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(o)>   Introduction to TLC-Life-Center    

(o)>   TLC-Life-Center's Family of Websites    



TLC-Life-Center is based on:
*1   The principles  of Universal Spiritually
The Physics of Consciousness
 The Rules of Reality

*1   The principles  of Universal Spiritually
     Universal Spirituality is a way of looking at
     the source of creation
     as an impersonal consciousness
     that transcends human understanding

*2   The Physics of Consciousness
     Here's the bottom line regarding reality:
     Reality has two sides,   One physical       
     and  One non physical.

     The non-physical consciousness is  NOT  Magic.
     There's  NO  Woo-Woo.       It's  NOT  Crazy.
     It's Pure Physics,
     much of which most humans do  not yet understand.

     Non-physical consciousness follows an exacting set of rules.  
     Everything we know,   everything we are
     is based on and is a function of
     non-physical consciousness.

and on

*3   The Rules of Reality  
     Rules of Reality are miscellaneous
     rules, concepts and principles about reality
     that you'd be wise to know.       For example,
     *   The Universal Law of Correspondence and
     *   The Universal Law of Context.

<><><><>   <><><><>   <><><><>

*   We acknowledge everyone's
     right to choose their own connection to
     be that by way of
     *   their own chosen religion,
     *   a direct, personal connection,
     *   or to ignore religion entirely.  

*   TLC-Life-Center is based on
     the three keys of creation:
     Llove,  Freedom,  and  Universal Consciousness.  

*   Our goals include creating
     Personal freedom,
     Financial Freedom, and
     Enlightened Consciousness for all. 

*   The concept that became
     what is now known as TLC-Life-Center
     began in the fall of 1964 and
     was officially recognized as a non-profit organization
     Legally defined for religious  purposes on 11 May 1972.

*   Whatever the question is, 
     Llove is always part of the answer.

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          The Life Center   aka    TLC-Life-Center.

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Introduction to TLC-Life-Center   


You are on one of the information pages of
the TLC-Life-Center's
Family of Websites

Our websites were written, designed,
and created by Robert E. Cote'
to assist readers in
breaking our chains of illusion
and to bring us:
into alignment with The Nature of Reality,
into alignment with God-consciousness, 
into alignment with planet Earth,  and
into alignment with each other.    

<><><>   <><><>

The solar system, the Earth, itself, and
all life forms on it, including human beings
are in the final stages of a cosmic-level transformation.  

Humans are awakening into
multi dimension consciousness.  
This is commonly referred to as the Fifth Dimension
It's the dimension of love, peace, harmony,
cooperation, and infinite abundance for all.  

<><><>   <><><>   

Let me give you the distinction between
the third and fifth dimension
with a simple example. 

Most of us have heard the statement: 
"I'll believe it when I see it."  
That statement is an expression of
third-dimension, dysfunctional consciousness.  

It's false because it reverses the result and the cause.  
It treats the result "seeing it" as the cause and
treats the cause "believing it," as the result.  

The universal laws and the fifth dimension tell us
that the opposite is true.  
Believing comes before seeing.  
Thoughts (including thoughts called beliefs)
are the cause and seeing it is the result.  
Here's the correct statement 
"You will see it when you believe it."   
Thoughts (and beliefs) ALWAYS come first!  

<><><>    <><><>

A Personal Note from the Author:  
Being blessed with the privilege of
being in the first wave of  Earth-dwelling humans
to consciously and intentionally
access the fifth dimensions,
I cannot describe in words the joys and
the FahZoom (feel good) experiences
that Source/ Creator/ God, the angels,
and our fellow God-beings have in store for us.  

Profound Beyond Profound
does not even come close
to describing life in fifth-dimension consciousness.  
The best I can do is apply the art of the poets
who use words to hint at the indescribable and
leave the reader to enter his or her own heart-space
and feel the author's words.   

I'll start with a message from the teachings
of the Master, Jesus:  
"Seek and you shall find. 
Ask and you shall receive.  
Knock and the door shall be opened."  
Apparently, I did all three.  
Here, in poetic license, is my experience
of the 5th Dimension:  

I asked for a toy and the angels gave me
a grand, cosmic-version of Disneyland

Here's where  we suggest you begin: 

(10)>   The World of Sensual Delights    
Learn how to use a combination of
mind, your emotions, and
              your physical sense of touch
to enrich 
              the quality, the pleasure and the joy of your life






TLC-Life-Center Family of Websites


Our Purpose:  
The purpose of the TLC-Life-Center's family of websites
and the purpose of our consulting/ counseling services
is to provide information and assistance
to those seeking to understand and live by
The Rules of Reality.  

The Crash:

The pages on this website are only a small fraction of
our information potential.  
Most of the
TLC-Life-Center websites
were forced  offline in April 2015.  

The Re-birth:
Slowly as time permits,
the most relevant websites and webpages
are being completely redesigned and
re-introduced to the world.   

A self-Definition:
                                                           Topics   Topics
We Describe ourselves  as 
The University of Life on Planet Earth .  
We provide  How to . . .   instructions

for Life on Planet Earth.  

Our Websites Cover a Wide Variety of Topics.  

***   The Transformation of Religion into Spirituality:  
           *   Fifth Dimension Consciousness    
           *   Creating with Emotions   
            *   Cosmology       
           *   The Nature of Reality 
           *   The Rules of Reality
           *   Self-Awareness:

***   Relationships:   
           *   Techniques and Tool for Healthy Relationships; 
           *   The Yoni Dance books -- Three novels
                About Creating Functional Relationships  

***   Sex and Intimate Sensuality:
           *   CLIC  Caring and Lloving Intimacy Connections  
           *   How to Experience Cosmic-Level  Sex  
           *   How to Redirect Your Sexual Energy.  
           *   How to Experience Multiple Orgasms

***   The Functional Use of Mind-Expanding Substances:  
           *   Creating Marijuana Sanity 
           *   Marijuana, Sex, and God -- A Delightful Trio  
           *   Using Mind-Altering Substances to Access
                the Non-Physical Side of Reality

***   Food and healthy Living: 
           *   A potpourri about all kinds of things

***   Major Way to Restructure Our Society:  
           *   New Corporate Structure  
           *   Non-profit organizations and Corporations as partners. 
           *   New Economic Structure 
           *   Replacing Stockholders  with Foundations
           *   Creating a Fully Functional 
                    Emergency Service Organization  

***   Practical Perspective on Money:  
           *   Creating Economic Sanity 
           *   Money and Social Power,    
           *   Why money is a cabal created fraud  
           *   Our future with no need for Money

***   Government:
           *   What It Really Is and Isn't  
           *   Getting Rid of the Cabal's Crime Family

***   The lighter Side of Life: 
           *   Humor and Off-The-Wall stories

***   An Interview with "The Devil"
            *   The Truth about religion from a New Perspective 
            *   Exposing Life as You've Never Seen it Before

***   The Cosmic Transformation into a World of
             Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Abundance for All.   




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