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If this is your first introduction
into the major positive changes
that are coming to all of humanity,
you probably will not believe
what you will find on our websites.  

The world is changing rapidly and dramatically

and, weather we like it or not, we have to change with it. 

Our job is to make your transition as easy as possible.
Let us show you how to take it one small step at a time.  
Do not believe anything your read here. 
Don't disbelieve it either.
Hold each new ideas as a working hypothesis.  


We'll begin by looking at some of the evidence.  

There are dozens of credible people
independently expressing the same ideas
that you'll find on our websites.  
We encourage you to visit some of their web pages.  

We suggest that you begin by watching enough information
from the video linked to below to understand:
, that for centuries, humanity
has been manipulated and secretly controlled 
by a cartel of secret societies, and
, that the controllers are being removed
from their positions of power.  

The video is titled:  
Full Video The World is Waking Up around 2016 -
By David Icke - YouTube 14:26
 Recorded sometime BEFORE   2012

You can find a much softer version
of this same message on our website at:  

If you choose to get even more basic, begin with the first of
The Seven Lost secrets of Llove and come back here later.

Take a few days,  watch the videos again, re-read the pages and
allow this new perspectives to just be.  
When your ready, go to the next section below.  


Once you understand that
where we are  as a human society

is not an accident of circumstances,
we'll guide you into
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  
(Check this link and then return here.)  

Let us guide you through the transition,
one small, safe, and easy step at a time. 

We'll show you the future of humanity,
a future that is filled with

peace,  abundance for all,
a future filled with
joy, Llove
romance with a fellow God Being, and
romance with life, itself.  


Watching some of the YouTube videos of Abraham-Hicks
is the next step in our journey of transition. 
Select any of the them.   

Here are the two examples we recommend you start with:       
Abraham-Hicks - The Power of appreciation - YouTube    

How to Construct Your Universe   

Again, take a few days and
allow this new perspectives to just be.  
When your ready, go to the next section below.

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Why Do I Believe            Why Do I Believe     

How to eliminate
Your Emotional Wall of Lies and Illusions.

Ask and answer these questions:   

 Why do I believe whatever it is that I believe?   
*   Is there anything that I believe
     that conflicts with the available evidence?
*   Is the evidence wrong. or incomplete?
*   Are my beliefs wrong or incomplete?
*   Is there something related to my beliefs that I am overlooking?
*   What am I seeing now that I had previusly not seen?

*   Why am I doing what I am doing? 
*   Why do I desire what I desire?  
*   What excites me?   What turns me on?

Don't just give these questions token  answers.  
Take the next three days and
really search for and find the answers.   

Realize that your beingness (who and what your are)
got clouded over by lies, illusions, and false beliefs.  

Then ask and answer  this question:  Do I Exist?  
If I exist, What does    "
I Exist"    really mean? 
What is the true nature of my existence?
Am I more than a physical body?   

The understanding/ realization  that you exist
brings up the next logical question:  
Who am I?   What am I?

The answer is:  What I am is an eternal divine being
having a human experience.  

Who I Am is the sum total of
all I learned in All my fife experiences

Understanding who and what you are
is the core key to understanding everything else.  
Read the pages on our websites relate to this topic.   

Brows the other pages on our websites if you like, however,
we suggest that you stick primarily with this topic
at least until you familiar with the concept.     

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If you came here from www.TLC333.com,
you may, at this point, want to click the link and
return to our opening page.  
We suggest that you continue reading this page.   

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An Invitation to Freedom & Abundance

We live in one of the most unique times in all of human history.  
The world is changing rapidly and dramatically.  
Although the world around us is filled with chaos and confusion
and appears to be headed for disaster,  
we are actually changing
a world of freedom and abundance for all. 

The evidence to support this conclusion 
is available on the Internet.
You won't find it on  the mainstream media.  


For years, I had been attempting to improve
my life while believing the lies, illusions,
and the false and dysfunctional beliefs
that were taught to everybody
by those who controlled every major aspect of human life. 

If you are like most of humanity, you've also been tricked.  
Fortunately, the truth is now available to us.


My job, my mission, is to learn, teach, and express
the truth about how the Universe really functions and how
we (humans) relate to both the physical world
and to the non-physical world.  
We call this Cosmic Awareness.  

Our website's home page, www.TLC333.com,
is an open invitation to all who are interested. 
Read some of our webpages and then contact us.

