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With regard to my relationship to students,
teach, teacher, and teaching
are not really the right word to use.
Why?  Because students actually do the learning. 

My role is as a guide, way-shower, and role model.  
Sometimes I simply hold a new-to-them vibration
while they themselves match my vibration and
realize a truth of which they previously unaware.  

I do not teach.  I only show the way. 
Because the English language
lacks a more appropriate word,
I use the word teach because
that is the word that people understand.

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Are you aware that the most effective prisons are made of beliefs and and not stone or steel.    The most effective mind-control tool on the planet today is television.   The programs that come into millions home through that medium significantly influence the viewer's minds and in all too many cases, change the viewers belief system to match that of the program's producers.   The vast majority of the programs that are beamed into your home are garbage that pollute viewers' minds.  

Why Avoid Most Television Programs?   Because their  primary focus is on misfits and criminals who's lives are focused on death and destruction.   What percentage of the present day TV programs are about one of more of the following:  1) crime,  2) police, 3)  courts,  4) lawyers,  5) drugs,  6)  wars,  7)  mass murders,  8)  racial bigotry,  9) religious bigotry,  10) interracial violence,   10)  inter-religious violence,  11) anti-gay bigotry, 12) ethnic cleansing 13) Exposé's of histories most heinous criminals,  14) news or documentary programs about disasters, crimes, and the like, and/or 15) fantasy characters fighting evil villains?    

How much of that do you want to experience in your personal life?   None! Nada! Zero! Zippo!   Then  that's the  number of these programs you should be watching?   None! Nada! Zero! Zippo!       

You've probably heard "consciousness gurus" tell you not to watch television.   Here's why they say that.   Television is a phenomenal tool for mind control because it significantly influences and often dominates the mind of the viewer.   

Viewers listen to the thoughts, beliefs and verbal expressions of those whose voices are broadcast over television;    

Viewers hear sounds depicting actual sounds heard in the external world;  

Viewers see visual images and scenes from the real external world;  

True stories: 
Viewers hear and see news stories and in-depth reports about actual events -- events the likes of which they would never consciously and intentionally welcome into their personal lives;   

Dramatic Representations: 
Viewers see dramatic depictions of all kinds of things they would never consciously and intentionally welcome into their personal lives.  

Viewers hear and see thousands of brief messages intentionally designed to influence their thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and expectations, and to change their behavior.    

Milking a Tragedy (any khold-priki-producing event)   A human body radiates an unique form of energy when the dweller in that body is experiencing a highly emotional, negative experience.  

The off-planet beings who control the Cabal criminals who control the mainstream media, live on this negative energy.   When a tragedy occurs, news and views of it are intentionally broadcast of TV.   The television viewers watching the tragedy feel strong negative emotions and produce more negative energy.   If you watch television news your energy is feeding these off planet beings.  This is called "Feeding the Lizzerdz."  

These words, sounds, pictures, and dramatic representations often generate strong feeling (internal emotions).   This combination of words, sounds, pictures, and the high emotion they generate strongly influence the viewers.   

Those who control the television content can control your thoughts, your beliefs, your attitudes, and your expectations.   Are you a function of television-generated mind?   Here are a few basic questions to ask:   

The Whole Truth:  
Is what you view via television "The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth?"   Since conveying the whole truth of an event via symbolic representations in words sounds and pictures is impossible, it can never be the whole truth.    .  

The Message sender:  
Who are the message senders?   What is the basic philosophy of the message sender?   What are their long-term goals and intentions?   Is the message sender speaking for him/herself or representing a third party such as a corporation, a religious group, or political party.    

Is the Truth Being Distorted?  
What is the in-the-moment intention of the message sender?   Is it information, or misinformation?   Is the message sender attempting to distract the viewers attention away from something else?  Is it biased to make any particular belief or behavior look and sound good or bad?   Is there a hidden agenda behind the message?   Is the message sender attempting to inform the viewer or is his/her intention to manipulate and influence the viewer?   If the subject is a controversial issue, what does each side have to win or loose?  

TV- Turn it OFF   Turn it OFF  

We recommend that you turn the TV off unless there is something specific you choose to watch, like a baseball game, an music concert, a special event, etc.   If you are watching programs about crime, police, courts, hospitals, car crashes, and the like, YOU ARE NEGATIVELY INFLUENCING YOUR MIND AND FOCUSING YOUR UNIVERSAL CREATIVE ENERGY ONTO THINGS YOU DON'T WANT IN YOUR LIFE!    

If you have not read the page titled: The Three Universal Laws,  we highly recommend that you do so, now.  

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The Message Senders:  

The mainstream media continuously feeds viewers fear-related stories.   Why?   Because when people live in fear they are much more easily mind manipulated.   When people live in fear, they are much more likely to trade freedom for security.   

TV commercials commonly show a group of friends living the fictitious life that many viewers would like to be living.   The actors have above average looks and strongly imply both Cfinancial and sexual success.   The subtle message to the viewer is:   "You're not good enough the way you are.    If we want to be successful, beautiful, and have friends like those portrayed in the ad, then you need to purchase our product. 

TV commercials are designed by cognitive psychologists.   They grab your attention and then fill you with fear, sadness or some other negative emotion.   The basic message is there's something wrong with you.   You are not good enough as you are.   You can't have the stud or the sexy actress, but you can buy our product.  Our product will solve the problem we just hit you with.  

