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The Rules of Reality

How the Universe





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Since this website was created (April 2010), significant additional information regarding the nature of reality has come to our attention.   We direct you to this web page:






Twenty-Two  Major Laws & Principles

Seven Hermetic Principles  

The Law of Context and Content  

The Three Universal Laws of Thought

The Principle of Relationships and References

The Principle of Spirals    --    The Principle of Light

The Principle of Unity and Integration  

The Principle of the Blended Being  

The Law of Observation

Principle  of  Abundance

The Principle of Assumptions

The Principe  of Constant Motion

The Exponential Power of Cooperation 

Plus More




Page Summary

Every action in physical reality functions within a set of rules, laws, or principles.   The laws are universal.   They operate the same in all times and circumstances.  

These laws also rule our personal lives, including our beliefs and our behavior patterns.  Everything we think, say and/or do is subject to these laws.  

This page describe these laws and principles.   Use this section to remind yourself of The Rules of Reality that you may have forgotten.  


"All that we are is a result of what we have thought." 
The Buddha    623 B.C.E.



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(o)>   Remembering the Rules of Reality   

(o)>   The Universal Principles

(o)>   The Universal Law of Thought and Creation  

(o)>   The Seven Principles of Hermes

(o)>   The Law of Context  

(o)>   The Principle of Spirals

***   How does the Principle of Spirals Affect Your life?

(o)>   The Principle of Unity and Integration

***   How does the Principle of Unity and Integration Affect you

(o)>   The Principle of Abundance

***   How Does the Principle of Abundance Affect You?

(o)>    The Principle of the Blended Being

***   How Does the Principle of the blended Being Affect You?

(o)>   The Principle of Relationships and References  

(o)>   The Principle of Light

(o)>   The Principle of Assumptions

(o)>    The Principle of Constant Motion

(o)>   Exponential Power of Cooperation  

(o)>   The Law of Observation  

(o)>   Additional Considerations  

(o)>   Lies and Liars  

(o)>    There is also The Law of Context and Content,
            which is on its own set of pages.       




Remembering the Rules of Reality

You are aware of the law of gravity.   You know that fire burns and water is wet.   You are aware of speeding cars when walking across a busy street.   Of-course you are!   Why?   Because ignoring these facts of life can be costly, dangerous, and even deadly.  

What about the laws of physical reality that are not so obvious?   If you are wise, you are you aware of them, also.   Why?  Because they dominate and control our lives.  

For example:   Within the context of human life on planet Earth, we each create or personal reality by our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, expectations, feelings (emotions)  and activities.    

Of Course, we can ignore this and the other universal law, but here too, the consequences can be costly, dangerous, and even deadly.  

Have you forgotten about any of the rules of reality?   Check the list on this page and refresh your memory of any that you may have forgotten.    




The  Universal Principles.  

Are you familiar with the Seven Universal Principles expressed back in human antiquity by Hermes Trimegitus?   Are you familiar with the Three Universal Laws of Thought?   If not, we highly recommend that you examine, study, and understand them.   Why?   Because understanding these Universal Laws offers you opportunities to see, hear, and to experience aspects of reality that would otherwise remain in the unnoticed shadows of your life. 

The Seven Principles of Hermes and The Three Laws of Thought are listed below along with a link the the TLC-Life-Center website that describes them in detail.   There are several additional principle that are equally as important, but are not yet listed on our other websites.   See  the Above list.

We bring them to your attention because many of them, such as The Principle of Spirals,   The Principle of Integration,  The Principal of Abundance and the The Principle of the Blended Being are among of the most ignored universal laws, and humanity is paying a very heavy price for its ignorance and/or its apathy.  We'll briefly describe them on this page.




The Universal Laws of Thought and Creation  


The Three Universal Laws are:   

The Law of Thought   

The Law of Allowing  

The Law of Intentional Creation  


Vibrating  Universe:

Feelings as Vibrations:    

The Three Immutable  Universal Laws:     



The Seven Principles of Hermes  

Wisdom of the ancient philosopher, Hermes Trismegistus.  

