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Transcript of Interview #2

Living in a Holographic Universe







Page Summary


In this, our second interview, we'll discuss the basic "Facts of Life" about The Nature of Reality and then focus on Living in a Holographic Universe.    

When we learn the truth about The Nature or Reality and particularly about Who and What We Are, our lives will improve dramatically.  

I Am a living example of one who has experienced profound, positive changes as a result of understanding who and what I am

If you take the time to examine the evidence, and follow the few, simple steps suggested, you, too, will find your life becoming much more loving and joyful.   Be patient.   Remember, life flows a step at a time.  

We don't expect you to believe any of what is written below, however, we do expect that you are wise enough to examine the evidence.        .









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(o)>   Page Summary       

(o)>   The Facts of Life  
                  Regarding the Nature of Reality    

(o)>   Nature of Reality - An overview    

(o)>   Who Are We?   What Are we?  
                  Where are We?   Who is in control?     


(o)>   We Create While Working    
                  and Not by Working      

(o)>   Attracting Versus Creating          

(o)>   How Did We Get Here?         

(o)>   From Before Birth to Today        


(o)>   Parallel Evolution of Consciousness & Mind Control    

(o)>   Evolution of the Holograph      

(o)>   You Are the Source

(o)>   Connecting  to Your God-Self        

(o)>   Footnotes and References     .







The Facts of Life  
Regarding The Nature of Reality


Q      In our last interview, you gave us
         the grand tour of The Nature of Reality.  
         Please give us the basics again.    

Cosmic Holograph             Cosmic Holograph 

Everything we think of as real is actually a part of Source/ Creator/ God's non-physical, universal Cosmic Holograph.   Everything is made of energy.   Energy is controlled by consciousness.   Humans are part of the controlling consciousness.  

Although most of us don't yet know it,
      each and every one of us
            is a Great Creator
                  in Source/ Creator/God's
                        Cosmic Holograph

Source/ Creator/God is the sum total of everything.   Source/Creator/God is not physical.   She/He/It  is an energy being whose essence is creating by thought.   In order to experience Herself in physical form, Source/ Creator/God created the Cosmic Holograph that you and I are now experiencing.   She created everything out of Herself, including you.   You are a spark, a piece, a part, a holographic image of Source/ Creator/ God.  

You are the way by which Source/ Creator experiences Herself in physical form.   Everything you think of as real, is part of the Source/ Creator's non-physical Cosmic Holograph.  

We are the workers, the doers, the experiencers in Source/ Creator/ God's creation process.   We are flowers on Sacred Mother Earth's Tree of Life.   We are the hands of creation in Source/ Creator's Cosmic Holograph.  

Q      Give me a week and maybe I can grasp your message. 

Yes, I know.   If you're a new visitor to the Cosmic Transformation,     It's rather  overwhelming.   We'll take the time to examine this one piece at a time. 

                                   Robert Cote' hands the interviewer the list.  
                                 The list is included in

                                 the transcript of this interview.  
                                 Readers can find it on our Truth101.org website

In this list, you'll find the basic "Facts of Life" about The Nature of Reality.    We'll discuss how each piece plays a part in our lives.      

At this time, I'll just read the headings.   We'll go into the details later.  


The Basic Facts of Life
About The Nature of Reality
and Life in a Holographic Universe

We are eternal beings.  

***   When our body dies, we simply move back to
         our non-physical form.    
***   We are presently experiencing ourselves in a human body.  
***   We are NOT our physical bodies.   
***    Newtonian physics is wrong.   
          The Universe is NOT made out of physical matter.  

<><><>   <><><>

We are divine beings.      

***   We are each a part of God Consciousness.  
***   We are each a piece of, an aspect of, a spark of,
         and a holographic image of Source/Creator/God.  
***   Like Source, itself, we have the power to create. 

***   We each create our personal experiences
         by our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, expectations, et cetera.

<><><>   <><><>

The universe is made of energy.   

***   The universal energy is controlled by consciousness.   
***   You and I and everyone else are a part of
         that controlling consciousness.    
***   The physical universe is a holograph.      
***   The universe is teaming with life – most of that life is
         invisible to humans because it vibrates at frequencies
         that are not detectable by human senses.

<><><>   <><><>                       Invisible Prison      Invisible Prison

Humans live in an invisible prison.  
We are being manipulated and mind-controlled

***   Human life on planet Earth has been taken over by and
         is now controlled by a species of non-human beings whose
         home planet is in the invisible portion of the known universe
         that we call dark energy and dark matter. 

***   Life is not what we've been led to believe it is
         by those who claim to know.

***   Most human live in an invisible prison,
         a prison made of false beliefs, lies, and illusions.  

***   The prison owners control humans:    
          By presenting illusions as if they were real,    
          By lies,  
          By manipulation,    
          By fear,     
          By wars,   
          By violence,    
          By creating contexts like the anti-drug war
                  that induces crime,
          By false religious stories,  
          By financial lies,  
          By creating hardships, poverty, and starvation,  
          By money-manipulation,
          By altering and degrading the quality of our food,
          By drugs, and by so much more
                  that it staggers the imagination.    

***   We have been tricked into believing
         that we are separate from God,
         that we are separate form nature,
         and that we are separate from each other.  

***   We've also been tricked into believing:
          <>   That scarcity is real,
          <>   That violence solves problems, and.  
          <>   That we are powerless victims of
                   people, situations, circumstances, and
                   things outside of ourselves.   

***   Control of our godly power to create
         has been taken over by those who use us
         for their own gain and at our expense.    

***     Control is orchestrated by a highly evolved, sophisticated,  
          and deeply entrench network of genetically altered humans. 
          They control the U.S. government, the FederalReserve  
          the CIA, most national governments, and the world's
          major financial organization such as
          the World Bank and the IMF (International Monetary fund). 

***With few exceptions, the entire human population   
          has been controlled for several centuries by
          a highly sophisticated network of secret
          and semi-secret, criminal organizations.   

<><><>   <><><>

The men who control these organizations  
are the super-wealthy

***   They own and control almost everything
         of any significance on the entire planet.   

***   Today, these organizations, collectively, are known as
         "The Powers that Be" and as the "Cabal."   

***   Their most-well-known organization in the United States
        is the Federal Reserve.   

***   The Federal Reserve is a private, for-profit, cartel
         of Cabal criminal bankers.  
         It's a one of their primary tools for
         manipulation and control.  
         It's used to steal the wealth and
         to finance their criminal activities.  

***   The Federal Reserve took control of
         the United States monetary system in 1913.   It has been
         milking the public for money for over one hundred years

<><><>   <><><>

Snorting cocaine, making
large amounts of money are both addictive behaviors

***   Snorting cocaine and making large amounts of money
         both have the same effect on the human brain.  
         For the super-wealthy making money is an addiction.  

