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Pay It Forward    

Pituitary/Pineal, Connect to . . . ... 

The Poop Solution     

Prayer - The Art of Prayer  -- Blessings Be . . .   



Psychopathic Behavior    






Pay It Forward   


Like the concept called, "Pay It Forward."  
         "Think of an idea |
         to change the world and
         put it into action.

I, too, have thought of
an ideal that can change the world, and
I have put it into action. 
The results are:  

*    Sensual Delights Network
       SDNet is a delightful place to learn
       how to live as a Fifth Dimension Being.  
       SDNet  is fully functional and
       becoming even more functional every day
       SDNet is for people age 16 old and older ,  

*   Safe-Haven Rescue: 
      SHRescue is the worlds first Fifth Dimension,  
      Emergency Prevention, Preparation, Rescue, and Recovery Service.     
      Safe Haven Rescue  is in its gestation phase    

*   Nice Play Park 
      A park for everyone who loves playing and/or
      being an admiring observer of the actions or others,
     (theater, sports, music dance, etc.)
      Nice Play Park is in its gestation phase      

This Trinity of Life is collectively known as Fahzoom Town

Safe-Haven Estates is the product of
taking an idea to change the world and putting it into action
Safe haven Estates is:  "An Idea whose time has come."

<><><>   <><><>  

All I did was put  little idea into action and keep it in action. 
What that means is I discovered an Idea, 
I put it into motion in the direction of physical manifestation. 
I kept it moving  (Momentum).  
As a result, pieces of my idea began to show up
in my experiential world.  

When I started I felt that there was nothing to it. 
Later I learned that  what I had done was to
get a bit of energy moving.  
I thought it
I thought it into motion in by holographic reality.   
Until I thought it it was pure potential.  
Nobody seems to know what Pure Potential really is
or what happens between a thought and its manifestation.  

How did I do it? 
It was real simple. 
I just followed The Rules of Reality,    

Once I'd cleared basic training
for living in a human, physical body, about age eight, 
I had the capacity to begin
creating my own life even if others disapproved. 

At that age and in the context I was in,
not only I did not know
how to use my free will choices,
I didn't even know that such choices even existed.

I stumbled along mindlessly, just like everyone else, for years,  
but that's getting ahead of the story. 


At age eight, my older brothers and their friends tricked me into
putting my hand between the legs of the friend's sister.  
I had no idea what I was doing or why they wanted me to do it,
so in blind innocence, I did it.  
She was about thirteen, pretty and wearing
thick, tight-fitting blue jeans.  
My immediate response was, there's nothing there.

My action produced a set of consequences
that were fear inspiring.  
I had committed a serious crime.  
She told her parents.  
I was in desperate fear that my parents would be told and
that I'd experience severe negative consequences.  

What those consequences would be, I had no idea.  
All I knew was that I had done something sexual and
that my act was a serious crime.  
Fortunately, I was not punished,
but the fear of sex that got plugged into my mind
did not go away. 

A few day later, the older boys told me that
the crack between a girls led was a prize
that every boy wanted access to.  
In asking why,
I also learned about masturbating.  
When I did it, I found I liked it. 
Not only did I like it, it was the most pleasurable thing
I had ever experienced.  

So here I was, torn between intense fear and intense desire.  
How could anything that feels so good be so bad?  

I started paying attention to things related to sex.  
I had no advisors, no sisters, no anybody to turn to.  
There was nobody I dared to talk to.  
I became acutely aware of my patents anti-sexual attitudes.  

Three years later at age 11, Memorial Day, 1951,
I had a experience that dramatically impacted my life.  

By age 11, I had been powerfully programmed about sex.  
Don't do.   It's bad.   It's dirty.   It's dangerous.  
It causes serious problems.   Girls don't like sex.  
Don't ever even try to get sexual in any way with a girl. 

I believed that if I got caught doing anything sexual,
the consequences would be sever and very painful.  