For the complete text of this invitation, go to:
An Invitation to Freedom & Abundance.

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To connect to several more credible people,
please see our web page titled:  
People Who Are Assisting in Waking up Humanity  





Page Summary   

*   What has been secretly happening
     on the Earth is so bizarre; 
*   Where we are headed is
     so wonderfully profound; 
*   The changes that are happening
     right now are so cosmic in nature; 

That it pushes us to say:  
The bad is so bad,
The good is so good and
The changes are so profound
that it's all UNBELIEVABLE.   

All I can say is
examine the evidence.  
experience the new, and
draw your own conclusions.     

. .


Page Content  

*   Page Summary    

*   The Transformation    

*   Letting Go of False Beliefs  

<><><>   <><><>


Here are the Six  Big Lies -
The six  major false beliefs:

*   Separation Consciousness    

*   Scarcity - A Self-Created Illusion    

*   Violence Solves Problems    

*   Victim Consciousness   

*   False Religions  

*   The Great God, Money

There are at least two dozen
more false beliefs  that
we will bring back online as soon as
time and circumstances permit.





The Transformation

In any significant rebuilding, remodeling
or redesigning anything, there is
always a period of chaos and disarray.  
That's where we are right now.  
Things may temporarily
get uncomfortable,
so be ready for the present system
to be off line for a while.    


. .


The Two Great Con Games

When you begin to study Fifth Dimension Consciousness, you'll soon notice that both money and religion are absent.   Why?  Because both are fraudulent
 third dimension  concepts
designed to keep you in secret slavery.  

*   Money  and   Religion    








Why should I believe what your websites are telling us?   

You shouldn't.  We recommend that
you don't believe anything we tell you.  
Don't disbelieve it either.  
Avoid making any judgment or coming to any conclusions
until  you have examined the evidence for yourself.  

Q     Have you examined the evidence?    

A      Yes, I've spent the last 40 years
studying, researching and examining
 the evidence
about religion, spirituality, and what a human being actually is,
about how humans relate to each other and to planet Earth,
about our relationship to the Source/ Creator/ God,
and dozens of related topics.  

Q     Tell us the essence of what you've found.

A      Life is not what we've been led
to believe it is by those who claim to know!

You, I, and everybody else have  been (and most of us still are)
making critical,  irreversible, life-altering  decisions
based upon false,  incomplete, and/or
intentionally-deceptive information!   

Q     Why do the things you tell us sound so strange?.

A      Things sound strange because you are still living  in
very limited Third Dimension Consciousness.   
You are being exposed to abilities, things, and circumstancess
that are normal in Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  

In the expanded consciousness of Fifth Dimension,
we are aware of things, abilities, situations, and circunmstances
that are so far from what we think of as normal
in third dimension consciusness
that your first reaction will be,  this is impossible!  

Q     I keep hearing stories about major changes
that are about to happen.    Is there anything to this?    

A      Yes.   Here's what the evidence based truth is telling us.  

The overall context we live in has changed dramatically.  
The latest major step in the transformation
occurred at about the end of September and
the beginning of October 2015.   

Q     What happened at that time?   

The "door" to  Fifth Dimension Consciousness
opened up for everybody. 
All of us now have complete and total access to
*  the truth about who and what we are,  
*  the truth about where we are, and
* the truth about what has caused all the damage and destruction
   to the people, to our social structures, and to our environment.

Q     How are we affected by these changes?   

A      A vastly different and infinitely more functional set of rules
apply in fifth dimension consciousness.  

In order to step into fifth dimension consciousness
we have to get our own pre-programed, false beliefs
out of the way.  

Q     Give us the Bottom line about believability.   

A      Instead of judging things
we suggest that you view life from a
Beginner's Mind.    
Neither believe or disbelieve anything.   
Check the evidence.  
Draw your own conclusions. 

If you are sincerely interested in being free and happy, 
examine, study, learn, and apply
these two concepts to your life:  

The Law of Context and Content   

The Art of Success

Read and study our website. 
If you have questions, or
if you'd like to participate in or
otherwise assist in creating our vision
Contact Us.  







Letting Go of False Beliefs


Third Dimension Consciousness
is overwhelmed with lies, illusions, and false beliefs.   
Below are just four of the big lies to let go of.    

