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   Humans Are 
                God- Beings



We live in Source/ Creator/ God's
Holographic Universe






Page Summary


A Holograph Universe is a
multi-dimensional representation of a physical universe.  
A holograph is not the thing it represents. 
It's a multi-dimensional "picture" of what it represents.  

We live in Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
cosmic, multi-dimensional holograph.  
This holograph not only contains the sensations of
vision and sound, it also contains the sensations of 
taste, smell, and tactile touch.  

We find ourselves inside of it. 

None of what we are experiencing is real. 
It's not real in the sense that
it is NOT made up of
out there somewhere
, physical stuff
that we come along and experience.  

It' made of energy.  
That energy vibrates
at billions of different frequencies.  
We perceive these vibrations
in groups (families) of vibrations.  

We experience these groups of vibrations,
as thoughts, things, and experiences.  

In other words, the world is not what it appears to be.  
Remember, we are non-physical, eternal God-Beings
living in a Holographic Universe.  
It is our consciousness that creates
the perceptions of physical reality.  
It's our emotions that
turn our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and expectations 
into our experiences
in the  external physical world.

We are actually in charge of and
we create our own personal universe
within the Context of
Cosmic, Holographic Universe, and
within the context of our
collectively created social structures.   

Most of us do so unconsciously
because we do not remember and,
thus do not adhere to the rules of
intentionally creating our own reality.  

Most of us are still creating our lives by chance,
by accident, by default, by happenstance and
by what we watch on television.    

Our personal reality, combined with
everyone else's personal reality,
create what we call the collective consciousness. 
Our collective consciousness determines
the structure of the world we live in.  

<><><>  <><><>   <><><>  

When we compare our traditional,
Newtonian-based perspectives of the Universe
with the present day evidence-based view, 
we find that they are literally worlds apart.  

Newton's perspective is totally third dimension.  
The Newtonian world is a material-based reality.  
It says that the Universe is like
a huge already made machine made of separate parts
that we come along and expereience.  

The evidence tells us that Newton was wrong.  
The Universe is not made of physical stuff.   

It's made of vibrating energy.
That energy is controlled by consciousness.  
You and every other human being
are part of that controlling consciousness.   

The evidence-based Universe in which
we live, move, and experience our lives is in
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's Universal  Holograph.       

We actually are Divine beings
creating our personal experiences in
an observer-created reality of infinite possibilities.    

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(o)>   Holograph - What Is a Holograph?    

(o)>   What the Scientists Tell Us 

(o)>   Most Probable Reality 


(o)>   The Image of God     

(o)>     God and Our Holographic Universe         

(o)>   Newton's Three Dimensional World    

(o)>   Observer-Created Reality      


(o)>    Some of the Differences       

(o)>   Our Expanding Experience of Reality      

(o)>   We Each Create Our Own Experiences      

(o)>   Thinking in and with Fifth Dimension Consciousness       


(o)>   F. A. Questions    

(o)>   Holographic Beings       

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What Is a Holograph

A holograph is a three-dimensional, visual structure
in which each piece of the picture contains the whole picture.  
As the viewer shifts his/her viewing position relative to
the holographic picture, the image changes.  
It changes in a manner similar to changing one's viewing point
while looking at an actual three dimensional object.  
This gives the holographic picture a three-dimensional appearance.  

When the picture is cut or broken into pieces,
each piece contain the entire picture, and
each piece, no matter how small,
expresses the same three-dimensionally attributes
of the entire picture.  

The physical Universe created by Source/Creator/God-Goddess
is a multi-sense, multi-dimensional, holograph.  

Everything physical, including our bodies
are all holographic pieces of a grand and wonderful reality
created for us by  Source/Creator/God-Goddess.  

We are inside of God.  
We are an intimate part of Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.    

Everything is energy.   Energy is controlled by consciousness.  
Planet Earth is just one of an infinite number of holographic realities.  
We are each a part of Source/Creator/God-Goddess consciousness.  

You are much more than your physical body.  
You are not your ego, not your job or anything else of Earth.  
You are an eternal, non-physical, multi-dimensional God Being
having a human experience in a holographic universe.  

At the moment you are experiencing yourself
inside of an Earthly physical form, a human body. 







Here's What the Scientists tell Us  


Nothing is solid.   Everything is made of energy.    

Check this website for confirming evidence:

*   Energy is controlled by consciousness.   
*   Humans are part of that controlling consciousness.   
*   Everything has its own unique set of vibrations.           







The Most Probable Reality


Life is NOT what we've been led to believe it is by those who claim to know!   No matter what we think we know, we cannot be certain about anything.   Almost everything we think we know is wrong.     

The following is a summary of this author's understanding of The Nature of Reality."   It's evidence based and is the product of over 40 years of study and research.    

***   Everything we call physical matter is condensed energy.   

***   Energy is controlled by consciousness.   

***   Humans are part of the controlling  consciousness.  

***   We each create our personal experiences
        by our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, expectations, et cetera. 

