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Our Phoenix Is Finally Rising

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         5th Dimension    







Page Summary

The evidence  tells us that:  
planet Earth is changing, and  
our solar system is changing.  
We are being told that the
entire Galaxy is changing
Some people are even saying that 
the changes are beginning with Source/ Creator/ Goddess, Herself. 

The changes in and on Earth are major, easily obvious,
and dramatic in all six major categories -- 
Social Political Religious,  Economic,  
,  and  Environmental.       

The evidence tells us that a war is going on
over who will control the Earth.  
One faction is working to mass murder most of humanity and
keep the rest as mind-controlled slaves
in an invisible prison or
as sacrificial lambs
in their torture chambers.  

The side of Truth and Beauty is working diligently to wake us up
so that we will take advantage of the opportunity
to free ourselves from the mind control prison
in which we find ourselves.  

The slavery side was very close to victory
when The Truth And Beauty Side
began showering  humanity with
serious coaching regarding: 
*   Who and what humans actually are,
*    Where we are,  
*   How planer Earth is presently a prison planet,  and  
*   The context in which we find ourselves.    

In Sep/Oct 2015, Source/ Creator/ God-Gossess
opened the door for us into the Fifth Dimension.  
That door is now (Feb 2020) fully open.  

Our job is to learn
the rules for living in the new (5th-Dimension) reality
and then begin re-creating our world
n any way we choose to create it.

Join us on our journey into
the newly-expanded, joy-filled, fifth Dimension level of
Source/ Creator/God's Holographic Universe.  

If you are like most of us, you're probably saying,   
"So what?   Everything looks like it did yesterday.  
What's the big deal?"  

The big deal is that we have moved
from a world of lies, illusions, and secret slavery 
into a world of truth, beauty, and freedom,
into a world of infinite possibilities, and abundance for all.  

It's a world in which we each have the potential
to create anything we choose.  
Note that I said potential.  

Here's why everything looks like it did yesterday.  
Because nothing will change
we learn the rules of this new reality and
begin applying them to our lives.  

In other words:
We have been given a new context, a new playground,
We have been given all the tools required
to create anything we choose and
We have been invited to begin consciously
re-creating our lives and thus,
recreating our collective reality.  

It's a world of infinite potential in which
we can create anything we choose.  
Because we are the creators of our own lives,  
nobody can or will build our new world for us.

Part one is to un-learn all the false beliefs
that have been programmed into our minds
Part two is to learn the rules of intentional creating.  
At that point, we can begin consciously recreating our own lives.  

It doesn't matter what you believe or
who you think you are.  
Your starting point is right here, right now.      

***   For each of us, our first job is
        to be wiling to begin the process of   
        discovering who and what we are.  

          Are you willing to begin examining
          the evidence?   

***   If you answered yes,
ur next job is to accept the declaration
        below as a working hypothesis.  
        In other words, Do NOT believe it.  
        Don't disbelieve it either.    
        Avoid judging anything.  
        Become an observer. 
        Examine the evidence. 

I Am,  You are, and
every other human being is also an:

***   Eternal   (timeless),  
***   Non-physical,
***   Multi-dimensional,
***   Self-aware,
***   Divine being 
 having a
***   Human experience
  (in a)
***   Physical body
 (in a)
***  holographic universe.  

Neither believe it or disbelieve the above  statement.
Simply hold it as as possibility. 

For each of us, our job is to examine the evidence for ourselves   
We are each free to draw our own conclusions.   

Our next job is to:  
1)   choose something that we'd like to
        be, do, have, express, and/or experience,   
2)   Declare it to be, 
3)   Commit ourselves to experiencing it
        in our physical world,  and  
4)    feel the feelings we will feel
        when our choice is physically manifested. 
5)  Take whatever steps feel right in every moment 





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(o)>   Page Summary   

(o)>   Focus on your Feelings  

(o)>   The Mistakes We Make  


(o)>   Avoiding the Mind-Traps  

(o)>   Nothing Succeeds Like Success  






Focus on Your Feelings


Our next job is to begin focusing our primary attention on
the feel good feelings  associated with
being, doing, having, expressing, and experiencing
whatever we choose. 

We refer to feel good feelings
as "FahZoom." (ff - ahh - zz - uumm) or
as "the FahZoom, feel-good feelings".  

The word "FahZoom" represents the feel-good sounds
we make when we are experiencing
something very pleasant:     Ahhhh   Uuuu   Ommm. 

Remember, Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
gives us a huge, multi-dimensional, multi-sense,
of our dominant thoughts.  
It matters not on what we focuses.

Focus on failure and experience more failure.  
Focus on not having and get more not having.  
Bitch, moan and complain and
       the universe gives us more
       to bitch moan and complain about.  

Focus on Llove, peace, and abundance and
experience  more Llove, peace, and abundance

<><><>   <><><>

Practice Consciously creating using the following process: 

           Fill in the blanks:  
I  Am:        ____________  

I Choose:    ____________   
I Feel ________________ 
           Feel the fahzoom (the feel good feelings)
           as if you were physically
           experiencing that which you have chosen   
I have:_______________
            I feel the FahZoom (the feel good) feelings.  

I  Am experiencing:   ______
             Again,  I feel the FahZoom (the feel good) feelings.   

<><><>   <><><>

Repeat the 
I Chose/  I Feel/ 
I Have/  I Feel/ 
I Experience/  I Feel
steps   in every aspect of your life.  

To learn more about this, go to:   Creating With Emotions.    





The Mistakes We Make


In order to succeed, we must stop doing things
that produce the opposite of our intention.  
Here's a partial list.   

