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The Power of and 

      The Truth   About

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A Fifth Dimension Perspective on 
Manifesting Anything and Everything  

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The Great In-Between

Page Summary  




Emotions  and  Feel-Good Feelings   

Are the Keys to Manifesting



The Universal Law of Manifesting
We think our desires into existence
in the non-physical world.     

We feel our desires
into their physical manifestation
in the Holographic Earth-plane Reality.  

Both are essential to the creation process. 
Thoughts merely point your creative process
in a particular direction.  
Emotions do everything else.  


The Universal Law of Attraction tells us that 
Like Attracts Like.  

What we think about creates internal emotions.  
Internal emotions attract   

the physical expression
of what we think about.  

Think khold-priki thoughts -->
--> Feel khold-priki emotions -->
--> Reap khold-priki experiences.    

Think fahzoom feel-good thoughts -->
--> Feel fahzoom feel-good feelings --> 
--> Reap fahzoom-feel good experiences.  

Thoughts,     Emotions    and     Experiences
are the core ingredients
in our creation process. 

Thoughts, Emotions, and Experiences    
are the genes in the cell called a Human Being
in the body called Humanity.  
They are the  take orders and pass them on
kind of 
Gods of Creation. 

They take orders from the Real Gods.   
That's you and Me
and every other human being.   

In Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's Holographic Universe,  
we have the power of command.     

Page Summary









Consciousness Is First Cause   



Until recently,
the joys of creating with feel-good feelings was
The Missing  Piece in the
intentional-manifestation process.   

Millions of people (myself included)
spent years attempting
to manifest financial freedom in their lives.  
Very few of us were successful.  

Now that the secrets of manifesting have been revealed,
it easy to see why we failed.  
We were living under a false set of beliefs
We were focused in our minds
with techniques like affirmations.

Vital pieces of the process were still unknown to us.  
The major tools of creation are emotions.  
This vital fact of human life was right under our noses,
but at the same time, it was unknown to us.
In essence, we were living in a context of guaranteed failure

Those few who did manage to attain wealth seemed to
become obsessed with acquiring more wealth.  

To the super-wealthy, those of us who were NOT also wealthy 
were treated as if we were expendable servants.  
Some of them even considered the the rest  of us to be
their mind-manipulated slaves. 

<><><>   <><><>

Today the tables are being completely turned around.  

The doors to the invisible prison of
lies, illusions, and false beliefs have been flung wide open. 

The doors to Paradise are also wide open.  

An abundance of every kind imaginable is already ours.  
Talents and abilities beyond our wildest imagination
are already ours.  

We can be, do, have, express, and or experience
absolutely anything we choose.  

Question:      What?   Are you crazy?  Nothing has changed.  

Oh, but indeed it has! 
Everything has changed
You don't see the changes
because the changes, are first, changes in consciousness.   

A change in consciousness does not, itself, 
create the physical changes.  
One applies the expanded consciousness to his or her life and
creates his or her personal version of
a heavenly place to live.    

Question:      So, how do we do that?  

By adopting a new thinking process.  
On this page, we'll walk through the process.  

Consciousness Is the First Cause of Everything! 

A physical change is always preceded by
non-physical thoughts about
something that we would
like to experience differently.   

The physical manifestations
will show up when we begin to
use our newly remembered talents
to produce changes in our physical experiences.  

Here's what has changed.  
You now know that: 
*   You are much more than a physical body.
*   You now know that you are an eternal, non-physical Divine Being.   
*   You now have access to Fifth Dimension Consciousness.   
*   You now know that you live in    
      Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's Holographic Universe
*   You now know that you are a powerful creator
      the power of   Who and What You Are  
      to change you physical experiences.
*   You now know that you control your reality
      by making changes in your  thinking process.  

Question:      This is unbelievable.  It's way too good to be true.    

Answer:   Neither the truth nor the evidence
are affected by what you believe.  

Perhaps you are not aware of this
Fact of Life? 
Humans are totally controlled
by what they believe.  

Every one of us has thousands
(perhaps even  tens or thousands)
of invisible cords connecting us to beliefs,
almost all of which are false.  

How many invisible cords to khold-prikies 
are tied around your neck ?

Some false beliefs are third-dimension, prison walls.  
They limit your behavior.  

There are also    false beliefs   that   are like sheep dogs.   
They keep the herds of mindless humans together and
The sheep dogs keep the human sheep in the right places. 

Religions are notorious for
the power of their sheep-dog beliefs
Clothing styles and fads are also examples of this.  

<><><>   <><><>  

Why do you believe what you believe?  

Is it possible that some of your beliefs are incomplete?
Is it possible that there are more pieces
to place in your picture-puzzle-picture  of reality?  

These are pieces in the reality picture
that you have not yet seen  -- 
pieces that, at the moment,
you don't even know that they exist.  

Would you like to add some
evidence-based reality pictures
your picture-puzzle-picture  of reality?  

Why do you believe what you believe?   
Take a moment to consider this question. 
You'll be surprised at what you'll find 

<><><>   <><><> 

Here are a few more things that you already know.   

*   You know that for far more than your entire life, 
     human civilization
     has been controlled by off-planet beings.  

*   You know that the controllers 
     use lies, illusions,i ntentional deception, and false beliefs
     to control humans.  

*   You know that their control system is collapsing.  

*   You know that many of the top controllers
     have been removed from positions of power.   

*   You know that a truly golden age is tapping on your door.    

*   You now know that nothing is going to change in your personal life
     until you learn how to use your newly-remembered talents and
    begin consciously creating whatever makes you feel good.    

When we begin our new thinking habits, his will
change the "images" (our perceptions of life) 
in our personal holographs.  

Together we create and maintain
our collective holographic reality.  

Our collective holograph is  expressed
in Fifth Dimension Consciousness, and
is  known as Mr. and Mrs. Humanity and family.   

We are children of the Universe.
We are cells in Humanity's body.  
We experience Fifth Dimension consciousness
as a collection of perceptions  --
billions of perceptions of what
our ideal version of a heavenly place to live
feels like,   looks like,   sounds like, 
smells like,  and tastes like.   

We now have the opportunity to
expand both our individual and
our collective consciousnesses and  
to live, move and express your beingness
in our own perception of
what our ideal heavenly life would be like. 

Begin to Live Your Dream. 

