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Universal Spirituality


The Fifth Dimension

















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Page Summary



The Fifth-Dimension is NOT a physical place.  
It's a state of mind, a state of Infinite Consciousness.  

Shifting from third dimension consciousness
to Fifth Dimensional consciousness
is NOT a physical or situational journey.  
It's an energetic, emotional, vibrational journey. 
It's an internal journey, a shift in
one's level of consciousness,  in one's  state of being.   

Please understand that the transformation
 life as you know it now
The Fifth Dimension Matrix
is a process.  

It's NOT a magic, instantaneous jump.  
It's a learning process in which both
your understanding and your abilities grow.

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Here's the bottom line regarding reality:
Reality has two sides,  
One physical  
One non physical.

Non-physical consciousness is  NOT  Magic.
There's  NO  Woo-Woo. 
It's  NOT  Crazy.
It's Pure Physics,
     much of which most humans 
     do  not yet understand.

Non-physical consciousness
follows an exacting set of rules.  
Everything we know,   everything we are
is based on and is a function of
non-physical consciousness.

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The Fifth Dimension is a state of mind
in which we all know that we are 
Eternal, Non-Physical Beings
having a human experience

In the fifth Dimension,  
I realize that I exist.  
I Am that which I Am.  


It's  a state of mind in which we understand
everything is part of a single Divine WHOLE.
We are an inseparable Oneness.


It's a state of mind in which we realize that
time is an illusion that everything is now. 
What we think of as the future is called a timeline.  
It's changeable imaginary impressions of
what will most likely become our tomorrow experiences.  


The Fifth Dimension is a state of mind
in which we understand
that we are Great Creators.  


It's  a state of mind in which
we understand that we
 live in
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
Holographic Universe

We also realize that
we each create our own experiences.     

In a holographic universe, consciousness
(thinking~ and  emotions~) are everything.  

In a holograph reality, there is nothing else.  

What you put out is what you get back.  
What goes around comes around. 
As we sew, so do we reap. 
Think  Sheyit, Live Sheyit.
As you vibrate (think) so you experience. 


Everything constantly changes 
except for the Universal Laws,   
See:   The Physics of Consciousness.~   


In a holographic realty,
our minds control all our human experiences.  
This occurs in one of
the two very different ways described below.  


There's present-day
third dimension unconsciousness,

in which personal control occurs by chance, by  accident,
by default, and by happenstance. 

That is
a state of being in which mindless, mechanical people
have their lives run by secret, Cabal-created programming.  
produces mostly pain, grief, misery, and struggle.


And then t
here is
Fifth Dimension Consciousness
in which control is by human conscious
and is by conscious intention.      

By consciously and intentionally using
the basic laws of the Universe,
we can experience absolutely anything
we could ever want, need, require, or desire.  

Let us show you the pathway creating anything and everything 

you could ever want, need, require, or desire,

Including your ideal Llover.   
Go to The First Lost Secret of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove

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Page Content


(o)>   Page Summary  

(o)>   What is Fifth Dimension Cosmic Awareness  

(o)>   Imagine a God-Created Matrix    

(o)>   The Learning Process    


(o)>   The Wake-Up Steps    

(o)>   The Context Called The Fifth-Dimension    

(o)>   The Mistakes We Make    

(o)>   Cosmic-Level Sex    







What Is  Fifth Dimension  (Cosmic Awareness)?



The first thing to understand is that the fifth Dimension
is NOT a physical place in the reality
that we are presently experiencing.  

It's a state of being.  
It's a state of consciousness. 
It's a rate of vibration.  
It's recognizing and accepting who and what we are.
It's recognizing and accepting that we live in a holographic universe.
It's a dramatic rise in the frequency at which
we (our beingness) and our minds vibrate. 
It's also a choice,
a choice to be there or
not to be there.  

Please be aware that reality is whatever reality is
whether you believe it or not and
whether of not you even know it exists. 

Also, realize that you cannot choose something
that you believe is impossible. 
You cannot choose something
if you do not know that
that choice exists.   

In case you haven't yet noticed,
MAJOR changes are happening
everywhere and in everything.   
We are at the choice point in four major changes.  
Three are natural cycles and one is
the most unique change in all of cosmic history.







Living as a Fifth Dimension Being



For an excellent and accurate description of
life as a Fifth Dimension being,
we recommend listening to an interview with Anaiis  Salles    







Choice Points



The scientific evidence tells us that
the entire solar system is changing.  
The people who have access to the other
not-on-Earth  civilizations  (The Galactic Federation)  
tell us that the entire galaxy in changing.  

