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The Truth About

The Nature of Reality

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Transcript of Interview #1

What's  Real?    What  Isn't?





Page Summary


Here's What Is Real:  

You are much more than a  physical body.  
You and I and everyone else, are
all part of a Single, Unified Whole.   

We are each
Eternal   (timeless)  
Invisible   (to the human eyes)
 (mobile / alive)
Spiritual  God-Beings
experiencing the illusion called
physical reality.  

We are each having a
Human experience in a   
Physical/Holographic body
Here on Earth in a 
Holographic Universe     


Here's What IS NOT Real:  

Just about everything you've been taught.  

Life is not what you've been led to believe it is
by those who claim to know.  

The only thing between
you and knowing yourself as an intimate integrated
aspect, piece, spark of Source/Creator/God-Goddess
are your false beliefs about who and what you are.  

Once you see the external world
from the new, multi-dimensional perspective,
your life will improve dramatically. 


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Introductory  Section


Q      Robert, you've spent years studying all kinds of things that relate to The Nature of Reality.   Introduce us to this topic.

If you have a month to listen, I'll tell you the few small parts of the story that we now know.   Since we only have a few minutes, I'll give you the most important highlights.   

There are four vital pieces of information regarding The Nature of Reality that are completely missing from the mainstream media and missing from the awareness of the general public.  

My goal and the work of the TLC-Life-Center Team is to bring awareness of these missing pieces of vitally important information to the attention of everyone, particularly to the American people.  

Q      Are you trying to save the world?   

Definitely not.    The world is in perfect, divine right order exactly as it is right now.   Source/Creator/God-Goddess is taking care of the world in ways that we simply do not understand.   The best thing I can do in this area is to get out of the way.  

Q      Then, what are you doing?   

My jobs are first, to teach people to remember who and what they are, and second, to explain the context in which we find ourselves.  

Q      What context are we in?   

We live in a Holographic Universe.   Control of the holograph has been hijacked by genetically altered humans whose physiological nature is that of a criminal psychopath.   Our job is to free ourselves.  

Q      How?  

By remembering that:
***   What we call real is actually a holographic illusion.    
***    We are each living in our own self-created holograph,
          a holograph  that is intertwined with
          the collective holograph of all humanity. 
***   The holograph gives us an observer-created reality.  

Our job is to remember that external changes are made by making changes inside of ourselves.   When we do that, the external world will automatically change to match our dominant thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions.   

Q      What's in it for you?

My personal intention is to fill my own cup so that I can then experience the great joys of bringing light and Llove to others.    I also have to walk my own talk.   If I don't first transform my own life from a struggle to a joy, how can I possible teach others to change theirs?

Perhaps you've not yet tuned into the fact that altruism (helping others) is the most selfish activity I can possibly engage in.    

Q      Would you explain that please?   

Certainly.   This is simply how the universe works.   What I do for you, I do for me.   What I do to you, I do to me.   Stated another way:   What goes around comes around.    What we put out to the world comes back to us multifold.

You've undoubtedly heard the Biblical passage, "It is better to give than to receive."  

Q      Yes.   

That's true because we are all part of a huge single, unified interdependent, mutually supporting whole.   

Q      That's like saying the left hand washes the right hand
         while right hand washes the left.

Good.   Now that we understand that we all function in what we consider to be our own self interest, we can set aside our judgments of each other and proceed with discussing The Nature of Reality.      

Let me begin by saying that everything I'll tell you today is also explained in considerable detail on one or more of the TLC-Life-Center's websites.   What I'll tell you and everything on our websites is based upon the evidence I've found in 45 years of study, research, and personal experience.   


Q      How do we  find your websites?  

Go to www.TLC333.com.     That website will take you to the most important and most relevant thing we need to know at this time.   It will also link you to a huge amount of supporting evidence.    








Interview Content


Q      Give us a brief overview of what you mean by
         "The Nature of Reality."   
         From your perspective, tell us what's real and what isn't. 

The Nature of Reality is about learning/remembering who we are,  what we are,  how we function, and how we relate to the context in which  we find ourselves.

Q      What's the bottom line? 
         What's the most probable theory about The Nature of Reality

You are much more than a  physical body.  
You and I and everyone else, are
all part of a Single, Unified Whole.   

We are each
Eternal   (timeless)  
Invisible   (to the human eyes)
 (mobile / alive)
Spiritual  God-Beings
experiencing the illusion called
physical reality.  

We are each having a
Human experience in a   
Physical/Holographic body
Here on Earth in a 
Holographic Universe     


Our individual consciousness functions within the context of human collective consciousness.   Our Holographic experiences are all observer-created  and  observer controlled

We have been tricked into believing a huge number of lies by a highly sophisticated network of Cabal Banking Criminals.   Their goal is to manipulate our behavior by lying to us about almost everything.  

Q      Tell me more about lies
         and how they are used  to control us.  

***   Our beliefs about human history has been edited
         to distort the truth about who and what we are.  
***   Pieces of truth about just about everything  
        have been removed and replaced by lies.  
***   And many aspects of the truth have simply been
        left out completely.  