I am my dream's creator.  
I direct my dreams.  
I am the leading being (actor - star)    in my dreams. 
I feel my dreams.   
I also see, hear, smell, and taste my dreams.  
I am my dreams. 
I am living my dream life.   

Life is, indeed a stage.
You are the creator writer, director and
leading man or woman in your
self created holographic life.  
To make changes and/or adjustments,
follow the rules.  

Think about it today.   Experience it tomorrow

What we think about creates internal emotions.  
Internal emotions attract   

the physical expression
of what we think about

<><><>   <><><>

We'll allow the skeptics to be.

For those of you who choose
to enter the Fifth Dimension
(the world where ten minute orgasms are common)
we'll continue. 

There are only two limitations in the Fifth Dimension,
1)   Our imaginations,
2)   The Universal Prime Directive --
        Thou Shall NOT Violate!     

Consciousness Is First Cause





Decide what you want.  What do you choose - desire - intend?  

Declare it into existence in your Future-Self-Vortex        

Before we can proceed to the physical manifestations,
there are  a few steps In-Between.   

We must:  
*   Become aware of    Who and What We Are
     Once you understand who and what you are,
     everything else will fall into place as easily as
      water flows down hill.

     FYI    For Your Information,  
     Although you don't require them yet,
      I'll list the other pieces of knowledge here below:    

*   Become aware of the contexts you are in -- 

     <>   The Grand Context is
              Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's Holographic Universe,

     <>   A lesser context is living in a human body on planet Earth.   

     <>   A still smaller context is:
              Earth-based human life is controlled by Cabal criminals
              whose job it is to make human life as miserable as possible.     

*   Understand the related  laws and principles,
*   Have the appropriate tools, materials, and ingredients.
*   Know how to apply the rules and use the tools
      and then,
*   Put them into practice. 

Just be aware of these things and
focus on Who and What We Are. 

<><><>   <><><>

When we step into Fifth Dimension consciousness
everything changes.  
To say that these changes are dramatic and profound 
is a huge understatement.  
The changes are
so far beyond anything
we've ever known,  that
they must be taken one step at a time.  

I sit here overwhelmed with awe and ask myself:
"How can I explain something to you that
you have never known,
something that can only be learned by experience,
something you believe is impossible?"   

My best answer is:   
*    to take something small
      that you already know and expand on that,  
*   to find something that attracts your interest sufficiently
      so that you'll actually pay attention.    
*   The answer is in the realm of feel-good feelings.  

On this page, we will show you how to
use your feel-good feeling to give you
an experiential taste of the joys of
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  

<><><>   <><><>

We'll review the basics and
then focus on how to use emotions
as part of the creation process.   

<><><>   <><><>  

Don't Believe any of this.  
Don't disbelieve it either.  
Examine the evidence.







Our Natural State of Being       




All humans, including you and I, are God-Beings
having a human experience in the self created portion of
Source/ Creator/ God/ Goddess's Holographic Universe.

As part of  our Fifth Dimension
Consciousness Training Program

our intention for ourselves and for all others
is to remember and reconnect to
the joys and blessing that are naturally ours
as a result of our just existing,
as a result of just being.  

All we have to do is stop resisting,
stop focusing on what causes us to feel bad.  
When your mind is focused on anything  that makes you feel bad,
you are pushing away your natural state of being.  

Returning to our natural state of being
is not about doing,
There is nothing we need to do.  
it's about allowing.  

Our job is to allow ourselves to
be, do, have, express and experience
our natural state of being.

Below we have included a list of words that describe
our natural state of being.  
Pick three words from the list below
As you read each word separately.  
Feel the feelings that it inspires.  
Now put your three words together in a single container.  
You are that container.  

How do you feel 
When you think about
each of the words below?

Clear     Clean     Certain     Confident   
Peace of mind

Relax     Allow     Enjoy     Just Be.  

Truth    Beauty     Freedom  

Appreciation    Gratitude   Count my blessings  

Oneness        Whole      Wholeness     
Complete    Unity     Harmony 

The place where I belong.  
A place that belongs to me.

I AM.   
I Am that  which I choose to be
Llove    Compassion  
Lloving      to Llove      to Be Loved 

Health    Well-Being     It's Good to feel good     

Contact    Connection
Cooperation     Connectedness       Included       .

Eager     Anticipation        Desire     
Joyous expectations     
In the moment    the Joy of Living     .

Feel-Good-feelings   aka      FahZoom
Laugh      Play      Sing       Skip      Dance     
Expand      Want more     

Sensuality     Sexuality     Sexual ecstasy     Orgasm
Mutual Masturbatioon.
Orgams as shared expereinces
Learning how to ride the orgasmic wave into
     Extended Orgasms   and/or    Multiple Orgasms
Pretty   &  Handsome      Beautiful     Sexually exciting.

I find you interesting.   Please tell/show me more.

Ask and receive  
Abundance flows to me freely in many ways     
Fulfillment     Peace of Mind
*   I Focus on my Joy-Llove feelings and
     receive more to Llove and feel good about.      
*   I feel feel-good-feelings
     and receive feel good experiences      

*   Do you want more Llove in your life?
     The Way to receive Llove
          is to focus your attention
                   Giving Llove.

     Don't believe us.  
     Examine the evidence:
The First Lost Secret

     Seven Lost Secrets of Llove

Question      Be Curious      Ask        Seek      Find   
To find Interesting    

To Llove and to be Lloved
is our natural state of being.  

Our Job is to feel good for no reason
other than to feel good   

To hear this concept expressed
by Abraham/ Esther  Hick, go to:  






The Facts of Life




Facts of Life that We Previously Did Not Know:  

*   You are much more than just a physical body.  

*   You are also a multi-dimensional, Divine Being  
    having a human experience.   

*   We (all humans on planet Earth) live in
      Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's 
Holographic Universe.  

*   Because of our powerful emotions and
      because of our diverse genetic makeup
Humans (including you) are very powerful creators.     

*   Newtonian physics is wrong.  
    The Universe is NOT made of physical stuff. 
     It is NOT an external, objective physical world
     that we come along and experience. 

*   The Universe is made of energy
      Energy controlled by consciousness.  
      You, because you are a God-Being,
      are part of the controlling consciousness.  

*   We create our lives by thoughts,
      NOT by manipulating physical stuff and
      NOT by hard work. 

*    Emotions access the power of creation.   

*     When we speak to the Universe and
      to our subconscious minds,
     we must speak in positive language.  
      The Universe
and our subconscious minds
not  receive the opposite of an idea.  
      For example to say "Don't drink and drive.", 
      the message received is "Drink and drive." 