         Most, but not all of the Cabal criminals 
         are addicted to making money.  
         They are Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts.   

***   Not only are the cabal criminals
         Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts,
         they are mind-controlled by an off-planet species of beings
         who live in the 95% of the known universe
         that we call Dark Matter & Dark Energy.   

***   These beings feed on
         the energy radiated from low-vibration, negative ,
         human emotions, such as fear, anger, hatred, and the like. 

<><><>   <><><>

Humans are finally waking up
to the truth about who and what we are.       

***   We are also waking up to the truth about
         The Nature of Earth-plane Reality.   

<><><>   <><><>

The Cabal criminals are being slowly and
systematically removed from positions of power.   

***   Their network of criminal organizations
         is being exposed and either cleaned up or replaced.

***   Step one in taking back control of our lives,
         is to get rid of Federal Reserve
         and its debt-based money system.   

***   The Federal Reserve can very quickly and
          very easily be replaced by issuing
          Debt-Free Money Directly from the U.S. Treasury.   

***   If the transition process is done slowly and with discretion,
         the transition will be orderly and smooth,
         without chaos or major interruptions
         in our financial activities.  

***   Debt-Free-Money will solve every one of
         the nations 25 major financial problems 
         and it will render the Cabal Criminal bankers
         financially castrated, powerless, and obsolete.  

<><><>   <><><>

Q      The bit about making money and drugs
         is too weird to just let it roll by.    We need to clarify that now.  

OK.   Here's the evidence.    Snorting cocaine and making large amounts of money both have the same effect on the human brain.  

Making large amounts of money is an addictive behavior.    Most, but not all of the Cabal criminal bankers are addicted to making money.   They are Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts.   

Check the link in the transcript of this interview.   We have an entire website devoted to this topic.









Nature of Reality -- Overview


Q      You've given us an impressive list.  
         Where did you find all this information and
         how do you know that what you're telling us is true?     

I've been a student of self-awareness for over forty years, and full-time student/researcher/teacher/practitioner for the past 25 years.   Every statement in the above list is based upon verifiable evidence.  It's also in alignment with my internal sense of knowing.   

Q      What does that mean?

I've reached the level of self-mastery where I can, at will, converse directly with the part of my being that is not physical, the part we call our Soul-Selves.   Information comes to me in words, pictures, and/or feelings.  

You can do the same.     

Q      I can?  

Of course.   Like I explained in our first interview, everybody has the potential to do anything Jesus did and more.   And like acquiring any skill, there's a learning process.   You first must understand The Nature of Reality and who and what you are at the intellectual level.  

Q     Why the head knowledge?   

For two reasons.   First, everything begins with a thought.   The second reason is the believability factor.  This is the Secret Hidden inside the Secret.  

Q      What do you mean? 

Consciousness (beliefs, attitudes, expectations, etc.)  controls yours, mine, and everyone else's experiences here on Earth.   Thus, if we believe that we have no power, then we have no power!   That's what most people believe today.   

What most people don't yet know is that the exact opposite is also true.   If you believe that you possess the power of creation and you also know you are living in a holographic universe, you can do anything that Jesus did and more.   

Q     I'm beginning to get the picture.    

Once you've gotten your mind and your ego to stop denying your power, you must shift from head knowledge into heart-felt experiences.   

Q      How do I do that?

You begin practicing being a conscious creator.   Begin the process with tiny, easy creations.  

Q      Please give us an example.  

OK.   For example, say to yourself:  "Today, I intend to see a beautiful picture."   Then, notice that somewhere in your day you'll see something that you consider to be quite beautiful.   As another example, say to yourself, "Today, I'm going to learn something new."   Then, notice what you learned.    Here's a third example,   say to yourself,  "Today, I'm going to eat my favorite food."  Then, create it or obtain it, and eat it.  

Your job is 1)  to notice how all physical experiences are preceded by thoughts and 2) it's your own thoughts that determine what you experience.  

Q      But that means I have to do something.   I have to prepare the food.   That's not mental creation.   

Have you heard the old expression, "If you pray for potatoes, grab the hoe."   

Q      No.   What does that mean?  

It means that when you state an intention, and after you have mentally imagined it as if it were real, you take whatever steps feel right to you in each moment - steps that appear to move you toward your stated intention.  

Q     Do you mean I can't just sit on my couch and think and wish and pray?   

Sure you can, but only if your goal is failure.

The technique is to start with something easy to manifest.   You'll soon begin to experience your creative powers.   It just takes patience, commitment, and a lot of practice.   The most challenging part is learning to trust yourself.   

Q      Why do you say that?   

Because self-trust has been programmed out of you by the thousands-of-years-old, secret cartel of Cabal criminals.   For example, how many billions of humans are regularly told that they are separate from God and inherently evil sinners who must beg for favors from an angry fickle, vengeful, superhuman god who lives in the sky above the Earth and who murdered his own son as an act of love.   

It takes a huge amount of mind manipulation to get billions of people to buy that story.   The people who don't buy into this fairytale are ridiculed and put down by those who do.   To ridicule the educated is to be uneducated.   

Q     What do you mean?   

I mean that nobody is better or worse than anyone else.   We are all God-Beings from the most vile and most gullible to the non-physical Divine-Beings, such as Saint Germain, who have mastered the art of living in a holographic illusion.    To belittle another God-Being is simply not yet understanding The Nature of Reality.

Your job, at the moment, is to remember who and what you are.   

Q      How do I do that?   

Question everything.   Belittle nothing and no one.   Hold everything as a hypothesis, as a possibility.   Examine the evidence, until, in your own heart, you instantly know the difference between the truth and a lie.  

Q      In our last interview, you told us about the the trick
         that made our powers of creation possible.  
         Tell us again.   This time, fill in the details.  
         I want to become a great creator.    

You already are a great creator!   My job is to help you remember what you already know.    

Q     What do you mean?   I don't know anything about these things.   

Yes you do.   You've lived on Earth in a human body several times.   You don't remember that either.  Almost all of us have multitudes of Earth experiences.   

Q      Why don't we remember?   

Because we had to forget everything in order to incarnate on planet Earth.    That's just one more piece of information that we all must remember.     









Who Are We?  
            What Are We?
Where Are We?
                                    Who Is In Control?


Let me give you the big picture.   

Q      OK.   

Here's everything in one sentence:    

You and I and everyone else, are each eternal, divine beings having a human experience in a physical body, on Earth in a holographic universe. 

Q      In our first interview, you made us aware of the basic aspects of who and what we are   and  the nature of the reality we find ourselves in.   Let's hear them again please.      

We Are Eternal.   In other words, when our physical body dies, we don't cease to exist.   We simply move back into our non-physical form.   