(Check the list of lies, silent deceptions, and  illusions.)

Our so-called leaders are actually our controllers.   They've tricked us into believing lies that restrict our ability to take care of ourselves and cooperate with each other.  

Q      Can you give us an example?   

Certainly.   Here's the top four lies: 

1)   The lie that says
humans are separate from Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess,
separate from Nature / Sacred Mother Earth  and
separate from their fellow humans.  

The truth is that we are all part of a single unified whole.

2)  The lie called scarcity.  
There is not enough for everybody.  
If I am to have, others must do without.

The truth is that we are eternal divine beings
who are great creators.  
We have the power to create anything we choose to create. 

3)   The lie that says 
violence solves problems.  
He that can produce the most powerful destruction wins.     

The truth is that violence DOES NOT solve problems.  
It creates them.   

4)   This lie states that:  
Human beings are powerless and are at the effect of
all those things he/she experience that he/she perceives to come from some place outside of him or her self.  
It's part of the lie that says that
those things and situations that a human experiences
were created by something or someone
other than themselves.    

The Truth Is:  
That to believe this lie, we have to forget who and what we are.  It's a denial of our power  to create by thought.   Again, here is who and what you are: 

You are much more than a  physical body.  
You and I and everyone else, are
all part of a Single, Unified Whole.   

We are each
Eternal   (timeless)  
Invisible   (to the human eyes)
 (mobile / alive)
Spiritual  God-Beings
experiencing the illusion called
physical reality.  

We are each having a
Human experience in a   
Physical/Holographic body
Here on Earth in a 
Holographic Universe     


Q      I've heard about that.   

Most people have, and very few actually relate to it.   

Q      Why is that?   

Because freedom comes with a price.   That price is responsibility.  

Q      Responsibility for what?   

We are each responsible for everything we experience.   Even when we think we are victims, we are still responsible.  Before we incarnated into human form we chose all the major events in our lives.   We are free to change our experiences, however, most of us don't yet remember how to manifest consciously and by intention.  

How to do that is part of of the material we will share with you.   And. . . You must do the doing.   We can guide you and coach you, but each one of us must play his or her own game.  

Q      Game?  Is this some kind of game?   

Yes!   Life is a game.  You are an eternal, non-physical, divine being having a human experience.   You're here to experience physical life.   In the long term, you cannot lose, so don't be so damned serious.  Relax.  Slow down.  Learn to play.   Learn the rules of the game. 

Q      Rules?  What rules?                                The Rules of Reality 

Every game, every project, every activity, every part of life functions according to a set of procedures that must be followed in order to succeed.   Your body has rules you must follow in order to stay alive.  You must eat food, sleep, and engage in dozens of other activities.   Let me summarize The Rules of Reality for you.  

Who and What You Are:  
First, understand that you are an eternal, non-physical,
divine being having a human experience in a physical body. 

Second, understand that you are intimately
interconnected with    and an integrated part    of everything,
including Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess, Nature, and your fellow humans.  

Most people think of Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
as something "out there somewhere" separate from themselves.  
The exact opposite is true.  
You are inside of God.   God is inside of you.      

Q      How can we be inside of something that is inside of us?   

The Grand Unified Whole:  
Because everything is a single, unified field of non-physical consciousness.   There is no such thing as separation.   Separation is a third-dimension illusion.     

The Context You Are In:
Third, understand the Context You Are In.  
We are living in Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
Holographic Universe.  
The rules of reality in a holograph are dramatically different
from what we are taught about life on earth
by those who claim to know.  

Although you are an eternal, non-physical being,
you are presently living in and/or attached to
a human physical body.  
Most people still believe that they are their physical body.  

Your Memory Blocks: 
In order to enter a physical human body,
we had to agree to forget everything we know.  
We came here knowing only that we exist and
that we are in a physical body. 

With rare exceptions:  
We do not remember  who or what you are .  
We do not remember where we
came from.  
We do not know why we are here.  
We do not know where we are going when we leave.  

Q      Is it possible to know these things?   

Yes.   This part of the Cosmic Transformation.  
I'll get to that soon.   Before we go there,
let me continue with the basic rules for living a successful life.

Q      Ok.   

The Law of Thought:  
Thought is KING!   Thought is First Creator.  
In Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's Holographic Universe
thought is the first cause of everything we experience.  
Thought rules in a holographic universe.  

"In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God."  

"Where thought goes, the energy of creation flows."  

Beliefs, attitudes, and expectations are forms of thought.  
The same is true regarding  
what we accept into our lives
what we reject and/or push out of our lives.  
Each of these aspects of thought controsl and alters
our thought-creation power.

Emotions (desire and  repulsion)  are our access to
the powers of creation.  

Thoughts accompanied by strong emotion
are powerful creators.  

High vibration emotions such as Llove, Compassion,
Appreciation, et cetera  are strong creators.

Low vibration emotions such as
Fear, anger, sadness, et cetera are also strong creators.  

Thoughts accompanied by little or no emotion
have little or no creation power.  

