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The Ultimate Weapon

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Upside Down and Backwards  

Gibberish All Mixed Up



Imagine Yourself to Be the leader of a species of beings from another dimension of reality.    

You've discovered a planet similar to planet Earth, and
you're there with the intention of taking over the planet and
using it to produce your food.  

What would you do?  
How would you accomplish your mission?  
That would depend upon upon
what form the energy you use
to feed/animate your body.  

Food Is Energy:   Your actions would depend upon
what you considered to be food.  

***   If your food was fruits and vegetables,
you have your new planet grow fruits and vegetables.  

***   If you lived off eating the bodies of animals,
you grow animals and eat them.  

***   If you were a mechanical being and lived off electricity,
you'd likely harvest the planet's fossil fuels and make electricity.  

***   If you were a being who lived off
the energy of other beings
you'd use the other begins in a manner similar to
how humans use chickens to produce eggs,
cows to produce milk and
sheep to produce wool.  
The control mechanisms you'd use
would depend upon the nature of the beings
from which you harvested your food.  
Each species is unique and
has to be controlled in its own way.  

If the beings used to supply your food, were humans,
that would require a very sophisticated control system  
If you lived off the negative energy radiated
from human pain, grief and misery,
you'd shift the conditions
of human population on that planet
to maximize their pain, grief, and misery.  

We're not saying that such beings exist,
but if they did, and if they wanted to
control a human population what would they do? 

Imagine the leaders of a team of beings from another dimension of reality.   Imagine that their personalities were like human psychopaths. 
They had no conscience, no compassion, and absolutely
no care or concern for anything but themselves. 
What would they do?  
What type of control mechanisms would  they use?   

(1)>   The very first thing they'd do is learn the rules of reality relating to life in the physical universe.   Then they'd learn how to apply the rules for the purpose of controlling the human population.   To the best of their ability, they keep the people from knowing the rules.   They'd set up a completely false  belief system and peddle it as if it were the truth and the only truth.   

(2)>   Then seeing the nature of a human being and knowing the rules that apply in Earth-pane reality, they'd set up a control system that maximized their food production.       

(3)>  They'd manipulate, bribe, and entice the human psychopaths to do things that human psychopaths love to do.   Psychopaths often extremely violent.   They have utter disregard for anything but themselves.   Many of them are also sadists who experience great pleasure when  making others suffer.  

(4)>   They'd selective-breed human psychopaths like we breed animal to maximize the characteristic they want in them.   They'd genetically alter their specially bread psychopaths to maximize their desire to produce grief, anger, pain and misery.  

(5)>   They'd assist the psychopaths to setting up secret, criminal organizations that would eventually completely control the human population.    

(6)>   Their genetically altered Psychopaths would take over the media.   They'd manipulate the schools the churches into teaching their false versions of reality.  They'd take control of an manipulate the economic and business structures to give almost all wealth to their genetically altered humans.        

(7)>    The evidence proving that humans are powerful divine beings having a human experience would be ignored, suppressed.      Whenever someone spoke the truth about this or anything else of significance, that person would be thrown out of the flock declared a heretic or a whistle blower and destroyed in any way possible, including murder.    

(8)>   They'd create a population control mechanism that looked like freedom, but that actually produced a highly-controlled society?  

(9)>   They'd deny the rules of creation and teach scarcity.   They'd teach that there's just not enough for everybody -- that in order for us to have someone else must go without.  

(1o)>   They'd teach that some people are better than others  --  that wealth, skin color, gender, sexual preferences, and religious beliefs were ways to determine who was better and who was most deserving.   

(11)>   They'd teach "The Divine Right of Kings"  that the super-wealthy were God's chosen rulers.  

(12)>   They'd use lies and deception to confuse those they wanted to control.   They'd peddle false rules as if they were the correct rules.   They'd use lies of commission, lies of omission and they'd create deception in ever possible way and place you could~.   

(13)>   They'd control both electronic and print media.   They'd have their media agents peddle their propaganda as if what it were were facts.   They'd distort and spin the truth at every opportunity. 

