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The pages on this site map are divided into eight  categories.  



(o)>   For Your Personal and Private Times    

+++   Committed Students  --  Begin Here 

(o)>   Rules for Conscious Living      


(o)>  Our Vision Statement 

(o)>   Techniques for  Conscious Living   

(o)>   The Global Financial / Currency Reset   


(o)>   Additional Supporting Pages     

(o)>   Links to Teachers, Guides and Fellow Students of   
           5th Dimension Consciousness  


Encyclopedia of Fifth Dimension Consciousness        






For Your Personal and Private Times


Our intention is to introduce you to
The Rules of Reality and
The World of Infinite Possibilities.  

We start with sex and sensuality for one reason only: 
                                     To Get Your Attention.


Topics Include:  
       Personal Relationships,    
            Learning the art of living consciously in a human body
                  Intimate Sensuality,          
                        Cosmic-Level Sex,        
                              How to simply be with yourself.


(10)>   The World of Sensual Delights    
              Invitation into Fifth Dimension Consciousness. 
earn how to use a combination of
mind, your emotions, and
               your physical sense of touch
to enrich 
               the quality, the pleasure, and the joy in your life.

(10)>   How to Become Multi-Orgasmic   
              Learn how to experience multiple orgasms and
enjoy the health and abundance benefits.  

              In the new fifth-dimension consciousness,
              it's easy to become multi-orgasmic.

(10)>   The Art of Conscious Living   
              Imagine a reality created by Source/ Creator/ God
              in which everything is designed to be
              a grand adventure , where everything is designed
              to maximize, Llove, freedom peace of mind, joy,
              abundance for all, and Cosmic-Level Sex.   

             This is a description of the Fifth Dimension.  
             This is where about half of humanity is going.  
             Are you coming with us?  

<><><>   <><><>

In order to get your attention
and spark your interest in improving your life,
we suggest that you start
by reading the pages linked to above about
your hidden and untapped abilities
to use sex and sensuality
to amplify your power of manifest
in your personal, physical reality.    

The world of amplified sensual delights,
The world of multiple orgasms and 
The world of joy-filled, Lloving relationships
described on our web pages
are yours, if your choose them.

All you have to do is
learn the Rules of Reality and 
apply them to your life.  

<><><>   <><><>  

(10)>   A message to potential  clients   

              A message to Potential FahZoom Town Participants  
              If you are considering making a commitment
              to yourself to improve your life, please read this page.  

             All who assist us in manifesting our vision, receive
             FREE coaching services, and
             FREE participation in all events.     







Committed Students -- Begin Here



+++   The Power of Our Natural State of Being  
            When we remember who you are,
            Our Natural State of Being will fill our lives with
             Joy, Llove, and an abundance of
             everything we could ever require or desire.      

+++   Creating with emotions    
We think our desires into existence in our minds.  
  We feel our desires into physical manifestation.  
              Everything we do, every action we take
              is done to satisfy the desire to feel better

+++   The Great In-Between     
This page is designed to give you an intimate understanding
              of how you relate to everything, including     Source/ Creator,   
              Your Fellow God-Beings,     and      Yourself.     

+++   Why Do You Believe What You Believe?     
              If you actually take the time to answer this question, 
              you'll be amazed at where this will lead you.  






Rules for Conscious Living 



Topics Include:  
      Expanded Consciousness    
            Who are you?  What are you?   
                  Source/ Creator/ God's Cosmic Holograph 
                        Context and Content
                     and More   

All the garbage beliefs, all the pain and suffering,
all the grief and misery in your life will literally disappear
once you grok (fully understand)  and
apply the Rules of Reality to your life.  

<><><>   <><><>



+++   Believability     
              The bizarre, profound, and cosmic-level transformations
              occurring right now are invisible and unbelievable
              until you view them from Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  

(~)>    The Law of Context and Content   
              If you are ready to wake up to reality,
              learning about contexts is one of
              the first steps in the process.  

(~)>   Your New Life in a 5th Dimension, Holographic Universe  
              Your present beliefs and ways of living are obsolete.  

(~)>   What Is 5th Dimension, Consciousness?  
              You'd be wise to learn because that's where
              all of humanity is headed.  


(~)>   What is Real   &   What Isn't   
Learn three missing pieces of vitally-needed information 
              Learn   What's true and what isn't.  
              Learn how to know the difference.  

(~)>   Fahzoom-feel-good-feelings   
Why we use the name fahzoom
            as a label for our internal, feel-good-feelings

(~)>    Transcript  1 - The Nature of Reality  
               Who and what are you?     


(~)>    Transcript  2 - Living in a Holographic Universe 
               Learning the rules of 5th dimension, Earth-plane life.  
              The focus is
How to Live in a Holographic Universe.

(~)>    Transcript  3 -- Prevent a San Francisco, California
               Earthquake from Triggering a Severe National Depression

               Allowing a San Francisco earthquake to trigger
               a series of negative events that will lead to 
               a severe, national depression is e
asily preventable,
               but, if we do nothing, disaster is inevitable   

(~)>   The Three, Universal Laws of Thought   
              Thoughts are the building blocks
              in our Holographic Universe.    

+++   Universal Law of Allowing  
             The Universal Law of Allowing means
             dropping all judgments and all emotional attachments
             towhat others are, have, or do.


(~)>   The 22 Rules of Reality   
              These rules govern human life on Earth.  
              Learn the rules or stumble through life in the dark.   