The Law of Intentional Creation:  
In this holographic universe,
the law of thought is always turned on.  
We are in the act of creating in every moment, all day long.  
Our power as creators is only turned off when we are asleep.  
Our thoughts create our reality.   

Most people create by accident, happenstance and default.  
However, we  can use thoughts and emotions
to intentionally create anything we choose.  

Twelve Primary Gifts from Source/ Creator/God-Goddess: 
Humans have been blessed with twelve major gifts
from  Source/ Creator/God-Goddess.  

Creator gave us our existence.

      The capacity to experience
      the multiple dimensions of reality.

      The capacity to Llove and be Lloved.

      The Ability to turn thoughts
      into physical things and physical experiences.   

      An infinite supply of anything and everything.

      Our emotions are
            our  24/7 contact with our Soul-Self. 
     Our feel good feelings  and our feel-bad feeling are
            yes or no answers to everything,
            even when we don't intentionally ask.  
     Emotions are our access to
            the power that moves creation. 

      Freedom from being controlled by
      something other than your own thoughts.

Free Will: 
      The capacity to be, do, have, express,
      and experience our beingness
      in any way we choose.  

      Our five senses   
      The ability to experience physical reality. 

Each Other: 
      Companionship and mutual support.    

Sensuality / Sexuality: 
      The physical expressions of Llove.

Consciousness Expanding Substances: 
      These are the training wheels
            on our"spiritual bicycle."  
      Our pathway is to a destination
            called cosmic consciousness.
      We can walk or we can ride God's bicycle.    

Q      What about all the rules and restrictions
         we hear from religious leaders?   

Most of that is designed to control the people.   There was, however, one overriding, all-encompassing rule that came with these gifts.

Q         What's that rule?   

Thou Shall NOT Violate!  
Humans call this a moral value.  
Thou Shall NOT Violate Another Human Being!  

Thou shall NOT interfere
      with another person's
            Source/Creator/ God-Geddess-granted right
                  to be, do, have, express or experience

                        whatever he or she chooses.     

It's called The Law of Allowing.  
Breaking this rule creates consequences
for the person who breaks the rule.     

Q      Learning all that sounds like a tall order.  
How do we do it?   Where do we begin?  

There are thirteen major aspects of reality referred to in the above  statement about who and what you are.   If you want to live in freedom, if you want to live in a joy-filled world, you must grok all thirteen of them.  

What we'll do today is examine each piece separately, and then put them all together.  

With this understanding of who you are, what your are, and where you are,  your relationship to everything on Earth will change dramatically.   For example, worshiping an external God will become obsolete.  

Q      It sounds like you are challenging religion and particularly Christian theology. 

We are not challenging anything.   We are simply bringing your attention to information that has, until recently, almost completely ignored. 

Q         Like what?  

Like the fact that, as the Christian Bible says, we (humans) are inside of God.   

Like the fact that the teachings of Jesus and
the basic principles of universal consciousness
are identical?  

Like the fact that, according to God as stated in the Christian Bible,  life is in the spirit and not in the body and that human life (life on Earth in a physical body) begins with first breath.   Life, every life is eternal.   At birth and at death, we simply change form.

            Genesis 2:7     Ecclesiastes 11:5  and   John 33:4  

Everything on Earth, including Christianity, has been severely distorted by those who, for centuries, have, from behind a curtain of secrecy, controlled what the Catholic Church teaches.     

Q      OK, back to the nature of reality.    

Let me begin by saying that, in technical terms, we are still speculating about The Nature of Reality, but in practical terms, we can talk in considerable detail about what we are experiencing and what that tells us about The Nature of Reality.  

Q      How do you do that?   

In two ways, first by focusing on what the overwhelming circumstantial and experiential evidence tells us.   Second, by understanding ourselves, we get a much bigger picture of the Nature or Reality.  

Q      What do we have to do with The Nature of Reality?    

We are co-creators of our personal and collective realities.   We are each a part of, an aspect of, a piece of, a holographic representation of Source/ Creator/ God.

The most delightful part of examining The Nature of Reality is discovering who and what we are.   We call it Grand Truth

It's also about discovering how to consciously and intentionally relate to both the visible and the invisible aspects of the reality that we find ourselves in.   

Q     Are you implying that there's more than one reality? 

Definitely!   Many more.   More than you can ever count, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.  

Studying The Nature of Reality is examining how everything relates to and is an integral part of everything else.  

Q      Why bother studying?    Don't we already know the truth?   

Unfortunately no.   We actually know almost nothing about almost everything.   Our goal is to experience who and what we are while living in our physical bodies

Our goal is not to get heaven or anywhere else.   Our goal is to bring Our Complete Soul-Selves into our physical bodies while staying in our physical bodies on planet Earth.    In order to do that we must understand that we live in a holographic universe.

Q      Where  and how did you acquire the capacity
         to do what you are now doing?

From over forty-four years of study and experience  --  from extensive personal experiences  --  from reading/hearing reports and stories about what hundreds of thousands of other people have experienced.  