(14)>   They'd create business, and economic structures exactly as you see them on Earth today.   Distorted and skewed to favor the controllers.  

(15)>   They'd set up a network of secret, criminal organizations designed to infiltrate and eventually control every organization, every major corporation, and every government.   

Is this beginning to sound familiar?    

(16)>   They'd teach the lie called "Separation Consciousness."   They'd teach humans that they were separate from God, separate from nature and separate from each other.   They pretend that everyone was alone.  

(17)>   They'd teach the people that they were inherently evil sinners.   They' teach that, under threat of eternal damnation, the people had to follow orders dictated by God and passed on to the people by the church leaders.   

(18)>   They'd teach that groveling, struggling, and fighting for scraps of stuff was the only way to survive.  

(19)>   They'd set up a religious system that ignore major passages in the Christian Bible, ignore the physical evidence, and defy common sense.  They'd peddle religion as if the listener's life depended upon him or her believing the religious fairytale.   

(20)>   They'd set up an education system designed to produce conformity, designed to teach people what to think and not how to think.   They'd teach wrote memory and discourage creative thinking.   They'd take all right-brain studies, like music and art out of the schools.   They'd teach competition and separation consciousness.   Symbolic war called football would be their favored sport.  

(21)>   They'd design a fraudulent political system that was controlled by a corporate dictatorship and pretend it was freedom for the people.   They'd run the make-believe democracy with three controlling structures that were actually mini-dictatorships  -- police, military, and the courts. 

They'd set up what, on the surface, looked like separate and competing political parties -- political parties that were actually  all controlled by a secret, behind-the-scenes group of: 
Super-wealthy psychopaths,
Money& Profit/Dopamine Addicts, and
organized criminals.        

(22)>   They'd design an economic system that they'd call a free  market.  Their free market would actually be a highly-controlled structure with all the laws and rules favoring the leaders and ignoring the needs of the people.  

(23)>   They'd take complete control of the monetary system.   They'd set up a phony-funny-money system over which you had complete control.  They'd steal vast amounts of money with a simple trick called inflation.  

24)>   They'd design a health system that secretly promoted sickness and disease.   They'd peddle health propaganda that served themselves.   They sell overpriced drugs that treat symptoms and cure nothing.   They'd spend billions of dollars advertising drug-solutions for just about everything except sickness, disease, and poverty.  

(25)>   They'd design a dysfunctional health-care system run for profit and not for the people.   A single-payer, health-care system would be avoided.   

(26)>   They'd set up a court system and install judges who did the bidding of the controllers.   What looked like justice would be a circus, designed to induce fear.    They'd make the price of getting caught up in the system  incredible expensive and physical dangerous.  

(27)>   They' run politics by murder.   Anyone who threatened their control would be financially punished,  murdered, or socially castrated. 

(28)>   They'd teach that what the people wanted or desired was  impossible. 

(29)>  They intentionally produce shortages and artificial scarcity.     

(30)>   They'd promote Victim Consciousness.      

(31)>   They'd create war after war to induce fear and expand their control.  They'd murder millions of unwanted people and destroy physical property.   They'd generate trillions of dollars in profit selling tools of destruction.  

(32)>   They'd create an internal system of domestic terrorism and call it an anti-marijuana and and an anti-drug war.   They keep this war going no matter how stupid, how costly, or that is was a total failure at accomplishing its publicly stated intentions.  

(33)  They'd outlaw hemp because  it is the most useful plant on the entire planet.  

(34)>   They'd produce products with intentionally-built-in defects and built in obsolescence.  

(35)>   They'd ignore the fact that all these destructive systems are nothing more than arbitrary social, political, economic, environmental, and religious constructs  that can be changed, removed and/or replaced at any time the people so choose.   


But never mind all these destructive
and dysfunctional patterns.  

First, all these happenings are just a coincidence.  

Second, because suffering makes you closer
to the super-human God who lives in the sky.   

And besides, the Rapture is going to arrive any day now and
all us good folks will be ushered
right up into the sky and
be in heaven with God and Jesus.   

Upsde down  Inside Out and Backwards   --- Gibberish All Mixed Up      .



