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FahZoom Town Game






Entry:           Overview:         Requirements


As you may already know,  
this game is not announced. 
You have to find it. 
You are one of the lucky ones. 
You're here.   You found us.   Congratulations.  

You have moved past the first obstacle.
If you choose to enter the game
there will be numerous additional
mind-challenges along the way.   

Our Invitation to Potential Players:   
You will have heard this message:
"Welcome to FahZoom Town."  
That's it.  Nobody knows
anything more about this game
until they choose to find us. 

Grand Prize:  
11 winners will be selected
by our judges out of 
108 accepter players.  

The selected 11 
will share The Grand Adventure,  
fully paid for and fully guided
by our trained staff of 5D tour guides.  

Entry Details:  
You have three months to play.  
The three month period begins
the day your request to enter is accepted 
and ends 90 days later.  

The 11 winners will be announced
120 days after the last entry (player #108)
is accepted into the game. 

Your Job as a player:  
For  ninety (90) days,
your job is to play "Let's pretend,"   be be an actor.  
Your job is to pretend and act as if  
what is described below  was actually true.  
Be the best actor that you can possibly be.  

At the end of your ninety days,
your standing will be evaluated and
the top 11 players will share the Grand Prize.

How to enter the Game:    
Contact us.  
Provide us with your name and contact information.  
Answer these three questions briefly and succinctly.  
*   I want to enter the game because ____ .   
*   I expect to be one of the winners because _____ .   
*   Respond to these words:    to, two, 2, too"  

Await our reply.      






An Overview of 


FahZoom Town Game 



Definition of Fahzoom   

Defining the Game: 
While living in a human body on planet Earth,
our goal is to live our lives by conscious intention.  

From the perspective of Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
life on Earth is a game.  

From third dimension consciousness,
life on Earth is a struggle for survival.  
We are presently living life from the perspective of
3rd D. struggle for survival. 

Each time we win a point the game we receive a reward,
We take one more step toward Fifth Dimension Consciousness. 
We experience  fahzoom  (feel-god feelings) like.
joy, fun, freedom, Llove and abundance

Each time we lose a point in the game we receive a punishment, 
we take another step backwards
deeper into third dimension consciousness.  
We experience kholdpriki (feel-bad feelings) like
fear, anger, sadness, grief, and misery.  

<><><>   <><><>  

Setting the Context:   
In order to be here on planet earth,
we had to agree to forget everything we knew. 
Upon arrival, all we had was a baby body and
our default mind programing. 
We had to learn absolutely everything about life on earth.

At some point, we woke up and realized that
we were in a physical body in a place called Earth.  
We saw, heard, witnessed and were told
all kinds of things about everything.  
Much of it doesn't make any sense to us any more,
but, at that time we never questioned anything.
The big people believe the rules so they must be true. 

They told that if we broke the rules
the consequences would be painful, or very painful, and
we could even get ourselves turned over to
an incredibly evil bad guy and suffer pain and misery forever.  

Years went by.   Our bodies got bigger.    
We get more rules.  
We begin to question the sanity of the big people,  
They re called adults
We begin to ask questions.  
Nothing made any sense.   We asked:
Why Am I here?   Where did I come from?   I don't want to be here?  
We got trouble for asking questions, so we stopped asking.   

We felt lost, hopeless.   We wanted to go home.  
We didn't know what or where home was.  
All we knew is that this isn't it.  

We begin to wonder: 
What could I have possible done that was so bad
that I got banished to the crust of the Earth?  
After getting knocked around several times, 
we turned your brain off and just went along with
and/or participated in the struggle.

At some point, someone told us that
we were in the middle of a game called
Life on Earth in a Physical, Human Body.  
Our first reaction to the thought that
life is a game is to say,   
"What kind of idiot would call this mess a game?"

We turned our mind back on  just long enough to ask,
"Could life in this mess be some kind of game?  
We immediately answer our own question with: 
No.  That's Impossible. "  
Our minds went back to sleep and we continued struggling.   

Frequently, we heard things like: 
      There are no victims, only unconscious creators.  

      There is nothing outside of yourself
      that you didn't cause to be there.