By seriously and intensely studying the work of  people like Bruce Lipton Greg Braden, Ralph Ring Chris Thomas,  Dr. John Hagelin, and  Dolores Cannon. and from dozens of reports brought to our attention by listings in the Galactic Connection Blog.   

My studies have included religion, Universal Spirituality, philosophy, economics, sociology, science, and  huge doses of common sense and deductive reasoning   --    

Here's the bottom line of what I have discovered: 

Life is not what we've been
led to believe it is by those who claim to know!

You, I, and everybody else have been (and still are) making critical, irreversible, life-altering decisions based upon false, incomplete, and/or intentionally deceptive information.  

For example, almost all human social activity is based on four fundamental lies.   These four lies are accepted as fact by the vast majority of humans.  The lies are:  
      1)   We are separate from God, nature and each other ,  
      2)   Scarcity - There's not enough for everybody,    
      3)   Violence solves problems.   
      4)   Victim consciousness - We have no control over our lives.

Fortunately we are waking up and re-connecting to the missing information.  

Q     What's causing the awakening?    

The changes going on all around us.   There are several major changes all occurring at the same time.   We are being carried along like leaves in a wind storm. 

Q      What kind of changes?

In the grand context, the entire universe is changing.   The vibratory rate of the Earth, itself, is speeding up   These changes are producing profound cosmic-level transformations in everything.   The Earth and a significant portion of the human population are raising their rate of vibration and moving into a new level of consciousness that we call the 5th dimension.  

Q      How do you know that's true?

This statement is based on several sources information  --  from the latest scientific evidence,  from the work of  people like Bruce Lipton Greg Braden, Ralph Ring Chris Thomas, Dr. John Hagelin, and  Dolores Cannon. and from dozens of reports brought to our attention by listings in the Galactic Connection Blog.    The Earth changes are also being supported by the Galactic Federation.

Q      What's the Galactic Federation?  

That's the name of the organization that oversees the cooperation and mutual support of the intelligent beings that share the universe with us.  

Q      So you are telling us that the Earth
         is not the only planet that has intelligent life?    

I'm not telling you that, the overwhelming evidence is.   The only people who continue to ignore the evidence are those still under the mind-control of those who control the planet.  

For a moment, ignore the hundreds of thousands of UFO sightings all around the planet, and just look at the thousands of artifacts and the thousands of structures that could not possible be created by our present human civilization.  

Add to that the number of stars in the universe is so huge we find it almost beyond our imagination.   Based upon that evidence, the odds of us being alone are so incredibly tiny that simple common sense answers to question, "Is there other intelligent life in the universe?"   

Q      OK, back to the changes.   

These cosmic-level changes are having a powerful effect on the entire human population.   I'm sure you are aware that our economic, political, religious, social, and environmental structure are all in the process of changing dramatically.   All these changes are carrying us along with them.   Whether  we like it or not, our lives are changing.

Q      What kind of changes are we experiencing?       

The most important change is that people are beginning to remember who and what they are.  

Q     How is that related to "The Nature of Reality?  

Think of Reality as a theory about what is.   Define Reality as what the evidence tell us is most likely the truth.  

Q      So, you're basing your conclusions regarding
         The Nature of Reality
on what the evidence tells us.  

Can you think of a better base?  

Q      No.  

Evidence-based reality is so vastly different from what we've been taught to believe, that when we first hear what the evidence tells us about who and what we are, most of us don't believe it.   

Q     Give us an example.     

I just did.   The universe is teaming with life.   Humans are one species of intelligent life among many.   Here's another major example.   For the past 300 years, science has been based on Newtonian Physics,   Newton, as brilliant as he was, was wrong.   The universe is not made of stuff.   It's made of energy. 

We are finally waking up from a bad dream

Grand Truth    Grand Truth  

We are becoming aware of grand truth that has been hidden from humanity for literally thousands of years.    

Q     That sounds both exciting and frightening at the same time.
         What is that grand truth?    


You are much more than a  physical body.  
You and I and everyone else, are
all part of a Single, Unified Whole.   

We are each
Eternal   (timeless)  
Invisible   (to the human eyes)
 (mobile / alive)
Spiritual  God-Beings
experiencing the illusion called
physical reality.  

We are each having a
Human experience in a   
Physical/Holographic body
Here on Earth in a 
Holographic Universe     


We are each  
***   a Piece,   a Part,   an Spark,   an Aspect,
        a Holograph image of
        Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.  

We are
***   Experiencing ourselves in physical bodies, 

We are  
***   Visitors from somewhere else, 

We are
***   God-Beings,  

We are     
***   Great Creators

Editor's Note:  
If you have just arrive at this point
in the interview transcript,
you are deep into the truth about
Who and What You Really Are.  

We invite you to read
the additional information below
about The Grand Truth.  
You are also invited to read
the transcript of our second interview
on this same topic.  

Take me to the beginning of this interview transcript.


Our individual consciousness functions
within the context of human collective consciousness.  
Our Holographic experiences are all
observer-created  and  observer controlled

We have been mind-manipulated and mind controlled
by a highly sophisticated network of
Cabal Banking Criminals
to believe numerous lies, silent deceptions, and  illusions.  