Planet Earth is being freed from its invisible prison, 
a prison made of lies, illusions, and false beliefs.  
What we are being told is that
the conscious being that we call Earth
is being re-birthed by Source/ Creator/God-Goddess
and in the process, it is dividing into two Earths.  

One Earth will continue on its downward spiral
into self destruction.  
The other Earth is raising its vibrational frequency
to become Source/ Creator/ God's
playground for conscious beings. 

We, all of humanity, are being carried along with the earth.  
We are headed for one of the other of
two levels of consciousness.  

Choice One is to wake up to to who an what we are and
go with the new version of Earth in
Source/ Creator/ Gods Holographic Matrix  or

Choice Two:   You can remain on Earth as we presently know it
and ride the dying, shell in its downward spiral into self destruction.  

Are you like the 19th century farmer
who was asked for direction to a specific destination.   
He hemmed and hawed,
gave several false starts and finally said,
"you can't et there from here.  
You'll have to start from some place else."?   

Well. "There ain't no place else!"  
Here and now is all that is.   
Wake up or stay stuck. 
Those are our only two choices.  

Somewhere in the neighborhood of
about half of the human population
is waking up into expanded consciousness
of the Fifth Dimension.  

Are you coming with us or
are you going to stay stuck in
the lies, illusions and false beliefs
of third dimension consciousness?   

<><><>   <><><>

Imagine what it was like for the Pilgrims in 1620
when the landed in America at Plymouth Rock
in what, today is called Massachusetts, USA.  

They had absolutely no idea of what lay ahead
awaiting their discovery.  

And so, today
we stand on the Plymouth Rock of Consciousness

The doorway now sands open
to a completely new way of being,
to a new way to express and experience
who and what we are.  

Infinite possibilities, that's what awaits us, but only if
choose to make this newly-discovered choice.   

Learn more about Fifth Dimension Consciousness.   

Learn more about Choice Points.     

If you think all this is too good to be true,
we refer you to the page titled,   Believability






R. R.

   Reformatted  18 June 2017  












A God-Created Matrix



Once you realize that you are
much more than simply a human being,  
that you are also a non-physical, God-Being
having a human experience, you say:  
OK, now what? 

Well, here's your answer: 
Step one is to  figure out where you are.  

Where are you?  
You are inside of a matrix called: 
Source/ Creator/ God's Cosmic Holograph.  

"What's a Matrix,"  you ask?

A matrix is a mind-created reality -
a reality created in a holographic universe.    

You've probably seen or heard about the film titled,  "The Matrix."  
It's a story about a holographic reality that is
controlled by a cartel of evil men. 

In the film, humans are mind-controlled slaves.  
live in an invisible prison, 
a prison in which the walls  
are made of lies, illusions, and false beliefs.
In the prison, the controllers using mind manipulation
to push
the prisoners in any direction the controllers
choose to push them.  

Sounds rather sick, doesn't it.  
It also sounds much like life today on planet Earth.
<><><>  <><><>

Now imagine the opposite of an evil matrix.  
Imagine a reality created by Source/ Creator/ God
in which everything is designed to be a grand adventure,
where ever
ything is designed to maximize,
Llove, freedom, peace of mind, joy, and abundance for all.  

Imagine yourself living in such a matrix.  
Imagine yourself as an aspect, a piece,
an intimate part of Source/ Creator/ God.  
Imagine yourself as a great creator,
Imagine that planet Earth is that matrix.  
It's called the Fifth Dimension.   

That's were we are going.  
We'll arrive as soon as
we (the collective we) wake up
and choose to live there







The Learning Process



The evidence tell us:  
That everything is energy.  
That energy is directed by consciousness.
That energy vibrates at literally
billions of different rates of vibration.  

What we call fifth-Dimension
is a set of vibrational rates that
are close to Earth's present rate of vibration.  
They are however, significantly faster.

Because Human senses can detect only
an incredibly tiny fraction of these rates of vibration,
the Fifth-Dimension is invisible to our third-dimension senses.  

While limited to third dimension consciousness,
we have no direct knowledge about Source/Creator/ God.
Everything we know comes  to us indirectly.  

We start looking at the indirect evidence.
We examine the rules of reality.  
In order to expand our understanding
(to expand our consciousness)
we apply the Law of Correspondence,
and see similarities that are otherwise hidden from us 

We study ourselves - who and what are we?   Where are we? 
We study what the master teachers have been telling us for years.  
Based on everything we find,
we create our personal perceptions about
the nature of Source/ Creator/ God.  

We find that our evidence-base perceptions
are dramatically different from what we've been told
by those who control our society.