     Also, the Universe does not hear
    our messages in the form of words.
     It receive the internal concepts from our beingness
    that we translate into words. 

*    Our thoughts will only manifest
      within the
 context  of  our belief system.  
      For example:  If you believe something is impossible,
      then, for you, it is impossible.  
      Your false belief takes away
      your power as a great creator.   

*   The Universe is teaming with life.  
      Literally, thousands of artifacts have been found      
      that could not possibly have been created
     without extraterrestrial life.  

*   The huge, rapid, and leapfrog-like
      advancement of technology
      is easily explainable and only explainable
      by our so-called leaders connecting to
     extraterrestrial intelligence.  

     Go here to learn more.   

<><><>   <><><>

"Your emotions are the most important thing
you can give your attention to."
Quote From Abraham / Esther Hicks

Yes, we know the consciousness factors. 
However, we are here where almost everything
is still dominated by very narrowly-confined,
low vibration, third-dimension consciousness. 
How do I deal with that?

The Facts of L:ife





Dealing with the Outside World 



How do we respond to someone who
throws a khold-priki at everything?  

We become the observer.   
We watch what's happening as an observer. 
Whatever comes our way, we simply watch it pass on by.  
We send the sender Llove and we move on.  

We respond by not reacting,  
by staying out of the low-level vibrations.  

By sending them LLove we are raising our overall level of vibrations
to the point where negative incidents become fewer and fewer, and
eventually, we reach a level of vibration that is so high
that the khold-priki people cannot reach us.

Dealing with the Outside World





Internally Generated Negative Emotions



How to Deal with Them




When  fear, doubt, sadness or
any other khold-priki, internal feeling
arises inside of us,
we simply notice it.  

We declare: "This is not me.  It's just an emotion." 
We fill it with Llove that is the opposite vibration
from the  negative emotion.  
This makes
the khold-priki neutral and
completely harmless. 

We send it back to Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.  
We fill ourselves with thoughts and feelings of Llove,  
and then, we move on.   

To learn more about this process,  check
*   The Fahzoom Breath and Release Technique  
*   The Larry Crane Release Technique
*   The Sedona Method - A Release Technique  

Internally-Generated Negative Emotions --  How to Deal with Them






Creating Intentionally -- A Personal  Example



Answer These Questions:   
***   What do I want,   desire,   choose,   intend?   
***   Why do I want what I want?  

I Declare My Intentions:   
***   I choose to create the Sensual Delights Network.     
***   I choose to create Fahzoom Home.  
         Fahzoom Home is
         my personal home,
         my private office
         our first Fifth Dimension training center, and 
        the initial  headquarters of
        The Sensual Delights Network.  


I Answer these Questions:  
***  "Is what you are doing possible?       Yes   

***   Is it possible for me to do this?   
          Yes, because I know that I am a Divine-Being   
         and a powerful creator 
         functioning in Fifth Dimension Consciousness     
         in a Holographic Universe.  
         In this context, anything is possible.     

***   Why do I intend to create this?     
         *   Because I choose to live in a structure
               that is a combination of
               my home,
               my personal office , and
               our first Fifth Dimension training facility .   

              I intend to create my home.  
              I intend  my home to be
safe, clean, beautiful, spacious,
              comfortable, fully furnished, fully equipped, fully functional

              It's completely financially free.
              I am the head of the household.
              I am the director of the very successful
              Sensual Delights Network.     

        *    I intend to create my home because
              Fahzoom Home is the perfect place
             to build and enjoy
             the Sensual Delights Network and
             the abundance of
             joys, benefits, and learning experiences that it provides.  

<><><>   <><><>

I share my home with
my sensual delights and
sexual delights partner.  

We have great fun sharing  sensual and
sexual activities with each other.  
We enjoy the excitements, the thrills, and
the ecstasy of
feeling, sharing with each other,  and experiencing  
multiple and extended orgasms.  

We have great fun, feeling the bliss-producing,
joy-filled sensual and sexual, body sensations
that we generate
for ourselves and for and with each other.  

We have great fun giving, receiving, and experiencing 
very pleasant, sensual and sexual, body sensations,  

Together, we create very powerful,
feel-good, fahzoom vibrations  -- 
vibrations of health,  joy, Llove, and well-being  -- 
vibrations of anticipation, and excitement -- 
vibrations of fulfillment, satisfaction,
contentment, and peace of mind. 

Whenever we choose,
we consciously and intentionally redirect
the energy (the vibrations) of these joyous, powerful,
sensual and sexual feel good feelings.   

We direct the energy  onto/ into
manifesting, attracting, and experiencing
anything we choose.  

In a moment, we will share with you
the process we use.
You will soon understand that you
are a great creator.  

By the nature of our beingness,
everyone of us is a great creator.   
Anything we do, you can do and more.  

I am here on planet Earth,
to play my role in the cosmic transformation. 
I'm also here to produce/ attract
and/or experience
very intense and
long-lasting periods of orgasmic-level ecstasy.  
That ecstasy is not necessarily sexual.  


Getting Myself Out of My Own Way: 
My biggest challenge was
getting beyond my own belief system.  

Life is not what we have been led to believe
by those who claim to know.  
Once I realized who and what I am,
my rate of awakening speeded up dramatically. 

I have let go of fear (future)
by knowing who and what I am.  
I have let go of
karma  (past)
by complete forgiveness of everyone,
including myself.   

<><><>   <><><>  
<><><>   <><><>

In order for us to experience our desires in physical form,
we must learn to vibrate in harmony with them.  

The next section describes how we succeeded in
being in our 

Creating Intentionally -- An Example






How to Focus Your Attention     




The Core, Basic Human Motivation:  
Everything we do
every action we take
is done to satisfy
the desire to feel better.  

<><><>   <><><>    

The Universal Law of Attraction
Like Attracts Like.  

The human brain produces and sends out electrical signals.
These signals are vibrations.  

The frequency of the signal  ( the rate of vibration)
depends upon what we are feeling.  

We attract into our personal, physical world,
experiences that vibrate in harmony with our feelings.    

Think khold-priki thoughts -->
--> Feel khold-priki emotions -->
--> Reap khold-priki experiences.    

Think fahzoom feel-good thoughts -->
--> Feel fahzoom feel-good feelings --> 
--> Reap fahzoom-feel good experiences.  