Your entire Earth-life is happening inside of a holographic universe that is controlled by lies, illusions, and mind-manipulation.

***   Much of the Evidence/ the Truth has been edited
         to alter its meaning.  
***   Pieces of truth have been
         removed and replaced by lies.  
***   And pieces of the truth have simply been
        left out completely.  

Q      That's a huge statement.   Now tell us what it means.

The bottom line here is that you and I and every other human being are god-beings in physical form.  

Q      You're telling me that I am a god?   I don't believe you.   

Do you believe in the Christian Bible.   

Q      Yes.  

How about Jesus?   If he said you were God would you believe him?   

Q      Umm . . .   

Let me help you answer that.   

Psalms 82:6  
"I have said, Ye [are] gods; and all of you [are] children of the most High. 

Luke 17:21 
"Behold, the kingdom of God is within you." 

John 10:34, 35   
"Jesus said to them, is it not so written in your law you are gods?   If he called them gods because the word of God was with them and the scripture cannot be broken."

Q      Are you basing all that you just  told me on the Christian Bible?

NO!   I'm showing you major pieces of evidence.   The evidence and the words of Jesus are a perfect match.  

By your own free will, you can interpret all of this in any way you choose.    You can continue to be a mind-controlled, wage-slave or you can wake up and realize who and what you are.  

So, tell me, are you a god-being in physical form? 

Q      Apparently I Am.  

Can we get real?   Either you are a God-being or your not.   Which is it?    

Long Pause. 

Q      I'm God in physical form?  

Another long Pause.  

Q       You just blew a huge hole in my perception  of reality.  
        The implication of that are mind boggling. 
        Give me a moment to recover.   

Yes, I know.      

Reference:  A fresh look into the Christian Bible.

Are you are  ready to look at the rest of the evidence?  

Q      Yes.  

The piece we want to focus on is how you fit into the holographic nature of reality, however we need to also make you aware of the other twelve parts.    Let's begin at the beginning.   Do you exist?   

Q         Yes, I exist.   

a -- b -- c -- d
I Am / We Are: 


How do you know you exist?   I see a human physical body sitting near me, but who are you?   What are you?   Are you the same "you" that you knew yesterday, last month, a year ago, and when your body was only  seven years old?    

Q      Yes.   At least that how I am experiencing myself.   

Did you arrive at your conclusion based on finding a consistent pattern?   Do you believe that the Universe has a source  ---  a creation mechanism of some kind?  

Q      The overwhelming evidence tells us that the answer to both of your questions is "yes."   

For clarity of this discussion, we'll call that Source by the name "Source/ Creator/ God.    Some people all this source "God."

Is Source/ Creator/ God visible?  

Q      No.   

If you can't see Source/ Creator/ God, then how do you know it exists.  

Q      Because my experience tells me so.  
         It's what the physical evidence points to, and
         it's the most logical conclusion we can come to.   

You are not your physical body.  You are also invisible and non-physical, so how do you know that you exist? 

Q      Because my experience (the evidence) tell me that I exist.  

The scientists are telling us that separation is an illusion, that everything is part of a single, unified whole.    That, along with our innate ability to create, point us to the conclusion that we are each an aspect, a part, a piece, an expression of,  and a holographic image of Source/ Creator/ God.  

I have one more question:  In relation to your physical body, where are you?  You're eyes see, your ears hear, your fingers touch, but where are you?   Where is the consciousness you call "Me?"   

Q      Ahh . . .   Ummm . . .   

You are NOT part of physical reality.   Physical reality is holographic illusion.   You are much more than your physical body.   You are an eternal, non-physical being having a human experience.     


When we say we are eternal that means that we are as eternal as Source/ Creator/ God, itself.   In other words, when our physical body dies, we don't cease to exist, we simply move back into our non-physical form.    In that form, we live outside of time and space.

Q     You mean like going to heaven or hell forever?    

No.   I simply mean we exist without our present physical bodies.   The heaven or hell bit is just a story the Roman Catholic church made up back in the days when  people believed that the Earth was flat.    


f -- g
Physical Body 
Human experience    

Q      OK, what's the next part?   

The Obvious.    We are each in a human body.   We live in a human body, but the overwhelming evidence tells us that we are not our physical bodies.  

Q      Christian theology teaches that we are.   

And the evidence tells us that we are not!   We are not our bodies.    We are eternal, non-physical, divine beings having a human experience.   We continue to exist after the body dies.    We cannot be both an eternal, non-physical being and, at the same time, be our physical body.   


Context/ Life on Earth:  

Q      What's the next part? 

The Context in which we find ourselves.   We've been told that Newtonian physics explains the nature of physical reality.    Here's the theory:  

1)   The universe functions like a huge machine,  
2)   The universe is made out of physical matter,    
3)   The universe is a single objective reality
       that we come along and experience,   and  
4)   In order to change things
       we must manipulate physical matter.