The overwhelming evidence
leads us to the conclusion
that you and I and all other humans
are much more that just human bodies.  
We are also parts, pieces, aspects, of Source/Creator/ God.
We are eternal, non-physical, multi-dimensional God-beings
experiencing life on Earth in a holographic universe.  

<><><>   <><><>

Based upon our new understanding,
we begin to treat ourselves as God-Brings.  
We also treat and experience all other people
as fellow god beings.    

As a result, a whole new world opens up to us.  

We realize that we possess the power
to create in the physical world by thought.  
We realize that we can intentionally create
by focusing our minds on something
we choose to be, do, have, express, and/or experience  

We also realize that there is a gestation period
between creation and manifestation.  
There's a time delay between conception
(the creation of an intention) and
the birth of our intention/context into
its physically manifested form.

We realize that our emotions are our access to
the powers of creation.  
We discover that our five physical senses
create the internal experiences we call emotions. 
We realize that everything we do in the physical world
is done in order to create the  internal feeling we call emotions  

We become aware of the strong,
intimate interconnection
and interaction among
our thoughts
our physical senses

our emotions

We realize that we can consciously and intentionally
use our physical senses
to trigger joyous emotions inside of us while,
at the same time, we think about
what we choose to experience.  

We realize that we have been using
this newly-remembered creation possess unconsciously. 
That's how we created everything
that we are now experiencing.  

<><><>   <<><>

We ask, "How can we create our most joyous
feel-good feelings?"(our fahzoom sensations)  

Two ways immediately come into mind,  food and sex. 
We stop for a moment and add tactile sensuality.  
So, how do we use these three experiences
to amplify the power of our creativity?  

Food is a good place to start because
it immediately triggers all five senses.  
We can't find any line in tactile sensuality between
non-sexual touching and sexual touching.  
That opens the door to people
to choose their own favorite form of touching. 






The Wake-Up Steps



+++   The Power of Our Natural State of Being  
            When we remember who you are,
            Our Natural State of Being will fill our lives with
             Joy, Llove, and an abundance of
             everything we could ever require or desire.      

+++   Creating with emotions    
We think our desires into existence in our minds.  
  We feel our desires into physical manifestation.  
              Everything we do, every action we take
              is done to satisfy the desire to feel better

+++   The Great In-Between     
The Great In-Between is         
              in between everything,      contains everything,      
              connects everything,      and     is everything.     

+++   Why Do You Believe What You Believe?     
              If you actually take the time to answer this question, 
              you'll be amazed at where this will lead you.  

If you read the four pages linked-to above,
you can ignore the rest of this page.   

<><><>   <><><>

Life in Multi-Dimension Consciousness
(i.e. life in the Fifth Dimension)  
is dramatically different from what your life is
here in Third-Dimension Consciousness.  
It's so different that it challenges your mind
to even imagine what it will be like.

First, you realize that
you are much more than just a physical body.  
You are also an eternal, non-physical,
multi-dimensional, divine being
having a human experience in a physical body
on Earth in Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's Holographic Universe.   

Second, you realize that the universe is teaming with life.  
It simply vibrates at a rate of vibration
that we cannot perceive
with your extremely limited third dimension consciousness.  

Third, you realize that you are a mind-controlled slave
in an invisible prison - a prison made of
lies, false beliefs, and illusions.  

Fourth, you realize that control of, 
Planet Earth
  has been hijacked by
an off-planet species of being
whose intent toward humanity
is incredibly evil and destructive.  

Fifth, you realize that
your path to freedom is actually quite simple.  
That path is to wake up and
see the truth that the evidence shows you.  

Sixth, you realize that the life you are experiencing
is your own creation.   
You realize that you have been tricked into creating
mostly for others and very little for yourself. 

Seventh, you realize that  
because of the power of your emotions,
you are one of the greatest creators
in the entire galaxy.  

Eights, you study, learn and begin to use
your powers of creation to build a life
that belongs, first and foremost, to you.  

Ninth, you realize that you live your life
in a huge network of contexts.  
You study, you learn everything you can about contexts.  
You learn how to use your powers of creation
inside of every context you find yourself in.  

Simply stated,  a context is a very powerful tool for creating.  
It's also a very good tool for getting rid of
beliefs, attitudes and expectations
which no longer serves you.

You study contexts  
because contexts control and dominate their content.  
You realize that one of the contexts
that you find yourself in
is our social, collective reality.

Tenth, you realize the vast amplification of
manifestation power when co-creating  with other humans.  
You realize that other humans are also God-Beings like yourself. 
and when focusing together, your powers of creating
are increased exponentially.  

          i.e.  2 working together have the power of four working alone, 
                  3 working together have the power of nine working alone.  
                 4 have the power of 16 . . .    Et cetera.     