Collectively, the commercials and the shows they sponsor are designed to show a far better than average life style.   Collectively television portray a lifestyle that most viewers would like to have.   The over all goal of television is to produce a consumer mentality that is even more easily manipulated by the next artificially created crisis.  

Television is like the fluoride in your toothpaste and in your drinking water, despite numerous studies that indicate that fluoride is a neurotoxin.   It's a major contributor to the calcification of the pineal gland.   Television content is one of the most successful mind-destroying drug the the Cabal criminals have ever invented. 


Noam Chomsky- Manufacturing consent (1992) - YouTube        









We live in a Thinking and Feeling Person's Universe

Beliefs ( what we think to be the truth)
are self-fulfilling prophecies.  
Our personal truths are limited to
what we believe to be our reality
(i.e. our perceptions of reality~)

Beliefs are the context (the box)
in which we live our lives.  
What we believe creates  the box.
What we experience is limited
by the beliefs we have inside of
our belief box.  

Attitudes are amplified beliefs to which
we have added the manifesting power of emotion.     

Within the context of
life in a human body on planet Earth,
we each create our personal experiences
by our thought process.  
This includes: 
our thoughts,
our beliefs,
what we focus our attention on,
what we watch on television,
what we witness in our external world.  

Our thoughts (every thought, all thoughts)
give directions to the Matrix of Infinite Possibilities.  

Emotions access the source of power
Without emotion thoughts are very weak.  

Mess  Mess    
You look around you and find
negative experiences and then say
"I'd never do this to myself
Of course, you'd not create those experiences consciously.  
What about your mindless mind chatter?  
What about your anger, your frustration,
and all the negative stories you hear
from family, friends, and co-workers?  
What about all the mind-bending programs
you watch on TV.  

All of that is part of your creation process.  
Every though is part of your creation process.   
Your dominant and most frequent thoughts
are what manifest.  

Our internal feelings (our emotions)
play a major role in this process.  
Thoughts accompanied by strong emotions
have a greater impact on the universal energy
than thoughts accompanied by little or no emotions.  
In other words,  
the more emotion you add to a though
the more power it has
the faster the thought will  manifest

Bitch, moan, and complain
and the universe gives you more
to bitch, moan, and complain about.  
Express  Llove, gratitude, and joy
and the universe gives you more
Llove, more joy, and more to be grateful for.  

In prayer, we don't ask.  
Whatever we choose to experience,
we, as God-beings, declare it to be.  
We see it as already manifested,
and then say thank you.   

f you think about wanting something,
the universe gives you more wanting. 
If you think about have something and
you are grateful for having it,
the universe gives you more having.  

Think of your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, et cetera
as input into one end of a large, long, water pipe.  
All your thoughts blend together and
what you get at the other end
is the manifestation of your dominant thoughts.  

Here's the bottom line:   

The Universe/ Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
acts like a giant multi-dimensional,
multi-sense, photocopy machine and
spits out into our holographic world
a reflection of our dominant thoughts.  

More on the Law of Thought at:  



The Power of the Spoken Word | Divine Cosmos

The Silent Power of Thought - Controlling &
Directing One's Power (law of attraction) 
The Magical Power of Thought Currents - Thoughts Are Things - Law of Attraction     
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Greg Braden:   Thought Coupled With Feeling Manifests Reality!     


The Way You Think Physically Changes
The Structure Of Your Brain
        Galactic Connection


In the next section below,
see/read  another perspective on thinking:   


Thinking Person's Universe - We L:ive in a . . .






More About Thinking



A Demonstration of
The Power of Ignoring

Quote from   Jenny Schiltz    
Time of Surrender and Great Growth

"Pay attention to how the body feels
when listening, reading or talking to another.
If the body begins to constrict, then
that particular reality is not for you.
Simply say to yourself –
that is not my reality.

We are here to expand and
that is exactly what is required in the higher frequencies."  

"To prove this point, even more, a client of mine, Clarissa Coyoca, decided to do an experiment with rice and the effects our energy has on it. She had 3 containers, one labeled love, the other hate and the third she didn’t even label. The third jar she simply didn’t give any energy at all. The other two she gave doses of love and hate through energy and words. Many of us would assume that the one to rot first would be the one that received hateful frequencies. However, what she found was that the one to deteriorate first was the jar she neglected, the one that meant nothing. The rice didn’t matter if the energy given was full of love or full of hate, it simply took the energy and was able to maintain its presence longer. While the one labeled hate did not last as long as the one labeled love, it lasted significantly longer than the one neglected."  

"This experiment shows us that
even if we are against something,
we are still feeding it.  
That in order to strip the power from something,
it is best to simply not give it energy.     [Ignore It!]
We can know that it exists as awareness of
what’s “out there” is valuable, however,
we don’t have to continue feeding it."    







Third   Dimension 



Humans are presently (2016) living in
the third dimension.
It is a system of
mind-controlled slavery 
bases upon
scarcity, greed, money, 
service to self, and

separation from God,
separation from nature,
separation from our fellow humans.    

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Deception -- The Ultimate Weapon,   Page Two  The Invisible Prison  

Deception - The Ultimate Weapon of War      
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Corporate Control System
Secret Control  
      Criminal-Cabal, Secret Corporate Control System.


Third Dimension




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