On that memorable Memorial Day,
my father's sister came to our home to visit. 
It's the only time I remember her being in our home.   
She brought her eight year old daughter with her.  
The girl (Sally) and I were playing in my upstairs room
while the adults conversed below.  

In the three years since I learned about sex,
this was the first time I was alone with a girl in a private setting. 

In the course of our playing together,
my sexual urges became powerful enough
for me to ask her to let me look between her legs.  
She said, show me yours first, which I did.  
She then lifter her dress, lowered her panties and
let me look at her pussy.  

My terror of being caught and the sexual thrill
combined into the most emotionally impacted experience
that I have ever had in my entire life.  
I masturbated to orgasm in front of her while she watched me
with intense interest and curiosity.    

The entire sexual experience lasted for about two minutes.  
As soon as I'd orgasmed, terror took over.  
I cautioned her not to tell anyone about what I had just done and
I immediately ran out of the house. 
I stayed away for about an hour and then.
came back cautiously not knowing whether I was safe
or in for serious negative consequences.  

All was normal.  
She had not told anybody about what I had done.  
I went upstairs to my room feeling great relief.  
I never ever saw or spoke to Sally again.  

<><><>   <><><>

That internal war between fear and desire
dominated my life for decades.  
Because fear dominated desire,  
I never did anything criminal,  I never hurt any one.  
I simply withdrew from numerous opportunities
to share orgasms with girls and young women. 
I turned down several possible for joy-filled relationships.  

I continued to orgasm myself,
but I made sure that nobody knew what I was doing.  
The evidence began to to tell me that
most other people were also at the effect
of the conflict between
fear an desire, sexually and otherwise.   
The evidence indicates that conflicted sexuality
is a major cause of pain and suffering

Only recently, 2016, within my expensed understanding of
Fifth Dimension Consciousness, 
have I been able to
separate fear from desire.   

In Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
experiences are created internally
so there is nothing out there somewhere to be afraid of.  
Fear of being unable to correctly apply the Rules of Reality
was the only remaining fear.  
Now that, too, has been resolved.  

You may recall the quote from Former President Roosevelt.  
"There is nothing to fear but fear itself."  
That statement is one of the rare times
when the criminals tell the truth.   

Fear is a third dimension, false construct |
created by the Cabal criminals in order to control the people.  
Fear has only the power we give it by believing that  fear is real.   

We distinguish between physically dangerous situations
such a crossing the street where there are fast moving cars and
Fear that something bad will occur in our future. 
The technique below applies to the mental beliefs about the future.

I have learned how to transform fear
into anticipation and excitement.  
When we add the high vibration energy of Llove
to the low vibration energy of fear,
the net result is to neutralize the fear.  
It no longer has a direction (a controlling mechanism). 
In and of itself, it can no longer impact anything.  
We then redirect its underlying energy toward producing
anticipation, expectation, and excitement.  

My understanding has expanded from the false story
that sex is the devil's playground  into the understanding that
orgasm is a taste of God's love for me  
It's actually a feeling and not a taste. 
 It's a feeling that can engulf every part of the human body
at the same time.  

And, it's much more that just pleasure.  
It's the energy of Love vibrating and the frequency of Llove  <><>

Telling you this story tory to  be continued.  

Reference:   Beauty as a physical sensation   

<><><>   <><><> 




  Pituitary/Pineal,  Connect to... 



Breath consciously   Eyes closed.  
Start at root chakra. 
With the in-breath,
breath the energy up into 6th chakra.  
Feel the energy there.  
Leave it there for about three breath cycles.  
Feel  the 6th chakra filled with energy. 

Become aware of hose points of stillness between the breaths.  

Then, with the exhale,
move a portion of the energy back down to the root chakra.   
Feel your body calm and relaxed.  
Experience the world from your 6th chakra --
from the perspective of a non-physical observer.   <><><>

Repeat the above breathing cycles, and this time,
with the exhale, bring your point of focus
up above you physical body.  
See and feel yourself separate from your physical body. 
Become particularly aware of
those points of stillness between the breaths. 
This is an aspect of Fifth Dimension Consciousness.