You look into the matrix of human co-created reality and ask, 
"What small, simply step can I take right now, today
that will improve my life and at the same time
enhance our collective reality?"  

The first,   the easiest to do,   the most productive,
and   the most obvious answer   to that question is to
begin learning the rules of reality and
begin applying those rules to your life.

Here's where we suggest that you begin: 

1)   The World of Sensual Delights    
Learn how to use a combination of
mind, your emotions, and
your physical sense of touch
to enrich 
the quality, the pleasure, and the joy in your life.

2)   The Law of Context and Content   
Learn to use the power and control of contexts.  
If you are ready to wake up to reality,
this is a concept you'd be wise to
know, understand, and use.  

3)   Contact us.   We'll answer your questions.






The Context Called   The Fifth-Dimension



With joyous anticipation, we describe
living in the context of
fifth-dimension consciousness.

What Will Be  and  What Will NOT Be 
in the New Fifth-Dimension Context:
NO sexually transmitted diseases.  
NO unwanted pregnancies.  
NO rapes.   No robberies. 
No murders.   No wars
NO violators       NO violations 
NO victims.         NO poverty.   
NO hidden agendas.  
NO con games.       NO con artists:   
NO  cheating.      NO  lying.      NO  stealing.   
NO crime     NO criminals  
NO police.   NO punishment.   NO prisons.   

NO Cabal criminals.   NO secret societies.   
NO off-planet beings controlling humans on Earth

NO struggle.   
NO need to work in order to survive.   

<><><>   <><><>

Source/ Creator/ God's Cosmic Transformation
has raised the Earth's rate of vibration
so much and at such a fast rate that 
all of the low-vibration, destructive behaviors listed above
cannot survive in the new context and thus,
they are in the dying process.  
Soon, they will completely cease to exist.  

Here's the new context:  
Infinite abundance has  replaced money.  
Cooperation has replaced competition and violence
Religion has evolved into Universal Spirituality.   
Forgiveness has replaced punishment.  

Mistakes are used as learning tools. 
Everyone acknowledges and accept
responsibility for is/her actions.  

There is one, primary, unbreakable rule:   
Thou Shall NOT Violate!   
Everyone understands and honor's
Source/ Creator/ God's Prime Directive: 
Thou Shall NOT Violate!         

All knowledge is open to everyone.  
Everyone understands the rules of reality.  

<><><>   <><><>

Before we Look at the concept we call
Sex and Sensuality,
you must understand that
the context described above,
is NOT what most of us are presently experiencing.  

The new context arrives for each of us one step at a time.  
It arrives with more gusto, more truth, more fahzoom
every tyime we wake up and remember
who and what we are and where we are.   






The Mistakes We Make



In order to succeed, we must stop doing things
that produce the opposite of our intention.  
Here's a partial list.   

Do any of these attributes describe you?  
If the answer is yes, then turn them around and
go in the opposite direction

***   Focusing on what's wrong.  

***   Focusing on fixing what's wrong
         instead of creating what you choose.  

***   Failing to have a plan for your future and 
          Failing to declare your plan into existence.

***   Judging self and others
         instead of practicing the Law of Allowing.  

***   Unconsciously (mindlessly, mechanically)
          making negative affirmations
         while in the state of strong emotions
         such as anger, fear, grief, sadness, etc.

***   Failing to examine you beliefs
         to determine if they are accurate.  

***   Believing what others tell you
         without checking the accuracy of what they tell you.  

***   Failing to study, learn the rules of reality.   

***   Failing to apply the rules of reality to our life.     

***   Ignoring those who tell you the truth
         because what they tell you sounds unbelievable.  

***   Eating junk food.   Eating highly processed food.  

***   Eating corporation-produces food with poisons in them.   
         Here are some of the worst food additives.  
         Foods containing:   
           *   GMO  [Genetically modified Organisms]  
           *   High fructose corn syrup
           *   Azodicarbonamide
           *   Counterfeit carcinogenic colors 
                      Red 40 
                      Blue 1 and 2   
                      Yellow 5 and 6
           *   olestra - [fake fat] 
           *   Brominated vegetable oil   
           *   Potassium bromide. 
           *   Carbonated beverages:   These drinks strongly  shift your body's
                                                         acid alkaline balance to the acidic end.  
                                                         This opens your body to all kinds of problems. 
                                                         There are dozens of alternate choices.

***   Using mind deadening, substances
         like alcohol and nicotine (cigarettes tobacco)
         heroin, cocaine, and the like.     






Cosmic-Level Sex 

Fifth-Dimension Sex

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Sex,   Pleasure  and Manifestation Power





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