We are Divine Beings
.   This means that we are each a part of God Consciousness.   We are each a piece of, an aspect of, a spark of, and a holographic image of Source/Creator/God.   Like Source, itself, we have the power to create.   We are so powerful that we each literally create our own experiences here on Earth.

We Are Experiencing Physical Life in Human Body.   We live in a human body, but the overwhelming evidence tells us that we are not our bodies.  

The Universe Is Made of Energy.   It's NOT made out of physical matter.  

Energy is controlled by Consciousness.   We live in a reality that is controlled by consciousness.   You and I are part of the controlling consciousness.  

We control physical matter by way of our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, likes, dislikes, judgments, expectations, words, and actions.   Our internal emotions access the power of creation.   The stronger the emotion, the greater the power.     

Our Controlling Consciousness Has Been Hijacked

Q      What does that mean?    

It means that human life on Earth is dominated and controlled by something or someone that is using humans with the same indifference to our desires as we are indifferent to the animals we use and kill with impunity.   Two name are commonly mentioned in this reference, Archons / Anunnaki.   These beings control a huge, semi-secret cartel of genetically altered, human, psychopathic criminals known as the Cabal.   Neither the Archons / Anunnaki nor the Cabal criminals can directly control what we create.  

They cannot stop or suppress our ability as creators.   They can't suppress our creativity.   Actually, they don't want to.   

Q      Why not?   If they stifled our imagination, we'd be much easier to control.  

Because the non-human beings need us to create for them.   Without us, they are dull, dead, mental-flat-landers with zero imagination, with zero creativity.   They have an ant-like single consciousness that knows only what every other one of them knows.  They are jealous, envious, and hate us for being what they can never be.  

They control the human population by manipulating human consciousness.   They control us by programming our minds with lies, false beliefs, and illusions.   They manipulate just about everything that we see, hear, taste, smell, or touch.   By manipulating our human consciousness, they cause us to create huge amounts of what they want and very little of what we want.  

Q      So, they fooled us by promoting lies
         like the universe is made of physical stuff?     

Yes, have you heard this one?   "Human beings are powerless, inherently evil sinners who must suffer in order to please a superhuman God who lives in the  sky."  

We live in a holographic universe.     

An ordinary, two dimension, holographic picture gives us as a very crude analogy. It's a three-dimensional image encoded on a two-dimensional surface.   If a conventional hologram were made on a glass plate and you broke the glass, each piece would contain an image of the whole picture.   Each piece would let you see the whole picture from its position in the original picture.

In the holographic universe we live in, the perception is not only visual, it's also sound, smell, taste, and touch, and we find ourselves to be inside of the hologram.  

The universe is made of energy.   Everything appears to be solid, but is actually made of condensed energy.   For example, when you burn a piece of wood, the energy is released into the form of light and heat.  

Q      You are telling me that we live in
         a multi-dimensional holograph.   
         This sounds far fetched and unbelievable.   

You're right.   From the Newtonian physics perspective (that the universe is made of physical matter) a holographic universe does, indeed, sound crazy.   However, when we examine the evidence, we find the theory of a holographic universe appears to be the reasonable-best-guess about The Nature of Our Present Reality.  

***   When you examine the circumstantial evidence and
***   When you examine the hundreds of things
         that don't make sense from present-day beliefs,
         but do make sense in the theory of a holographic universe, and
***   When you add  the experiences of thousands of people,
         it's hard to see any other possibilities.   

Perhaps the best way to introduce you to our holograph universe is to, first, give you a major piece of holographic reality and then second, to show you how you got into the reality that you are in right now.  

   Q      Ok, let's do that.    What's the major piece?









We Create While Working
And Not by Working


In a holographic reality, when you work to create something, it's not the physical activity that creates the intended manifestation, it's the thoughts and the beliefs you hold in your mind while you are working that create the holographic manifestation of your intention.   

The two main reasons that you need to work are, first, you do not yet understand that you are a great creator and that you can create without all the physical struggling.  

Second, the time delay between creation and manifestation, gives you time to undo your creation with negative thoughts like:  "It's so expansive."   "It's all but impossible."   "I can't do that."  

Working tends to support the reality of your creation.   It justifies the time delay, and helps derail the negative thinking. 

Q      How do we get  to  the point where we
         fully understand our creation capacity?

One step at a time.   The next phase in your remembering-who-and-what-you-are process, is to declare yourself to be an eternal, divine, multi-dimensional being of light having a human experience in a physical body on Earth in a holographic universe.   Begin seeing your reality as functioning under the new rules of reality.   Study the nature of a holograph because that's the context you are in. 

And in the process, remember that your physical activity is simply supporting your creation capacity by giving you something to keep your mind from undoing your intention during the delay time between creation and manifestation.

Q      So, you're saying that in our holographic universe,
        I have creation power, like God.

Yes.   The only things standing between you and your capacity to be a conscious Creator/God are your false beliefs about the nature of reality.  

Q      I'm not a creator. 
         Why not?   and   How do I become one?  

You already are a creator.   We all are.   You are not expressing your ability because the belief in your ability as a creator has been programmed out of you. 

Conscious and intentional thinking is the hallmark of a great creator.   You simply have to remember and then trust your capacity to create.   Declare yourself to be whomever you choose yourself to be.  

Feel it.   Imagine it.   See it in your mind's eye.   Declare it a hundred times a day.   Then walk it.   Walk your talk, one step at a time.  

In every moment, do what feels right in that moment and under the circumstances in which you find yourself.  

Source/Creator, in the form of synchronicity, will assist you in ways you simply cannot imagine.      But there's one other thing.   

Q      What's that?  

The reason you're not able to intentionally express your capacity as a creator is because you just declared that you don't have that ability.   I quote your words,  "I'm not a creator."  

Remember, you're living in a holograph that responds to your thoughts and to your beliefs.   When you state a belief, you are declaring what you say to be your reality.  

The result is that The Universe/ Source/ Creator/ God acts like a giant multi-dimensional, multi-sense, photocopy machine and spits out into your holographic world a reflection of your dominant thoughts.   

Q      So, the thing I was missing and the thing missing
         in most people's thoughts, prayers, and words is the fact that
         we are living inside of a holographic universe.  

Yes.   Your beliefs define what you experience.   In a holographic reality, you do not ask or pray for anything.   You declare it to be.   You think and speak as if whatever you are intending to create already exists in your present experiential reality.









Attracting Versus Creating


Q      Please tell us why the law of attraction so often doesn't work.    

Third-Dimension thinking:   

The traditional law of attraction is part of third dimensional thinking.   It implies that what we want is out there somewhere in the Newtonian, physical world made out of and filled with existing stuff.   Its proponents tell us that our job is to vibrate in harmony with what we desire and thereby attract it into our lives. 