Do any of these attributes describe you?  
If the answer is yes, then turn that around and
go in the opposite direction.  

***   Focusing on what's wrong.  

***   Focusing on fixing what's wrong
         instead of creating what you choose.  

***   Failing to have a plan for your future and 
          Failing to declare your plan into existence.  

***   Judging self and others
         instead of practicing the Law of Allowing.  

***   Unconsciously (mindlessly, mechanically)
          making negative affirmations with feelings. 

***   Failing to examine you beliefs
         to determine if they are accurate.  

***   Believing what others tell you
         without checking the accuracy of what they tell you.  

***   Failing to study, learn the rules of reality.   

***   Failing to apply the rules of reality to our life.     

***   Ignoring those who tell you the truth
         because what they tell you sounds unbelievable.  

***   Eating junk food.   Eating highly processed food.   

***   Using mind deadening, substances
         like alcohol and nicotine (cigarettes tobacco)
         heroin, cocaine, and the like.     





Avoiding the Mind-Traps


The reason that most people fail to reach their goals
is because they ignore and then fall into the Mind Traps.  

A Mind Trap is a false belief that a person hold as "The Truth!"  or
a truth that a person  denies and holds as "false.  

For example, the biggest mind trap of all
is the belief that humans are 
      separate from Source/ Creator/ God,
      separate from nature and
      separate from our fellow humans.   

Another major mind trap is the belief that
you are a powerless, inherently evil sinner.  

The Truth Is:

You are an:  
***   Eternal   (timeless),  
***   Non-physical,
***   Multi-dimensional,
***   Divine being. 

You and I and everybody else
are part of Source/Creator/ God's
holographic universe:

***   All humans are all powerful creators.  
+++   We create our physical experiences
           by our dominant thoughts. 
+++   Our emotions are our access to our power. 
+++   Thought held with strong emotions
           hold incredible manifestation power.   

You are having a
***   Human experience
  (in a)
***   Physical body
 (in a)
***  holographic universe.  

Our individual consciousness is part of a collective consciousness.   Our Holographic experiences are all observer-created  and  observer controlled

<><><>   <><><>




Nothing Succeeds Like Success    

Nothing Succeeds Like Success


Have you heard the statement: 
"Nothing succeeds like success."?  

Let us show you how to apply this principle
to our new fifth dimension, creation process.  

The statement tells us that
those who succeed at something
are more likely to succeed
at the next task they undertake.  

Here's why?  
Whenever a significant task
is undertaken and completed successfully, 
we feel good.     

Feeling good
empowers The Universe to bring us
more to feel good about.  

We can intentionally create a cycle of
Success --> FahZoom feel-good feelings --> Success --> FahZoom . . .   etc.

Consider every small accomplishment
as a success about which we can intentionally
focus on another feel good feeling.  

Every feel good feeling
empowers The Universe to bring us
more to feel good about,
such as another success.  

Start by feeling good (and grateful) about
all the simple, everyday accomplishments in our life.  
I washed the car.  
I threw out those old work clothes.  
I finally wrote the letter to aunt Jane.  etc.   etc.   etc.   

Next begin feeling the FahZoom
before the success as well as after. 
FahZoom --> Experience --> Success -->
FahZoom --> Experience --> Success --> FahZoom . . .     
<><><>   <><><>

Here's another example:  
You are out at your favorite restaurant
with you girlfriend or boyfriend.  
This is your first night together
after two weeks of being apart.
You both know that after dinner
you are going to go to his or her home
and share great sex.  

You feel the FahZoom of anticipation.  
During dinner, you both celebrate
the joy of being together and
the anticipation of great sex.  

Then there's the in-the-moment, great joy of
sharing sex with someone you love.  

Later that evening
you allow yourself
to float in that freshly fucked feeling.  

Celebrate Your Success  
Celebrate Every Success 

before, during, and after every joyous event.   

Stop for a moment and after reading the suggestion below,
Sit quietly and close your eyes.  
Remember a past event that you experienced --
an experience that had thrills
like the one just described above.  
Feel the present-moment, FahZoom feelings
associated with your memory. 

Now, while still feeling those feel-good feelings,
imagine yourself experiencing  your intended goal.  
Feel that goal as if it were fully manifested
right now, in  this moment.  
In other words,
expand your feel good feelings
by associating them with a different experience
<><><>   <><><>

"Remember, we are great creators.  
We create everything, first by thought.  
We empower our thoughts by our emotions.  
The stronger the emotion the more manifestation power it has.  

Also be aware that the Universal energy
that actually does the "behind-the-scenes creating"
does NOT distinguish between
events physically experienced and
events only imagined in our minds.  

Because we live in a Holographic Reality.  
In a holograph reality, a physical experience is actually
an imagined collection of thoughts. 

It feels physically real because
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
created it that way.  

So that we can experience
the joy,
the Llove,
the feel good feelings, and
our sensory experiences
in way that are only possible
in what is called

The joy-filled moments that
we physically experienced
are actually imagined experiences
that we experience 
in our holographic reality.     

Feel the FahZoom feelings and then
do whatever feels right in the moment.  
Take the physical steps
that appear to lead you to your goal. 

And feel good about the accomplishment.  
In your mind, celebrate you success.  

 <><><>   <><><>

Do one of the tasks that
you've been putting off until some other time.  
Notice how good you feel when the task is completed.  
Feel the fahzoom.   Feel the feel good feelings.  

Focus on the FahZoom feelings.   






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Our Phoenix Is Finally Rising

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