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Our Phoenix Is Finally Rising

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The Diarrhea Solution!

Be Aware!    Be Aware!

The Diarrhea Solution is coming
to live in your pants until you wake up and

The Universal Prime Directive

Thou Shall NOT Violate!

The Wake Up Call is to continually experience

explosive, stinky, diarrhea in your pants

without warning until

you wake up or leave the planet.







 The Poop Solution!

Today, March,  2017,  we find ourselves at the most awesome and
most profound set of Choice Points in all of cosmic history.  
Humanity is in the process of
letting go of the old and creating the new.

We, the participants in the creation of FahZoom Town,
choose to create a reality where everyone honors
Source/ Creator/ Goddess's Prime Directive:  
Thou Shall NOT Violate.   

As we move into this new reality,
there are those who don't yet get the message.  
These are not "bad" people.   They are asleep people.  
They have not yet acclimated themselves into
the new way of behaving.  

To deal with this, Source/ Creator/ Goddess
has created a brilliant, fully functional and totally effective way
we deal with those who forget to live by the Prime Directive and
those who refuse to live by the Universal Prime Directive .  

We have only to invoke it into our personal and collective realities.  
It's called,  The Poop Solution.

In keeping with Fifth Dimension Consciousness
our solution is a consciousness solution.  
We make the changes in ourselves.  
We change our reality.  

We vibrate at such a high rate of vibration
that violators cannot enter our reality and
those already here will have to
honor the Prime Directive, or
experience cycles of Diarrhea, or
leave our new, high-vibration reality.    

Remember we live in a Holographic Universe.  
Changes are NOT made by manipulating physical stuff.  
Changes are NOT made by or trying to change anybody else. 

Changes are made by changing our own consciousness -
by changing our own perception of reality.  

The Creators of FahZoom Town
have been given the privilege of introducing you to
the final solution
to the problem of
those who violate the Universal Prime Directive.




As you must know by now, Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
is cleaning up the entire universe
in what we refer to as the Cosmic Transformation.   

In this new reality,
only an absolute fool would intentionally violate
another human being.  

Why?   Because Source/Creator/ God
has given every human being
everything he or she could possible want, need, desire, or desire.  
In the new reality there is only one rule: 
Thou Shall NOT Violate!



The Perfect Solution:   The Law of Diarrhea
The Poop Solution


Violations and Diarrhea have been linked to each other.  
Attempt to do a violation of another human being
and experience diarrhea.  

The power of intent and
the severity of the intended violation
determine the severity of the diarrhea experience.  
Attempt to do a violent crime and
experience very severe diarrhea for days.

This cosmic law follows the simple law of physics,
the stronger the combined emotion
of the criminal and the victim,
the more severe the diarrhea.  

For those with psychopathic personalities and
who have little or no emotions, 
the severity is doubled.  
The more severe the would be victim's pain and misery
would have been, the more severe
the criminal's diarrhea will be.  

So, nobody is being punished. 
It's the violator who  creates the diarrhea in him or herself.  
It's the intentional violator who creates the diarrhea in him or herself.  
They do so by attempting to do a violation.  

So, my fine friends,
those of you who are playing the roles of villains,

we have been given a great gift by Source/ Creator/ God, Herself.  

We have been granted the honor of announcing to ALL and
particularly to the Criminal Cabal the new rules
for living on Fifth Dimension Earth.  

Violations and Diarrhea are now married!  
They are about to move into you pants and
live there until you grok the message
Thou Shall NOT Violate!





How to accept 
The Law of Diarrhea  

and make it an effective Law in Earth-plane reality  



Remember we live in Source/Creator/ God's Cosmic Holograph.  
We create our collective reality by a blend of
all of our thought together in one unit.  

To make  The Law of Diarrhea an effective law in your reality,
simply say to anything or anybody and to yourself:
*   I approve of the Law of Diarrhea.  
*   I welcome and accept it into my reality.  
*   I commit myself to honoring the Prime Directive.  
*   I understand that if I intentionally
     violate the Prime Directive,  
     I will experience explosive, drizzling shits
     in my pant, without prior notice.  

<><><>   <><><>

By adding this piece of consciousness to your reality,
you vote for a world of
peace, joy, beauty, truth, and justice -
A world where the thought,  "Cabal"
is dust in the cosmic worlds of our past, and of our potential.  

Let it be.    Let it be.     Let it begin in me.  
Let the light shine in me.  
So Be It, and So It Is done.    Thank You!


Be aware!   Be aware!  
The Diarrhea Solution is coming
to live in your pants
until you wake up.     

<><><>   <><><>  

Please understand that we,
the creators of FahZoom Town,
are not changing the collective reality.  
We are changing only our very small piece of the collective.  

Remember, we are at a choice point.  
The old is dying.  
The new is just beginning.  
We get to choose our future right now, right here today.

We are choosing and creating FahZoom Town in our version of
an ideal world of Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  

All who participate in FahZoom Town
have accepted The Law of Diarrhea
as part of their reality.  

We simply offer FahZoom Town
as possible role model
for others to emulate if they so choose.







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Our Phoenix Is Finally Rising

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Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Fairness, and Justice 
are intimately interconnected.   
Freedom without truth is slavery in disguise.   
Life as we are presently living it, is an illusion.  
It's a secret prison made out of lies and  false beliefs.  
If you think you know the the truth, 
you are in for a big shock and a rude awakening


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