Fifth Dimension Thinking:  

We live in a holographic universe.   Everything is made of energy.  We each create by our own personal variation of the collective holograph by our thinking process.  In this reality, we do NOT attract anything outside of ourselves, we create it internally.  

Q      How do we do that?   

We change the image of our personal holograph and our external world changes to match our internal image.  

Q      Is this why affirmations usually do not work?   

Yes.   When you use an affirmation, you seek something outside of yourself.   You hope and wish for what you want in your life.   When you want something, you don't have it.   Hoping, wishing, wanting, and the traditional format of prayer all imply that what we desire is outside of ourselves.   

Our job is to first understand the nature of reality.    We are eternal, non-physical creators, presently living in a holographic universe.   Everything in our world is made out of energy.   Energy is directed by our thinking process.   We no NOT attract.   We create.

This difference between creating and attracting becomes clear when we focus on the health of our physical bodies.   There is no healthy body out there somewhere that we attract.  

We go internally and change the holographic image of our physical body.   The holograph responds by producing a healthy holographic body.   Have you heard of instant healing?  

Q      Yes.   

Well now you know how it's done.









How Did We Get Here?


Let's look at some everyday illusions and see where they will take us.  

Q      What do you mean by everyday illusions?   

Here's an example.   Look over at the desk and notice that there is a computer system there.  Focus on the monitor.  

Become aware that the picture of a cat on the monitor screen is only a picture.   In and of itself, it has no reality.  It isn't a cat.  It's just a bunch of high-speed light-flashes on the monitor screen that your eyes take in and convert to bio-electronic signals that give our brains a visual illusion that we are seeing a cat.  

Q      So my internal response is to see a cat that's not really there.  

Precisely, and you add your own story about what you see.   The picture you see out there on the monitor screen will almost certainly inspire you to feel some internal emotions.  

Notice that the monitor is not in control.  It's the computer that instructs the monitor to show the image of the cat.   The monitor simply responds to the instructions it receives.  The computer creates and directs the image to show up on the computer monitor.   Also notice that the computer is not in control.   Whomever controls the computer by way of the keyboard and mouse is in charge.     

Q      I normally don't think of these steps.   I see the picture and think "cat."   

Seeing the cat as only an illusory image is a very minor piece of awareness about seeing what isn't real.   It's a first step toward understanding the nature of the reality we live in.

Look around you.   Become aware of the room you are in.   Notice that everything around you looks real.   All five senses tell you it's real, that is,  except f or the image of the cat on the monitor screen which you now consciously experience as an illusion.

Take a moment and focus on yourself.   Notice your body.   You are not your body.   What are you?   You are not your brain, your mind, your name, your personality, or your occupation.  

When you look into a mirror and see an image of yourself, who and what is the "Self" you are looking at?   When you tap your chest and say, "Me,"  who and what is the "Me" to which you refer?   

Tell me, who are you?  What are you?  Where did you come from?  Why are you here?   What happens to the "Me," to the "Self," when the body dies?  

Q      You don't really expect me to answer these questions, do you? 

No, but I do expect you to notice that the answers you've been given regarding these questions are a bunch of intentionally made up lies -- lies designed to control you behavior.  

Q      Is your intention to expose the lies?  

Yes.   We'll go into this in detail later.   For now, let's continue with the general overview.      

Have you noticed that you live outside of time?   The "Me" that you are conscious of today is the same "Me" that you knew ten, twenty, thirty or more years ago.   You may be wiser and your body may be older, but the inner being is the same.

Look around and notice all that stuff out there in the room.   None of it is you.   You say to yourself, "It's all out there and I'm in here." 

Now, become aware of something that is so obvious that perhaps you haven't noticed before.    You are inside of everything that is outside of you.     It's always that way.  No matter where you are, you always refer to where you are as here and everything outside of you is out there.     Notice that you are always at the center of the stuff you see out there.

You're probably like me.   I often wonder about myself, and I really don't have any clear answers other than to notice that I exist and that I'm conscious that I exist.   As the mystic say it, "I Am that I Am."   

For the sake of our experience today, I'll refer to each of us a "Basic Unit of Consciousness."   I'll call that a "Soul-Self."  

I'm going to show you  how you, as a B.U.o.C.  create your own versions of the room we are in just like the computer directs the monitor to show you an image of a cat. 

Q      Are you saying that
computer is to the cat image as
I am to the holographic image
that I am experiencing
right here, right now, in this room? 

Yes.   The cat image illusion is visual only, while what each of us is experiencing in our holograph universe is a multi-sensory illusion that is similar to  and expanded version of the cat image.  

Q       Is this room an illusion?

Yes, and let me add one more twist to this bizarre story.  

Q      And that is?  

Like the computer has a controller, your mind has a controller and that controller is actually in charge of a large portion of the holographic universe you are creating and experiencing.   

Q      How can that be?

The Annunaki/ Archons have taken control of the holograph we live in.   We are their mind-controlled slaves.   We do mostly what they want and only a small amount of what we want.   As you examine more of the evidence, this will become clear to you.

Walk with me along four different paths to here and now.    First, we'll travel from who you are as a conscious, non-physical Soul-Self through your birth, your growth, your conscious evolution into who you believe yourself to be, today.  

Next, we'll take a few minutes to follow the evolution of two related concepts, the growth of human consciousness and the refinement of the tools of domination and control.    

Then fourth, we'll follow evolution of the computer cat image into a multi-dimensional holograph with you in the center.  

When you see how these four aspects of reality intersect, hopefully you'll understand how they create the world as we see it today.  









From Before Birth to Today


Where do we start?   

With your birth.   I'll use the format of being born in the USA in a family of European descent.   I understand that your experience may vary because of cultural differences.   

I'll follow this path for three reasons, one, it's quite common, second it's the culture I know, and third, because the Cabal criminals know that if they can defeat or destroy this core, American base, they can control the entire world. 

Q      I'm ready.  

Sit quietly, close your eyes, and imagine that you are in your non-physical form, and you have decided to experience life on Earth in  human body.   In order to be born on Earth you had to agree to forget everything you know.  

Take a deep breath and allow yourself to relax.    Take a second deep breath and let go of any tense muscles.   Simply let go, as if you were taking a nap.   Direct your attention into who you are.  Feel yourself to be the internal, eternal, invisible energy being that we call a Basic Unit of Consciousness  (Your Soul).  

Imagine (internally see and feel) yourself to be a small, pink ball of light in the center of your heart  Let go of everything you believe yourself to be, today.   Let go of your present day physical self and bring everything you are into that small ball of light.   When you're ready, take the big jump into the world known a planet Earth.

You find yourself in a small warm place.   As your new body develops, you begin to hear noises.   Everything is warm and comfortable.   You don't yet know what warm and comfortable are, but you feel content right where you are.  

Suddenly, your world begins to shake.   The noises you hear become chaotic and louder than before.    You feel yourself being squeezed and pushed.   And you emerge from your mother's womb.  