Newton, as brilliant as he was, was wrong.  

Q      Then, what is the physical universe made of?  

The Universe is made out of energy.   The energy is seen or experienced in terms of waves, vibrations, electrical impulses, mathematics, and holograms  It just appears to be physical.   Everything is made up of condensed energy, including your physical body.  

Mind-Controlled Prison      

Energy is controlled by consciousness.   All humans are a part of the controlling consciousness.   You control physical matter by way of your thinking.   Tricking you into denying your power as a great creator is part of The World's Greatest Con Game.  

Q      What con?     

We've been conned into believing that the universe is made of physical stuff, and we must manipulate some of that physical stuff if we intend to experience something that we are not presently experiencing.   That's not true.   Energy is controlled by consciousness.   Manipulating physical matter is secondary to and, always follows thought.    You cannot do anything without thinking it first.   

Q      So, where's the con?

Human life on Earth is controlled by a huge, semi-secret cartel of criminals known as the Cabal.   They control the human population by lies, false beliefs, and illusions.   They manipulate human consciousness by manipulating just about everything that we see, hear, taste, smell, or touch.   As a result, we create huge amounts of what they want and very little of what we want.   Their goal is to make human life on Earth as miserable as possible.   

Q      Is that why just about everything on the entire planet
         is broken, backwards, or completely screwed up?   


You got it. For our entire lives, we have been controlled by lies and illusions.  They even tried to take color out of the rainbow.

Q      Why have they focused on creating destruction
         and producing misery?  

My best guess is that they do as they do for three reasons.   The first reason is that many of super-wealthy humans are self-centered psychopaths who are completely lacking in empathy and compassion.   In every situation their only concern is, "What's in it for me?" 

Second is because many of them are addicted to making large amounts of money.   Are you aware that sorting cocaine and making large amounts of money both have the same effect on the human brain?        

Q      Are you saying that the super wealthy are drug addicts?  

Not all of them, of course, but many of them are.   Those who are usually express addictive behavior.  

Their drug is making money.   Making large amounts of money and snorting cocaine, both trigger nerve cells in the human brain to release large amounts of dopamine.   In technical terms, it's not the cocaine, itself, and it's not making money that actually creates the euphoric feelings.   It's the dopamine.   

Lots of other substances (marijuana, LSD, etc) and activities (cliff diving, sex, etc) also create euphoric feelings.  All of them cause nerve cells in the brain to release dopamine.  

Q       So, the money game here on earth is not about
         the money itself, its about the making of the money?  

Yes.   Some people snort cocaine to temporarily feel good.   Others make large amounts of money to temporarily feel good.

Do you remember the childhood game called Monopoly?   That game was introduced to humanity to program kids.    The goal was to get them to like playing with money.  

Q      Why?   What's so special about money?   

In terms of controlling the human population, lies and illusions about money are second only to lies and illusions about religion.    Money, when used in conjunction with the illusion of scarcity, is a major tool used to control the sleepwalking human population.  

On other planets in the Galactic Federation, the people understand The Nature of Reality.   They have no need for money.  

Q     A world without money!   How can that be?  

If you have the power to create anything you choose, and thus, live your life any way you choose it to be, there's no scarcity.    The belief is scarcity stimulates a person to collect things like money so he or she won't run out of life's requirements.  Scarcity is another illusion.  

When you understand The Nature of Reality, you'll see that there is an abundance of everything.   But, again, we're getting ahead of ourselves.

Q      Then tell us about the third reason
         why those who presently control the planet do as they do.


The third reason is that the Cabal. criminals are mind-controlled by the same entities/ beings that have manipulated the rest of us for our entire lives.   

Q      Who Controls them? 

Before I tell you, let me say that this aspect of reality is so bizarre that you most likely won't believe me.   

Q      Tell me anyway.

There are two major theories about who controls the Cabal criminals.  One is that humans are controlled by one or more off-planet species of beings that live in the 95% of the known universe that we call dark matter and dark energy.  

The second theory is that the controlling entities are human-created thinking thought forms that were originally created ages ago for the purpose of being servants of the humans that created them.   They somehow managed to free themselves for their positions as servants and eventually became the controllers of humanity.   They are inorganic beings.   They have no soul, no emotions, no compassion, no creative imagination.   Their existence is sustained by humans chanting specific rituals, by human sacrifice, and by keeping human as mind controlled slaves.     

In both of these theories, the controllers live off the low vibration energy released by a human body when the being living in that body experiences negative emotions like fear, anger, dread, loathing, and hatred.    

Q      Now, you're beginning to sound really bizarre. 
        Are you sure your not just making this up?  

I'm well aware of how unbelievable this sounds.   I'm offering you what the overwhelming evidence tells us.    I highly recommend that you do not believe me.   

Q      What?   Are you . . .    (interviewer is interrupted

I recommend that you don't disbelieve me either.   Examine the evidence for yourself.  

Here's how I deal with new and strange questionable information.   I hold it as a possibility (as a hypothesis).   Because I'm still lacking enough information to make a reasonably accurate assessment, I don't judge anything.   Nothing is good or bad.   Nothing is right or wrong.  

