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Our Phoenix Is Finally Rising

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There is a rapidly growing movement toward
FCosmic Awareness.  
I've listed below some of the people I recommend.  
Check their websites.  
Watch &/or listen to their programs on the Internet.  


Also note the websites of our active,
fellow students of Cosmic Awareness.  






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Fellow Students    of   Cosmic Awareness      

Abraham - Esther Hicks  
      Update file at:

Dolores Cannon  
      Updated file at:  


(o)>   Joe Marshalla  

(o)>   Gregg Braden  

(o)>   David Icke    


(o)>   Bruce Lipton 

(o)>   Rick Simpson   

(o)>   Alex Collier    


(o)>   Wane Dyer    

(o)>   David Cowan   

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Connect to Sources of Information

(o)>   Galactic Connection Daily Blog    







Active, Fellow Students of

Cosmic Awareness  




Jennifer Sharron  --  Astrology       http://www.astrologyjunction.com/     
Sharron is a professional astrologer and tarot card reader.   She grew up in a family of astrologers, has18 years experience.   She helps people find out what they need to know about themselves through astrology.  

<><><>   <><><>

Francine Jarry     Singer Song Writer     WWW.RainbowMusic.ca   
Her music is light, playful, uplifting and invites the child in all of us |to express our natural selves.   If you have young children, Francine Jarry offers the perfect music for them.    You can also hear some of her music on the
28 Abraham Hicks Joy songs - Non-stop Playlist - YouTube,  

<><><>   <><><>

If you are an active, fellow student of Fifth Dimension Consciousness, and you have something to offer to the world, contact us.   We'll add a link to your website  here.   








Joe Marshalla   

For an in-depth understanding of mind-control and how to get free yourself,   We strongly recommend these two video: 

Mind Control - The Mechanics of Mind Control
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=127BR5b8Hm4  and

Mind Control 2 - The Mechanics of Mind Control #2 More tools for Awakening 

Visit his websites at:   





Gregg Braden   

Gregg Braden offers extensive information on the technology of consciousness.   You'll find an abundance of excellent material by him on the Internet.   Here's an example of some information that you'd be wise to become aware of.
It's called: Cycles of Change   

Greg Braden reminds us that we are at the choice point in three major changes.  

1)   Into a Climate Cooling cycle 
***   From intentional climate manipulation and intentional destruction  
***  To preparing and planning for a natural, cooler weather cycle.       

2)   From Economic  Slavery toFinancial Freedom:  
Our money system in transforming
***   From criminal-controlled, fraudulent, easy-to-manipulate,
         debt-based money swindle of the Federal Reserve
***   To Debt-Free Money issued directly from
          the United States treasury.    

3)      From Conflict to Cooperation:  
Fifth Dimension Consciousness clearly demonstrates that
Cooperation is replacing fighting, conflicts, and wars.   

Listen to and interview on this topic:  
New 2016 Gregg Braden Interview - We Have the Solutions to our Problems (Video) - YouTube   

4)   A Fourth ,Major Cycle of Change:  
Bruce Lipton, an extremely talented micro-biologist
exposes and explains a fourth evolutionary cycle.  

He exposes the false Darwinian Theory of Evolution and replaces it with
Fifth Dimension a scientifically verified evidence
that humans are evolving into a new collective conscious being
known as Humanity.   





Bruce Lipton  

Bruce Lipton is another pioneer in human consciences.  He was the first to discover that DNA is not the controlling factor in a cell's development.   Context, the environment is the controller.  

If you are interested in the technology of consciousness, or if you have any doubt about the reality of Fifth Dimension consciousness, examine the work of Bruce Lipton.   Examine his website 


See his videos on the biology of belief.  
Here's one to start with,




David Icke      

David Ike is an author, lecturer, public speaker, and one of the pioneers in the journey into the new reality.   He was one of the first people to expose the Invisible beings who own and control the Cabal Criminals.  

He and his work helps us make sense of a seemingly senseless world.   He refers a process he calls connecting the dots, by which he shows us the relationships among things that seem completely unrelated.  

He has several videos available on the internet.   Plug his name in to any Internet search engine and you find fascinating information about who runs the Cabal criminals.   Before he exposed them the "Lizerdz Team" was  totally secret and totally unbelievable.   

Readers are invited to examine some of the videos on YouTube that feature David Icke.    Here's one to start with:  


We highly recommend that you listen to
the description of our financial system by David Icke:      

The United States Banking System   
See minute 45 to 57.   

Add taxes to each step in the cost added principle
he describes  and the end costs you pay are even higher.    .

<><><>   <><><>  
For more amazing things that she brought
into the world:     David Icke      





Rick Simpson   

Marijuana Cures Cancer   

Rick Simpson was one of the first people
to publically demonstrate that marijuana oil cures cancer.  
Rick Simpson has provided medical marijuana
in the form of hemp oil (aka marijuana oil/ Hash oil/ hashish)
to hundreds of people.   
Those  who used the oil as suggested became cancer free.  
Although being outside the medical establishment,
he proved beyond a shadow of  doubt that  
Marijuana Oil Cures Cancer!    