You feel what's called cold.   If you are lucky, your father breathes your first breath into you.  If you are not so lucky, you get picked up by your feet, held upside down, and slapped on the butt.   The shock and the pain of the slap causes you to take your first breath and you begin to make noise.  

If you're not so lucky, the umbilical cord is immediately cut and you're taken away to some place and left by yourself.   If you're lucky, you're immediately place on your mother's belly while you are washed and the umbilici cord is cut and then moved up into your mother's arms and onto her chest.   

Over the next few days, you have fleeting memories of something, you don't know what, but otherwise, you are empty of consciousness.   The sensations around you begin to hold your attention within your new environment.  

In addition to sounds, you slowly become aware of the other four senses.   You begin to learn how to control the body in which you find yourself.   Behavior patterns begin to form.  You and mom are still one being.   After about a year and a half, you begin to notice that you are separate from mom.   Your reality (what you believe) is forming.  

You brain is functioning mostly in the theta-brain-wave-mental-state.   This mental state will be dominate for your first few years.  

You begin to create your perception of the world in which you find yourself.   Other people's beliefs become your beliefs.   You build your perception of reality from how you experience your parents, your siblings, and other humans and from the things you encounter.   Their illusions become your illusions.   Their beliefs become your beliefs.   Their religion becomes your religion.  

Then, you begin to notice that some of the things you are being told don't make any sense.   What the big people tell you to do, they often don't do.    They tell you false stories about things like Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny.   At first you believe them.   

Eventually, pieces of the truth break out and you begin asking tough questions like where do babies come from.   Usually, you get more lies or you get told, don't ask so many questions.  Just believe.  

Childhood responses vary from complete and total mindless acceptance of other people's illusions to total rejection, or something somewhere in between.   Your personality, your ego-self, continues to grow until you reach the point were you are today.    

While all the physical and belief changes occur, one thing stays the same, unchanged.  That is the I Am that I Am,   you,   the internal you,   that basic unit of consciousness    (Your Soul-Self).  










The Parallel Evolution of

Consciousness and Mind Control


Two additional factors need to be brought into our awareness, and that is the parallel evolution of human consciousness and mind control.  

Q      How do they relate to our discussion?  

They give us the context in which we can understand our holographic universe.    Remember, a context always dominates its content.

   Q      What does that mean?  

Understanding what a context is and how it functions is one of the basic tools of self-awareness.   Answering your question will take us way off target.   If you're really intent upon being a self-aware person, I suggest you study our website on context.   

Now to continue.   What I'm about to tell you about mind control is so far beyond traditional thinking that, at first, many of you will simply dismiss this as false. 

Q      Tell us any way.    

Humans live in an invisible prison.   The prison walls are NOT stone and steel, they are made of lies, illusions, and false beliefs.  

Q      How does that control us?  

A core aspect of mind control is the destruction of our-true-self-image.   Our true identity as Great Creators has been wiped out of our minds, and in its place, our minds were programmed with a set of false beliefs.  

The goal of those who control us is to make us feel separate from everything, separate from God, separate from nature, and separate from our fellow humans.   Their goal is to make us feel defective, ashamed, and worthless.  

Q      What kind of beliefs were put into our minds?  

Beliefs such as: "You are not good enough."   "There is something wrong with you."   "The more you suffer, the closer you are to God."

The fact that humans are eternal, divine beings with the creative powers of God is ignored and suppressed.   Even previously well respected Christian theology gives a false sense of reality.   It teaches its followers that humans are inherently evil sinners who are separate from God.  

Another aspect of control is to create as much stress as possible in the human population.   Create fear, anxiety, and anger.   Destroy everyone's peace of mind.   Promote separation.   Create arguments, fights, and wars.   Intentionally create financial boom and bust cycles.   Destroy human creativity.   Replace beauty with ugliness.   Withdraw money from the economy to intentionally create misery and poverty.   Peddle negative propaganda as if it were entertainment.   

Still another aspect is the intentional destruction of the environment.   And on and on and on.    Everything useful is destroyed, falsified or otherwise made dysfunctional.  

Q      That sounds like you are describing planet Earth today.   

I am, and it's much worse than we can even imagine.  

Q      Who is controlling us?

There are two theories about the nature of the beings that control us.    One theory is that humans are controlled by a species of beings who live in the 95% of the known universe that is invisible to human senses.    The second theory is that the controllers are inorganic beings who were originally created thousands of years ago by our ancestors.  

Regardless of the nature of the controllers, the fact remains that we are being controlled by mind manipulation.   The controllers manipulate us into situations and circumstances that maximize low vibration, negative emotions like fear, anger, and hatred.  

Q      Why do they do that?  

Because everything is made of energy including our thoughts, and these beings eat human negative emotional energy like we drink cows milk for food.    

Q      Do you have evidence to support this?    

Yes.   Even though this concept is hard to believe, it's overwhelmingly supported by physical evidence and by the present-day circumstances in which we find ourselves.  

Q      What do you mean when you say circumstantial evidence?  

Just about everything in human society is distorted, up side down, backwards, or dysfunctional.  

***   The Federal Reserve, although pretending to serve the people,
         is actually the greatest, most-lucrative, longest-lasting
         financial swindle the world has ever seen.    
***   Our food supply is being poisoned by pesticides.  
***   Humans are being genetically engineered
         out of existence by GMO foods.  
***   Our so-called vaccines contain poisons.   
***   Schools are still telling us that the universe
         is made of physical stuff, when the evidence tells us
         it's made of energy.   
***   The mainstream media is a huge propaganda machine
         owned and controlled by the cabal criminal bankers.  
***   Every one of the nation's major Cfinancial problems
         can be quickly and easily solved by issuing
        Debt-Free-Money directly from the U. S Treasury.  

***   The CIA is . . .     

Q      Whoa,   whoa, that's enough.

It's also supported by the writings of the Gnostic Christians and by dozens of channeled information sources.   If you want more evidence on this, we refer you the work of David Icke.   

Q      Tell us about David Icke. 

David Icke is an author, lecturer, public speaker, and one of the present-day pioneers in the journey into the new reality.   He was one of the first people to expose the invisible beings who own and control the Cabal criminals who, in turn, control the human population.   

Q     So bottom line this in one sentence.  

Humans are actually eternal Divine beings who have temporarily and intentionally set aside their memory of who and what they are in order to have a human experience on Earth in a holographic universe --  A universe that is controlled by Cabal criminals, who are, in turn controlled by beings who live off the energy of human negative emotions.  

That's reality today on Earth.   That's the context in which we we find ourselves.   Human life on Earth is dominated and controlled by a huge, semi-secret cartel of criminals known as the Cabal.  

Q      What can we do to get out of prison?  