In my day to day life, I notice things around me and I pay attention to information coming to me.   I then ask, "Does what I'm seeing, hearing, witnessing or experiencing support (is it in alignment with)  my hypothesis, or does it refute (contradict ) my hypothesis?  

If you do this, you'll soon see a pattern showing up.   You'll begin to notice that things that previously made no sense fit into the possibilities that you are being shown here, today.    Soon or eventually, you'll come to your own conclusions.  

Another thing I might add is that those who control the human population are counting on you disbelieving everything I've told you.  

Q      Why?  

Because, like everyone else, you've been mind controlled.  

The Cabal criminal bankers tricked me into believing their lies
and I've been studying this stuff for years.  
So, they've probably tricked you too.  

Q      Tell me trick.  

You have been secretly, mentally programmed  
      not to believe anything that could
            make you to become aware of
                  the lies being told to you
                        by an extensive organization of
                                secret agents acting on orders from 
                                      the Cabal criminal bankers

When you see their lies,
      your new awareness 
            releases you out of
                  their invisible,
                       Mind-Controlled Prison.  

<><><>   <><><>  

Let me share more about holographic reality and then later, after you become aware of how seemingly bizarre and unrelated pieces of information fit together, you be your own judge.


Q      At the start of this interview, you said that there are
         five aspects to consider when examining the nature of reality.  
        We've discussed three parts.   What's the fourth?

When we say, "Divine Beings" this means that we are each a part of God Consciousness.   We are each a piece of, an aspect of, a spark of, and a holographic image of Source/Creator/God.   Like Source, itself, we have the power to create.   We are so powerful that we each literally create our own experiences here on Earth.

Do you recall this statement of Jesus? "Greater works than these, you shall do and more."  (John 14:2)   This is commonly paraphrased as,  "Anything I can do, you can do and more.   That's a statement spoken by a great creator.    We are also great creators.   

Q      In practical terms, what does that mean?    

It means, anything Jesus did, we (that's you and me) can also do.   We can do things he didn't do.   

Q     I don't believe that.  

That's why you can't do what he did.   When He healed the sick, Jesus said, "Your faith has made you whole."    Jesus was simply saying that the sick person healed himself by way of something that was/is not physical.   The person's non-physical belief changed his physical body.    

Q     Yes, I remember those passages, but I never made that connection before.   Let me see if I've got this right.  

What the churches teach about faith is that the believer must have faith in an external God - a God that is separate and distinct form the believer.   

And your saying that it was the believer's own, private, personal, internal faith that did the healing.  

Yes, you can say it that way.   Let me be more accurate.   The believer's faith changed an image in a holograph.   That new energy restructured the holograph to express a healthy body.   I know this sounds weird.   It will become clear as you learn more about how this reality functions.

That same process is still true today.   It's knowing who and what you are that allows you have and use your own power as a conscious creator.  

This power is a part of every one of us.    It's the innate, integral, absolute Nature of Reality.    It's who and what you are.

Both the Christian Bible and the evidence support the conclusion that you and I and everyone else are great creators.   


     Great Creators        GreatCreators

There's a trick we haven't gotten to you yet  -- 
a trick that will open the door and allow you to believe that

you, like Jesus, are a great creator.

Q    What kind of trick?     

Let me first address the issue of faith and then we'll get to the trick.    Do you believe that you have the power to change the images on your computer monitor screen?   

Q      Yes, of course, changing a picture is easy.   

Why do you say that?    

Q      Because what I see on the computer screen is not real. 
         It's just a two-dimensional image that exists
         only in the invisible intangible part of the computer system
         that we call cyberspace..  

Then, would you say that you have the faith required to change the image on your computer screen?  

Q     Yes, I have faith because I see the evidence.  

Would you believe me if I said you have this backwards?  

Q      What?  

You see the evidence because you have the faith.   It's your belief, it's your faith, it's you thought that comes first.     

Q      I still don't get it.    

This is the trick I just referred to.   This brings us to the fifth part of the statement.


Holographic Universe:  

You and I and everyone else are living in a holographic universe.      

Q      What's a holographic universe?   

This is the really exciting part.   When we understand our true nature, we can transform our personal lives any way we choose.   Anything that Jesus did, we can do and more!  

Now to answer your question.   A holograph is a multi-dimensional version of the two-dimensional image you see on your computer screen.   It's much grander.   It includes sight, sound, smell, taste, and physical sensations.   Even though we experience ourselves inside of it and even thought it appears real to all of our senses, a holograph is still only as real as the picture on your computer screen.  

This brings us to another critical distinction that most people simply do not see.    We are inside of our creation.    We are inside of our self- created holographic version of reality.  

Q      What does that mean?  

It means we are inside of Source/Creator/God.   It means that we are each a part of Source/Creator/God.  

Most people believe that they are separate form  S/C/God.  

They beg a God out-there-somewhere for blessings and benefits that they believe they don't have and wonder why God doesn't answer their prayers.  

