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About The Creator of

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Page Summary     



As we transform ourselves, both individually and collectively, 
from very limited third dimension consciousness
into infinitely expanded
Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
we discover pleasant and quite profound things
about everything, including ourselves.    

If you are not yet aware of the major transformations
that are occurring on Earth and in the entire galaxy,
none of the information on this page
will make any sense to you.  
We offer two suggestions.  

Choice 1::  
Be willing to learn something very pleasant and
quite profound about yourself that you don't already know.  
If your willing to learn, begin by reading these four pages:  



The Power of Our Natural State of Being  
            When we remember who you are,
            Our Natural State of Being will fill our lives with
             Joy, Llove, and an abundance of
             everything we could ever require or desire.      



Creating with emotions    
We  Think  our desires into existence in our minds  
Feel  our desires into physical manifestation.  



+++   The Great In-Between     
              This page is designed to give you an intimate understanding
              of how you relate to everything, including     Source/ Creator,   
              Your Fellow God-Beings,     and      Yourself



+++   Why Do You Believe What You Believe?     
              If you actually take the time to answer this question, 
              you'll be amazed at where this will lead you.  



Choice 2: 
Simply stop reading and go away because,
when viewed from third dimension consciousness,
we are eccentric lunatics.  

<><><>  <><><>  

I / We / Robert / Robin have chosen a new,
Fifth Dimension identity for ourselves,
an identity that matches the Fifth Dimension perception of
who and what I / we choose to be and express in physical form.  

I have created a new history of my life as part of my ideal image.  
It's my expression of who I choose to be and to express
in Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  

The third dimension expression of myself still is and still exists.   
I take from it the lessons I have learned and simply ignore the rest.  

It's not an attempt to hide anything.  
As you will learn as you, too, choose Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
there are no secrets.   Nothing can be hidden.  
FYI, I've included the basic information of my former 3D life
in the footnotes on this page.    





Page Content    


+++    Page Summary       

+++   Why I Am Making These Changes    

+++   My Fifth Dimension Identity     


+++   Creating a Fifth Dimension Body     

+++   Who and What I Am      

+++   Age and Physical Health    

+++   History - I Don't Live There Any More       





Why I Am Making These Changes    



Because we create more of what we focus on.   
To focus on the past is to bring more of what used to be.
I've had enough of what Robert used to be.   
I've also outgrown being ruled by mindless Jelly beans,  
by cloned presidents and British Lizzerdz queens. 

Because I now choose something new,
I choose to focus on that which brings me
more FahZoom,     more feel-good feelings,
more to feel good about.   

My intention is stay in the context of
constantly becoming more of who I am,  
I am more Lloving, more Joyful, more peaceful,
more satisfied, more at ease. 

I am all this and more
in the context of Complete Peace of Mind.   
I feel complete safety and security.       

My intention is to be and to experience 
more   excitement of anticipation
coupled with
more   bliss of fulfillment
combined with
more of the  freshly-fucked feeling
that floats us around in the afterglow
of any great experience.  

Satisfaction      Fulfillment       I Am that I Am.     








My Fifth Dimension Identity   



My name is Robin  R.  FahZoom.   
I was born into Earth plane reality at 3:00 pm  on May 11, 1972. 
I was born on my grandparents farm on the outskirts of Bennington, Vermont. 

As is commonly done in Fifth Dimension Consciousness, 
the family gathered at the farm to celebrate the birth of a new child. 
My father breathed my first breath of life into me.  
His outbreath was my first in-breath.  

I grew up in a very loving, open-minded family.   
We lived in a single family home near Bennington College.
My grandfather's farm was nearby, less than a mile away.   

I lived an expanded life as a child.  
I was part of the education vibration
in my parents college-related world  and
I was part the Mother Nature vibration that, for me,
centered at my grandmother and my grandfather's farm 

I have three siblings,  a sister, two years older, and
a sister and brother, twins, two years younger.

My parents were both instructors at Bennington College.  
My father taught languages, literature, and the art of speed reading.   
My mother was a dance and athletics instructor.  

My primary youthful  activities revolved around
music, dance and my Llove of Nature.  
I am still reasonably competent at the piano, clarinet, and drums.  


My primary residence is Fahzoom Town, California.  
My secondary residence is Fahzoom Town, Vermont.   

I am the Creator and Director of an organization
that teaches
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  
It's called The Sensual Delights Network.  


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My current occupation: 
I am an instructor of Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  
I am also the visionary who created
FahZoom Town into existence.  

My special skills include being a visionary.  
I see things long before others become aware of them.  

I am a skilled writer / author.   
This website demonstrates my writing skills.  
A sample of my fiction work is the introductory chapter of

"An Interview with the Devil."     