Step one is to realize that you are in prison.   Step two is to remember we live in holograph.   Step three is to remember that our lives and our personal experiences are controlled only by our own consciousness.   Step four is to realize that each of us is a great creator.   Step five is to own this truth at the level of your being.  

Q      What do you mean when you say "at the level of your being?"  

We learn things in a four-step, evolutionary process.   First we learn about something with head knowledge , such as "we live in a holographic universe.   Second, we believe it.   Third, we know it beyond doubt, and fourth, we own it.   We experience it. It's part of our being.  


<><><>   <><><>   <><><>   <><><>   <><><>   <><><>


Let's take a few minutes to follow the evolution of human consciousness.   Although the evolution of consciousness goes all the way back to the origin of man, we'll begin with the teachings of Jesus.   Jesus stepped into a world riddled with ignorance, superstition, and false beliefs.  

Q     Is it true the in those days people sacrificed animals to the Gods?  

Yes, it was a common practice.   It's much worse than that.   We'll get into that in a future interview.    

Q     Then, back to the evolution of human consciousness.

Jesus gave the world numerous, brilliant insights into the Nature of Reality.   Because the truth he taught was a serious threat to those who controlled the human population, they murdered him.  

Q     Are you saying the mind control has been around for 2,000 years?  

Actually for much longer.   When the teachings of Jesus sparked the creation of Christianity, the controllers of humanity stepped in and changed, distorted, or omitted much of his teachings.  

The Roman Catholic Church declared itself to be the ultimate authority on everything.   For over a thousand years the Church was the only voice in Europe regarding Cosmology (The Nature of Reality).  

Q     And was that voice controlled from behind the scenes by the beings who control us today?  

Yes, just go along and don't ask questions.   If you get in the way, you get murdered.  

Q      Do they still control the Catholic Church today?  

Unfortunately, yes.   Are you aware that the church has run an extensive network of pedophiles who protect and mutually support each other?   

Q     I've heard about it, but that's about all I know.  

If you're interested, you can find extensive information about this on the  Internet.  The Roman Catholic Church has been exposed and is now being legally challenged because of their widespread network of pedophile priests.   

Type in the name, " Kevin Annett" into any search engine.   He has been in the forefront of challenging and legally prosecuting the main hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church.  

Q      You keep saying Roman Catholic, why Roman?  

Because there are numerous catholic churches that are not affiliated with the Roman Catholic church.   We're getting off track.   Let's stay with the evolution of human consciousness.   

The Church successfully stifled human self-awareness by threats, intimidation and murder until Martin Luther's 95 Theses  inspired the reformation in 1522.   

Once the stranglehold was broken, human consciousness slowly began to emerge.   The flat Earth became round,  The sun moved to the center of our solar system.  The church and those who control the Vatican hierarchy fought every awakening with everything they could possibly imagine.   

In 1697, Isaac Newton came along with his hypothesis that the world is made of physical matter, and to make changes we had to move physical matter in the physical world.   The controllers promoted his theory even though they knew it was false.  

Q      How was Newton wrong?  

The universe is made of energy.   Energy is controlled by consciousness.   You and I are part of the controlling consciousness.  

Each new discovery brought more questions and this stimulated thinking.   Thinking is the antidote to enslavement by mind control.  

The controllers countered with wars, mass murder, more lies, more murder and mayhem.   The lie of omission became one of their major tools.   In 1913, they managed to take control of our nation's money and now, they even managed to control the U. S. government.  

Q      Controlling the entire Unites Sates government?   That's very hard to believe.  

Then, let me give you one simple example the consequences of which  are so profound that it staggers the imagination.   

President Obama could at any time, direct the secretary of the U. S. Treasury to begin paying all federal government financial obligations with Debt-Free-Money issued directly form the U.S. Treasury.    He could have done that from the moment he took office.   He can still do that  today.   

Q      I don't understand.  What's the big deal about Debt-Free-Money issued form the U. S. Treasury?   

Debt-Free Money can solve every one of the nation's twenty-five, major, financial problems.  

And in the process, end forever the control of the U. S. money supply by the Cabal banking criminals.   The consequences of this simple action are profound beyond profound.    

Q      Give us an example of what problems it can solve.  

End the unemployment problem

End the home foreclosure crisis.  

Put and end to the national debt.  

Replace the missing money in the economy

Rebuild the entire nation's infrastructure, beginning with a storm surge barrier in the Carquinez  Strait which will prevent a major San Francisco area earthquake from triggering an easily preventable, but otherwise inevitable series of disasters which go all the way to creating a severe, national ,financial depression.  

All that and much more could begin today, but the criminals control Obama so nothing is being done.

Q      So, the criminals really are in control of the U. S. government?  

Yes!   And they're in control of the major corporations, the oil industry, coal industry, the natural gas industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the insurance industry, the food industry,  the education system, the illegal drug industry, the medical . . .   

Q      Whoa,  whoa, enough.  

They also own and control the mainstream media. 

Even today, Christian leaders still do not teach the truths that are clearly expressed in the Christian Bible.   The false and distorted stories they created 1,700 years ago still dominate the lives of billions of people, today.  

Fortunately, vast numbers of people are waking up and realizing the truth.   The control mechanisms of the Cabal criminals are being systematically replaced or dismantled.    The True Nature of Reality is becoming public knowledge.   

The first three steps in the transformation into a world of peace, harmony, love, and abundance are clearly described on our www.truth101.org   website.   

     1)   The fact that each of us is a non-physical
           divine being having a human experience on Earth
           in a holographic illusion that we call reality

     2)   Learn how easy it is to prevent
            the otherwise inevitable, California Water Disaster
            from triggering a severe, national, financial depression.  

     3)   Learn how easy it is to use Debt-Free Money
            issued directly from The United States Treasury   
            to solve all 25 of the nation's major financial problems
            and at the same time, 
           get rid of the Cabal Criminal Bankers.   <









Evolution of the Holograph


Now let's go back to the computer and the cat image.    In less than 200 years, the Technology of Electronic Communication has gone from the telegraph (invented in 1832) to a multi-dimensional holograph image that can be projected to a distant location.   Imagine the effect that several thousand more years of technological advancement will have on what we can do today with our presently very limited technology.  

Q      We would be able to create a holographic image that you could step into and it would appear as real as what we are experiencing here on Earth today.    

Have you seen the clip on YouTube from the Star Trek series where Will Riker enters a holodeck and has an encounter with a sultry, sexy woman?  

Q      No, I haven't.  

Although that clip is science fiction today, in a few years it will be science fact.   I suggest you view it.   

Are you aware that the Star Trek series was based upon channeled information?  

Q      No.   

The technology that Rodenberry portrays in Star Trek is fifth dimension technology.   In a universe made of physical matter (Newtonian physics) this is pure science fiction.   In a universe made out of energy -- energy controlled by consciousness, anything is possible, including what you see in Star Trek.  