Thoughts,     Emotions    and     Experiences
are the core ingredients
in our creation process. 

Thoughts, Emotions, and Experiences    
are the genes in the cell called a Human Being
in the body called Humanity.  
They are the  take orders and pass them on
kind of 
Gods of Creation. 

They take orders from the Real Gods.   
That's you and Me
and every other human being.   

In Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's Holographic Universe,  
we have the power of command.     

<><><>   <><><>

The Universal Law of Manifesting
We think our desires into existence
in the non-physical world.     

We feel our desires
into their physical manifestation
in the Holographic Earth-plane Reality.  

Both are essential to the creation process. 
Thoughts merely point your creative process
in a particular direction.  
Emotions do everything else.

Our Job is to align our thought and feelings with
our better version of everything

and then, using our emotions,
vibrate in harmony with
the better version of everything 

What we are presently experiencing 
is a physical expression of

who we believe we are.   

Our feel-good feeling cause us to vibrate in harmony with
the things and experiences desire.  
Our feel-bad feelings cause us to move away from
the things and experiences that we desire 

If you intend be, have, or experience something different,
you cannot simply sit back and wait for it to happen.
your job is to create it.  

See the next section below  
A Breathing Trick that will Take You  "Home"       







Where to Focus Your Attention       




Access Your Future-Self-Vortex:  
The content of our Future-Self-Vortex
   feels wonderful.  
It vibrates as      Wonderful      Delightful    

In order to access our potential,
   n order to bring it into physical manifestation,
   our job is match its vibration.   

In this exercise, we are not seeking a physical something.  
We are seeking the internal,
   non-physical feel-good feelings

Focus on the feelings. 
The feelings will create the physical manifestation. 
Then you can use the physical manifestation
   to generate more feel-good feelings which, in turn, 
   produce more manifestations, etc.  
Our job is the get this loop going and keep it going.  

Also, be aware that focusing on the feel-bad stuff
   takes us out of our
   Positive Future Self Vortex and
   turns everything in the opposite direction.  

We explained the technical process
   in the section above.   
We explain the practical aspects herein below.  

The technique is to feel
   the varying combinations of the internal feeling
   describe by these words: 
      Go with the flow      Llove      Appreciation      
      Gratitude       Passion       Fahzoom-Feel-Good-Feelings        
      Excitement           Desire    Eager       Exhilaration        Freedom     
      Joy       Anticipation     Satisfaction      Calm      Peaceful      
      Relaxed      Contented      Confident   Secure
      Warm      Comfortable     At ease     
      In the Money     In the Moment         Self-Assured     
      With grace and ease. 

There is no need to focus on money.   
Money is part of the manifestation process.  
The process is God's job and not ours.   

If money is required to buy some of the things
   that we intend to experience,
   the money will show up, and then we can buy them.

Money, itself, is not the goal.  
Our job is to feel the feel good-feelings that come
   as a result of focusing our thinking on
   that which makes us feel good  

If you think that the last sentence is a typing error,
   think again.  
Remember, Like attracts like. 
Manifesting is a feeling process.   

We think our desires into existence
   in the non-physical world.     

We feel our desires
   into their physical manifestation
   in the Holographic Earth-plane Reality.  

Our feel-good feelings will take us to
the physical manifestations of
the things we feel good about.   

What does having money feel like?  
It feels like the feelings referred to below.  
Focus on these feelings and not on the money. 

Why?   Because  the thoughts of money
have a huge mountains of negative emotions attached to them.  
For example, when the thought of money comes to mind,
most people think: scarcity, not enough,
money doesn't grow on  trees, etc.   
This pushes them in the direction they DO NOT want to go

We are much more successful when
we shift our focus of attention to the feel-good feelings
associated with having and experiencing
the things and experiences that money can buy.    


Here's the Cycle We Choose to Create:   

*   Produce feel good feelings.

*   Think about things like
     safety and security, 
     excellent health, 
     delightful home, 
     loving relationships,
     Joy-filled experiences
     an abundance of goods and services.  

*   Our positive thoughts about
     which ever one of these these topics we focus on
     produces e mental state of mind that,
     it turn, produces experiences
    that inspire more feel-good feelings.  

*   Feeling good brings us more experiences 
     to feel good about.  

*   Feel-good feelings bring us something more
     and/or something better to feel good about. 

This cycle will continue on as long as we maintain
the feel-good feeling state of mind.

he Universal Law of Attraction
tells us that 
Like Attracts Like.  


Step away from this style of creating: 
      By hook or by crook.  
      By hard work and by pain and struggle. 
      By accident and by default.
      By chance and by happenstance. 
      By mimicking other unconscious creators.
      By stealing that which belongs to others. 
      By fraud and deception.   
      Be selling ourselves to those in control.
      By stumbling into whatever comes our way.
That's third dimension manifesting.  

Instead of living as a third dimension,
unconscious  creator:

Imagine feeling the feelings associated with
having and experiencing anything you choose
including all the things that money can buy.

Our job is to feel the feel good feelings.  
Our job is to focus on the feel good feelings. 

If money is required to purchase the goods and services
that inspire the feel good feelings, the money will show up,
and you can then buy whatever suits your fancy.  

It doesn't take money to smell the roses.
It doesn't take money to kiss or
make Llove to your beloved.  

Eventually, you'll be able to create/attract
anything and everything without money.   

With your thoughts,
oint the Universal energy
in the direction you choose to go. 

Feel the joy-filled feelings associated with
the manifestation of your desire. 

Feel good about everything else, too. 
Be grateful for what you have, no matter how meager it is. 

If you find yourself standing in your own way,
forgive yourself, fill yourself with Llove, and move on.


Focus on the feelings associated with the topics below.  
Practice vibrating in harmony with them.
Feel the fahzoom, the feel-good feelings
associated with them.  

Your Job Is:  
      *   To feel good about almost everything,
      *   To focus on your intention,   
      *    To feel the fahzooms
            (the feel good feelings)
             associated with your intentions, 
      *   To be grateful for everything,
            even if it feels khold-priki.  
             If it's khold-priki, find the Buddha Gift in it.

Focusing on your feelings moves you
into your
future-self-vortex is a mini-version of
Source/ Creator/ God's matrix of infinite possibilities
Your job is to vibrate at the same frequency
as that which you intend to experience.  