Understanding these seven laws offers you opportunities to see, hear, and to experience aspects of reality that would otherwise remain in the unnoticed shadows of your life.   

1)   Mentalism

"Everything is mental;  the Universe is a mental creation of the All.""

2)   Correspondence

"As above so below;  as below so above;  as within so without; as without so within."

3)   Vibration

"Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.""Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates."

4)   Polarity / Duality

Everything is dual; everything has poles;  everything has its pair of opposites;  opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree;  extremes meet; all truths are but half truths." 

Most polarity/dualities have a middle ground.   For example between hot & cold is warm, between wet & dry is damp.   But, there's there appears to be no middle ground between on and off, or between sound and silence.    What's the difference between the dualities that have a middle ground and those that don't?  

5)  Rhythm

"Everything flows out and in; everything has  its tides;  all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates."

6)  Cause and Effect

"Every cause has its effect; every effect has its cause;  everything happens according to the law;  chance is but the name for a law not recognized;  there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the law."

7)  Gender

"Gender is in everything;  everything has its masculine and feminine principles;  gender manifests  on all planes."

The above principles are quoted from a book describing the ancient wisdom taught by Hermes Trismegistus.   The modern-day book is titled,  "The Kybalion: Hermetic Philosophy."  

The Seven principles are described in detail on one of our TLC-life-Center websites.  

The Seven Principles of Hermes:   




The Law of Context:  

Everything occurs as content in a context.   What is a context?   A context is the environment in which something is, or occurs.  Some examples:   Your kitchen is the physical context in which you create you meals.   The company you work for is the context in which you earn your income.   Your beliefs and the beliefs of your significant other are a context in which you have a relationship.

Understanding what a context is is vitally important for three main reasons:  1)  Because everything occurs within a context,  
2)  Because a context controls, influences, affects, and dominates
      everything within it, and
3)  If you know how to properly use a context, you can
      transform your life from what it is now into anything you choose it to be.  

Each context is unique.   In accomplishing any and all goals, understanding the three elements of a context are critical:  a)  What is the context within which what your working?   b)  Why are contexts important?   and   c)   How  do I intentionally create a context?   

For a full discussion of   Context and Content, go to:  
The Law of Context and Content



The Principle of Spirals: 

This incredibly important scientific truth
is being completely ignored
by almost all political and corporate leaders,
and by most everyone else, as well. 
The ignored truth is: 
All Systems Are Closed Systems
There are no open ended system in nature.  

Many people believe that their actions are open ended -
that their actions have a beginning and an end
and that their actions are independent
and separate form the rest of the world.   T
hey also believe that they can destroy something
and not reap the consequences.  
The evidence tells us otherwise.  

Everything Moves in Spirals:  
Nothing happens that is independent and separate.  
Everything has a context in which it occurs.
Everything is part of a cycle and
all cycles are spiral in nature.  

Every human action is an act of
stepping into and altering
a pre-existing cycle.  

Every action alters the entire cycle.  
Every action even what seems like
a small and insignificant action
is part of a cycle.  
That small cycle  is part of a larger cycle,
which is also altered.
The larger cycle is part of a still large cycle,
and that, too, is altered.    
The effects and the changes may be small,
but non the less, they are always there.  
The problem, from a human perspective is that
we have no idea and no concern about
what the long-term consequences of our actions will be.

Because the universe moves in spirals, nothing ever returns to its exact origin.   By the time it returns to what appears to be it's origin, the conditions and circumstances of its origin have moved and changed.    A coil spring is a good visual metaphor.  

For example, each time you leave and return to your you life partner, he or she has changed.   Each time you return to your home, both your home and you have changed.   The change may be so slight that you do not notice, but the change occurred, non the less.   Everything in the physical universe is in motion and that motion is spiral in nature.   The motion may be so slow or so fast or it may occur on a bio-electrical and bio-chemical level that is too small to see, but everything is constantly in motion.

Why is this important?   Because humans are an integral part of nature.   All human actions are closed loops in that they move in spirals and return to their origin in a slightly changed or radically altered form.     