***   We are eternal, non-physical beings having
         a human experience in a holographic Universe.     

***   The Universe is teaming with life -- life that is
        invisible to humans because it vibrates at frequencies
        that are invisible to human senses.

***   Human life on planet Earth has been taken over by and
        is now controlled by a species of non-human beings whose
        home planet is in the portion of the physical Universe
        we call dark energy and dark matter.  

        These beings are demonic parasites. 
        They  feed on the energy radiated from a human body
        when the being in that body is experiencing
         low-vibration, negative emotions,
        such as fear, anger, hatred, and the like.   

***   We live in a prison without walls --
         a prison made up of lies,
        incredibly sophisticated illusions,
        intentional deception
        mind manipulation, and false beliefs.  

***   The prison owners control humans
         by presenting illusions as if they were real -- 
         by lies -- by manipulation -- by fear -- by wars -- by violence,
         by creating contexts like the anti-drug war that induce crime,
         by false religious stories  and financial lies,
         by creating hardships, poverty, and starvation-
         by money-manipulation,  
         by drugs, and by so much more
         that it staggers the imagination.    

***   Control is orchestrated by a highly evolved, sophisticated,
        and deeply entrench network of genetically altered humans. 
        They control the U.S. government, the CIA,  
        most national governments and the world's
        major financial organization such as
        the World Bank and the IMF (International Monetary Fund). 

***   They are commonly referred to as  Cabal Criminal Bankers.  
         They own and control everything of any significance
         on the entire planet.   

***  All social, political, economic, corporate, religious and
        environmental organizations and activities
        are manipulated and managed to produce
         the maximum amount of negative human emotions.   

***   Fortunately, humans are waking up and removing
        the criminals from positions of power.   

***   The entire Cabal Criminal Control System
         is based upon controlling the nations money supply.  
         It can be destroyed with one simple step.   Here's how:
         Get rid of Federal Reserve
         and its debt-based money system, and issue
         Debt-Free Money Directly from the U.S. Treasury.       







The Image of God


According to The Christian Bible,
man was made in the image of God.  
Christians take the word "image" literally,
but is that an accurate perspective?  

The belief that God is a superhuman being who lives in the sky
became part of the official Catholic belief system about 1,700 years ago.  
Can you think of anything, other than religion,
that is still based upon unexamined, 1,700-year-old thinking?

Is there another perspective from which to view the word "image?"  
What about man's nature, his character traits, and his abilities?  
Could  "The Image of God" be more than a picture?  

Let's look at some of the possibilities.  
Let's look at these possibilities from two perspectives: 
***  The Newtonian world made of physical stuff and
***  The observer-created reality where physical experiences
are a function of beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, expectations, et cetera







God and Our Holographic Universe


As young children, we were all taught and
now hold beliefs about all kinds of things that
we cannot personally learn by ourselves.   
For example, we were told stories about the origin,
the evolution, and the structure of the Universe.  
We were told stories about origin and
the future of our physical selves.  

For most people, these beliefs
are based upon religious teachings.  
Are you aware that the religious stories you believe
are at least several hundred years old?   

Are you aware that these stories have NOT been updated
as new evidence became available?  
Are you aware that the tellers of these stories
simply ignore new evidence -- evidence that
was not available when these beliefs
were declared to be reality?   

If you want to know
the truth about the nature of reality,
you'd be wise to take some time and
examine the basic, religious beliefs
that were plugged into your mind
when you were a young, defenseless
(pre-age of reason) child.   

Ask yourself this question.  
Then answer it.  
Why do I believe what I believe?

This author has spent the last 40 years
examining the evidence and the fairytales
about human religious beliefs.   
Here are some aspects of religion and spirituality
that are relevant to our understanding of
whatever it is that we call Source/ Creator/ God.    

Defining God:  
Before you can have a meaningful discussion
 about religion and Spirituality, and
 before you can answer this question: 
"Does God Exist?" or
have any meaningful discussion of religion,
you must first tell us
what do you mean when you say thew word,  "God?"
TLC-Life-Center Reference:    

Inside or Outside of God:  
The second major factor to consider is
"Are you inside of or outside of God?"
In all of human history, there never has been and
probably never will be another distinction as important as:   
"Are you inside or outside of God?
TLC-Life-Center Reference:     

The Three Religious Assumptions:  
Unless the nature of reality is unknown and unknowable,
there are only three, basic, religious assumptions,
Reincarnation, Atheism, and Christian One-life-ism.  
They are mutually exclusive.  
Only one can be correct.   

Each of these possibilities has millions
or billions of believers.  
Are your religious beliefs true?  
Are they based upon evidence or
are the simply antiquated fairytales
created by our long-dead ancestors?  
Are you like billions of our fellow humans
whose basic, religious beliefs are false?  
TLC-Life-Center Reference:  

Additional Factors:  
There are several additional relevant aspects of human life
that are all based upon false, religious beliefs,
such as Forced Motherhood (anti-abortion) 
and Capital Punishment (the death penalty).   

<><><>   <><><> 

If you are interested in experiencing the joys, the abundance,
and the freedom of Fifth Dimension Consciousness
Here's a question that will open the door for you:  
"Why do I believe what I believe?"