      You caused everything in your personal life
      with how you focused your thoughts,
      your beliefs, your attitudes, your expectations and
      your Emotional State of Being

      If you don't like what you are experiencing,  
     you have the power to create something else.  

We responded with,  "That's impossible. 
I've already tried that. I just doesn't work."  

We tried to turn our minds off.   They didn't shut up. 
Our minds kept on telling us about what's wrong and
that made us feel bad.  
Everyone around us and the talking box called TV
told us even more about what's wrong.  We felt even worse.

We numb ourselves with work, sex, food, sports, alcohol,
marijuana, or even drugs.  
Nothing worked!

Before we turned our minds off again, we conclude that
either the laws we are told about are not true, or
there is something missing.  

The missing pieces may be that
the rules as we understand them,
are not complete or that
we were not applying the rules correctly.  

We asked, "Why do others have all those things that I don't?  
We concluded:  "There must be something wrong wit me. 
I'm not good enough.  Maybe I really am inherently evil."      

It never even occurred to us that
someone or something was intentionally lying to us. 
The idea that we were prisoners in an invisible prison was absurd
and simply impossible.    We refused to believe it.  
A prison made of lies, illusions and false beliefs was just not possible.  
We closed our minds and kept of struggling.   

At some point, we  said to ourselves, 
"I want to feel better. 
I've tried everything else, even drugs and nothing works 
What I'm doing definitely isn't working.  
Maybe their is something that I don't already know,
so I'll try again."  

If the above description fit's you,
we invite you to play the Fahzoom  Game





Page Content


+++   Entry - Overview - Requirements      

+++   Concept Overview     

+++   The Rules of the Gam   

+++   The Fahzoom Game<   

+++   Enjoy the Journey<   

+++   <   






The Rules of the Game  



The game is going on in every moment, all day long.  
We're stuck in the game.   We can't get out
The only way to shut the game off is to go to sleep. 

The rules are:  When we win a round in the game,  
we experience fahzoom  (feel-god feelings) like.
joy, fun, freedom, Llove and abundance

When we lose a round in the game, we experience
kholppriki (feel-bad feelings) like
fear, anger, sadness. grief, and scarcity.  


In the words of a successful game player: 
I'm becoming aware of something unusual about my body.  
My senses tell me that I'm in a physical body, 
I feel strange,    like something is missing.  
I have a funny feeling like don't belong here.  
My mind start asking questions.
Why am I here?  
Where did I come from?  
How did I get here? 
I have this inner yearning that says,
"I want to go home."  
I don't know where home is, but,
I know that this is not it!  


***   We are much more than our physical bodies.  
***   We are eternal, non-physical God-Beings
***   We are great creators who have forgotten how to create.  
***   We discover that we are living in
        Source/ Creator/ God's Holographic Universe.  


The Three Basic Rules of Life Here on Earth Are:   

1)   Where your emotional thought goes
your life energy flows.  
Where your emotional energy flows,
that's where your life goes.  

2)   Within the context of life on Earth,
we each create our own lives
by our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, expectations,
and by OUR EMOTIONS.   

Editor's Note:
Since this page was written
we have discovered a much simply path to our destination.  

3)   In order to succeed,
in order to experience our declared intentions,  
in order to manifest intentionally
we simply have to learn how to use our positive emotions
to connect to Our Natural State of Being

+++   The Power of Your Natural State of Being  
            When you remember who you are,
            Your Natural State of Being will fill your life with
             joy, with Llove, and with an abundance of
             everything you could ever require or desire.      

+++   Creating with emotions    
We think our desires into existence in our minds  
  We feel our desires into physical manifestation.  
              Everything we do, every action we take
              is done to satisfy the desire to feel better

<><><>   <><><> 

Everything below on this page is still true,
however, we  recommend that you  
study the two pages linked-to above and
come back here when it feel right for you.

Some of the Basic Facts of Life Here on Earth Are:  

1)   We are much more than physical bodies.   
We are also eternal, non physical  God-Beings
having a human experience.  

2)   We live in Source/ Creator/ God's holographic universe.  

3)   Everything is energy.  
Energy is controlled by consciousness.  
Humans are a part of the system
that controls the universal energy.  

4)   Everything has it's own,
unique combination of vibrational frequencies.  

5)   Creating is NOT done "out there somewhere"
in what appears t be our external world.  