Imagine yourself in the middle, at the center point, of 
the manifestation of your desired intentions.  
How do you feel  
now that you have
what you used to want?
Focus on those feelings.  
Feel those feelings.

Look at the words below, words like
satisfied, comfortable, peace of mind, relaxed.  
What does it feel like to feel satisfied? 

Spend the next minute feeling
satisfied, comfortable and peaceful.  
For that minute you are inside of
Future-Self-Vortex and
you are causing your physical reality
to express more fahzoom experiences.  

<><><>   <><><>

Notes From Abraham Hicks:   
What does the vibration abundance feel like?  
Ask: Why do I want  _______ ?   
         (Fill in the blanks with words from the list below,
         or from your own imagination.)   
As an example use the words "Peace of Mind"

I tune my vibrational frequency to the vibration of ______ .  
What does the feeling of ______  feel like?  
I am _____.  What does that feel like?     

I have _____.  What does that feel like?    
I live _____.  What does that feel like? 

I experience _____.  What does that feel like?  
_____  Is who I am.  What does that feel like?  

My home is located   _____ .   What does that feel like?      
When I am with _____ .
 What does that feel like?   

Are these word coming into your mind:  
Safe      Secure     Self-confident      Plenty of everything   
Abundance      At ease      Relaxed        Comfortable    
 Let Go      Allow     Just be   

Pick one of the above words and
focus on the feelings it inspires. 
Notice where that leads you.

<><><>   <><><>  

The internal vibrations of fahzoom feel-good feelings
are what suggest that you focus on.  
You are in your Future-Self-Vortex
when you feel good.  

It doesn't matter what you feel food about.
Just get yourself into the mental state of feeling good.  

Use the Breathing Trick described below
to get yourself feeling good and then,
decide what you want to feel god about.  

The Law of Attraction will bring you
more of what you are focused on when you feel good.

<><><>   <><><>

Here's what to feel good about.  
Here's some fahzoom feel-good feelings to practice.  
Practice feeling these feelings.          

What do these vibrational frequencies  feel like? 

General Topics:  
Good Health     Body Health     Vitality and Flexibility 
The Feel-good feelings associated with
any or all of the five physical senses. 
Vibrant Physical Energy
Earthly  Material Abundance   
Financial  Wealth    
Loving Relationships    
Great Sex

Living in a Delightful, Pleasing,
Fully-Functional Home  with
      *   Comfortable, Fully Functional  Furnishings  
      *   Beautiful Decor  
      *   Quiet       In the Silence or in Pleasant Sounds  
      *   Perfect Lighting   
      *   The Ambiance of Excellence, Elegance, Innocence,
           Beauty, and Self-Confidence  
      *   It just feels smooth, inviting, and at times almost exciting,
           and yet it like being a child at home at home, comfortable and relaxed
           sharing milk and cookies  with the source of Llove.  

Interesting and Inspiring, Fun-Filled Career
Freedom to Choose 
Freedom to Be Yourself  
Delightful Environment

Specific Topics:   
Ask and answer the questions:  
      Why do I want    ____________ ?    (fill in the blank)  

As an example,  I use
the creation and the manifesting of
the Sensual Delight Network and
its physical facilities, 
its home base (Fahzoom Home).  

Internal Feelings:  
Light   Warm (or Cool)  Soothing    Comfortable    Convenient     Satisfying  
Contentment    Relaxed    Peace of Mind    Appreciation    Gratitude   
Flowing with grace and ease     Lloving      Being Lloved    

Truth    Beauty   Truth & Beauty     Clarity   Keen    Certainty    Wisdom  
Knowing the Truth     Here and Now     In the Future-Self-Vortex
Inside the Matrix of Infinite Possibilities     Dancing with Life     

Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess          Blended Being   
Unity of Personality-Self   and   Soul-Self        Out of Body     
Conscious     Consciously       Consciousness    
Magical     Mystical      Musical   
Floating Between Excellence andPerfection

Excitement     Anticipation   Eagerness    Frisky    Lively    
High Vibration      Fun    Joyful     Feeling the Joy and Excitement
Pleasant     Optimistic       Happy       Fahzoom     

Joie De Vivre  -- French for   Delight in Being Alive and 
Enjoyment of carefree Living

In the Moment      Outside of Time 
Feel-good Feelings      Interesting  
Playful      Loving       At Peace        At One with Everything  

The Grand Trinity --
Mind  --Consciousness,
Spirit  --Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
as One, Single, Unified, Whole  Being 

Unity    Universal Consciousness    Out of Body Experiences  
Lucid Dreaming   
Feeling Orgasmic      Floating       Floating in Heaven    
Intuitive      Knowing Without Knowing How I Know    
Stream of Consciousness      In the Zone      In the Moment    Spiritual Power

Freedom      Liberty     Sovereignty     
Financial Freedom      Financial Liberty     Financial Sovereignty   

Safe     Safety       Secure       Security      In Control   
Empowered      Success      Successful   
  Executive Director   
The Voice of Source     Well-being       Clarity      Stamina      Persistence

See:     Twelve Primary Gifts from Source/ Creator God-Goddess's       

Dependable      Dependability   Consistent     

Delicious Food     Beautiful Music     Smell the Flowers     Beautiful vision  
Pleasing   Pleasing Quality   A very pleasant experience    
Play       Playing      Playful   Delightful    Exotic    Erotic 

Excellent health     Ideal Body Structure      Ideal Body appearance   
Beautiful body       Beautiful Face
Body Flexibility    Body Strength     Body Vitality    Feel-good Feelings     
Sensual Delights     Sexual Delights       Sex on LSD        Sex beyond LSD
Orgasm     Orgasmic       7.5 inch Lingam     Yoni Dance      
Watch the Yoni Dance         Help the Yoni Dance  
Dance with the Yoni Dance       Mutual Masturbation      Oral Sex      69
Sexually fulfilled        Pleasant experience       Pleasing Quality     

More       More Please       I'll have some of what she (he)  is having       
Better      Better than Sex While High on LSD      Pleasant Surprise  

Sensual Fulfillment     Sexual Fulfillment      Mutual Masturbation     
Sensual Delights    Foot Massage      Back Rub      Giving Full body Massage    
Receiving Full Body Massage     The Art of Sensual Touch    Venus

Celebrating every success, no matter how simple or how grand  

Radiating Llove and appreciation to everything and to every one    

Complete and total forgiveness to all, including myself  

Living on the plane of excellence and perfection    

Another wonderful moment in time    
Aware of myself as a blended being   
I am experiencing everything in my delightful dual consciousness 

In Our New Automobile  
I feel safe  
The vehicle is: 
Dependable   Clean   
Fully functional     
Fun to drive and ride in   

Fahzoom Home and Fahzoom Town:  
See a clear path in front of you leading to
the manifestation of your life's grandest dream.   
As an example,  FahZoom Town is my grandest dream. 
I'm already experiencing many small and wonderful pieces
of both Fahzoom Home and Fahzoom Town.