Newton's Three Dimensional World


Here are some of the factors held to be true
by those who believe in
the traditional/classic, Newtonian world.  
 We'll call this third-dimension (3d) thinking.

Most humans believe that Earth is
a single, objective, physical place
that we come along and experience.  

In spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary,
, for literally billions of humans is still based upon
antiquated religious beliefs created centuries ago
by uneducated, superstitious humans
who believed the Earth was flat,
that Source/Creator was a superhuman being
who lived in the sky, and
that an evil being called the devil lived in hell  beneath their feet.  

Cosmology is the study of the origin, evolution, structure,
and future  of: 
***  both the physical and non-physical aspects of the Universe,
***  who and what a human being actually is, 
***  man's place in the physical and non-physical Universe, and
***  mankind's  relationship to that which is referred to as

Do you still believe that we live in a physical-based reality?  
Do you still believe that only physical matter is real?.      

Do you still believe that the Universe is a huge machine
made of pieces of physical matter?  

Do you still believe that reality is limited to
what we can see, hear, smell, taste and/or touch,
either personally or by way of our  technical instruments? 


All of this is false, and yet it's still being peddled as if it were the truth. 
If you want to know why, check this website: 






Observer-Created Reality


The perception of reality in a Universe
made of energy and controlled by consciousness
is vastly different from the old, obsolete, traditional, Newtonian world.  
We'll call this new perception,
fifth dimension (5d) thinking
Here are some of the attributes:  

The source of everything, including ourselves
is in the non-physical world of spirit --
in the matrix of infinite possibilities.   

***  The power of creation is inside of us.  
It is NOT out there somewhere in some other person.  
It is NOT in an angry, fickle, vengeful god who lives in the sky.  
It is NOT in luck.  
It is NOT in chance.  
Our power is in our ability to create by conscious intention

You and I and everybody else, 
are eternal, non-physical beings
having a physical experience
on planet Earth
in Source/ Creator/God-Goddess's
Holographic Universe.    

Our objective is NOT to get to heaven to be with God.  
It's to express our God-Nature while here on Earth
in a physical body.   

Humans, you and I (and everybody else)
are powerful creators.  

The evidence tells us that
what we call physical stuff

is actually condensed energy.   

The evidence also tells us that
 energy is controlled by consciousness.  

Reality is mutable. 
If your situation and circumstances are less than your ideal,
you can create a new reality that will bring you more joy.  

We live in a self-created Universe --
an observer-created reality.  
There is no fixes immutable reality
"out there somewhere"
separate from and outside of ourselves
that we come along and experience.   
We are Fractals of Consciousness.  
You are All.   All is You."

We are always a part of our creation.  
You and I are inside of everything we see and  
inside of  everything we experience
as if it were  outside of ourselves.  

Look around you.  
You are inside of what appears to be
an external, physical Universe,
but all that stuff out there is made of energy -
energy controlled by consciousness.  
So, where are you?   

You and I are part of the collective consciousness
that caused the matrix of infinite possibilities
to coalesce into the physical form
that we call Earth-plane reality.  
But really, where are you?  
Is all this stuff we call real stuff really real stuff?     

What we experience is a function of the perspective
from which we observe our conditions and circumstances. 

When we intend to create something
or change something
(a condition, a situation, a circumstance) 
with third dimension  consciousness,
all of our beliefs and personal limitations
stand between us and the manifestation of our intention.   

When we intend to create something
in Fifth Dimension Consciousness
all our limitations are left out of the  creation process.  

Conscious creation   is   creation by intention.  

Creation in the Fifth Dimension is not linear.   
What in the third dimension we call unusual and unexpected

is normal in the Fifth Dimension

When we state our intention into
the divine matrix on infinite possibilities
(the force,  the field,  Source/Creator/God/Goddess/ Spirit)
we invoke the "world" of probabilities,
so we never know exactly what the outcome will be.  

We must get out of the way and
allow the Source to do the work of
creating (manifesting) our intention in the physical world.  

We have to let go of trying to control the outcome.  

If what shows up is not what we thought we were creating,
we simply make adjustments and create it over again.  

One of the immutable, universal laws
is that the observer affect that which it observes.  
Human consciousness is an observer.  
When we look at something, we change it.   
Before we examine it, it is potential.  
When we observe it, it becomes something different from
what it was when we were not looking at it.  

Our consciously focused attention
directs the divine matrix of infinite possibilities and says,
"Manifest this in my earthy physical life."
Our emotions power our intention.  
Our intention must manifest inside of our belief system.  
For example, if you believe that
having financial abundance
is impossible for you, then
you'll not have financial abundance.   

Check this link to learn more about this process.  
Thoughts are the tools of creation.   

If you are ready for the latest scientific perspective
on the topic of a Self-Created Reality,
check out the work of Robert Lanza on
The Theory of Biocentrism
Published on Nov 10, 2013.

He explains how Life and Consciousness are the keys
to understanding the true nature of the Universe.  
He describes how the conscious mind
creates the reality we experience.  







