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The Twelve 
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 The Universal
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(o)>   Primary Gifts From Source /Creator/ God   

(o)>   The Universal Prime Directive -- Thou Shall NOT Violate!     

(o)>   Inner Workings of Life    




The Gifts From Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess


The Primary Gifts from Source/Creator/ God Are:  


Creator gave us our existence.

                 +++   The capacity to experience
                            the multiple dimensions of reality.

                 +++   The capacity to Llove and be Lloved.

                 +++   The ability to create by thought.   

               +++   Our emotions are
                          our  24/7 contact with our Soul-Self. 
               +++   Our feel-good or feel-bad feeling are
                          yes or no answers to everything,
                          even when we don't intentionally ask.  
               +++   Emotions are our access to
                          the power that moves creation. 

              +++   Freedom from being controlled by
                         something other than your own thoughts.

          Free Will 
               +++   The capacity to be, do, have, express,
                          and experience our beingness
                          in any way we choose.  

                +++   Our five senses.     
                           The ability to experience physical reality. 

          Each Other 
                +++   Companionship and mutual support.    

          Sensuality / Sexuality 
                 +++   The physical expressions of Llove.

                 +++   An infinite supply of anything and everything.

          Consciousness Expanding Substances 
                 +++   These substances are like temporary
                            training wheels on our spiritual bicycle.  
                            They are for those among us who are stuck
                            in third dimension consciousness.   

                            They open the door to understandings 
                            regarding  The Nature of Reality,  
                            understandings that are otherwise hidden from us.

                            They are our pathway to a destination
                            called Fifth Dimension Cconsciousness.
                            We can walk or we can ride God's bicycle.  


          With the power of these gifts comes Responsibility.  
          We are required to follow
          one overriding, all-encompassing




The Universal Prime Directive



Thou Shall NOT Violate!



Humans call this a moral value.  

          Thou Shall NOT Violate Another Human Being!  

In objective terms,
*   It's wrong to damage another person's body or mind.  
*   It's wrong to secretly alter another person's body or mind.  
*   It's wrong to lie, and to withhold vital information.
*   It's wrong to cheat, to steal, to damage something
           that belongs to another human being.  
*   It's wrong to cheat, to steal, to damage something
           that belongs to Sacred Mother Earth.
*   It's wrong to distort another person's
           internal sense of beingness.  
*   It's wrong to distort another person's
           understanding regarding who and what he or she is.

<><><>   <><><>

***   It's right to respect, to honor, and to appreciate

           our animal brothers and all other fellow sentient beings.  
It's right to assist and to help someone else
          in a time of emergency.  
***   It's right to honor, to  respect, and to appreciate
          Sacred Mother Earth.

***   It's right to honor, to respect, and to appreciate
         Source/ Creator/ God.   
***   It's right to be respectful, to appreciate,
        to be kind, courteous, compassionate and generous.  

***   It's right to share and to participate.     

<><><>   <><><> 

Source/ Creator/ God gave us free will and then
charged us with the obligation to give this gift
to every other living being that we encounter. 
Our job is to give The Gift of Free Will to all.  

Has it occurred to you that

Sacred Mother Earth is also a living being? 

Though Shall NOT Violate Your Mother!  

What will happen when we give back to Sacred Mother

the freedom to Create Bountiful Life Everywhere?




The Inner Workings of Life

As Spoken from 
Source/ Creator/ God's Perspective:  


I created you to have my powers.  

I give, to all who are my creations, the ability to create -
each at his, her, its own level of understanding."    

"I give you the gift of being me and
not being me, both at the same time.  
I give you the gift of Freedom even though
you remain an intimate, integral part of Me.   

You, Me, Us, We, They, Everyone:

We are all one . . .  
All One,    Single,   Unified,   Complete,   Divine   WHOLE."

"Your First  Job Is to be YOU!  
Whatever that is, YOU decide.  

Your job is to be a god in your own beingness . . .  
being, doing, having, speaking, expressing, and
experiencing whomever you choose to  be, do, have, et cetera.

AND  at the same time, know and understand
that you are still a safe, secure, Lloved, and cherished part of me."  

"Your Second Job
is to master the art of Intentional Creation.  
You are Great Creators
You are in Source/ Creator/ God's 
Holographic Universe.  

In that universe you have the same creative ability as I do.  
Your ability to create is in direct proportion to
your knowingness of who and what you are."   

<><><>   <><><> 

I can't speak for you, but from my perspective,
as a fellow human being
the above message  looks like, sounds like,
feels like, and   is

                               A Gift of Llove.   




R. R.

  Ways to Deal with Those Who Violate
The Universal Prime Directive  


One of the options is to offer them three choices:   
Their Choice One:  
Leave immediately and never come back.  

Their Choice Two  
Conform to the Prime directive. 
Function under our rules.  

Their Choice Three:  
If you continue to violate The Universal Prime Directive,
we will deal with you using you own rules.  
You will soon find yourself mind-controlled,
physically disabled, imprisoned, dead, or
banished to a location where only your own kind exist.   

When the evil ones hear this,
they will send dozens  of their kind
disguised as a advocates of truth
to claim that we cannot stoop to their level
because, if we  do, we will be just like them.
They'll claim that the good guys cannot violate the Prime Directive.  

This is the least desirable of the available options
because it is a very low vibration option.

However, this alternative is still in line with the prime directive
because it is chosen by them.  
By their own, free will choice they invited us to play by their rules.

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>

A Second Option
is to invoke the ultimate trump card, 
Source/ Creator/ God/ Goddess.   
Nothing beats Source/ Creator!  
Once you realize that
you and I and all humans are actually
eternal, non-physical Divine beings,   
this solution becomes unbeatable.

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>

A Third Option   
is to raise our own vibration levels
so high that Low vibration evil ones cannot reach us. 
This is a preventive measure and
must be created prior to being violated.   

Have you noticed that this alternative    
is one of the tools that Source/ Creator
is presently applying to planet Earth.  
This will make future Earth dwellers
immune to low vibration attackers.   

For example, the Schumann resonance
(the Earth's rate of vibration) 
has rizen significantly  from about 8 cycles per second
to more than 40 cycles per second.  
The Fifth Dimension vibrates
between 40 and 100 cycles per second.

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>

A fourth Option is:
The Poop Solution   aka   The Law of Diarrhea        
This, like the third option, must be set up prior to any confrontations.       







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 The Twelve 
      Primary Gifts  


The Universal
   Prime Directive  

       Shall NOT



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