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In all the Earth's religions and
of all the would-be Gods, none is
more powerful in physical reality than

The Great God Money





The Two Great Con Games



When you begin to study Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
you'll soon notice that money is absent
and Religion  has evolved into  Universal Spirituality.
Why?  Because both, in their present format,
are fraudulent third dimension  concepts
designed to keep Earth-Humans in secret slavery.  

Money is a fake, a fraud, a scam of unprecedented proportions. 
It's second only to organized religion
as the greatest lie, of all time.  

Money is a major Cabal criminal tools
for stealing wealth and
for controlling the human population.  
Its purpose is behavior control, manipulation of consciousness,
mind control, and the illusion that violence solves problems.

Money is based upon the false beliefs in
*   Scarcity,
*   Separation from Source/Creator/ God-Goddess
*   Powerlessness, 
*   A laundry list of other lies about the nature of reality.


We highly recommend that you listen to
the description of our financial system by David Icke:      

The United States Banking System   
See minute 45 to 57.   

Add taxes to each step in the cost added principle
he describes  and the end costs you pay are even higher.    .






Why   Why?   Why



A few Basics:  

What is money?  

Money is a form of goods and services.    

What are goods and services? 
Goods are tangible things like foods, clothing shelter. 
In the economic circles they are called commodities,
like corn, wheat, pork bellies, oil,  gold, silver, etc.     

Services are intangible and people provided.  
Some examples are  dentists, plumbers
waitresses, auto mechanics.  
If you work for a company or corporation,
your labor is a service to the company.   

Real Money (as distinct from fiat money) 
has intrinsic value. 
In other words, it has value in and of itself.  

Fiat money is like the money in
the children's game called Monopoly.  
It has no value in and of itself.  

Money has three basic properties: 

Money is a convenient medium of exchange.  

Before the Cabal criminals took over control
of our nation's money supply,
money was also
a measure of value, and
a storage of wealth.

<><><>   <><><>  

Context and Conflicts:  
There was a time when the leaders of
both sides in a war forced, tricked, manipulated
and/or paid those under their control
to take up weapons and go our in a field somewhere
and kill each other. 
Direct confrontation was the name of the Game.  
Examples of this are the two major American wars, |
the American Revolution and the Civil War.  






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(o)>  The Two Great Con Games    

(o)>   Where Will the Money Come From?

(o)>   Understanding What Money Is     


(o)>   The Big Lie     

(o)>   Money and Manifesting our Intentions     

(o)>   Basic Facts of Life About Money     






  The Evolution Away from Money 



Money was created as one of the lies used
to manipulate and control the human population.  
Its primary partners are:  

*   The false belief that humans are their physical bodies.  

*   The false belief that humans are separate from
      God, nature, and each other,  

*   The false belief in scarcity,   

*   The false belief that violence solves problems,   

*   The false belief that humans are inherently evil,   

*   The false belief that human are powerless and
      must beg God for favors,  

*   The false belief that that the external physical world is real.   

*   The false belief that we make changes
      by manipulating our external world 

*   The false belief that money is essential ingredient
      for human life in a complex society.   


The truth is: 

***   that you are much more than just a physical body,   

***   that you are an eternal divine being
         having a human experience, 

***   that you live in Source/Creator/God-Goddess's
         Holographic Universe, 

***   that you are a great Creator,  

***   We each create our personal reality
        by our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes  and emotions,  

***   There are no victims, only unconscious creators   

***   Everything you believe to be real is actually an illusion, 

***   Everything is made of energy,  

***  Energy is controlled by consciousness, 

***   You are a part of the controlling consciousness.  

***   It's possible to creae so much abundance
       that money becomes useless


So the question is,
"How do we shift our society from its current physical society
based upon lies and money
to one based on truth where money
is not necessary and non existent?  


The answer is to use the Kaizen,
one small  step at a time approach.    

This is used to avoid panic, resistance, and chaos.

Step one is to shift from a society
where money is based upon nothing
to a society  in which money actually
has value in and of itself, such as gold and silver.   

Taking this step proves to the people that the changes are not just
from one set o criminal to another set of criminals.  






Where Will the Money Come From?



Question      Where will the money come from
to build Safe-Haven Estates? 

Answers to this question have been updated.
Find your answer here:
http://www.tlc333.com/HC-LIVING-LIBRARY.html#Where-Will-the-Money-Come-From .....   ....

The consciousness aspect of this answer
is still valid.

Answer    Money comes as a function of
our vibrating in harmony with what we are intending.  
We feel the feelings, the emotions, associated with
being, doing, having, expressing and/or experiencing
our stated intention. (our self-created context.)  

When we hold the primary focus of our minds in that context, 
we are vibrating in harmony with a completed manifestation.  

The Universal lLaw of Attraction
then fulfills all that is required
to make our intention physically real.  
If and when money is required, it shows up.  
It shows up as a function of who we are and
not as a function of what we do.  