I vibrate in perfect harmony with that which inspires feel-good feelings.   

Vibrational alignment with the vibration of Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.

Arriving home after a long journey,  
What does that feel like?  
Feel those feelings

Feel Joy     Experience Fahzoom 
Experience the feel-good feelings in every possible moment  
Appreciate what you have  
Expect more and even better  
Celebrate another success  
Savor the moment      Savor it some more  

Imagine yourself relaxing comfortably on a hilltop
      breathing fresh, clean air and
      watching a spectacular sunrise or sunset. 
What does that feel like?   Feel what that feels like.

Imagine experiencing your grandest sexual fantasy.  
Feel the excitement and the anticipation.  
Imagine the bliss of the experience itself. 
Imagine relaxing in the afterglow of that freshly fucked feeling.  

Imagine the joy of a two dozen orgasms
within a fifteen minute period.  
Yes, that is possible.   Believe it's possible.   Know it's possible.      
Learn to know it's possible from your own experience.  

Notice the things, the experiences, and 
the processes that are going well.   
Become aware of how much you already have.  
Feel gratitude for everything. 
If it's less than fahzoom,
appreciate it, any way.  
Then look for the Buddha Gift  and appreciate that.

How do you feel
now that you have
what you used to want?  
Feel those feelings. 

Understand that
A grand,  collective   co-creation
is occurring right now,
and you are right here in the middle of it.  

What we are presently experiencing 
is a physical expression of who we believe we are.   
If you intend something different, your job is to create it.  
See the next section below  
A Breathing Trick that will Take You  "Home"  --     


*   Isn't it fun being the creator of your own reality?  
*   Fill your life with an abundance of those joyous moments
      that cannot be expressed or described in words.   

Remember to ask the angels to assist you
in whatever you are doing.     

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>   <><><>

Much of this section was inspired by Abraham,
a non-physical being channeled by Esther Hicks.   

Where to Focus Your Attention





Emotions Determine Our Experiences  



In studying Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
we discovered a new twist in the art of
conscious and intentional manifesting.    

The bottom line is that
what we experience in our lives
is a multi-dimensional expression of
our dominant emotions.   

Thoughts merely point us in our chosen direction. 
Emotions do everything else.   
Negative,  feel-bad emotions  lead us away from our intentions.  
Positive,  feel-good emotions  move us toward our desired intentions.       






The Breathing Trick That Will Take You Home"



Setting the context: 
The common instructions
for conscious manifesting is: 

Think about what you intend and
then generate feel good feelings
that match your stated intention
as if it were already manifested.  

In the process we offer here,
we create in the reverse order.  
We begin with fahzoom, feel-good  feelings and then
add our intentions one at a time at first.  
Then build on that sense of joy and wonder
and go anywhere we choose.   

Prerequisites to This Process:   
To make this process much more effective,
we suggest that before you begin, 
that you read  Page One - The Great In-Between.
Also, check the three topics  linked to below:

<><><>   <><><>  

Stillness is your path to God, The Great In-Between. 
Still your mind. 
One of the ways to step away from
fear, stress, chaos, and confusion  
is to use conscious breathing.  
Here's an overview of the process:  

Notice what you feel during the pauses:
    *    between the in-breath and the out-breath,  
    *    between the out-breath and the in-breath.   

If you are presently  focused only in a physical body,  
expand your level of awareness.

Realize/ remember that you are 
much more than just a physical body.  
You are also a multi-dimensional, Divine Being
having a human experience
in a Holographic Universe.     

<><><>   <><><>  


Find a time and a place where you can
sit quietly, comfortably, in silence (no music) and
be completely with yourself.  
Avoid music because sounds tends to dominate your mind. 
The goal is to be completely free of
any influences from your external world.  

If there are any
outside-the-moment concerns
in your mind, 
just notice them and set them aside until later.   

Close your eyes, and focus your mind on your breathing.  
When extraneous thoughts come into your mind, just let them be
and refocus on your breathing.   

Your job is simply notice how you feel
while breathing consciously.  
Pay particular attention to how your feel
during the pauses between the breaths.  
Become an observer.  
Become aware of your body sensations.  
Also become aware of where your mind is
in the pause moments.

In the beginning, the process described below
may sound cumbersome.  
Once you understand  the process and its intention,
you can skip most of the process and
just be in the feelings.   

We'll not describe the results, because, if we did,
we would take away one of your points of discovery.  
We each find whatever we find for ourselves.  
That's one of its blessings of conscious breathing.  

Once your learn how to use this technique,
You can use it to guide yourself into states of being that,
at the moment,
you don't even know that they exist. 


Conscious Breathing:

Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.  
When you do this, you'll notice
that your breathing cycles and rhythms will shift.  
You'll experience  deep breaths, short breaths,l
long pauses, shorter pauses, no pauses at all,
or whatever else feel right in each moment.  

The basic rhythms are not important. 
What is important is that
you become aware of you breathing   
Go with your body. 
If your body feels like moveing,
go with the flow an allow your self to move.
Just do what feels right in the moment. 

Notice the moments of pause between the breaths.  
Become aware of how you are feeling
during those non-breathing  moments.  

Notice the difference between
the pause after the in-breath
the pause after the out-breath.  

Notice that after the in-breath,
there is a sense of expectation,
like something else is coming.  

Notice that after the out-breath,
there is a sense of relaxation,
like letting go and just being there in the stillness.   
Feel the FahZoom feeling of this moment. 


In and Out Consciousness:

Now add an awareness of  
how you  feel as you inhale,   
and  how you feel as you exhale.  
Notice how each feels different from the other. 

Notice how the inhale moves you toward
the moment of expectation that
is in the pause after the inhale.  

Notice how the exhale moves you into
the sense of quiet and stillness that
is in the pause after the exhale. 
Feel the FahZoom feeling of this moment.   

Feel the relaxation.  
Feel the the letting-go feeling.  
Just be there in the stillness.   