+++   +++   

*   Separation Consciousness    

*   Scarcity - A Self-Created Illusion    

*   Violence Solves Problems    

*   Victim Consciousness   

Also see
Related Page(s)
:     Impossible - It's Impossible    

                                       False Religions  





Separation Consciousness


The Old - The Illusion - The Lie:   We are separate from Source/ Creator/ God.    We are separate from nature (Mother Earth).   We are separate from each other.

The New - The Evidence-Based,
Fifth Dimension Version of Reality:
Everything is part of a grand, unified whole.   There is no separation.  Everyone and everything is intimately interconnected.    Everything affects everything else.   Everything is dependent upon everything else.  

We have been programmed to relate to Source/Creator/God as if He/She/It was something "out there somewhere," separate from and outside of us.   The evidence points to the conclusion that Source/Creator/God is inside of us, and at the same time, we are inside of Source/Creator/God.    





Scarcity - A Self-Created Illusion


When one realizes/remembers his/herself as a non-physical, divine being living in a holographic universe, the relationship to physical things becomes dramatically different.   Scarcity, the struggle for money, fighting over physical things, stealing, hoarding money, all these previously common activities are obsolete and no longer necessary.      

One has only to create (for him/herself) whatever is required or desired.   Anything and everything can be created out of nothing physical.   The Matrix of Infinite Possibilities (Source/Creator/God) is the source of your experiences in the physical world, but it, in and of itself, is not in your physical world.   Look around you.   All that stuff you see, hear, feel, taste, and smell out there in your environment, including your physical body, is a three-dimensional holographic illusion.  

Think of your world as a multi-dimensional holograph with yourself at the center and as its creator.   Everything in your external world was created by you out of the non-physical Matrix of Infinite Possibilities.   You are part of the infinite, invisible consciousness that we call Source/Creator/God.  

You are also part of the collective consciousness that creates our social structure.   Much of what we experience is a co-creation of ourselves and other Divine creators like ourselves.   We each experience our co-creations from our unique perspective.  

You started your creation process the day you were born.   You started by accepting pieces of your parents' holographic reality.   You built upon that, co-creating with those you encountered until you have the holographic universe you live in today.   Until you learned the rules of intentional creation, you created unconsciously.   You created by default, by happenstance, by accident, by copying what others had created.   

In every waking moment, your power as a Divine Creator is affecting The Matrix of Infinite Possibilities and bringing to you a mixture of your most dominant thoughts.    Although you created most of your experiences unconsciously, you are still the creator and as such, you are responsible for every one of your experiences.  

What does this tell us?   It tells us that right here, right now, at this moment, we can begin creating consciously and intentionally.   Our Earthly experiences will shift to match our new thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and expectations.  

Welcome to the world of infinite possibilities.   





Violence Solves Problems


Every study ever conducted, without exception has concluded that cooperation is vastly superior to violence.   

Even in third-dimension reality, violence does NOT solve problems.   In the short-term, it may appear to be productive, however, in the long-term, it creates far more problems than it solves.  

Within your self-created holographic universe, violence is not only totally unnecessary, it is counterproductive and self-destructive.   In a holographic reality, you, yourself, created everything, including that which you would consider attacking.  

Rather than attacking what you don't like, you are far better off focusing on and thus creating more of what you do like.   Gratitude, love, care, and compassion are your pathways to solutions.  

Are you remembering the Universal Law that says, "To fight something is to feed it your universal creation energy, and thus, rather than destroying your perceived enemy, you empower it and make it stronger."     






Victim Consciousness


There are no victims, only unconscious creators.   
We are NOT victims of the circumstances in which we find ourselves.  
We are each the creators of the circumstances in which we find ourselves.  
We simply do not remember that we are Great Creators.  

When we create unconsciously, and then call ourselves a victim
we percieve the source of our problems to be
out there somewhere. 

Symbolically speaking, it's like 
The victim is the car and someone else is the driver. 
The victim is the tail and someone else is the chimpanzee.
The victim is the subject being directed and not the one giving directions.

And then, one day,when
someone exposes her to the truth,
and she wakes up..

The newly awakened person needs to
learn how to drive the ca
be the chimpanzee
become the being who gives the directions




C-Truth  B-Free

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TLC- Life- Center 


See the Truth +  Speak the Truth +  Live the truth  =  Be Free  

Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Fairness, and Justice 
      are intimately interconnected.   
Freedom without truth is a slavery in disguise.   
Life as we are presently living it, is an illusion.  
It's a secret prison made out of lies and  false beliefs.  
If you think you know the the truth, 
your in for a big shock and a rude awakening


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