Some of the Difference


There are vast differences between living your life
while holding the false illusion of a single, objective world
made of physical stuff
relating to your life as a powerful, eternal creator
having a temporary, human experience
Once you know the truth that you are
an incredibly powerful, non-physical creator
having a human experience, life becomes simple and easy.  
There's no going back into the 3d fairytale and
struggling just to survive.  

Perhaps you'll feel overwhelmed by these differences. 
If you do, please be aware that there are powerful interests
working diligently to keep you from knowing the truth
about who and what you really are.  
Once you know the truth, our so-called leaders
can no longer control you with lies and false promises.  

The descriptions below under the Fifth Dimension headings
describe who and what you really are!
If your still stuck in the third Dimension,
they describe your potential.   
Think about who and what you really are
 as you read these distinctions.  
If you're sick of being some one else's wage slave, it's wake up time.  

Here are the main differences.  
Become aware of the meaning of  3d and 5d:  

3d  =  Third dimension world of physical stuff --
           stuff controlled by physical work.   

5d  =  Fifth dimension world of infinite possibilities  --
           possibilities turned into physical matter
           by thought and powered by emotions. 


3d   The universe is a huge mechanical machine.  
         It's made  of separate pieces of stuff/matter.  
         Big pieces of stuff/matter are made of smaller pieces 
                  which are made of still smaller pieces.  

5d   The fifth dimension is made of energy and controlled by consciousness.  
         It's NOT physical.   Everything is made of energy.
         It's invisible to physical senses.   It's multi-dimensional.
         Nothing is solid.  
         Everything is mutable, malleable,  responsive,
             uncertain, and unpredictable.  

3d  The three dimensional world is physical only.  
         It's a single, objective, tangible, physical world made of
                  three physical dimensions  -- up/down, left/right,
                  forward/backward.   Creation is in the physical world.
         See it.   Describe it.    Measure it.   Manipulate it by physical actions. 
         If it's not physical, it doesn't exist.  

5d   The fifth dimensional world includes both the physical
         and the non-physical.   Creation is in the invisible world.  
         The results show up in the physical world. 

3d   Everything is separate.   Humans are separate from God,
         separate from nature and separate from each other.  

5d   The fifth dimension is a single unified whole.  
         It's one whole and complete system, complete within itself. 
         The fifth dimension can't be compartmentalized.  

         Everything is interconnected and interrelated.  
         Everything affects everything else.  
         You are intimately interconnected with and a part of God.  
         You are intimately connected to and a part of nature.  
        All humans are intimately connected to and dependent upon
                  each other.  
         Our very survival depends upon our working as a team.
         This is true for our collective reality / our society /our environment.  
         It's true for our personal reality.   Our work life, our family life,
                  our love life, our relationships, our leisure-time activities,
                  and everything else about your life are all part of
                  a single unified whole.

         The fifth dimension is holistic, holographic. 
         A series of whole systems within whole systems.  
         Each piece of the holograph contains the whole system.  

3d   Limited possibilities. 
5d   Infinite possibilities.   

3d   Create by physical action.  
5d   Creation by conscious, intentional thoughts.  

3d   Prayer by begging for favors  
5d   Prayer by declaration

3d   We live in someone or something else's universe.  
5d   We live in a self-created universe.    

3d   We don't create our own reality.  
         We are victims of an out-there, already- created, objective reality.   
         We can be conned and manipulated by others into
                  creating what they want and not what we want.  
5d   We each create our own reality.  

        We share our self-created lives with others in a collective reality.  
        The out-there world influences how we create
                  our personal, self-created reality.  

3d   When we intend to create something or to change 
          a condition, a situation, a circumstance, and/or an experience 
         with 3d consciousness, all of our 3d beliefs and personal limitations
         stand between us and the manifestation of our intention.   
5d  When we intend to create a new condition, situation,
         circumstance, and/or an experience and when we do so

         from 5d consciousness, all our limitations
         are left out of the  creation process.  

3d   Our experiences are controlled by and a function of
         body/physical activity.  
5d   Our experiences are controlled by and a function  of

3d   Humans are their bodies.  
5d   Humans are non-physical, eternal beings having a human experience.  

3d   Humans create from working. 
        Creating is a function of physical activity.   
5d   Humans create while working.  
         Creating is a function of consciousness.  

3d   The Third Dimension is
        a false illusion believed to be real.     
5d   The Fifth Dimension is   
        real and is believed to be false.  

3d   Hard work will get you what you want. 
5d   Hard work will get you tired. 
        Creative thinking will get you what you intend.    

3d   Work.   Struggle. 
5d   Play.   Create.    

3d   Fear.   Anger. 
5d   Llove.   Peace.    

3d   Sickness.   Disease.   Death is inevitable. 
5d   Bodies regenerate as long as the dweller in the body
         chooses to remain in the body. 
         Death is by choice.  
         At death, the dweller in the body moves
                  out of physical form and into
                  a different reality, a different vibration.    

