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Negative Emotions     Negative Emotions    

Newtonian World Made of Physical Stuff  


New World Order  


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                          The  World Is NOT Madee of Physical Stuff: 

Newtonian physics explains the world
*   As if it were a single, objective, physical world
     that we come along and experience
*   As if t were a machine made of
     already-existing, physical things, physical parts.
*   As if we were. our physical bodies,
*   As It changes were made by physical actions.

*   As if the non-physical world were
     meaningless figments of our imagination.

Lie.   Lie.   Lie.   Lie.   and  one more Lie.  

Let's follow the trail of truth and see where that takes us.
What does the  evidence tell us?

*   The evidence tell s us that
     everything that  we kow of has a source.
     It did not happen by accident.
     There appears to be  a cause, a source of All That Is.
     There appears to be  a single cause,
      a single source of

     At this point in
     The Human Evolution of Consciousness,
     that source is Unknown and Unknowable.

*   We can, however, learn  about Source/Creator
     by examining the things created
     "By their Fruits, you shall know them."
     You and I, and every other human
      are part of the things created.
     We'll star our examination with ourselves.
     "Know thyself."

Here Are's the Basics:
*   The universe is made of energy.
*   We / humans  experience energy as Vibrations.
   Everything is:    A Family of Vibrations
*   Energy's Vibrations are controlled by Consciousness.
*   All humans are part of
     that controlling consciousness    

*   We control and direct that energy by our:
     Thoughts, Beliefs, Attitudes, Expectations,
     Words, and Actions.
*   Thought is a non physical act of creation
     All creation is done in the non-physical world
     Thoughts and emotions determine our experiences.
*   Words and action follow thoughts and emotions.

*   We are in a world in transition and chaos.
*   We are constantly being bombarded by
    both true and false stories about
    The Nature of Reality.

*   Our job is to learn how to tell
     Fact from Fiction and Fantasy

In 1687, Isaac Newton Gave us a basic format to explain how the world functions.   Newtonian physics explains the world is if it were a machine made of physical things.   As knowledge expanded, scientists became aware that objects large enough to be seen were made up of very small particles – things like atoms, protons, neutron, and electrons  -- things too small to see without instruments, but the bottom line conclusion remained the same --the world was made of physical "stuff.".   
In spite of the mystic teachings to the contrary, the Newtonian perspective ruled human beliefs about reality without challenge until the 20th century when a more realistic perspective, came along.  

For 300+ years, people believed, without question, that the universe was a single, objective, external, physical reality that we, as humans, came along and experienced.   If you wanted to make changes, the belief was that changes had to be originated in the physical word by attacking the physical expression that you didn't like and either destroying the perceived enemy or beating it into submission, be it a disease, a drug, a sexual behavior, or your neighbor.  

The false belief in separation, the false  belief in victim consciousness, the false belief that violence solves problems, and the false belief in scarcity have been and still are the four biggest lies in the Newtonian-based world.   They are the major destroyers of human joy, peace, and abundance.   This is true for individuals and for society as a whole.

Quantum Mechanics: 

Based on expanded evidence, sub-atomic physics came up with a very different perspective - a perspective of unity, infinite abundance, personal responsibility, and where cooperation and not violence solves problems    This new picture comes from a scientific discipline called Quantum Mechanics.  
For centuries, the spiritual teachers call this "Universal Spirituality." 
Today we think of this as part of Fifth Dimension Conscioiusness

The Evidence tells us the world is made out of energy –

***  That everything is part of a single unified whole,    
***  That an observer affects the thing being observed.   
***  That consciousness alters the physical world,
***  That physical matter, even the toughest, the strongest, and
         no matter how-real something appears to be, that
         something is merely a condensation of energy,
***  That matter is controlled by consciousness,  
***  That whatever created the universe, 
         its primary attribute is consciousness,   
***  That humans share Creator Consciousness,   
***  That humans are also creators -creators in the
         likeness of Source/Creator/God,   
*** That the known universe is holographic in nature,  
*** That 95% of the known universe is invisible to humans
          and to human instruments,    
***  That humans have no knowledge of what is in that
         invisible 95% of the known universe,  
***  That humans do not know if, how, and in what way
         that invisible 95% affect our life here on Earth. 

Our Fairytale Beliefs About Reality:   

Although the aware portion of science has outgrown Newtonian physics, most of humanity is still functioning within the limits of 300+ year old, obsolete, Newtonian physics.  

Here's the problem.   In the world of energy controlled by consciousness, changes in physical reality begin with creations in the non-physical world.   People, stuck in the Newtonian world of matter, attempt to make changes by manipulating physical stuff, by passing laws forcing others to change their behavior, and by violence against those cannot be controlled by law or threats.  

The world is filled with mysteries that are not explainable in a Newtonian-base belief system that holds onto the false belief that the universe is made up of things.   These seeming mysteries are explainable when one steps out of the Newton box and into the world of quantum mechanics.  

The evidence tells us that everything is energy and
can be perceived in terms of
waves,     vibrations,    electrical impulses,
mathematics,    internal feelings, and holograms.  

The Religious Belief Box:   The present-day world is also stuck in another set of very limiting belief boxes – the boxes of ancient religions beliefs – the boxes of un-provable, religious beliefs – the boxes of religious beliefs that are in strong conflict with the evidence.   These beliefs are still accepted, today, as facts by literally billions of humans who live their lives as if their beliefs were factual, provable truths.  

More False Beliefs:   There is yet another set of fairytales that are accepted as facts in the face of strong evidence refuting them. Here are two prime examples:

1) Humans are separate from God, separate from nature, and separate from each other, and

2) Violence solves problems.
     The full list of these beliefs can be found on our
     TLC-Life-Center website pages titled:
     Our Fairytale Society

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*   Section Title:    Newtonian-Physics----A False-World.    

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New World Order


The Term "New World Order" refers to
a group of super-wealthy, sadistic,
compassionless, psychopaths
who are attempting to turn America
and all other nations into a one-world dictatorship
with themselves in control.  

They are also known as the Federal Reserve
the Cabal and  the Cabal Criminal Bankers.   

The creation of the New World Order (NWO) agenda
was put in motion by the infamous
character, Mayer Amschel Rothschild.  

He was the one who began
the process of controlling every thing on the entire planet,
including every human being
by any means necessary.   

This included lies, illusions, intentional deception,
mind manipulation. peddling false beliefs,
Financial enslavement, blackmail, bribery,
extortion, torture, rape, murder, wars, famine, genocide, and depopulation.


You may think the was merely a human being
who was criminally insane. 
Actually it much worse than that. 
Mayer Amschel Rothschild was only part human.  
He was also one of
the shape shifting beings known as the Lizzerdz.     




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