Q      What I'm hearing is that, technologically speaking, it is possible that we are living in a holographic universe and we don't know it.   

Yes, the evidence tells us that it's possible.   The next question is   "Is this what we are actually experiencing?"   Again the evidence gives us a "Yes" answer.  

Q      So, where does that  leave us?  

It doesn't leave us anywhere.   I've simply offered some information for you to do with as you will.   If what I've expressed is real, a world of peace, joy, love, and abundance is coming very soon.   If I'm wrong, the cabal criminals will murder most of us and those remaining alive will continue to be mindless slaves.  

Q      Before we close this interview, please give us your personal assessment of what's going on on planet Earth today.   Begin with an overview of your credibility and then give us your conclusions.

Regarding my credibility, I've seen, heard, listened to, experienced, and otherwise become aware of literally thousands of bits of relevant information in my forty years, as a student of self-awareness and  my 25 years as a full-time student/ researcher/ teacher/ practitioner of human consciousness. 

I've reached the level of self-mastery where I can, at will, converse directly with the part of my being that is not physical, the part we call our Soul-Selves.  

And as for my assessment, everything, with incredibly rare exception all point to the conclusion that planet Earth is a slave planet.   Humans have been conned, lied to, manipulated, genetically re-engineered to be mindless slaves under the control of an extensive network of extremely sophisticated psychopathic criminals.  

Our criminal controllers are, themselves, mind-manipulated and controlled by a species of beings who live off the negative energy radiated from a human body when the being living in that body experiences fear, anger, hate, anxiety, and every other painful emotion.   

The universe we live in is a huge, multi-sense, holographic illusion.   We, that's you and I and every one else, are each an incredibly powerful eternal, divine being.   We are finally waking up and throwing off our shackles of illusion.  

Very soon, enough of us will wake up to these facts and the slave masters will completely lose control of us.    When that happens we will turn planet Earth into a paradise  - a paradise surpassing our wildest imagination.  

Q      Is there anything else you'd like to share with us today?  









You Are The Source


Yes, two things, first, a new perspective on your holographic world and, second, I'll show you how to connect with the invisible side of reality.   I'll walk you through the process of connecting to our own, unique, piece of Source/Creator/God that we call our Soul.  

Q      Will this be it or is there more to learn about the holographic universe?  

We've hardly started.  There'll be additional interviews on this topic.  In the mean time, if you want to learn more about holographs, you can check our website and read the page  titled, Miscellaneous Facts about About The Nature of Reality.   That page also contains links to other people's websites relating to holographic reality.   

<><><>   <><><>

Let's look at perspective, the place from which you view your holograph.   We've suggested that changing your holograph is like changing the film in a theater or changing a program in your computer.   Notice that both of these two analogies imply that changes are done in the external world.   That's misleading.  

You are the computer creating, controlling, and directing what shows up on your monitor and you are the projector altering the picture on the movie theater screen.    Imagine, see, hear, and feel everything you experience in the external world radiating out from the I Am Being that is you.   You are not the observer.   You are the source.

Take a moment and look around you.   Everything you see, hear, feel, taste, and smell is a projection -- a projection from you onto/into your own unique multi-sense, holographic theater.  Everything around you is your theater.    This is what Shakespeare  meant when he said, "All the world is a stage."

You are the creator, director, and lead actor in your own self-created holographic theater/universe.   We interplay with others in our collective holograph, and we each put our own spin on (interpretation of) the collective holograph.  

Q      So the theater is not out there.   The theater is in me.   I am the theater. 

Yes and you are in complete and total control of it.   That understanding of The Nature of Reality has been brainwashed out of you.   Your job is to simply wake up to the truth and start acting as the powerful God-Being that you are.  










Connecting to Your God-Self

Now, I'll walk you through the process of connecting to your own, unique, piece of Source/Creator/God that we call our soul.  

Q      Please do that.

What we'll do is to intentionally access the same state of consciousness that we experience as we are falling asleep at night or just waking up in the morning.   It's also the lucid dream state and it's the meditation mind state.      

In technical terms, it's intentionally altering your brain wave frequency to experience the lower end of the theta brain waves (about four to seven cycles per second) as our dominant mental state.  

We normally experience at least a small portion of all brain waves all the time, but we're usually so strongly in the beta brain wave state (13- 40  cycles per second) that we barely notice anything else and thus, we are stuck in our physical bodies.  

The access process that I'm about to show you is actually rather simple, but like anything else, it takes practice to become proficient at it.   Once you've done it a few times, it will seem quite normal.   

If you go the transcript of this interview, you'll find a link  to some of the cycle breakers that I normally use to assist myself in getting my body and my mind in a calm, centered, focused state of being.   I usually do these exercises before intentionally shifting into the theta brain wave state.   You'll also find a link to an expanded version to the process I'm about to share with you.

Are you ready?   

Q      Yes.  

Then, let's begin.   Sit down or lie down.   Do what ever it takes to get your body in a relaxed comfortable position.

When you do this at home, sit quietly and in silence.
(no music or other distractions)  
Close your eyes,
Shift your eyes upwards slightly
as if you were look up. 
Take in a deep breath.  
Pause slightly and then, as you exhale,
allow all your body muscles to relax. 

Breath in again. this time as you exhale,
feel what the words "let go and relax" mean to you.. 
I feel calm and relaxed.      

Take in another deep breath and  this time
become what the words "let go and relax" mean to you. 
I have let go.  I am relaxed.  

Repeat any one or all three of the breathing cycles
until you reach the mind-space similar to
how you feel when you are about to Fall asleep.  

Once you're settled down and comfortable, close your eyes.   Take a deep breath.   As you exhale, feel your body relaxing.   Notice your shoulders, your jaw, your lower back, and anywhere else that you tend to hold tight muscles.   Take a second deep breath.   Relax even more.

***   Now imagine yourself as a tiny ball of pure, bright, pink light in the center of your heart.   Expand that ball of light until it's about the size of a basketball.

***   Bring your full attention into that ball of light.   Become the  light.   As that ball of light descend down through your body, down through your legs,  out your feet, into the Earth.

***   Connect to the energy of Sacred Mother Earth.   Feel the Llove from your heart connecting to the Llove of Sacred Mother Earth    Imagine yourself to be a flower on Sacred Mother Earth's tree of life. 

***   As the ball of light, bring yourself back up to your heart.  You are now fully grounded.   You and Mother Earth are now harmonious and intimately inter-connected.   
***   Feel the power of Llove as
joy overwhelms anything and everything

***   While holding the Earth's energy within you, move back into your body through your feet.   Move up through your legs, your torso, your neck, your head, and then out the top of your head.