3d   Third dimension consciousness believes in scarcity,
        victim consciousness,  and that violence solves problems.  
5d   Fifth dimension consciousness understands that abundance is infinite, 
         that there are no victims, only unconscious creators,
         and that cooperation solves problems.   

3d    God or some other person is in control of our lives. 
          In the hierarchy of control, god, government,
                  or other humans control our lives.   
5d   As mini-gods in physical form, we are each in control
         of our own lives.   In the hierarchy that controls your life,
                 there are only two participants, God and you.   

3d   The context is one of change.   Make changes.   Fix what is.   
5d   The context is one of transformation.  
        Replace what is that is no longer functions.  
         Create what isn't.  

3d   Scarcity, competition, fighting,  us against them.  
         Life is a zero-sum game. 
         If I am to win, someone else must lose.  
         If I am to have, someone else must go without.   
5d   Abundance.   There's more than enough for everybody.
         Cooperation, caring, sharing.   Everybody wins.  
         The more we give, the more we receive. 

3d   Competition, fighting,   Me first.   I'm better than you.  
         Mine is better than yours.   My religion is the only true religion.     
5d   Cooperation, compassion, caring, sharing, mutual support.     

3d   Profits from labor go almost totally to the super-wealthy.  
5d   Profits from labor go to everybody equally.  
         There's so much abundance that taxing the people
                  would be an absurdity.  

3d   Creation is a sequential building process,
         where this comes before that.  
5d   Creation is not sequential.   There's no this before that.  
         There's no such things as luck, chance, and accidents.   

3d   Linear. 
         Time goes only one way.  
5d   Non-linear. 
         Transcends time and space.  

3d   Reality is fixed, absolute, and unchangeable. 
         What is just is.   The attitude is:  It's impossible.   It's inevitable. 
         It can't be any other way.   There's nothing we can do about it.  

         All changes must be made within this fixed, unchangeable,
         immutable, objective, out-there reality in which we find ourselves.  
5d   Reality is mutable and changeable.   

3d   Changes are made by physical activities in the external world of stuff.   
5d   Change is allowing what is to be and creating what isn't.  
        It's transformation.   It's becoming.  It's creation.   

3d  Identify it.    Describe it.   Measure it.   
5d  Feel.  Be.  Know  by experience.  

3d   Separation 
         We are separate from an out-there super-human god
                 who lives in the sky.   
5d  Unity   
         We are each a holographic part of Source/Creator/God.  

3d   Difficult.   
5d   Easy. 

3d   Crime.  Barred windows.
5d   No crime.   Unlocked and open doors .    

3d   Alone. 
5d   Never alone.    

3d   God is external and separate from us. 
5d   God is inside of us.   We are inside of God..    

3d   Limited.   
5d   Infinite. 

3d   Scarcity.   
5d   Infinite abundance.   

3d   Linear.  Beginnings.  Endings. 
5d   Cyclical.   Nothing ends, it simply moves into a new vibration. 
         We never start from non-existence. 
         We move into existing cycles and make changes -
         changes that bring us more fahzoom. 
         When we move out of the cycle,
         the cycle continues or evolves into a different cycle   

3d   One Earth life.   Then heaven or hell, or some other
         unknown possibilities.  
5d   Multiple lives on Earth and elsewhere.  

3d   Single objective world that we come along and experience. 
5d   Multiple worlds,  multiple realities that we can choose to experience.  

3d   Heaven is a place.  
5d   Heaven is a state of mind/a state of being.    

3d   The stated intention is to get out of Earth-life and into heaven.  
5d   The stated intention  is to bring heaven to Earth.  

3d   The goal is to create what 's missing in our lives.  
5d   The goal is to realize that we are already masters of everything.  

3d   Humans are powerless, inherently evil sinners.  
         God has all the power.  
5d  Humans are holographic pieces of Source/Creator/God.  
         Humans have the power to direct Source/Creator/God's
         energy into whatever they/we choose.  

3d   We are always inside of what we see and experience.  
5d   We appear to always be inside of what we see and experience.  
         We create our experiences by thought and
        the universe gives us a multi-dimensional version
        of our most dominant thoughts

3d   <><><>.   
5d   <><><>. 






Our Expanding Experience of Reality


Time appears to be speeding up.  
The rate of change is accelerating.    

Our consciousness is expanding.  
Our understanding of reality is changing/growing/expanding.  
Here, too, the rate of change/awakening is speeding up.   

The rate of change for just about everything
appears to be accelerating exponentially, 
2 -4 - 8 - 16 - 32 - 64 - et cetera.  

The universe appears to be getting both more complex
and more simple at the same  time. 
For example,  the activities of the Cabal Banking Criminals
to destroy middle class and
turn the American people into slaves
is getting more complex and more overwhelming, and
at the same time,  the solution to this problem is incredibly simple.  

We have more choices today than we had just a few years ago.     

Matter, circumstances, and chronological time
are loosening their hold on us.  
When you learn the rules of reality,
you can alter your relationship to time.  

We are beginning to realize the importance of Context.  
We are beginning to realize that context controls content.   

