus on them. 
Simple become aware of them and move on.
Fortunately, the Cabal criminals and those who control them
are in the final stages of being completely removed   

1)   Exposing the Six, Major Banking Rrauds and
the seven tools for getting rid of
both the Cbal criminals and their fraud-filled banking system   http://www.TLC333.com/20-Six-Major-BANKING-FRAUDS.html

2)  Deception -- The Ultimate Weapon,   Page Two  The Invisible Prison

3)   Deception
- The Ultimate Weapon of War 


4)    Criminal-Cabal, Secret Corporate Control System.   

Lizzerdz Team Theory   






What Is Life?  


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The Truth About Lies


Where the truth lies.  
Lies of omission 
Lies of Commission.

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The Six Big Lies:  
*1   That humans are
separate from God, separate from nature, and
     separate from each other.  
Humans are powerless victims
      of the circumstances they find themselves in.  
*3   That violence solves problems;
*4  The illusion of Scarcity  --
     There is not enough for everybody.  
     If you are to have, others must do without  
*5   The illusion of scarcity is a precursor to
     the Big Lie called
     Money is a third dimension fraudulent construct. 
*6   Spiritualty has been turned into
divisive religions.   

The truth is:  
You are a powerful creator,
You are an eternal, non-physical god-being.  
You are living in a holograph.  
Everything is energy.  
Energy is controlled by consciousness.  
You are a controller of energy.  
You create by thought.  
Your strong emotions make you a great creator.  
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Lies of Omission 



A lie of omission is to remain silent
when ethical behavior calls for one to speak up.  
A lie of omission is a method of deception and duplicity
that uses the technique of simply remaining silent
when speaking the truth would significantly alter
the other person's capacity to make an informed decision. 

Lying by stating a mistruth is considered a sin,
and in many cases, it's also considered a serious crime.  

In sharp, hypocritical contrast, using lies of omission
to intentionally deceive someone
is a long-standing, socially accepted practice
in both religion and politics.  

The biggest lie about lies is
that a lie of omission is not considered to be a lie
by the cartels of Criminals that used to control everything!  
A lie is not in the words, or lack of words;
it's in the intention of the deceiver

A lie of omission is the most insidious,
most pervasive, and most common lie on the entire planet.  
It's the hallmark of the legal profession.  

Commonly, those who use this type of lie,
have conned themselves into believing that
to intentionally remain silent when ethical behavior
calls for one to speak up

is not a lie at all.  

In spite of overwhelming evidence that
their silence deceives, misleads, and
often causes untold grief and misery
some people refuse to acknowledge
that silence is all-too-often intentional deception.

A lie of omission is the way most liars
con their marks (those they con) 
into change their behavior in favor of the con artist and
against their own and everyone else's best interest







Llove Is Not a Four-Letter Word  


This Section has a new address:  






  Lunatic Fringe 


Before you just go along with the crowd and
before you dismiss our statements,
and our proposals as foolish,
we invite you to take a moment and
look at the following truth more closely:  

Almost every major change on the planet 
has come out of the lunatic fringe.   

Almost every major change originated
from a visionary, a dreamer, a possibility thinker.  
It came from a person who,
at one point in his or her creative process
was considered by most of his/her fellow humans
as an eccentric, a fool, a lunatic, or a trouble maker.  

Look at the extreme opposite of what is labeled conservative. 
If you look closely into what is commonly called 
“The Lunatic Fringe,” you'll find
the visionaries, the  dreamers , the possibility thinker.  
You'll also  find the future of humanity!  

As historical examples: 
Einstein was thrown out of grade school
as hopelessly un-teachable.  
Louis Pasteur was drummed out of his medical college
for proposing that life forms too small
for the human eye to see were the cause of disease.  
Galileo was imprisoned for life for publicly proclaiming
that the Earth was round.  
And then there’s the most famous rebel of all time,
Jesus of Nazareth.  

Each of these people made major contributions
to the future of humanity; and yet,
when they expressed their mastery into the world,
they were looked at as troublemakers,
as lunatics, or as fools.  

The future of humanity is still “out there”
 in that lunatic fringe.  
If you look among the malcontents, the eccentrics,
 lunatics and the quasi-criminals,
you’ll also find the visionaries, the dreamers,
and the possibility thinkers.   
You’ll find the modern-day equivalents of
Galileo, Louis Pasteur, Robert Fulton,
Joseph Smith, Gandhi, Nicola Tesla, or possibly even
another world-renowned, spiritual leader.  

Right now, today, numerous individuals of this caliber
are diligently working on fantastic new ideas
while being ignored, condemned, ridiculed,
 suppressed, or interfered with by our fellow humans.  
Those who survive the assault of the status quo
will each change the face of this planet forever.  

Major changes have always come about this way --
from people who live outside the mainstream of society,
from people who think differently,
 act differently, and hold beliefs
that are at odds with what is considered normal,
correct, or socially acceptable.  

It has always been that way.  
It’s that way now, and there is
no evidence that it’s about to change.  

If all you can think of is the way things are,
or the way they used to be,
that’s what your future will be.

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"Life is not what you've been led to believe it is
by those who claim to know."    

"In an insane society, a sane person is considered crazy."  

"Don't waste your time and money trying to fix the unfixable. 
Replace it.   In other words,
Focus your attention on your intention!  
And do what feel right in every moment."    

Author:   Robert Cote'  2009   www.TLC333.com




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"Don't waste your time and money trying to fix the unfixable. 
Replace it.  
In other words,

focus your attention on your intention!  

and do what feel right in every moment"