***   Continue rising, higher and imagine yourself getting bigger and brighter.   Continue to rise and expand.

***   Imagine yourself getting higher and bigger and brighter until you're bigger than the building you are in.   Be aware that you're body is safe and comfortable, and at the same time be aware of yourself as a ball of light.

***   Continue to rise.   Continue to expand.   Imagine yourself getting higher and stronger and bigger until you are bigger than the city/community you are in.

***   Continue to rise and expand.   Imagine yourself getting higher and bigger and brighter until you are bigger than the entire Earth.  
***   Feel the freedom, the joy and the self confidence
building in you an and  as you continue to expand. 
Continue to get bigger, more, more Lloving, more self-confident.

***   Also be aware that at the same time,  notice your physical body sitting quietly.   Feel the thrill of being in two worlds at the same time.   Feel both you and your body are safe and comfortable.

*** Feel your physical body breathing.   Imagine yourself getting higher and bigger and more beautiful, until you are bigger than the entire solar system.    

*** Imagine yourself getting higher and bigger and brighter, and more loving.   Feel yourself becoming excited and  calm at the same time.   Feel the calmness.   Your body sitting safely.   You can feel it breathing.   Feel the anticipation.   You are about to reach your destination.

***   Keep getting bigger until you pass the realms where your ancestors are, pass  the level of the angels, pass the laws of the universe.  

***   Continue to rise and expand until you are so big that you can't get any bigger.   You're so bright, so loving and so powerful that you are now intimately connected to who and what you really are.   You have reached  the plane of reality that is the infinite, sum total of all that is.

***   Shift your attention to your body, again.   Take a deep breath.   As you exhale, notice that your body is a holographic image of Source/ Creator/ God.   You are now conscious of the part of yourself that you call your Soul.

***   You're now fully aware of yourself as a piece of, an aspect of, a spark of Source/ Creator/ God.

***   Again, notice the tiny, pink ball of light in the center of your heart.   That tiny spark of light is your point of connection to the Source/ Creator/ God.   It is your connection to the Matrix of Infinite Possibilities.

***   Notice that you are a blended being, part physical and part non-physical.   Make the following declaration. 

I am Enough, and that feels really, really good! 
I am Llove.   I am Llovable.   I am Lloved,

and that feels really, really good!  

Breathe in the feeling and as you exhale
feel the Llove expanding your pink ball of light
like huge multi-directional wave,
expanding in every direction.  
This is your natural state of being.  

***   As the observer and in your imagination, look down at your physical self (your physical body) as if you were an outside objective observer.   While holding the feeling of being a non-physical part of Creator, imagine yourself as the being inside of your physical body, again.   Feel yourself inside your body.   

***   Now, open your eyes and look at your hands.   As a physical being, move your hands.   Now, shift and become your invisible soul-self again.   Watch your body move its hands.   Again become your physical self.   Move your hands.  Shift back to your soul-self and watch your physical hands move.  

***   Close your eyes and feel the feeling of being a non-physical, eternal being who is part of Creator.  

***   Now bring your attention back to your physical self.   Open your eyes.   Shake you hands.   Move your body.       

<><><>   <><><>

Remember, you are still connected to your Soul-Self.   Notice how you feel. 

Practice this process of taking your consciousness from one state to the other (from doer to observer and back again to doer, and then again to observer.)   Practice this for several days, or even for several weeks, if necessary, until you can go back and forth between these two states of being with ease.  

As you practice, you'll notice yourself becoming more comfortable as a blend of the the physical and the non-physical.   You are actually both at once, but you have forgotten.   Your job now is to remember.  

Once you have learned the basics, you can make the connections without having a conversation with yourself.   You may also make your connections by way of "internal pictures" or by way of "feelings."   

You'll notice that the time it takes you to connect to your Soul-Self will become significantly shorter.   Be sure to do the process using the long format until you are so familiar with the process that you can do it almost automatically -- until it becomes a natural part of you  -- like driving your car, you don't have to stop and think about what you are doing.   You just do it.  

Q      Before we end this interview, please give us your website address again.    

Our website address is   
That's   W   W  W   dot   T   R   U  T   H  one   zero   one   dot   o   r   g.  

If you want to contact me, you'll also find complete contact information on our website.

<><><><><><>   <><><><><><>

End of Interview  #2  

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Footnotes and References


The Theta mental state is the state of easy learning.   It's the mental state where rapid learning occurs.   Its the state adults experience when asleep and dreaming, when awake and daydreaming, and when intentionally engaging in meditation.   

<><><>   <><><>

Gnostic Christians:  
Gnostic Christians were a group of religious/spiritual people who lived before, during, and after the time of Jesus.   Their teachings and their writings were in strong conflict with the false teachings that the official Roman Catholic Church was promoting.   They were the enlightened thinkers of their day.   They were responsible for the Library at Alexandria.    

<><><>   <><><>

A significant portion of the Gnostic writings are about the Anunnaki, a species of beings who control the human population by mind-manipulation.    

The Evolution of Holographic Technology:      
The telegraph (invented in 1832) sent dot/dash messages along electric wires.   The telephone (invented in 1876)  replace the telegraph.   After radio was invented,(1895) someone miles away would speak and you could hear him just as if he were in your living room.  

You could hear him, and at the same time, you knew there really wasn't a stranger standing in your living room talking to you.   Television was invented in 1927.  Humans discovered the holograph in the late 1940's.   In the late 1940'a and the early 1950's the U. S. and the Russian governments began acquiring technology from beings from other worlds.     

Television added a black and white image on the TV screen to your ability to hear voices of people who really weren't there in the room with you.  

Then, the visual images came in colors.   The sounds became stereo.  Satellites and under-the-ocean cables allowed for global communications   The computer added to the audio/visual illusion.  

When the personal computer came along, control of the audio/visual illusion began to evolve at warp speed.   Individuals and both large and small businesses began advancing the technology.  

Step by step, piece by piece, over the past 180 years technology has advance from the first telegraph message to things like a holograph that gives a theater audience the illusion that someone who is physically in another city is on stage in front of them.    

***   Helmets with sound and pictures that give a person the holographic illusion that he/she were walking inside of the holograph.  

*** Holographic contact lenses are among the latest publicly known advancements in holographic technology.  

***   The first kinesthetic holography now exists and is in the experimental stage.   As the rate of change moves exponentially, kinesthetic holography will be common in a few years. 

***   Check the Internet.   You'll be amazed at what you'll find there.   Here's just one example:  

Star Trek fans rejoice:  the next generation is here.   We will soon have the capability to effectively communicate using holographic images; thus a device will transmit a three-dimensional moving image of you to your desired destination, and viewers will hear and see you, as if you were actually in the room.   A British company called Musion has already had success “resurrecting”  Tupac for a concert using similar technology, and researcher’s claim that such devices may be available as soon as next year.   

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