Q     Wait a minute, slow down.   Are you saying that
        when I understand that I am inside God,
        I don't need to pray any more?  

No, I'm not saying that.   What I'm saying is to be successful, you must pray by declaring. what you intend to experience as if it were already manifested in your personal holograph.   You must put what you intend to experience into your holograph creation mechanism.    You do that by thought.


Q      How does that work?   

Within the context of life in a human body on planet Earth, we each create our personal experiences by our thought process.   This includes our beliefs, attitudes, likes, dislikes, intentions, expectations, words, actions, what we focus our attention on, and what we witness in our external world.   Our thoughts give directions to the Matrix of Infinite Possibilities. 

Our internal feeling that we call emotions play a major role in this process.   Thoughts accompanied by strong emotions have a greater impact on the universal energy than thoughts accompanied by little or no emotions.   

The result is that the Universe/Source/Creator/God acts like a giant multi-dimensional, multi-sense, photocopy machine and spits out into our holographic world a reflection of our dominant thoughts.    

Once we become aware that we live in a holograph and understand how a holograph works, you'll realize that we are each the creators our personal holograph.   We've also been co-creating our collective reality with our fellow Earth dwellers.

There are no victims, only unconscious creators.   Energy is controlled by consciousness.   You and I and everyone else are part of the controlling mechanism we call Source/Creator/God.

<11>       <11>

Q      Now I'm getting the picture.  

Jesus just helped the sick person to change his picture of reality.    Because everything in the universe is a holograph, Jesus didn't do anything physical.   The sick person believed that Jesus could heal him.   When the sick person touched Jesus, the belief (the faith) of the sick person altered that person's holographic self-image and that person's new belief (his faith) changed his holographic body image from sick to healthy.    The body automatically followed the belief and the person's body shifted into health.

This is the reason Jesus said,  "Your faith has made you whole.

Congratulation!   You got it.   The same principle is still true today.  When you examine the work of Dolores Cannon, you'll find that instant healing in not magic.   It's simply how life works in a holographic universe.   The magic, if there is any such thing, is in shifting one's consciousness.  


Q      And when we all change our holographic images
         at the same time, what will be the result?   

Waking up to who and what we are will actually move us from a world run by an incredibly corrupt cartel of Banking Criminals known as the Cabal into a world run by the people and for the people.   

You just groked the process Jesus used.   You and I and everyone else, can each do the same thing.   Changes are made by each of us inside of ourselves.  

   Q      This is indeed, a profound difference from
            what most people think of as reality.  
            Now I understand why people find this hard to believe.     

It's really quite simple when we approach this topic in small pieces.     Let me say this in a symbolic analogy.   

Q      OK.    

How do you climb a mountain?  

Q      Oh, I know that one,  one step at a time.  

How do you eat an elephant?  

Q      We don't eat elephants.  

This is symbolic, not literal.    How do you eat an elephant?  

Q      Let me see . . .   I got it!   One bite at a time.   

It's like learning anything else.   You just begin and each time you add a piece of new information, your understanding expands and then one day you have an "Ah haa" moment and all the seemingly unrelated pieces fit together and make sense.   

I suggest that you avoid making any judgments about what we've discussed here today.   Hold it as a possibility.


Q      I'm ready.   Where do we start? 

Our first job is to understand
who and what we are
and where we are.  
We are eternal,  non-physical, multi-dimensional, divine beings
having a human experience in a physical body
in a holographic universe.   

You probably know that already, but
if you are like I was, it's only head knowledge.  
Just be with this idea.  Hold it as a possibility.  

Sit quietly each day and have
an imaginary conversation with an angel.  
Ask the angel to tell you about what it's like to
live outside of a third dimension, physical body. 

Q      You talk about angels as if they were real.   

A      And you live your life as if they weren't real.       >


In our next session, we'll talk about this and I'll introduce you to several aspects of living in a holographic universe.    For now, just be with yourself as if you were a non-physical being.    

Q     Can you give us a hint, a preview of what we'll learn in the next interview.  

We'll talk about where we are.   We are on Earth, experiencing ourselves living in a physical body.   

I'll remind you that in order to incarnate on earth, we had to agree to forget who and what we are.  

We'll talk about the transformation of Sacred Mother Earth and most of the human on it.    We are all shifting into a different dimension.  You can also call it a different universe.   It's definitely  a different reality.    The new universe has five dimensions.   How things function in a five dimension universe is dramatically different from our present three dimension reality.  

We'll talk about  life  inside of a holograph.  

We'll talk about how to change and control our personal portion of the holograph.

Learning these steps takes time and effort.   Be patient and take in the information one piece at a time.

In the mean time, you are all encouraged to go to our website and in your own timing. familiarize yourself with your new reality.   You are:

A conscious, eternal,
ine being having a human experience in
a physical body on planet Earth in a holographic universe.

   Q      Tell us again how to find your website.

Our website address is   
T L C as in tender loving care.   w w w dot T L C 3 3 3 dot com.

<><><><><><>   <><><><><><>

End of Interview  #1  

The Nature of Reality<>








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