  Human History 



I'm sure you are not going to like
what is written in the next nine paragraphs.  
You probably will not even believe it. 
It is included here for one reason only,
in order for you to
understand the context
that we are presently in (August 2016).  

Planet Earth has had at lest two prior civilization
that we are aware of. 
The continent know
n as Atlantis,
now underwater in the Atlantic ocean and
Lemuria, now under water in the Pacific Ocean.    

As our present civilization began to evolve,
a species of off-planet being, discovered the Earth and
decided to turn it into a farm to produce food for themselves.  

These being are very different from humans. 
They are ego-maniacs, self-centered parasites.  
They lack Llove.   They lack emotions. 
They lack Compassion.   They lack imagination. 
They lack just about everything that makes us human. 
Their personalities are an severe amplification 
of what in humans is called violent  psychopathic.  

They are very low vibration beings.  
They live on the energy
that radiates from a human body
when the being in that body
is experiencing negative motions,
such as pain, fear, anger, grief, etc..  
Because they lack imagination,
they lack the ability to create for themselves.  

Because human  technology and human  consciousness
was still very primitive when they arrived here and 
because their technology was very advanced,
they used manipulating of our consciousness,
they used lies, illusions, and false beliefs
to turn humans into mindless slaves.  
They altered human genetic make up so that
the average person was smart enough to work,
but not smart enough to think for him or herself.     

They treated us like we treat cows and chickens,
only much worse.   
Humans, particularly young children,
were used as victims in their torture chambers and
human bodies were considered to be physical food.  

Everything we know about life on Earth is a complete fraud. 
Everything we've been told about human history is a lie.   
Every war, every economic depression,
every political assassination,  all the environmental destruction,
every disease (including AIDS), every major social event,
(including the nuclear disaster in Japan)
was secretly controlled and orchestrated
by these insane parasites  

Until very recently, they secretly controlled
every major social, political, economic, religious and
environmental organization on the entire plant. 
Only now that Source/ Creator has stepped
is their power beginning to fade.  
They are still powerful and still very dangerous. 

It would take a month to even begin to describe
the violence, the murder the chaos and
the intentional destruction orchestrated by these beings.
<><><>   <><><>   

Remember, our ancestors were God-Beings
just like you and me.   
Those of us who have had prior lives on Earth,
actually experienced some of what is described above.  

Because cosmic law prevents a conscious being
from creating in someone else's reality
The off-planet beings tricked us into
creating mostly what they wanted and
very little of what we wanted.  

The Bottom Line:  
For the entirety of our present civilizations history,
humans have been secretly controlled by
lies, illusions and false beliefs.  

The death and destruction
become so absolutely intolerable and
so completely out of control that
Source/Creator/ God-Goddess, Herself
has stepped into clean up the mess and
eliminate the parasitic destroyers.   

This is where we are right now, today (August 2018).  
Humanity is breaking out of the Cabal's invisible prison of
lies, illusions and false beliefs.  
We are presently in the process of
remembering our identity
and reclaiming our freedom.  

If you want to help,  
if you want to be of service,
the best thing you can do is to
learn, understand and apply to your life,
the basic rules of reality:   

The Most Basic Facts of Life:   

Unity of Everything      .

Humans Are Eternal God-Beings        .

We Live in a Holographic Universe      .

Humans Are Great Creators


Two Universal Truths      .

Why Internal Feelings Are much More Important than Physical Things  

Thinking Is the Source of Experiencing        



The Five Great Lies:   

The Lie Called Separation        .

The Lie Called Scarcity         .

The Lie Called Money          .

The Lie called Violence Solves Problems        .

The Lie Called Humans Are Powerless Victims        .

More Lies           .

Human Historu     .


How to Build a Prison


The ultimate prison is NOT made of third dimension stone and steel.  
It's made out of denying that Fifth Dimension Consciousness exists. 

It's impossible to imprison a human who understands
who and what he or she is and
Who understands that we live in
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
holographic reality.   

So in order to keep a human in prison,
the dominator/ controllers
must use a vast number of
lies, illusions and false beliefs.  
Here are the Six Big Lies
How many of them do you believe? 