Feel the Fahzoom feelings of this moment.

Continue the conscious breathing cycles
until you are ready to move to the next phase. 


Aaahhh   Ooohhh   Uuuhhh   Oohmmmmm:  
We are now going to add
the four sounds we make
when we are experiencing joyous moments. 

Consciously, take in a breath and,
as you exhale,
make the Aaahhh sound. 

Take in another breath and,
as you exhale,
make the Ooohhh  sound.   

Take in another breath and,
as you exhale,
make the Uuuhhh  sound.   

Take in another breath and,
as you exhale,
make the Oohmmmmm  sound. 

Feel the Fahzoom feelings
as you exhale and
in the pause after the exhale. 

Notice the effect that making these sounds
has on your physical body.

Notice how your inner feelings change from
the Ooohhh sound to the Uuuhhh sound.  

As you make these sounds,
notice how your body begins to relax
Become aware of your physical sensations.  
Notice the relaxation
coming to your jaw,
to your shoulders,
and to you lower abdomen,
and to any other parts of your body
where you tend to hold muscle tension.   

Continue repeating the four conscious breathing cycles
until you are ready to move to the next phase.    


Staying in the Fahzoom Feelings:  

Begin holding the relaxed-release-let-go feelings
during your entire  breathing cycles.  
Continue conscious breathing.  

Notice that you are beginning to feel really good.  
Notice that your feelings are not attached
to anything in your external, physical world.  

Notice the absence of stress, chaos, and confusion.

<><><>>   <><><>   <><><>

Moving Sexual-Energy With Your Breath
The  breathing rhythm described below
Consciously Moving Your Bio-Energy
is the one used in Fifth Dimension Sex
for Achieving
Multiple and Extended Orgasms
and for achieving
Thought-Induced Orgasms.
Lessons are provided to those who join our team.

Students committed to achieving 5th-DC
will figure this one out on their own.
If you do, contact us.  
Are you interested in joining one of our teaching teams.

Consciously Moving Your Bio-Energy:

Imagine your life-force energy
rising up your spine and into your head on the inhale.  
As you exhale, imagine that energy flowing
down the front of your body. 
Feel it as relaxed-release-let-go feelings
in your lower abdomen. 
Stay with the feelings while in the pause after the exhale.  


Adding Content:

How would you describe
your in-this-moment,
 FahZoom feelings? 

I feel Safe    Secure 
Life seems to be flowing with Grace and  Ease.
I am Comfortable.   Relaxed.   Peaceful.  
at ease     I feel like I'm at my real home.
Warm (in cold weather). 
Cool (in hot weather). 
All of us
are clear thinking and  Llove-filled.

Would you like these words to describe
the feelings you wili feel and  experience in your home? 
Imagine your home while feeling these feelings.  

I feel Safe and Secure here.
Life seems to be flowing with Grace and  Ease.
I am Comfortable.   Relaxed.   Peaceful.  
at ease     I feel like I'm at my real home.
Warm (in cold weather). 
Cool (in hot weather). 
All of us
are clear thinking and  Llove-filled.

Would you like these words to describe something else,
like your body and/ or your mind, and/or your life in general? 


Shift the adjectives describing your feel-good feelings .
Shift them to Fun and to delightfully pleasing.

Shift the topic
to your relationship with your significant other.     

Play with your fahzoom feelings.  

What potential, physical manifestations
would your like to focus on?  
Once you become skillful at
creating feel-good feelings,
you can apply the fahzoom feelings
to any topic of your choosing.  

What makes you feel good? 
Whatever that is, put your thoughts about it
into the silence between
your out-breath and your in-breath.  

What does that feel like for you?  

The Breathing Trick that will Take You Home






  Abraham-Hicks  17 Seconds 



Abraham Hicks 17 Seconds:
This is a technique to
amplify the power of your thoughts.  
Add this technique to the processes described above.  

"Abraham says that a thought reaches a combustion point
at 17 seconds of pure undiluted focus.  
It draws to itself another thought
that is similar to the first thought and
it is exponentially more powerful.

At the end of another 17 seconds,
34 seconds total, the next thought combusts, and
by Law of Attraction, evolves to a higher level of energy.

Again another 17 seconds to 51 seconds continues the process, and
finally, if you can continue a pure thought for 68 seconds
on any given subject, it will be on its way to manifestation.

The key word is pure, meaning positive focus, strong energy,
no resistance; to not slip into sloppy thinking."   

"In talking about the leverage of 17+17+17+17=68 seconds
of pure thought, Abraham offers the following information:" 

"17 seconds is worth 2,000 man-hours
(about a year at 40 hours per week of action taken)
34 seconds is worth 20,000 man-hours (or about 10 years...)
51 seconds is worth 200,000 man-hours (or about 100 years...)
68 seconds is worth 2,000,000 man-hours (or about 1000 years...)"  

"That's the equivalent of
two MILLION man-hours (or woman hours!)
of creation energy.
If we can learn to offer pure thought energy
for 68 seconds at a time,
physical action becomes INCONSEQUENTIAL!" 

To listen to an explanation of this technique, type 
Abraham hicks 17 seconds of pure thought
into a search engine:  

Read this:  

Watch/listen to this:   <

And watch/listen to this:   

17 Seconds  --  Abraham - Hicks





Additional Perspectives   




The Longest Search Ends      

What is that    ever-present, internal longing,
That feeling that    something is not quite right,
That feeling that    something is missing and mysterious,   
That wanting to go home but not knowing what or where home is?

Most of us have spent much of our lives
searching and seeking an answer to. 
The Ultimate Mystery?  
<><><>   <><><>   

I can't say that I have finally found  the  answer, 
But I can say that I have found  an  answer,
an  answer that, if it's not the answer,
it's a pretty good imitation of the answer.   

That Answer is:    
      To  be Source/Creator/God and still be me.  

     To be intimately enfolded in the Llove of Source/Creator/God
                and still be free and still be me.  

Most of us cannot consciously go to God without dying.   
BUT, as it turns out, that when we understand
The Nature of Reality, we can bring God to Earth.  

How do we do that?   
By becoming aware of and shifting our minds
into Fifth Dimension Consciousness:

By remembering that
we are are each an eternal, divine being 
having a human experience in a physical body on Earth in
Source/ Creator/ God's Holographic Universe.    

We already are God-Beings in physical form.  
Our job is to remember who and what we are!  