We are beginning to realize that if we think/create
while believing we live in the Newtonian world of stuff,
we get a very different result from when we think/create
from the perspective that
we are god-beings living in a self-created reality.        






We Each Create Our Own Experiences



The Universal Law of Manifesting

           We  THINK  our desires into existence
            in the non-physical world.     

             We  FEEL  our desires
            into their physical manifestation
            in the Holographic Earth-plane Reality.  

Both are essential to the creation process. 
Thoughts merely point our creative process
in a particular direction.  
Emotions    and     Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
do everything else.

Our Job is to align our thought and feelings with
our better version of everything

and then, using our emotions,
vibrate in harmony with
the better version of everything 

What we are presently experiencing 
is a physical expression of

who we believe we are.   

Think about it today.   Experience it tomorrow.  

What we think about creates internal emotions.  
Internal emotions attract   

the physical expression
of what we think about.  

Thoughts and emotions create!  
My thoughts and emotions create!  
Your thoughts  and emotions create.  
Everybody's thoughts and emotions create.   

We are each divine creators in physical form.  
We cannot turn off our thought-creation process.  
In every waking moment, we are creating and/or altering
our present and future experiences

We create by default, by chance, happenstance,
accident, coincidence, 
or intention.  
If we fail to create by intention,
we create by default, chance, happenstance,
coincidence, or accident.   

The creation process is a partnership
between the physical and the non-physical.   
We create in the non-physical world, in the matrix of infinite possibilities.  
We experience our creations in the Earthly physical world.  

In every waking moment, we are creating.  
We cannot turn off our creation process.  
Pure thought, in and of itself, is the core of creation.  
It is greatly enhanced by two factors - emotions and witnessing.  
The results of our creation process are dependent upon
the context (the belief system) in which we think.  

If you intend to become a Fifth Dimension being,
one of the first steps in the learning process
is to study and understand the concept called: 
Context and Content.    

Witnessing is one of the most overlooked parts of the creation process. 
              Thought + Emotion + Witnessing = Manifestation.   

Most of us easily generate emotions, but fail to witness our intentions. 

The laws of physics tell us that things and experiences
are brought into physical reality only be observations.  
This act of observing is also called witnessing.  
Witnessing/observing transforms un-manifested potential
into manifested, physical form. 

One form of witnessing is to mentally imagine
your stated intention as if it were already completed.

In unconscious creating,
we think about something such as a feared situation
and then witness/observe it
by imagining ourselves experiencing
 the thing/situation/experience.  
Imagining something negative,
such as fear, anger, hatred, etc.
is commonly accompanied with strong emotions.   
Avoid this type of thinking!

In conscious creating,
witnessing takes two common forms. 
One is to mentally imagine your stated intention
as if it were already completed.  
The other is to imagine a ball of God's light
coming down from the heavens
and filling our world with power of our stated intention.  
As the light pours into our world, we see/hear/feel it
as it transforms into the physical manifestation
of our stated intention.   

The ideal  space/ state of mind  for conscious creation
is called the Zero Point.  
 In the Theta Healing - Theta Transformation process,
we reach the zero point by shifting our consciousness
to intentionally amplify our theta brain wave state.  

The theta mental state is that half-awake half-asleep mental condition
where we access our creation process.  
If you contact Cote' by phone,
he will guide you through the access process
so you will then be able do the same thing for yourself. 






Thinking with

Third Dimension Consciousness

or with  

Fifth Dimension Consciousness


What we experience is a function of the perspective
from which we observe our conditions and circumstances. 

When we intend to create something or change something
(a condition, a situation, a circumstance) 
with 3d consciousness, all of our beliefs and
personal limitations stand between us and our intention.    

When we intend to transcend something
by intending a new experience and
when we do so from the perspective of
a god-being having a human experience,
(i.e. with  Fifth Dimension consciousness), 
all our limitation are left out of the creation process.  

Third Dimension Creating:

Below are some of the
limitation/ drawbacks of third dimension thinking.
All this stuff stands between you/me/us and
successfully creating what we intend.  

When we create from third dimension thinking,
here are some of the limitations
we automatically add to the creation matrix:    

***   Our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, conditioning, habits, likes,
         dislikes, expectations and everything else we think we are.  

***  The false stories we learned as a young child
          that we never took the time to correct.   

***   All your negative emotions -- fear, anger, jealousy, et cetera.  

***  Everything our parents, our school teachers, our religion,
         the laws, rules and habits of our society has taught us. 

***   Everything we learned from our cultural conditioning.  

***  The state of being we brought in from our past lives.  

***    Genetic make up from our parents.   

***  What we believe is possible.  What we believe is impossible.  
         What we believe is inevitable.   What we believe can't be any other way.

***   What we thought we observed in the external world.  
         Our interpretation of what we've observed in the external world.

***   Our automatic reactions to external things, situations, and events.

***   Everything you say you want but don't have.  
                  Wanting is the state of not having.  
                  Wanting safety keeps safety away.  
                  Wanting to be in control keeps us out of control.   
                  Wanting approval pushes approval away.  

***   Our heath and the physical condition of our body, our age,
         our gender, our race, our religion, our wants, our fears,
         and our desires.