As a tool to get out of prison of lies and illusions,
ask and answer this question: 
Why do I believe what I believe?        

How to Build a Prison   .










Page Topic     


Our topic is: 
Deception - The Ultimate Weapon  

The  theory being tested:  
Is it possible that  humans are being controlled
by lies, illusions, and false beliefs

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Page Content


Concept Summary  

Examine the Evidence for Yourself   

The Attackers       


Money and Religion  are  Fraud and Deception 

Upside Down and Backwards   

Human History          

How to Build a Prison  


The Observer and the Observed   

Biblical Expressions      

Notes from Our History Files   


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See:    Page two   Getting Beyond Deception  


Update May 2017: 
http://galacticconnection.com/eric-raines-the-systems-of-the-dark-workers-are-unraveling/     .







Concept Summary



The Ultimate weapon in
The Art of War is


Deception is using lies, illusions, and false beliefs
to dominate, control, and/or destroy other conscious beings.  

<><><>   <><><>  

Where We Are:
Many of us now know who and what we are
We have woken up to what the evidence tells us.  
We find ourselves to be eternal beings
temporarily living in a human body on planet Earth
in Source/ Creator/ God's Holographic Universe.  

By way of the cosmic transformations,
all of humanity has moved into the state of consciousness
commonly called The Fifth Dimension
Most humans do not yet realize that
this energetic change has occurred. 
We are presently in the process of learning how to function
in this expanded state of consciousness.  

Don't expect a magic transformation. 
This is a step by step process in which we, ourselves
have to learn how to use Fifth Dimension consciousness and
build our own and our collective future.  
It's exciting and, at the same time, it's challenging.  

<><><>   <><><> 

Deception -The Ultimate art of War:  
In this context, the art of war is NOT physical.  
It's MENTAL.   
It's a war for and against consciousness.  
It occurs in the non-physical portion of what we call reality.  

In  a war of consciousness,
violators do NOT physically attack.  
They infiltrate.  

They sneak in silently, secretly, and slowly take over. 
They rape the enemy's consciousness.  

Their personality type is psychopathic.
Their biological behavior is that of a parasite. 

They secretly infiltrate their victim's social structure.  
They set up a secret, dual-control systems.   

Whenever it's possible to do so without getting caught, 
manipulate, subvert, and misdirects their enemy's
business, social, and government organizations.  

When caught, they deny, deny, deny.   
They create a scapegoat.   It's his fault.  
They destroy or throw out the scapegoat,
declare to problem solved
and continue the same, secret criminal behavior.

They are the wolves in sheep's clothing
Jesus warned us about.  
They are our so-called leaders.

They destroy their enemy,
not with open and perceivable weapons.  
Instead they turn everyth
ing upside down,
inside out, and backwards. 

They attack the consciousness of their enemy
with lies, incredibly-sophisticate illusions,
mind manipulation, false beliefs.   
They secretly take control of all major media.  
Television is their most powerful propaganda peddler.  

They hide the facts that: 
*   Humans are NOT their physical bodies.
*   We are God-beings experiencing life in physical bodies.  
*   We are presently experiencing life in a Holographic Universe.
*   We are great creators.  

In a world of infinite abundance,
they trick their enemy into believing in scarcity. 
They trick their enemy into believing in money,
and that money is the only way to obtain goods and services. 

They set up,
, and
use the money system

to produce poverty, scarcity, violence, death,
destruction, and misery.  

They trick their enemy into believing

The Six Big Lies:  
*1   That
violence solves problems;

*2   That humans (their target victims) are
separate from God, separate from nature, and
     separate from each other.  

*3  The illusion of
Scarcity  --
     There is not enough for everybody.  
     If you are to have, others must do without  

Humans are powerless victims
      of the circumstances they find themselves in.  

*5   The illusion of scarcity is a precursor to
     the Big Lie called
     Money is a third dimension fraudulent construct. 

*6   Spiritualty has been turned into
divisive religions.   

