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    Introduction to  

       Fifth Dimension








Hello! My name is Robert.

I'm a personal trainer for
your mind, your emotions,
and your five physical senses.  


Today, I offer you


Access to our entire website:

A Trainer's Manual for

Fifth Dimension Consciousness


Our website will open your world
to new, joy-filled levels of living.   
At this time, most people don't even know
that Fifth Dimension Consciousness even exists.   


When You learn the Rules of Reality,
you'll find yourself

in the world of infinite possibilities.  


I am available to answer your questions 

I am a teacher, guide, mentor, role model, and
a fellow student in The Art of Conscious Living.  
My awareness is expanded to the point where:  
I know
   and   I live by   The Rules of Reality.   
I'm living in Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  

That's living in the multidimensional world
where we create our experiences
by conscious intention.  

This includes every aspect of life.

It's profound.   

It's fun.   

It's safe.   

It's easy to learn.   

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Here are our three, primary pages:

+++   The Power of Your Natural State of Being  
            When you remember who you are,
            Your Natural State of Being will fill your life with
             Joy, Llove, and an abundance of
             everything you could ever require or desire.      

+++   Creating with emotions    
We think our desires into existence in our minds  
  We feel our desires into physical manifestation.  

              Everything we do, every action we take
              is done to satisfy the desire to feel better

+++   The Great In-Between     
The Great In-Between is         
              in between everything,      contains everything,      
              connects everything,      and     is everything.     

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Robert Cote'  


If you require more than simply getting answers
to a question or two, I also offer :

Private Consultations
By Phone
Reasonably priced
Learn in the privacy of your own home   






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    Introduction to  

       Fifth Dimension







Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Fairness, and Justice 
intimately interconnected.   
Freedom without truth is slavery in disguise.   
Life as we are presently living it, is an illusion.  
It's a secret prison made out of lies and  false beliefs.  
If you think you know the the truth, 
your in for a big shock and a rude awakening.


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