In order to experience something in our personal reality,
we create it first inside of ourselves.  
We alter our own frequency of vibration
to match the vibrational frequency of
that which we intend to experience.  

6)  We alter our frequency of vibrations
by altering our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes,
expectations, and our emotions.  

The manifestation process
is NOT mysterious or magical. 
It's simple, straight-forward physics!  

7) Life on planet Earth has been hijacked
by a collective of several species of off-planet beings.  

The intention of these beings toward humans
is incredibly negative. 
Most humans are prisoners in the invisible prison,
a prison made of lies, illusions and false beliefs.    

8)   We are free to leave their prison at any time we choose.  
If we do not leave, it's because we do not know
that we have the ability to leave.   

The Fahzoom Game
will show you how to get out of prison and also
how to re-create your life
as if you lived in paradise,
You, yourself, must do the doing.  
Nobody else is going to do your job for you.  
You must learn the rules and
you must do your own creating.  

<><><>   <><><> 

Do you recall these words? 
1)    "Know the Truth and the Truth Will Set You Free." 
2)   "Anything I can do, you can do and more."  

Was Jesus a fraud?   NO! 
Is the Christian Bible telling us
major portions of the truth?   YES!  

Are you wise enough and sufficiently motivated
to play the fahzoom game called:   
The Journey Back Home to Me






The Fahzoom Game  
Creating Feel the Feel-Good Feelings



At FahZoom Home, we play fahzoom games.  
We have a game going on right now.  
Would you like to join us? 
Our present game is called:   
The Journey Back Home to Me

If your interested, I'll tell about
the game and explain the rules for playing.     

If you know the rules, it can be a Fahzoom-Ten Game. 
If you don't, this game can be a real kick in the ass.  

If you like sex, I assure you:
This is the game for you!  

The rules are fairly simple, and . . . 
they're incredibly easy to ignore.   
Staying awake, that's the trick in this game.  
You also get tricked and fooled by fake fahzooms.  
Then there's folks who know the rules,
but they forget, or they ignore them.  

To win is actually quite simple:  
Follow The Rules!    

<><><>   <><><>

Rule One:  
Administer to your self
the following declaration: 

      I hereby command myself to be myself and
      enjoy myself while being myself!  

About Witnessing:  
When you make a command, in your mind,
witness your creation .  
In other words, imagine your intention
as if it were already physically real.
Imagine it with pictures, sounds and/or feelings.  
It doesn't matter how you witness,
but you must witness.  

You can also, speak your witness with audio vibrations.  
Here's how that 's done: 
Imagine your intention,  
Feel the feelings associated with your intention.  
Speak the sounds of pleasure,
the sounds of delight --  Ahhh     Oouh     Ommm.  
Speak them with passion; and with emotion.

<><><>   <><><>    

Rule Two:  
Thou Shall NOT Violate!  

If you don't fully understand Rule Two, 
simply read and follow the instructions
that are clearly written in the book titled:  
All I Need to Know, I learned in Kindergarten. 

<><><>   <><><>  
Rule Three: 
Your Fahzoom Team awaits you.   
Decide what you Intend
by answering the following questions. 
This is where you define your new context.  

*   Who do I choose to be?   
      I define myself.  
      I write a description of the major pieces
      of my self image.

*   Where do I choose to reside?   
      Where of Earth shall I make my home?

*   What do I choose to do?    
      How will I spend my time here on Earth
      in a physical body?   

*   What Abilities and talents and possessions do I  have?  
      I define/ describe my talents, character traits, physical possessions.   

*   What do I choose to express?  
      What message do i intent to send
      to my family, to my friends, and  to the world, at large?

*   What do I intend to experience?   
      What do I expect the end results to be?   

*   How do I expect to feel
     when my intention is manifested?  
      I stop and take a moment
      to feel those same  feelings right now?  

*   What is my internal motivation?  
      Why am I creating this context?  

As soon as you've answered these questions,
you can begin creating.   

A later question will be:  
*   Do my intentions and my experiences match?  

<><><>   <><><>

Rule Four:  
Declare your intention to be.  
This creates a new context
in the non-physical portion of reality.  

Remember to witness your creation.  
See    About Witnessing     above on this page.