We will be gifted with a large, pre-existing, estate property and/or
we will receive the money to purchase it, and/or
in ways unknown to us at this time, 
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
will match who and what we are 
and we will receive and experience
our declared intention.

Money is a part of the manifestation process. 
The manifestation process is Source/ Creator/ God's job, not ours.  

Our job is to stay out of the manifestation process.

Our job is to release regrets,   self judgments,
false expectations,   and    negative emotions. 
Our job is to wake up and realize
who and what we are.  
Our most challenging job is to
 unlearn all the false beliefs
and to see the lies and the  illusion
of third dimension life.

Consciously being who and what we are
is our part of the creation process.  

The other part of the creation process
is to do what FEELS right in every moment.  
Doing is NOT done for the purpose of manifesting.  
It's done as part of the fun we have in the gestation period.   
The gestation period is the time between creation an  manifestation. 

In case you are not yet aware of it, 
what you are experiencing right now
in your personal life is function of who you are.  
It is only a function of what you do in the sense that
all action was first created as a non-physical thought

Think about this for a moment.  
Your life, as you are living it right now,
is a product of the same process we just described,
only you re using  The Rules of Reality unconsciously.  

What you are getting is a life
built unconsciously, by accident, by happenstance,
and by whatever you bump into as you roam around
in our collective consciousness.   

Q     That's a hard pill to swallow.  

A     Then Don't swallow it. 
You are free to ignore the the evidence.  

We highly recommend reading
the section about contexts
on this website.





Understanding What Money Is



Several of TLC-Life-Center's original websites dealt with money.  
When we get more of our websites back on line,
we'll share a significant amount of information with those of you who are interested.  

In the mean time, we'll  limit our explanations to how and why
money will become irrelevant to you once you learn
who and what you are, and that you live in a Holographic Universe.  

In a multi-dimensional, holographic reality, thoughts with emotions create physical thing and Earthy experiences.   Money is irrelevant.  


Money is a false third dimension Cabal construct.  
It's designed to give the illusion that it has value.  
In and of itself, it has no value.   It's value is an illusion in the human mind that say money is required for humans to have goods and services.  





The Big Lie



Money Is Part of the third dimension  Big Lie  
Money is a third-dimension construct made up
by the Cabal criminals for the purpose of
controlling human beings and keeping us
in their invisible prison,
a prison made of lies, illusions, and false beliefs.  

Here's the 5th Dimension context:  
You and I and everyone else,
are much more that just physical bodies. 

We are also eternal,  non-physical, multi-dimensional, beings  
having a human experience.  
We are powerful creators.  
We live in Source/ Creator/ God's Holographic Universe.  

Because w
e are powerful creators,
we have no need for money.  

<><><>   <><>

At Safe-Haven Estates, there are and never will be any stockholders
or outside money lenders.  
All profits stay inside the community.  
All profits are recycled into enhancing our facility or
providing emergency services.   

Most of the money we receive is
and will continue to be directed into
TLC-Life-Center's portion of:

1)   The fifth dimension rebuilding of the physical planet
        Our part here is creating Safe-Haven Estates   

2)   Waking up of the people still living in
        the third dimension, invisible, mind-control prison.  
        Our part here is creating the Sensual delights Network.   

Most humans are presently stuck in
a very limiting 3r-dimension illusion.







Money Is Part of the Process.   



It Is NOT the End Result.



As one of the rules of the manifestation process,
we have repeatedly been told to
avoid focusing on how the universe will bring us
the manifested form of our intentions.  

What happens when we focus on the process?  
First we get in the way and interfere with the process, 
Second, we pull our point of focus off the goal.     

Do NOT think about or focus on money.  

Our first job is to decide what we intend to create.  
Second, we create the intention in the non-physical world of spirit
(Our declared intention is also called a context.) 

Third, we imagine your declared intention as if it is fully manifested. 

Fourth, we feel the emotions associated with the manifestation.  

Fifth,  be willing to accept the changes that will come
with the manifestation of your stated intention.

<><><>   <><><>

Money is NOT part of our job.   Money is S.C.God's job.   

Money is a part of the manifestation process. 
Our job is to stay out of the manifestation process
The manifestation process is Source/ Creator/ God's job, not ours.  

Our job is to release regrets,   self judgments,
false expectations,   and    negative emotions. 
Our job is to wake up and realize who an what we are.  








The Basic Fact of Life About Money



Money is a fraud.  
It's a third dimension tool used by the cabal criminals
for destruction and for controlling people.  

In the Fifth Dimension, money is unnecessary, useless, and absent.  
Why?   Because you and I and everyone else are a greater creators.  
We are much more than a physical body.  
We are also non-physical God-Beings
having a human experience
in a Holographic Universe.

We have the ability to create anything and everything we choose.  
The reason we are not doing so is because,
we have been mind-manipulated
to be mindless wage-slaves to the Cabal criminals

<><><>   <><><>

TLC-Life-Center has a complete website
exposing the truth about money.  
As part of our restructuring process, it's temporarily off line.    






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