***   Our false beliefs in Newtonian world - the world made of matter.  

***   What we are resisting, wanting, fearing, and trying to control.   

***   Whomever we are trying to please.

***   All the stuff that's going on in the world around us.

And then on top of all that, 
we live in a society controlled by Cabal Criminals
who lie to us about almost everything.  

Our personal interpretation of the above limitations
negatively influence the creation process. 

In order to successfully and intentionally create
while thinking in third dimension mentality,
we  must overcome all the above stuff.   

Fifth  Dimension

     Quantum Consciousness Creating:

Understand that you, me, I, we are NOT our physical body.  
We are NOT our personality (our ego).  
We are NOT our job.  
We are NOT inherently evil sinners.  
We are NOT separate from God, separate from nature,
or separate from each other.   

We are infinite, eternal, divine beings
having a human experience.  
We let go of everything that is not pure essence and
simply declare our intentions.  

What we soon notice is that the new,
the unexpected and the unusual show up.      






F. A. Questions


Q      Why was I born into such a dysfunctional family and
          into such a dysfunctional society?      

A      Two possible answers are:  
*   So that you can learn to transcend those dysfunctions within yourself. 

*   So that once you are out, you will be compassionate and understanding
of those who still are
where you were.  






Holographic Beings 


According to science, the universe appears to be
a giant, three-dimensional  make-believe, self-directed dream.  
The evidence indicates that the dream has the following characteristics:    

***  The Basic Truth:  
             Human beings are NOT their physical Bodies.  Humans
           are eternal, non-physical beings.   Each and every human
           is an individuated unit of God-Consciousness

           in a vast sea of consciousness
           that we call Source/ Creator/ God.

***  Dream Format
            Three dimensional,  solid/liquid/gas,  holographic  illusion

***  Life is Based Upon 

***  Main Element Players ...
            Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen

***  Direct Energy Source .....
            Star / Sun

***  Dimensional Status 
            In transition from 3rd dimension to 5th dimension.

***  Feeling Levels  
            Kohld-Priki  (Feel Bad) 66%  +/- 10%    
            Fahzoom (feel God) 33% +/- 10 %

***  Transition Direction   
            Kohld-Priki to Fahzoom

***  Planetary Status    
.   Unbridled free-will and forgetting your
           divine nature upon entering Earth-live are both
           unique to planet Earth.

***  Game Structure    
            Duality  -- win/lose,  good/bad,   me/you,   us/ them, et cetera.

***  Cost to Players  
            When entering Earth-life, players must leave their memories
             at the door.  

***  Entry Door  
            Fluid with jump-starts permitted. 

***  Primary Challenge    
            To wake up while still inside the Earth-life dream.

***  Main Danger   
            Players risk getting stuck on the wheel of karma and having
            to return to Earth life numerous times in order to clean up
           one's own self-created messes.

***  Content    
            Player-generated.    All experiences are created by
            those involved.

***  Player Freedom   
            Unlimited free choice.  

***  Pre-requisite skills required to participate    

***  Back up Control      
            Galactic Federation. 

***  Main Challenge  
            Overcoming illusions.

***  Primary Illusions     
            Separation, Victim Consciousness, Scarcity, and
            Violence Solves problems.

***  Second Prime Goal   
            To create a physical playground (Earth as a Garden of Eden) 
            for God-Beings to experience themselves  in a unique reality.  

***  Keys to Success    
            Llove, caring, compassion, forgiveness,
            cooperation, and mutual support
           are the keys to success. 

***  Anticipated Outcome    
            Players become aware that duality is two halves
           of the same thing.

***  Anticipated Transition Time to the 5th Dimension 
         (in Earth years)
            Ten to twenty years.  

***  Fast-track transition start time    
            Circa 2003.   

***  External Assistance    

***  Assistance Format   
            E.T.s and beings from the 5th dimension.

You and I are players in this game.   When we entered Earth-life we were required to forget who and what we are.   For eons, our perspective has been from the confines of a consciousness-deadening physical body stuck on a speck of dust called planet Earth amid countless stars, galaxies, and universes.  

That stuckness sounds pretty dreary until you realize that we are no longer confined in the prison of three-dimensional reality.   How did we get out? We realized that life is not what we've been led to believe by those who claim to know.   We realized that we are each major players in a cosmic-level game called "Life on Planet Earth,"   We realized that we are each an individuated unit of consciousness in a vast sea of consciousness that we call Source/ Creator/ God.

This theory is supported by overwhelming evidence and by billions of 5th dimension beings who know this to be their personal-reality.   They say it's the context in which they live their lives.  

If you apply the Hermetic Principle called Correspondence("As above so below.   As within so without.") to the vision of a holographic universe, you will see some startling differences.   Here's the biggest difference:  

You, I, everyone, and everything else are each small, holographic pieces of the grand holograph that we call Source/Creator/God.   In this reality, you and I are God Beings.   We're all God Beings - God Beings temporarily residing in a holographic, collectively-created illusion that we call the physical universe.