When he attempted to show his discovery to the world,
instead of being welcomed, he was harassed
by the Canadian government.  
Because the present-day medical profession and
the drug industry make billions of dollars each year
treating cancer patients.  
They don't want a cure, particularly a cure that
 they can't patent and peddle to make money.  

There are three additional reasons
about which, the general public is completely unaware.  
Their first reason is to
take money away from the people
Their second reason is to
intentionally produce human suffering

and their third second is to
reduce the human population

Please don't believe this. 
Don't disbelieve it either.   
Check the evidence. 

In further research, Mr. Simpson discovered that
in the 1970's  researchers discovered that THC,
the psychoactive active ingredient in marijuana, cures Cancer.   

The study was intentionally hidden away and
further research was cancelled. 
This is why marijuana research has been banned
by our Cabal-controlled government      

Readers are encouraged to
view his film

"Run from the Cure."   






Alex Collier    


Alex Collier is one of the leaders in
awakening the people to the nature of reality.  

Check his website at:    www.AlexCollier.org  

Listen to one of his interviews at: 








Wane Dyer









Patrick Flanagan  









David Wilcock










David Cowan


David Cowan is one of the Fifth Dimension Teachers.  
Watch his four videos on the Skaia Show.   www.Skyaiahow.com















Connect to Sources of Information   







Notes and References - 1 




More About Dolores Cannon  



Accessing God Consciousness:    Before the days of Dolores Cannon, it was impossible for the average human being to access  the Pure Divine Consciousness we call Source/Creator/God.   Because spiritual travelers had been striving to gain that access on their own, there was never any verification of what they told us.   Dolores Cannon's approach is different in that she accesses Source/Creator/God as part of a two-person team.  

As an experienced hypnotherapist, she took her clients into the deepest possible state of consciousness, called the somnambulistic state.   This gets the client's ego/personality/ Earth-life consciousness completely out of the way and allowed her as a fully conscious human being to have a conversation with the ultimate source of knowledge.  

She dide this with thousands of clients, no matter what country they live in, no matter what language they speak, no matter what religion the client believes in, they all gave her access to the same source of knowledge.   She has been gathering information in this manner for over thirty years.   She gets pieces of information from many clients and has edited the information into 17 books. 

Instant Healing:   Another unique aspect of this  type of hypnotherapy session is that client are instantly healed of whatever physical ailments they have.   The healing are instantaneous, permanent and only one session is required for the healing to take place.   Dolores said that she did not do any healing, she merely gave the client access to Source, and Source did the healing.   She taught this technique and her students.  They get the same results.  

She said that physical health is the normal state of being, that it's the clients belief system that is the source of the physical ailment, that the human body is designed to self-regenerate and to live as long as the person chooses to stay in/with the body, and that there is no such thing a death.   Physical death is simply birth into a non-physical state of being.   

Transition  into the 5th Dimension:   Dolores also describes in great detail how planet Earth is presently (2015) in the middle of a major transformation from an incredibly corrupt and dysfunctional economic, political, social, religious, and environmental system into a higher dimensional reality where the 1% (the  Cabal criminal banking cartel and all of its owners and controllers) are removed form power and replaced by the99% who realize their true nature, that they are eternal, divine, spiritual beings.   

Delores Cannon Videos:   In addition to her 17 books, you can find dozens of Dolores Cannon interview on the Internet.    Type her name into the YouTube search box and view any of her interviews.   





Notes and References - 2  




More on David Icke



Readers are invited to examine some of the videos on YouTube that feature David Icke.    Here's one to start with:  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aaxxRybkdc   Please be aware that what David Icke says will, at first glance, be considered absurd and impossible.   Before you discount this man as a lunatic, examine the evidence.  

In order to find the truth, you must be willing to examine the evidence with the beginner's mind.   In other words, let go of what you think you know and let the evidence guide you to where ever it goes.   

Here's a simple example of the distinction between what we think of a s real and what is reality:   You've undoubtedly heard the old statement,  "Seeing is believing."  When one examines the evidence, this so-called statement of reality is exposed as just another absurd illusion.   Why can we say that?  Here's the answer.  

If all the rates of vibration were stretched out from New York to Los Angeles, the the portion of those wave lengths that we call visible light, (red, orange yellow, et cetera) would be about one half of one inch.   That's 3,000 miles of possibilities and we see half an inch and call that half inch the sum total of reality.   The reason that human consciousness is so limited is because that's what we've been taught (mentally programmed) to believe.   


David Icke on "The Law of Attraction" 

Scientific Proof David Icke Was Right About the Reptilians? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLop4NUxsQs  







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Our Phoenix Is Finally Rising

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