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 A Message to

     Potential Clients and

         Potential  Residence of

                   FahZoom Town







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Imagine what your life will be like
when you begin functioning at your full potential.  

Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
has opened the door into the Fifth Dimension.

All we have to do is
learn the Rules of Reality and 
apply them to our lives. 

Your other choice is to stay stuck in
very limiting Third-Dimension Consciousness.

We invite you to let us show you
how to live your life,
as who and what you really are.  

<><><>   <><><>

As project director,
my next job is to bring brilliant, experienced,
positive-thinking people together
to create the   FahZoom Town Teams.     

The FahZoom Town people will expand on my original vision and
step by step, together we will create
whatever we choose to create
under the heading of FahZoom Town.   

Our first point of focus is to expand
our Fifth Dimension Consciousness Training Program.     
We provide a forum for participants
to present their thoughts and ideas
about building a more encompassing,
a more joy-filled version of FahZoom Town.   

My job is to lead the thought/creation process
beyond anything that has been done before
in all of human history.  
In other words, my job is
to focus people's attention onto the new possibilities.  

As you know by now, we (all of humanity) are on a journey
from very limiting third dimension consciousness
into infinitely expanded Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

Being a guide and away-shower for this journey is
not only is this my job,   it's my joy,   
my vocation,    my vacation,
the expression of who I am
my reason for being here






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+++   Page Summary       

+++   FahZoom Town - A Team Creation         .

+++   Imagine Your Potential   


+++   Are You Open Minded?      

+++   Fifth Dimension   Universal Consciousness   

+++   Team Members Receive Free Coaching    

+++   For Your Information    







   The Exciting News


May 22, 2016:     
The long-awaited changes from a world
of lies, illusions and false beliefs
into a world of truth, beauty and abundance
is finally becoming noticeable.    

One clear and undeniable indication of this is the rate at which the earth vibrates.  <><>    







  FahZoom Town - A Team Creation  



Every major project, regardless of its mission,
is always accomplished
by a cooperating team of people.  

So it is with with the creation of our
Fifth Dimension Consciousness Training Center.  

Everyone is invited to assist, support, and/or participate
in any way they choose.  

We have listed below the areas
where we require additional people.   

Because creating FahZoom Town is a major undertaking,  
we will create it one small piece at a time and do so
over an extended period of time.  
We apply the Kaizen Concept to all we create.

We begin with and are now creating our
Fifth Dimension Consciousness Training Center    .and with     .


We are seeking and finding people
to participate, support, endorse, and/or
in other ways, to advance our work.  
We also welcome new students of 5D consciousness.

+++   Agriculture    Orchards         Vegetable Gardens,
                      Milk & Egg  Production,      Hemp Production      Fish Farm

+++   Real Estate     

+++   Legal Services      .

+++   Financial Management     


+++   Financial Mentor    

+++   Music - Theater - Consciousness Entertainment 

+++   Computer and Internet Technology  


+++   Writers and Website Editors      

+++   Fellow Residents of Fahzoom town       






Imagine Your Potential



Have you seen the film titled the Matrix?  
It depicts a world (a collective social structure)
made by evil beings
who use mind-manipulation to control humans.  

Now, imagine the opposite:  
Imagine living in Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's matrix
that we call the Fifth Dimension Earth-plane reality.  

Imagine a matrix based on Llove, compassion, caring, and sharing.  
Imagine a matrix designed for maximum joy,
for complete peace of mind and for infinite abundance.
What would it feel like?  
What would it look like?
What would it sound like? 
What would it smell like? 
What would it taste like?  

To live in this  Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's  Lloving Reality,
that's the potential you have  
when you decide to accept and
live in Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  

You are a God-Being.  
You are now living in Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
but, you don't yet realize who and what you are. 
You simply do not yet understand your powers and your potential.   

Your job is to learn the Rules of Reality and
to begin consciously and intentionally creating
a matrix (a collective social structure)
based on Llove, compassion, caring, and sharing,  
a matrix designed for maximum joy,
for complete peace of mind, and for infinite abundance.  