This points us to the conclusion that to find God, to know God, to experience God, we simply go inside of ourselves.   God is inside of us.   We are inside of God.   We are all Gods.   The main distinction among us is that some of us know the truth and some of us don't.  

Jesus was right!   We are Gods!   We are co-creators with Source/ Creator/ God.

***** If you and I are mini-versions of God, then so is everybody else!  

Science, Religion, and Universal Spirituality are all telling us the same thing.   We Are God Beings in Physical Form.   

As awakened 4th graders, we no longer look down and belittle third graders for being what we were just a while ago. 

We are both inside and outside at the same time.   How can that be?   What does that mean?   Does it mean that everything is inside of itself?   Does it mean that inside and outside are one and  the same thing.   Does  it mean that duality is part of a single unity?  Does it mean . . .   Does it mean . . .  

What Does It Mean?   

In case your are getting confused by these weird ideas, this is 5th-Dimension  thinking.   To those who live there, it's not weird.   It's the nature of the 5th Dimension.   It's just the way things are in that reality.   

Apparently, when we step outside of three dimension thinking, reality functions on a very different set of principles - principles that don't fit into Newtonian physics, but do fit inside of Universal Spirituality.   (This is, not only my personal experience, thousands of others tell us that this is their story, too.)

One way to see/witness That Which Is Inside of You is to recognize that you are always looking into a mirror.   Everything you see out there, in the external physical world is only a reflection of what's inside of you.   You might also notice that you are inside of everything that you see "out there" in the physical world.  

You are at the center of a self-created universe that exists inside of a collectively-created universe.   Our collectively-created universe is content in the context we call Source/Creator/God.   The collectively-created universe is the context within which you created your personal universe.   Here it is in hierarchical foremat:     

               Physical and Non-Physical Reality 
                    Our Collectively-Created Universe   
                          Our Personally-Created Universe   
                              Our day-to-day lives  
                                 Whatever we do in every moment of our lives 
                                       Then one day we wake and realize
                                              I Am a God - I am a God-Being  in physical form.  
                                                  "Anything that Jesus did, I can do and more."


In the holographic universe, humans are made in the likeness of God.   We say that humans express the Nature of God -- that our behavioral capacity is a mini-version of the behavioral capacity of Source/Creator/God.  The evidence indicates that our capacity to be God-like is directly proportional to our level of understanding of the Nature of Reality.  

In the Christian Bible version of the universe, man is made in the image of God.   In the Christian version, God looks like a man.  God is a super-human-being who lives in the sky.  In this version of reality, God has all the power and all the control.

In the evidence-based version, when we say "image,"  we are not referring to God's physical form, because everything Is Source/ Creator/ God.   No matter in what form something/anything is in, it's part of the single, unified whole we call God.   We refer to this concept as God Consciousness.   We are:  images - pieces - sparks - individuated holographs of God.  

In the evidence-based version of the universe, we are all God Beings, and we all have power to create, orchestrate, and experience life as we choose it to be.    Wow!  

You and I, and everyone else, are all intimate, integral individuations of Source/Creator/God.   "We are not human being having a spiritual e

There is no such thing as separation.    Separation is simply one possible way to reverse-view the holograph we call human life.   (A holograph is visual structure in which each piece contains the whole thing.)  

We are each God-Beings who are temporarily playing the game called "Human Being on Earth."   You and I, and each and every one of us is a piece, a spark, an aspect, a three dimensional holograph of God.   We are each gods in physical form.   The more conscious we are, the more god-like our life becomes.

From this Moment Forward, Be and Say

"I Am a Holograph of God."  

"I Am a Spark of God" 


A word to the wise is in order.    We're just learning/remembering who we are.   For some, that may take more than just a while.   Even for the most aware among us, the transition will take a considerable amount of time.  Our human bodies require integration time to catch up with our consciousness.   That, too, is a factor calling for patience.

So, kick back, relax, and breath consciously.   We're still young children in the eyes of those who created our world.   We'd be wise to view ourselves from that same perspective.  

A piece of everything in the entire universe is within you and within me.   Humans are mini-version of the creative power of God.  

Is this true? 
The evidence gives us the answer.   
That answer is a clear and obvious  YES! 
Unless, of course, you're still stuck in Newtonian-only thinking ? ? ? 
If you think third grade was fun, just stay there and do it all over again.







. .
      Humans Are 
                    God- Beings



We live in Source/ Creator/ God's
Holographic Universe





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Notes and References


Editor's Note What you'll read on this web page is NOT new.  
It's as old as human history itself.   
What's happening today is that we, the collective we,
are becoming aware of
the true nature of who and what we are
where we find ourselves

Dianne and Alan Collins have described this concept in a format that is, by far, the best description that this author has found anywhere in 40 years of study.   

We recommend that you both read this page on our website and
experience their audio version of this concept on their website.  
You can find them at:  

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Star Trek's Holograph

As you probably know, the Star Trek Series is based upon channeled data.   We recommend that you view one of the YouTube segments about the Star Trek artificial universe called the Holodeck.    Its an excellent representation of a holographic reality:   
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