My primary focus, at this time is: 
I am an instructor, guide, coach, and fellow student
of Fifth Dimension Consciousness.   

<><><><>    <><><><>  

I am a multi-orgasmic male, who thrives on
simple physical closeness and joyous sensual contact. 

I'm strongly kinesthetic, and secondarily visual.  
I first see similarities and then notice differences.  
I'm kind, calm, gentle, Lloving, and compassionate. 
I find great delight in enjoying the beauty provided by Mother Nature.   

As a trained and experienced mediator,
I find wars, fighting, and the use of courts and/or lawyers
as a rather dumb way to solve problems.  

I've had past experiences with marijuana, hash, LSD,
iowaska, and magic mushrooms.  
These substances were learning tools for me,
like training wheels are on a bicycle for a young child.  
These substances significantly enhanced my ability
to connect to the invisible world of spirit.      

Most of the content of my writing come to me
from the invisible world of Source/Creation.







Creating a Fifth Dimension Body   



We live in Source/ Creator/
God-Goddess's Cosmic Holograph.  

In a holographic reality,
everything is created
in our minds
by our thoughts and beliefs,
including our physical bodies.   

In the Fifth Dimension,
our body's
health and appearance

are self-changeable
and self-controllable.  

When we reach
full, Fifth Dimension Consciousness, 
our face-and-body-image
can be
anything we choose it to be.   

The picture below is
a graphic image of myself as
Robin Fahzoom's 
full, Fifth Dimension, physical self.   

As I transform myself into
full, Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
this is the self- image
that I hold in my mind. 









Who and What I Am    



I am a fully-conscious, Divine Being.    

I am presently experiencing myself in a completely healthy,
youthful, delightfully-enjoyable physical body.    

I am presently experiencing myself living
on a Fifth Dimension planet called Earth.    

I and my fellow Earth-dwellers are fully aware that
we are experiencing what appears to be a physical life
on a physical planet called Earth.   

We are actually, Great God-Being-Creators
playing in Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
Cosmic-level, Holographic Universe.     

I am the Creator and Director
of Fifth Dimension Consciousness Training Center.  

I / We teach people how to transform themselves from
living as very limited third dimension physical beings
into becoming aware of themselves as
fully-conscious, multi-dimensional, divine beings.   

My Earth-level home is called FahZoom Home.  
FahZoom Home is a large home that,
along with other contiguous and adjacent structures,    
constitutes FahZoom Town.  

FahZoom Town is the home and headquarters of

five independent, intimately-interconnected, fully-functional,
joy-enhancing, social-service organizations.   

1)  Fifth Dimension Consciousness Training Center,
2)  Safe-Haven Rescue, N. CA    
3)  Nice Play Park


You and I and everyone else, are
all part of a single, unified whole.  

We are each an
   ***   Eternal   (timeless)  
      ***   Invisible   (to the human eyes)
         ***   Non-physical
            ***   Multi-dimensional 
              ***   Self-aware
                  ***   Divine being   (having a)
                     ***   Human experience   (in a)
                        ***   Physical body
                           ***   Here on Earth  (in an invisible)
                              ***   Mind-Control Prison  (in a)
                                 ***  Holographic Universe.      







Age and Physical Health   



The principles described above apply
not only to physical appearance,
but also to one's physical health.  

As an example of how healing works
in Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
see the section titled: 
How Jesus Healed.  


In third dimension consciousness, we grow old and die
because that is our false, third dimension, collective belief. 

In Fifth Dimension Consciousness, we understand that
our body is a holographic perception,
a perception that mirrors our beliefs.  

In 5D, we remain in a healthy body until we choose to leave.  
Death of the physical body is simply a choice
to move our consciousness into
a different vibrational frequency.  


If you find yourself becoming sick,
do NOT give a name to your pain.  
If you do, you are attaching yourself to
a huge, negative, false, third dimension belief system.  

Instead, ask your body:  "What are you telling me?"  
You'll find a negative thought pattern, a belief, which
has progressed to the point where it
is being mirrored in your physical body.    





Robert's Public Appearance



Notice Cote's wardrobe when he appears in public.  
The most stunning  difference is in the neck tie. 
Rather than the traditional tie arrangement
where the tie is worn as a controlling rope
tied tightly tied around the wearer's neck,
Robert's tie is worn  loosely,
more like a necklace, or a pendent.  
It's still a phallic symbol, it's still that essential ingredient
of the dominant male uniform, the business suit.  

A the same time, the loose format gives
a much friendlier appearance.  
Combined with the rest of his wardrobe,
the overall impression is one of grace and ease,
class and confidence.  