The Poop Solution


This Section has a new home






The Art of Prayer - Prayer by Declaration




If you are still praying to a god out there somewhere,
here's another perspective to consider:



I no longer pray to God.   I pray as God.

My prayer is in the form of a declaration of what is.  
I then witness  my prayer by mental imagination. 

In my mind, I  see it, hear it, taste, smell and/or touch it.  
I imagine the joyous emotions (internal feelings)
associated with my mentally imagined experience. 

I feel the same feeling that I intend to feel
when my prayer of declaration is fully manifested. 

I focus on the fahzoom feel good feelings.   Why? 

Because, once I have stated my intention,
my emotions are the first step in the manifestation process.   

Reference 1:    TG In Between -  Page Two - Creating with emotions     

Reference 2:    Daily Prayer as a declaration of what is. 

Reference 3:     Prayer by Declaration    










The term projection refers to the
all too common, human practice of
transferring undesirable aspects of one's self
onto someone or something else.  
Projection is seeing attributes in someone else
that you can't or won't see in yourself.  

When someone is being judgmental or
expresses an emotion-laden opinion about you,
they are actually talking about themselves, and not about you.   
The concept is called projection.   

People tend to deny aspects of themselves and
then look for and hate those same unwanted,
undesirable character traits in others. 
This concept, called projection, is clearly defined in
a highly recommended book titled,
“The Adjusted American” by Snell and Gail Putney.  
(Harper & Row, New York, NY, 1964)   
Here’s a paraphrase  (one interpretation)  of their description.   

Scapegoat   Scapegoat     ...

When something goes wrong, there is the tendency to blame someone else, throw them out, and then declare the problem to be solved.   It’s called “scapegoating” and it comes from an ancient Middle Eastern practice in which a ritual was conducted to cast all evil onto a goat and then drive the goat out of town.    

It stems from the findings that, “Men [and women]
hate in others those things -- and only those things --
which they despise in themselves.”  
It stems from the tendency to disown aspects of one’s own personality.  
It’s a form of denial and self-deception.   

"I would never do this or that, but look at that son of a bitch over there being/doing all those bad things."   

Projection is at the core of bigotry and prejudice.  
Bigots tend to lash out verbally and/or physically
at their targets and then, to justify their own
otherwise unacceptable talk or behavior,
they claim themselves to be the victim of
these evil people they hate.  
They then lash out verbally and/or physically
at the so-called bad person.  
They commonly to get stuck in the negative and
repetitive, destructive cycle which
is required to justify their own behavior.   

On the reverse side of projection,
people tend to see in others,
those desirable characteristics
that they feel are lacking in themselves and then
love and adore the other person.    

The healthy approach to one’s own self-image
is to acknowledge, in one’s self, the potential
to be, do, and have all the characteristics and behaviors
that one sees in others, regardless of how desirable
or repugnant those attributes may be.






Psychopathic Behavior


Psychopaths are impulsive, fearless, high-risk takers, and often extremely violent.   They have utter disregard for anything but themselves.   They are sadistic - they get their emotionless version of satisfaction by making others suffer.   If they are in power positions usually they hire others to do whatever they want done, including mass murder.  

Dictators are psychopaths.  

Bullies and wife-beaters are psychopaths. 

The Cabal criminal bankers are psychopaths.  

Sociopaths are less destructive.   They are people whose behavior is antisocial.   They lack a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.   












The energy of guilt attracts punishment.    

Punishment is one of the Cabal criminal's fraudulent control programs.   It's purpose is to generate feel bad feeling in humans.  Human feel-bad feelings (khold-priki) generate an energy in the person who feels bad.   This energy is food for the off-planet beings who own and control the Cabal criminals.  

When you find an unwanted personality trait,  do NOT fight it.   Bring it into your consciousness and make it your assistant at doing something you choose to be, do, have, express, and/or experience.   For example, connect with the persona that punishes you and convert it into your protector.






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