God is already here on Earth.  
Our job is to recognize / realize / remember
that God is in ourselves and also in every other human being.  
We are eternal divine beings having a human experience.  

Our job is to express that knowing.  
How do we do that? 
By living as a God-Being in physical form.  
By being the great Creators that we are
If you don't yet know who and what you are, 
study this website.   It will teach you.  

Here's a place to start:  The FahZoom Game for Beginners.  

If you have questions,
call our Fifth-Dimension, Information Hotline:

Hotline for Fifth-Dimension-Information is available
       9:00 am to 3:00 pm Pacific time
       on Monday through Friday.

<><><>   <><><>  

Final Notes:  

If you are telling yourself that
this is impossible,
that it doesn't work,
we respond and say:   

*   Your are missing or mis-applying
      some portion of the process. 
     Go back to page one of the Great In-Between
     and re-read everything.   

*   Be patient. 
      This is a process and not  an instantaneous
      transformation of consciousness.  

*   Obtaining the fahzoom state of mind,
      the state of feeling good and
      staying there most of the time
      is 95% of the manifestation process.

*   This is the same technique we use
      to experience orgasms with  durations
      that are measured in minutes and not in seconds.     

*   This is the same technique we use
      to experience more orgasms in a single session
       than most men experience in a month.  

*   If I/we can do it, so can you.   

Additional  Perspectives





An Example of Exploring Creation



The Context in Which to Function:  

*   Know and understand that:  
     thinking is an act of creating.  
     Every thought is a act of creating.  

*   Stay in the LlovingJoyous,   Delightful
     State of Expectation. 
     Expect more of the best that  life has to offer.    

*   Hold the Beginner's Open Mind.  
     Chose to make informed decisions.  
     Before drawing any conclusion and
     before making any significant decisions, 
     obtain all the knowledge required, |
     or at leas as much of the required information
     as was available
      to make an informed decision.   

*   Remember   
     If your beliefs are based upon
     what your church taught you,  or
     what your school taught you, or
     what your government taught you,
     it's almost certainly wrong or incomplete.

*   Master the art of becoming, that is,   
     Master the art of creating.     
*   Consciously create  "Who I am Becoming."   

*   Be in the Here and Now.    
Experience the expressions of   "Who I am." 

*  Maintain an Attitude of Gratitude,  
     regarding what I am experiencing in this moment  

     View your history as an outside observer. 

*   Hold a wedding banquet. 
     Celebrate the marriage of
     your personality-self
     and your Soul-Self.    

<><><>   <><><> 

Here's an example:  
As you read this, slow down.   Take your time.
Feel the internal feelings that the words describe.

Question:  What does  Freedom feel like  to you?    

Answer:  Freedom feels like Safety and Security.  

Q      What does Safety and Security feel like?   

A   It feels like being in control of my life.  
      I feel PeacefulCalm,  and  Relaxed.    

      I experience the people in my personal life as
      PeacefulLloving,  and Compassionate.  

      Safety and  Security feel like 
      I'm part of  large, Lloving, and Compassionate family.  

      When I think of Freedom, it reminds me of
      the words from a song in the film, Oklahoma.  
      "Oh what a beautiful morning.  Oh what a beautiful day.  
      I have a beautiful feeling.    Everything's going my way."

Q      Everything's going my way.    What does that feel like?   

A   It reminds me of how I feel in the moments
      immediately after experiencing
      orgasmic delights with my beloved.  
      I feel Sexually-Fulfilled.     

Q      What does that feel like?   

A   I'm in one of those Moments of Stillness 
      where the strive and struggle to do has taken a vacation.  
      It feels like how I feel when I arrive home after a long absence 

Q      What does that feel like?   

A   I feel Relieved  and Relaxed,    I feel Calm and Peaceful.  
     I feel Complete.  
     My mind is focused only on
     the wonderful feelings I'm feeling
     in this Here and Now moment.    

We pause for a while and allow ourselves
to be in those completely fulfilled feelings,
those feeling of being completely at peace with absolutely everything.   
The almost ever present Desire to Feel Even Better is absent.  

The desire for more has been fulfilled.
I relish in the bliss of the moment. 

I realize that I am the experiencer and the experience.  
I created the experience out of me.   I thought it into my personal reality and
then by way of my feelings, I felt it into existence.  

Thoughts and Feeling are my manifestation tools.

Q      Lets go back into to feeling you felt when you expressed with these words: 
         Relieved      Relaxed,       Calm      Peaceful.      Complete.  

What does that remind you of?   

A   It reminds me of sitting quietly
     in my most comfortable chair 
     listening to my favorite music and
     eating my favorite flavor of eating ice cream
     while looking out the patio door, and 
     watching my young children
     playing safely in the back yard.    

Q      What does that feel like? 

A   I feel Contentment.   I feel Peace of Mind.  
I feel like I'm the only person who
has any control over my behavior.    

Q      What does that feel like? 

A   Liberty!     Freedom!    Self-Sovereignty! 
In m mind I hear the words of
Dr. Martin Luther King's famous speech: 
"Free at Last!   Thank God, we're free at last." 

Q      What does that remind you of?   

A   I feel like I'm floating in the arms of God.       

Q      What does that remind you of?   

A   I remember that  I am
     an eternal, divine spark of, piece of, part of and
     intimately interconnected with the Source of Creation.     

Q      As a fellow God-Being, you are a Great Creator.  
What would you like to be, do, have, express, and/orexpereince

A   I choose to feel myself living in a physical body
     that is Completely Healthy,   Strong,   Beautiful,  and
     filled with Vigor and Vitality,   
     Alive and Excited about life,
     like children
     on a new and exciting adventure.   

Q      What kind of adventure would you like to experience?   

A   I     

<><><>   <><><>

Notice where this is going.  
It's going anywhere you choose to lead it.  
You are the creator, director, and lead actor
in TheTheater of Human Life on Planet Earth.  

Once you understand
Who and what you are and
where you are,
the process flows like the grace and ease of
a walk in the park.

Get yourself into the Fahzoom, Feel-Good-Feeling space. 
Ask and answer the questions:

Q      What does that feel like? 

A   I    

Q      What does that remind you of?   

A   I   

Q      What would I like to be, do, have, express, and/or experience?   

A   I   

Go with the flow.   Become the River of joy filled experiences.  

Here's another question to start with: 
What does Love feel like?

An Example of Exploring Creation





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Thoughts, Emotions, and Experiences
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