They hide the truth that:  
You (and all other humans) are a powerful creator,
You are an eternal, non-physical god-being.  
You are living in a holograph.  
Everything is energy.  
Energy is controlled by consciousness.  
You are a controller of energy.  
You create by thought.  
Your strong emotions make you a great creator.  
<><><>   <><><>

With their secret control system,
they take over and secretly control of all major corporations. 

They attempt to replace Universal Spiritualty with divisive religions.  
They trick their enemy into believing
that Source/ Creator/ God is an angry, fickle, impulsive,
vindictive, violent, mass-murdering, super human being
who lives in the sky.    

They create poisons like  GMO  and call it food.  
They manipulate the weather    
to create droughts and floods. 
They manipulate the monetary system
to create recessions and depressions.   
They use these cycles to steal the peoples wealth.  
It's called Inflation.  

They use silent, deadly weapons like microwaves 
(cell phones and other wireless computer technology)
to slowly destroy the bodies of their victims.   
Microwave technology is also killing the bees.  

They create more poison and call it medicine (vaccines).  

They do thousands of things that debilitate the enemy.    

When their victims finally wake up and realize that
something is terribly wrong, the war is all but over.   
It's way too late to do anything  to avoid complete defeat.   

Reference:  lies, silent deceptions, and  illusions





Examine Evidence
for Yourself


Do any of the above things
sound familiar?    

Have you noticed that
everything on earth is designed
to move humans away from
realizing who and what we are?  

Do not come to any conclusions.  
Apply the Beginners Mind
to this concept called Deception

Hold in our mind the possibility
that humans are under attack
by a cartel of non-human beings
who live in the 95%
of the known Universe
that is invisible to humans.  
[called: Dark Energy and Dark Matter


. .



   Unpleasant Truths       Comforting Lies 

As you go about your daily doing,
notice what you are experiencing
or hearing about.  
Does it fit into the theory
we proposed earlier in this page?






The Attackers



Imagine yourself to be a leader of a civilization of non-human, intelligent beings that live in the 95% of the physical universe we call Dark Energy and Dark Matter.   Imagine that you have NO emotions, No compassion,   NO concern for anything except your self.   This personality type is called a psychopath.

If you decided to take over planet Earth, how would you  do it?   You certainly wouldn't arrive as space monsters with laser guns and create murder and mayhem.   You wouldn't invade openly.  

You'd infiltrate secretly!   You'd have your agents sneak in silently and invisibly.   Your agents would secretly take control of the existing social, political, economic, religious, and environmentally-focused organizations.  They'd infiltrate these organizations slowly, silently, secretly, and systematically.  

Your agents / minions would become the people in charge so that the organization produced / created more of what you want and less of what the people want.  

Anybody who openly protested to the point where they got in the way, you'd simply murder them and make the murder look like an accident, a medical problem or a suicide.   By the time your enemy woke up and realized that they were being attacked, the war would be over.  

<><><>   <><><>  

The basic principle here is that your target victims
do not know that their enemy even  exists, and
they do not know they are under attack,
therefore, they take no action against you.  

By the time they wake up and
realize what's happening to them,
they are already dead or  
they are bound, gagged, and headed for your torture chamber.  

<><><>   <><><>

The human species is under attack by an enemy that uses weapons so advanced that we have no idea that we are being attacked.   Their primary weapons are lies, illusions, deception, and false beliefs.

In all of human history there has never been a war like this, that is, until NOW!   Welcome to the Lizzerdz art of war.   YOU are in that war right now, today, as you sit reading these words, you are being silently and secretly attacked by agents of an enemy that, as far as you know, does not even exist.  

In a war of this nature, who is destined to win?   The answer is the side with the most advanced technology.   Wait a minute!   Secrecy is not an advanced technology.   It's not a technology at all.   We've known about secrecy since the dawn of mankind.   How can we be defeated by secrecy?   Here's the Lizzerdz answer:   

"We wage secret and silent wars because they work.   By the time our enemy realizes that it is being attacked, the war is all but over.   Our enemy has been defeated.   By the time they wake up, it's way too late for them to do anything to stop us.    We never openly attack.   We infiltrate.   We secretly and silently destroy them from within. " 

<><><>   <><><>  

The absolute, core, critical component of a war of this nature is secrecy.   Secrecy is not their only weapon, but it is THE KEY WEAPON.   Add to that, lies, illusions, and deception.  Add to that, real technology advanced almost beyond our imagination.   Add to that, an enemy with a psychopathic consciousness.   Now, that's a real, seemingly undefeatable enemy.  