If you are committed to improving your life, 
step one is to answer this question:  
Why do I believe what I believe?   
Second, read, study, and learn how:   
Thoughts and Emotions Create Your Reality.  







Are You Open Minded?



Fahzoom is another word for Feel-Good-Feelings.  
The word Fahzoom refers to something that feels good.    


*   Are you willing to learn something fahzoom
      that you haven't already learned?       

*   May I tell you something fahzoom
      that you don't already know?     

*   Would you like to see something fahzoom
      that you never seen before?       

*   Would you like to experience something fahzoom
      that you have never experienced before?     

*   Would you like to feel something fahzoom
      that you've never felt before?     

*   Would you like to become someone fahzoom
      who looks, feels, and is a master of feel-good feelings? 

If you answered yes to all the above questions,
then join us in an adventure into
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.     






Fifth  Dimension  Universal  Consciousness




Our service is to provide you with
access to Fifth Dimension Cosmic awareness.  

Universal Consciousness is by far,
the best thing the world has ever seen!  
You may have heard of Universal Consciousness
referred to by the name The Fifth-Dimension.  

No matter by what name you call it, it offers all of us
the most awesome, joy-filled life we can possibly imagine
and much more that is still beyond of our ability to know.  

It is total freedom, infinite abundance,
sexual ecstasy you can't even yet imagine and
access to any place in the entire Universe
that you may choose to experience.   

Living in the Fifth Dimension
is like living in your own version of heaven.

Our website provides you with the truth
about who and what you really are.  

You are an eternal, non-physical, divine being 
having a human experience
in a Holographic Universe.  

Because of your strong emotions,    
You are one of the most powerful creators
in Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
Holographic Universe.  

You were required to set aside
your memories in order to enter Earth-plane reality. 
You  just don't yet remember
who and what you are.  

<><><>   <><><>   

The TLC-Life-Center websites provide
most of the instructions.  
If you have a question or two, you can call us.  
We'll answer your questions.

If you'd like additional assistance,
coaching sessions are available.  

Coaching is done in one on one sessions and
it is done in small-group sessions.  
Most sessions are by phone.  
The most effective sessions
are the small, in-person group sessions.  
The in-person group session are also the most enjoyable.

The instructions we share with you cover
the full range of the tools and techniques 
regarding consciousness.  

These products are infinitely valuable and,
until now, nobody else has put
all the pieces together
in a single, unified package.  

What we share with you includes:
knowledge of who and what humans actually are
an understanding of where we are
and an understanding of
the context in which we find ourselves.

Our websites include instructions
on how to enhance every aspect of your life.  

The products include the ability
to manifest infinite abundance, and
the ability 
to experience multiple orgasms.   

When you fully understand
the rules of Fifth Dimension Reality,
you'll have the ability to travel the entire Universe
and experience an infinite number of different realties. 

<><><>   <><><>  

If this sounds too good to be true,
please check the page titled,







Team Members Receive Free Coaching




As you well know, everything in the entire world
of any great significance
is a product of team effort and team energy. 
The same principle applies to the creation of
FahZoom Town's three interconnected organizations called 
The Fifth Dimension  (Cosmic awareness)  Training Center,  
Safe-Haven Rescue, N. CA, and
Nice Play Park.      

If you find our project of sufficient interest
that you'd like to assist us in manifesting our vision,
all coaching services are FREE for you.  

Contact us and tell us how you'd like to assist.  







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For Your Information




The desire for sex is never satisfied for very long.  
Almost everybody wants more.  
They may be seeking a slightly different flavor,
but the basic desire is always the same.  
Everyone is seeking the ultimate feel-good feeling called orgasm.  

No matter how fulfilled one becomes,
that fulfillment soon returns to the state of desire for more.   

In the sexual portion of our coaching,
we teach clients  how to experience infinite sexual joy. 
It's the most sought after feeling in the entire world.  

We get to be coaches and guides. 
We get to explore and experience
wonders and adventures that have been
hidden from humanity for centuries.  

We invite you to join on some of our adventures.