You'll also notice that his shoes are
neither black nor of business format. 
They're usually light in structure and
range from casual to elegant.  
His trousers are military crisp, and require no external belt.  

In cooler settings he'll often wear a sleeveless vest-like garment
that hangs low enough in the rear
to keep the his lower back warm. 
The garment also has a collar
that can be adjusted to meet to weather.  

For his seminars and at interviews,
Cote'  is almost always accompanied
by one or more female companions.
Like Cote'; the women
speaks with an air of confidence.  
More that that, they radiate a feminine mystique
that simply draw the people in.  

If you have ever experiences
Innocents,  Elegance  and  Beauty i
in a single female you know exactly what I mean. 







OK, Now What?


Check these two pages:<

(~)>   Creating with emotions    
We THINK our desires into existence in our minds.  
FEEL our desires into their physical manifestation.  

              Everything we do, every action we take
              is done to satisfy the desire to feel better

(~)>   The Great In-Between     
The Great In-Between is         
              in-between everything,      contains everything,      
              connects everything,      and     is everything.     





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I don't live there any more.




About Third Dimension - Robert Cote'



Born 3:00 p.m.  September 1, 1940.   Blood type:  AB neg  

Raised in a small New England town:   Brattleboro, Vermont.   

B. S.  in Forestry from the  University of Maine:   1962  

Trained in the Vermont Air National Guard
as still photographer:  1963 -1969  

M. S.  in Forestry Economics from the University of Vermont:   1966  

Moved to California on a lark in 1968.    Robert worked for the next two years as a photographer and a graphic artist for a mail order company that distributed nudist magazines.   In 1969, as a result of having his name on a post office mail box, he was prosecuted by a district attorney in Abilene, Texas who was trying to make himself look good and be appointed as a judge.   As a plea bargain and to keep his two older brothers our of jail, Robert pled guilty and as a result, in 1974, he spent six months in Terminal Island Federal Correctional institution.   

Beginning in 1970, he started working on creating the non-profit corporation presently known as The Life Center.    

From 1970 to 1989, The Life Center was an avocation for him.   He studied  and researched religion and philosophy part time and eventually qualified himself to be an ordained minister.   From 1970 to 1989 he earned his living as a general contractor.   During that time period, he became a California Licensed General Contractor and a California Licensed Real Estate Broker.  

From 1989 to the present, he has focused his work in The Life Center.   As an ordained minister, he has been officiaiting weddings and doing spiritual counseling  since 1992.   He has officiated about 1,500 weddings.  

In 2006, he began studying Theta Healing / Theta Transformation.    In essence, Theta Healing is a personal growth modality that uses applied sub-atomic physics and the technology of prayer to enhance one's everyday  life.   It has completely transformed his life and has significantly enhanced his ability as a Spiritual and Life Consultant.    

For about two years, (2010 and  2011) he was blessed with the opportunity to be a student of Dr. Karl Wolfe.   Dr. Wolfe is one of the most profound teachers on the entire planet.  

This website  and the other 66 websites in the TLC-Life-Center Family of Websites were written, created, produced (paid for), uploaded, and web-mastered by Robert.  

His work became an extensive collection of his writings.   They began on July 4, 1989 in an emotional response to the Supreme Court's ruling which opened the door to the repeal of women's reproductive rights.   It continues to this day. 




Robert Cote  --  Third Dimension   2015    

In April, he  lost everything, his four-bedroom home,
all his furniture,
 his complete construction workshop,
including all of its content, his office, his wife's art studio,
a very large covered storage area, his truck,
and about 99% of all his personal property.  

In that same month, Go Daddy web hosting company
unilaterally cancelled their contract with him and
all but two of his sixty two websites
were also shut down.    

After a successful career of fifty years, he found himself homeless,
with only what fit in his car and four boxes  stored in a friend's garage.  

<><><>   <><><>

Fortunately, he landed on his feet, and his wife, Ryce was still with him.    

They have begun rebuilding their lives.  They are no longer homeless..  
They found a very small room in a second-rate boarding house
fifteen miles from Sonora, California.     

Their 21-year-old car is functional.   With his Social Security and with
a few dollars from here and there, they manage financiallyly.    

With diligent attention & months of  effort,   they are again feeling successful.  
He has consolidated his websites.  
He again began publicizing his counseling work

in order to once again produce income.    

They expect that very soon they'll find themselves
in a home suitable to become the mini version, pilot project for Fahzoom Town.   

The reason why he is once again steadily becoming more and more
successful is because every time he failed, he took the time and effort
to discover what inside of him caused him to attract a failure. 

Robert is publishing this website to show

What he has done, What he is doing and
What Ryce and he are in the process of creating.  








W <><><><><><><>