Your newly declared intention creates a context  
A Context is a container
in which you experience your creations. 

Are you aware that your body is also
a multi-sensory, holograph image
in source/ Creator/ God's Cosmic holograph.  
Once you master fifth-Dimension consciousness,
you can also change and adjust you body

to match your desires and your intentions.

<><><>   <><><>   

Rule Five:    
With an attitude of gratitude,
begin creating and continue creating.  

Creating is done by thinking.  
Thinking is creating.  
Thinking = creating = thinking = creating = . . .  

<><><>   <><><>

From this point on,
turn your intention over to Source/ Creator/ God.   
Get yourself out of the way.   
See the page titled,  Let's talk money

Begin doing whatever small steps
that feels right in each moment,
steps that appear to move you closer to
a manifested version of or intentions. 

Imagine the content in your new context.  
Content in a context is like the ice cream in a cone,
its like the coffee in a cup.

The content is all the pieces
that are required to manifest your intention.
What will the pieces look like. sound like, etc.  
What will my internal feelings feeling feel like?  

Remember you are a great creator.  
Your creation mechanism is always on.  
It's a seven day a week process.  
The only time you are not creating
is when you are sleeping.   

<><><>   <><><>

Rule Six:   
Commit yourself totally and completely
to experiencing your intention.   
What is your level of commitment
to the fulfillment of this intention?  

<><><>   <><><>

Rule Seven:   
You strongly suggest that you learn how to think.   
We have several webpages designed to explaining this.  
Here are two of them:
***   A thinking person's Universe  
***   The art of success      






Enjoy the Journey   


When you are with your partner and
sex is your mutual intention,
focus on the journey.  
Forget about the destination.  
Be here and now in the sensuality.  
Stop the struggling to reach orgasm.  

Allow your sensuality to build into sexuality.  
Sensuality is infinitely sustain able.   
As it is presently practiced, sexuality is not sustainable.  
It can be, however, to make the change
requires re-training your mind.   <>><






Obstacles and Guidance Along the way



The Stoppers:   
If you are like most of us:   
*   You'll find obstacles in your path that seem to stop you, 
     such as a belief that says, "This is impossible."
*   You'll find distractions that
     will take your attention away from your intention.. 
*   You'll find many people around you telling you that
     you're foolish, crazy, and /or you're stupid.   
*   you'll begin to doubt you ability to succeed.  
*   you'll begin to doubt your worthiness.  
*  Your ego will make up numerous very convincing arguments
     as to why you should stop
*   One or more of the above  life-stoppers will inspire you to quit.  

*   You'll leave, but soon, you'll realize that where  you are
     is NOT where your want to be.   
*   You'll decide to try again.  
*   somewhere, you'll hear these words:  
     "Do Not Try!   Either do or don't do.   Trying is for losers."   
*   Anger, frustration, and everything you don't like about yourself
     shows up an stares you in the face.  
*   Your personality trait called "the victim," shows up.  
*   You claim innocence.   and say,
      "This is not possible.   I would never do this to myself."  

Of course you would not do this intentionally,
but what about the the things you do unconsciously,
by accidental and by default?  
What about all the garbage that goes into our head
from watching TV, and from listening to the people around you?   

Everything that you focus your attention on,
all of it goes into your personal Matrix,
your personal pool of potential creation.  

A blend of all that garbage, plus a few conscious thoughts
comes out in your life all mixed together.    

Your best response to all this is to clean your act and
get beyond the things about yourself that you don't like.

*   When you accept responsibility for what you are experiencing, 
      you realize that you are a creator.  
*   You begin by saying, There's got to be a better way.  
      What is that different way? 
      How do I create consciously and with intention?   

*   With out knowing exactly where to start again.
     You take another step toward truth, beauty, and freedom.  
     If you are on target, you feel good, when you not, you don't.  

     Someone points out the fact that all of us
      have inner guidance called feelings.   

If you feel good, you're moving toward success.  
If you feel bad, you're moving toward failure.  
The direction you're moving is controlled by your thoughts.   
<><><>   <><><>

There are thousands of ways and places to re-start on the path to Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  
You begin again, this time you commit yourself to succeeding.   

Persistence is one of the virtues that you'll  develop.   <><








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