The bottom line is that the human species is being attacked in a secret and silent war by an off-planet species of beings whose intentions are:  

***   To alter the Earth's ecosystem to suite themselves,  
***   To murder almost seven billion humans,  
***   To keep about half a billion mindless humans,
         as food and as slaves to do their labor,  
***   To keep a supply of humans to torture
        and then eat the negative energy of their  pain, and   
***   To keep a supply of humans as sacrificial animals
         that they can torture and murder in their satanic rituals.   

<><><>   <><><>  
Go ahead, ignore this, too.  
That's exactly what you've been mind-manipulated
and  programmed to do.






Money & Religion  =  Fraud & Deception:



Money Is a Major Part of the Big Lie:   
Money is a fraudulent, third-dimension construct made up
by evil ones for the purpose of
controlling you and keeping you in their prison.  

Here's the 5th Dimension context:  
You and I and everyone else,
are much more than just physical bodies. 

We are also eternal,  non-physical, multi-dimensional, beings  
having a human experience.  

We live in a Holographic Universe.  

Because we are powerful creators, we have no need for money.  

Most humans do not yet understand
who and what they are.  
Presently, they are stuck in
a very limiting 3rd-dimension illusion.

<><><>   <><><>

Religion Is Another Major Piece of the Big Lie:  

Universal Spiritualty has been replaced with divisive religions.  

They've tricked billions of humans into believing
that Source/ Creator/ God is an angry, fickle, impulsive,
vindictive, violent, mass-murdering, super human being
who lives in the sky above planet Earth.  

Imagine a god   
*    So weak that he needs our help in punishing the unfaithful,
*   with such a huge ego that he needs and demands to be worshiped and   
*   so sick that he murdered his son and called it an act of love.

Imagine a human population
so thoroughly mind-controlled
and so filled with fear
that they actually believe
this religious fairytale/ nightmare.  






  The Observer and the Observed  


<>Howare<><><>     <><><><>







Biblical Expressions 


Even the Christian Bible has been use to confuse people:   
Genesis11:16 - English Standard Version

And the LORD said, “Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language, and this is only the beginning of what they will do. And nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them.   

The universal laws tell us that in a Holographic Universe,
words (thought or spoken) are tools of creation.  
Again this is expressed in the Christian Bible:  John 1:1 

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God    

Those who controlled the monks
who wrote the Christian Bible, as we know it today,
did not want the people to understand that
Earth is a holographic reality and that
words / thoughts were powerful.     

Genesis 11: 6-7
The LORD said, “Behold, they are one people, and they all have the same language. And this is what they began to do, and now nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them.”    

Come, let Us go down and there confuse their language, so that they will not understand one another’s speech.”       






Notes from Our Human History Files



Quote from President John Kennedy,
Murdered by the cabal criminals 22 Nov 1963

"For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence – on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.   

Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.”

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>

The Demise of the Liars  -- 
The Rise and Fall of the Cabal Criminals
Date 2051  -- A history Lesson   

The Lizzerdz, an off-planer species of parasitic beings
had been secretly controlling and feeding off of humanity
for thousands of years.  
Their technology was highly advanced.   
Their character type was arrogant,
self-important, psychopathic, and criminal.  

These beings were totally lacking
creativity, imagination, and emotions.  
They have no compassion, no empathy,
no concern for anything but themselves.
They treated humans with the same callous indifference
that most human treated cows, only much worse.

Because humans are highly creative, eternal Divine Beings,
the Lizzerdz could only control them by deception.  

The Lizzerdz created a hybrid species of beings
who could mimic the physical characteristics of humans.
and the psychological traits of themselves.
Their minions had the added quality of being highly creative.  
These minions, who appeared to humans as fellow humans,
were actually the Lizzerdz's secret slaves.  

