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         Our Phoenix Is Rising

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 The Cosmic

       and the
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Page Summary



Never in all of cosmic history 
has there
been a point where
so m
any changes were occurring
all at the same time.  

Every one of the changes is at
it's choice point.   We ( the collective we)
have been given the honor and
we have accepted the obligation
to use these choice points
to produce transformations that are
in the highest and best good
for everyone and everything
in the long run.  


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*   Page Summary    

*   Cosmic  Changes 

*   Responding to the coming Changes

*     Cosmic Transformations

*   The Major Changes     






Cosmic Changes


The cosmic context we are living in is changing dramatically.  
Here are two videos describing these changes.  


Climate Change on Earth and on Saturn. A Real Eye Opener:    


The Ultimate Weapon Against the Cabal - -
Sacred Geometry of the 2012 Transition  



We are headed for ascension, a spiritual awakening:





C S 18-06-22





Todd Medina and Magenta Pixie –
Soulogy One Studios [VIDEO] Galactic Connection     1:26:43
About the coming transition in  each of us in 2018     







Responding to the Coming Changes


Life is NOT what we have been led to believe it is
by those who claim to know.  

The truth is breaking out everywhere.   
The lies, illusions and false beliefs are falling away.  
We, each and every one of us must, be prepared
for the coming changes.  

Here are six suggestions that
I have been invited to share with you. 

1)   Understand that the coming changes are
            at the cosmic level,
            direct from Source/ Creator/ God/Goddess.  
     They are profound beyond our imagination.  
     Life on Earth will soon be so dramatically different
           that it will find it almost unbelievable.  

2)   Give yourself permission to change.  
     There is nothing to fear.    
     Everyone will be much better of than they are now.  
     We really don't have any choice.  
     The changes are coming, so we'd be wise
           to make the best of them.  

3)   Be compassionate.  
     Avoid judging or condemning anyone or anything.  
     Avoid being at the affect of  the external world.  
     Being compassionate will give you power and blessings
           hat you do not yet understand. 
     Think of Compassion as a catalyst that will take you
           beyond the changes into the new world. 

4)  Be willing to look a bigger picture of reality  
     Humans are much more than physical bodies  
     We are God-Beings having a human experience.  

     Are you aware that in
           at least three different Christian Bible passages
           Jesus said that humans were gods.    

5)  Relax.   Be patient. 
Avoid frustration and anger.  
Change is coming.      
We are in the transition period right now.  
As best you can, stay positive, have fun enjoy the journey.    

6)   How these changes will show up, depends on us. 
The new Earth will be what we make it  
It will be whatever we choose to create.   
It's not something pre-made and handed to us. 
It's coming to us in the form of infinite potential.  
It's coming with all the tools and talents required
      to make it a self created version of heaven on Earth.  
Decide what kind of world you want and help us create it.     











   Cosmic Transformations


<><><>  <><><

The name, The Cosmic Transformation refers to
the major changes that are taking place
in every aspect of what we call reality.  
What we call "reality" is actually
Source/ Creator/God-Goddess's
Cosmic, Holographic Universe.  

Major changes are also occurring
on the human consciousness level.  
Everything we thought of as real
is turning out to be something very different
from what we thought it was.  
We thought that we were
powerless victims of circumstance. 
The exact opposite is true.  

As we are just now remembering that
we are very powerful creators.  
We are each an eternal divine being
having a very challenging human experience
in a physical body on Planet Earth
in a Holographic Universe."  

And we are also remembering that
planet Earth is not really a physical place.  
It's not made of physical stuff like
atoms, protons and neutrons.  
It's made of energy

The Earth is a Cosmic Holographic Creation of
Source/ Creator/ Goddess.  
It's a collective, multi sensory projection
created by human thoughts.  

In other words, planet Earth is similar to
an old fashion movie theater.  
What we watched was a visual projection
of a picture on the theater screen.  
What we are now experiencing
is an evolution of the movie theater.  
It's a multi-sense variation on that theme.  

From the human perspective,
we are shifting from life in a world
controlled by  lies, illusion, and false beliefs
into a world where everybody know the truth
into a life of Joy, Bliss, Llove, and Infinite Abundance. 

It's already in process and the shift is inevitable. 
The two major question are:   
***   How quickly will it arrive?   and  
***  How will we respond to the changes

It will arrive when a significant portion
of the human population wakes up and
1)   believes it's possible, 
2)   demands it,  and
3)   accepts it.   






The Major Changes


We are in the midst of a major expansion of consciousness
for about seven billion humans.  
Imagine the changes that will occur
when all seven billion humans all waking up into
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.   

We are also in the midst of hundreds of thousands
of other significant changes
in our social, political, religious, economic,
and environmental structures.   

<><><>   <><><>

Here's just one example of social structure transformation: 
The Cabal-controlled, secret, corporate control system
that has dominated and manipulated all human social structures
for thousands of years
has been exposed as a network of deadly parasites
feeding off the misery of humans.  
Because it has been exposed,
the secret control system
is now in the process of collapsing. 

<><><>  <><><>

We are at a the choice point in every one of these changes   

<><><>   <><><>

Here's another set of major changes:"
*   Change from financial slavery to understanding who and what we are.    
*   Change from believing in a false externally created world
     into understanding that
      we live in a self-orchestrated, holographic universe
*   Change from sleep walking to  understanding that
     we are great creators.  

*   Change from mindlessly creating our lives
     by default, by chance, and by what we stumble into 
     into consciously and intentionally
     re-creating our own lives. 

Our job and our greatest Joy is:  
To learn The Rules of Reality.  
To understanding  the contexts that we find ourselves in  
and then to  apply the rules to our daily lives.  

<><><>   <><><>

Greg Braden reminds us that
we are at the choice point in three major, natural cycles of change
that the Earth regularly goes through.  

1)   Climate Changes:  We are moving Into a Climate Cooling cycle 
***   From intentional climate manipulation and intentional destruction  
***  Into preparing and planning for a natural cycle of cooler weather.       

2)   Economic Changes:    Slavery to financial  Freedom:  
        Our money system in transforming
***   From the criminal-controlled, fraudulent, easy-to-manipulate,
         debt-based money swindle of the Federal Reserve
***   Into Debt-Free Money issued directly from
          the United States treasury.    

3)      From Conflict to Cooperation:  
Fifth Dimension Consciousness clearly demonstrates that
Cooperation is replacing fighting, conflicts, and wars.  
Darwin was wrong.  
Nature does no function on competition.  
Nature functions on cooperation.  

Listen to and interview on this topic:  
New 2016 Gregg Braden Interview - We Have the Solutions to our Problems (Video) - YouTube   

<><><>   <><><>

4)   A Fourth, Major Cycle of Change:  
Bruce Lipton, an extremely talented micro-biologist
has exposed and explains a fourth evolutionary cycle.  

He exposes the fact that Darwinian Theory of Evolution is wrong..  
Evolution is not linear.  
Humans did not simply evolve through a series if different animals.. 

Fifth Dimension scientifically verified evidence indicates 
that humans are evolving by cooperation and not competition.
The 50 trillion sells that make up our bodies
cooperate for mutual survival.  
Our bodies are a collection of individual cells
cooperating for mutual support and survival.
We, as individuals in human bodies,
are collectively evolving into
a single, huge, conscious being.  
We are cells in a new collective of  conscious beings
known as Humanity.  

<><><>  <><><>

We are at a the choice point in the evolution of
every one of these changes






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