(~)>   The Seven Hermetic Principles   
           Focus first on the principle called Correspondence.  

(~)>   The Successful Use of Language   
           How to use the appropriate tools
           (thoughts, beliefs, emotions, feelings, expectations,
            physical sensations, words, and actions)
           for the job of re-creating your life on planet Earth.


(~)>   The Ego- A false Cabal Construct
ego simply a set of mostly false beliefs
                that have been plugged into our 
               subconscious minds by those
               whose intention is to control our lives. 
               By giving it a name, it has been declared into existance.  

(~)>   12 Gifts From Source/ Creator/ God   
             Everything we are, do, have, or experience is a gift. 

(~)>   Thou Shall NOT Violate!   
              Source/ Creator/ God gave us one
               and only one restriction  
              Thou Shall NOT Violate!

(~)>   Universal Spirituality  
            Religion is being replaced by
            or evolving into Universal Spirituality.  

            Universal Spirituality is a way of  looking at
             the source of creation as an impersonal,
             yet very loving consciousness.    






Our Vision Statement



Fahzoom Town

(~)>   FahZoom Town   
            Fahzoom Town is the home and headquarters of
             three independent, intimately-interconnected, fully-functional,
             joy-enhancing, social-service organizations.      

(o)>   The Creating of FahZoom Town  
            Creating Fahzoom Town -
            a Fifth Dimension community of
            Light, Llove, Truth, Beauty, Cooperation and Mutual Support.    <


Sensual delight Network

(~)>   Sensual Delights Network
            The Sensual Delights Network is
            the consciousness portion of our vision. 
            It's designed to wake you up to who and what you are.


Nice Play Park

(~)>   Nice Play Park   
            Nice Play Park  Is Our Entertainment and Vacation Facility
            It's the play and have fun portion of our trilogy.  
            It's also our major source of funding.   
           The three organizations together are known as
            Safe-Haven Estates.  


Safe-Haven Rescue

(~)>   Safe-Haven Rescue, N. CA
            is the physical, take-action portion of our project,  
            It has been created and is being built
            to update, modernize, and/or re-create all four aspects of
            a complete and fully functional  
            Emergency Services System.      

(o)>   Four Purposes of Safe-Haven Rescue       
             We provide four major services:
             Disaster Prevention           Emergency Preparedness,  
             Emergency Rescue,            Follow-Up / Rebuild

(o)>   Creating Safe-Haven Rescue Logo        
              Our logo is designed and waiting for an artist to draw it.      

(o)>   Safe-Haven rescue - The physical Attributes
              What facilities will be included in Safe-Haven Rescue    







Techniques for Conscious Living



(~)>   The Art of Success   
Success is not an accident.   It's an intention creation. 
           We suggest that you hold the attitude: 
           "If it's going to be, it's up to me.

(~)>   The Fahzoom Breath & Release Technique    
           Combining conscious breathing with
          The Three, Primary Sounds of Delight
           Aahh!     Uuooo!     Mmmm.

(~)>   Manifesting in Fifth Dimension Consciousness   
           Learn the Rules of Manifesting
           in Fifth Dimension Reality.    

(~)>   The FahZoom-Home Game   
           Learn how to play
           The Fahzoom Home Game.    

(~)   The Poop Solution         
           This removes from our society all 
           who would violate the The Prime Directive -
           Thou Shall NOT Violate!  
            It also provides us with immunity from all who violate others 






Global Financial Reset



(~)>   Global Financial / Currency Reset   
The Global Financial / Currency Reset
           is a process in which
           all national,    corporate,  and  personal debts
           are cancelled.  

If you place yourself in the right position today, when the reset occurs,  you can reap huge financial benefits.   






Additional Supporting Pages



(~)>   Marijuana - The Freedom Connection   
            The Anti-marijuana war is really about Money
            Power and Political Control
.  It's also about
            preventing people from learning the truth about
           The Nature of Reality.  

(~)>   Encyclopedia of Fifth Dimension Consciousness   
            Related Topics, Definitions, Descriptions,
             plus Terms and Abbreviations 
            used in TLC-Life-Center Documents

(~)>   A Fresh Look into the Christian Bible   
           The teachings of Jesus and the basic principles
           of Universal Spirituality are the same thing
           expressed in different words.   


(~)>   A daily Prayer  --  A Declaration of What Is.   
           How to make a daily declaration of
           who and what you are and acknowledge
           your relationship to Source/ Creator/ God..   

(~)>   Deception - The Ultimate Weapon of War   
In  a war of consciousness, the violators
            do NOT physically attack.   They infiltrate.

(~)>   About TLC-Life-Center   
           Providing information and assistance
           to those seeking to understand and live by
          The Rules of Reality


(~)>   About the Creator of FahZoom Town & Sensual Delights Network   

(~)>   Hiring the Heavens 
            How to tap into the universal consciousness
             applying the energy of
             Source/ Creator/ God to our lives. 

(~)>   Money -Let's Talk Money 
            Money is a fraudulent third dimension  concepts
              designed to keep you in secret slavery






      Websites   &  Links  Offline    


Due to a series of negative events that you really don't want to know about,  all 60 of TLC-Life-Center's websites went offline in June 2015.  

We are taking this opportunity to completely redesign and rebuild the entire family of websites.   As time permits the revised and updated websites are coming back to the www.   During this process, many of the links will continue to be non-functional.  

Most of the non-functioning links are designate by green letters. 







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