These minions created an extensive, hidden control system
that silently controlled and/or manipulated
everything in human life.    

The humans were conned into believing
a massive, interactive  system of lies, illusions and false beliefs.  
For example, when Jesus, 
one of the great master of
Fifth Dimension Consciousness
showed up on the planet,
they took his teaching and turned them into a fraudulent religion.   

The Lizzerdz  created the illusion that humans,
were powerless, inherently-evil sinners, 
victims and pawns in an eternal war between 
an angry fickle, vengeful, vindictive superhuman being
called God who lived in the sky and
an infinitely evil devil who lives in
the fiery bowels of the Earth.    

They conned humans into believing that they (the humans)
were separate form Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess, 
separate from nature, and separate from each other.  

The people were also conned into believing that
the so-called human leaders (the Lizzerdz's minions)
were benevolent humans assisting the people at
getting into heaven when they died.   

The Roman Catholic lie worked so well in Europe that
the Lizzerdz create another religion in the middle east and then
set the two religions at war with each other .   

The con game called Lets You and Him Fight
worked so well that the minions
started declaring war against just about everything.  
They created a war against cancer, a war against crime,
a war against drugs, a war against marijuana,
a war against poverty,    a war against abortion,
a war against sex expression.  

Everything was set up as a war,
because arguing, fighting, and war
created more of what the people are fighting against.  

The minions did this because  the Lizzerdz fed on
the  low vibration energy that radiated form a human body
when the dweller in that body was feeling
fear, anger, sadness and all the other low vibration energies.  

The minions came up with the scam
to make people believe that feeling good
(sex and orgasm) was bad and
that suffering was good.  
Quote from Saint Augustine  
(the creator of Roman Catholic doctrine) 
"The more you suffer, the closer you are to God."  

The minions even outlawed the two  most useful plants
on the entire planet, marijuana and hemp, and
they promote the use of the most addictive substance
on the planet nicotine in the form of cigarettes.   

The minions became the master of creating
khold-priki (feel-bad feeling).  
They created the illusion separation. 
They created the illusion of scarcity. 
They created money and then,
set up the Federal Reserve as a tool
to milk the people of their wealth.  

They created diseases and hid the cures
from everyone but themselves. 
They peddled the illusion that violence solves problems.
They created vaccines that actually injected slow poisons
into anybody who allowed then selves to be injected.  
They created poisons and called it food    GMO    

Their Secret Control System:    
Through secrecy, manipulation, lies, bribery, blackmail, extortion,
murder, and mutual support among themselves,
the Cabal Criminals managed to secretly infiltrate,
take over, and then secretly control
every major human organization,
in the entire United States and in
much of the rest of the world as well,
including every major economic, religious, political, social,
business, and environmental organization.  

All major organizations, in the entire United States
were run and managed by a dual control system.  
There was the commonly known corporate hierarchy. 
And then, there's the secret hierarchy
which was under the control of the Cabal criminals.   

They secretly manipulated these organizations
to create havoc, chaos, confusion and destruction
in every way they could without exposing themselves
as enemy agents in their secret and silent war
against the human population.


The Lizzerdz's destruction mechanism became so powerful that
the entire galaxy of civilizations decided that
the disease call the Lizzerdz had to be stopped
before it infected and destroyed the entire galaxy.  

For years, the Galactic Federations worked diligently 
to end the cancer call the Lizzerdz. 
During the time between from about 2000 and 2020,
the Cabal Criminal system was finally taken down and
replaced with with a
Source/ Creator/ God-goddess's Cosmic Holograph
of infinite possibilities.   

The people finally realized who and what they are.  
The people finally woke up to realize that
Jesus won't be returning because He never left.   

He, in the form a Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
tells us that we are brothers and sisters
in the same being of LLove
that every being shares as an equal.  
We are each our own version of Jesus.  
We are each eternal God-Beings.        










Planetary Ascension Update, Increasing Sentience:       

      Published on Nov 12, 2016  
       November 12, 2016   by Lisa Renee   

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