How does  The Principle of Spirals Affect Your life?

This principle affects not only your life, it affects everything in the entire universe.   Most people believe that their actions have beginnings and an endings.   Physical actions often appear to have clear beginnings and clear endings, but appearances are incredibly deceiving.   What you see and what appears to be the whole picture is only a small fraction of a completely integrated circular/spiral process.  

The outward experiences are like what you see in the beer and hard liquor commercials.   The scene depict happy party goers who are feeling incredible good and they are on their way to having sex.   They ignore the drunken stupors, the mindless actions, the drunk drivers, the painful hangovers, the unsightly beer bellies, the irreversible liver poisonings, and all the other negative aspects of alcohol consumption.   Advertisers mention only the pleasurable actions and imply a positive result.    Technically, they deceive their potential customers with lies of omission.   Why lie?   Because the corporations that sell beer and hard liquor have interests that are far beyond  money and profits.   And, they have absolutely no concern whatsoever about their customer's well being. 

Before we start thinking that self deception is someone else's ball game, we need to understand that most of us are deceiving ourselves just about every aspect of our lives.   One has but to examine  what humans have done to the environment and how completely we deny responsibility for our behavior to become aware of the consequences of seeing only the pleasant and/or the profitable parts of life.

We need to teach ourselves and our children that every action produces a consequence.   Every action has a reaction.   As you sow so shall you reap."   "What goes around comes around."   "Garage in garbage out."  As Einstein said,  "Every action is the inevitable result of that which came before it."  

Nothing stands alone.   Nothing ever simply ends.   Everything evolves into something else.   "Everything has a price."  "There is no such thing as a free lunch."  Every action you, I, or anybody else takes produces results.  

Before you do something, you'd be wise to examine, as best you can, the full and long-term consequences of the action you about to take.   Because everything is an integrated, mutually-affecting part of everything else, anything and everything you do TO someone or something else, you do TO yourself, and anything and everything you do FOR someone or something else, you do FOR yourself.  

You may think that life is linear and that it stops with the death of the physical body.   The overwhelming evidence indicates that that belief is another illusion.  Reincarnation is a reality.   You and several of  your own ancestors are one and the same being.   Look out world, here I come -- again!  

The most arrogant, most mindless, most incredibly destructive, and  the largest scale example of ignoring this principle, can be found in a real life version of a pact with the Devil.   We invite you to take a close look into the coal-burning, electric power industry.   http://www.TruthSpeaker.net/coal-devils-bargain.html#34    



The Principle of Unity and Integration:

Everything is inside of and intimately related to everything else.  Nothing stands alone.   Everything is dependent upon everything else.   Everything is part of everything else.  

Many of us, particularly in the United States, have been taught that human are separate from The Source of Creation, (Source/ Creator/ God) that we are separate from nature, and that we are separate from each other.   These beliefs are strongly contradicted by the evidence.   They are even contradicted by the Christian Bible.  

For the Spiritual/Religious Perspective,  readers are directed to:

Are You Inside or Outside of God? --


Before you can answer the question, "Does God exist?" 
you first must define what you mean by the word " God." 

For the Scientific Perspective, readers are directed to  

"What the Bleep Do We Know"  and  "Down the Rabbit Hole" --  
These two, excellent videos  give viewers a big-time wake-up call

with regard to how the universe functions and our place in it   

For the Biblical Perspective, readers are directed to: 

Interview with the Devil  -- Book One -- Chapter fifty-three  --
Another look into the Christian Bible, 

The evidence indicates that the source of everything is consciousness -- that everything is consciousness.   The evidence also indicates that every one of Source/ Creator/ God's seemingly-separate creations has/is its own consciousness and that the individual units of consciousness are all intimately, integrated into, interrelated with, and part of a greater unified whole.




How Does the Principle of  Unity and Integration
Affect You?

The lack of understanding this principle is at the core of most human problems.   It shows up as a belief that we are separate from The Source of Creation, (Creator/God) that we are separate from nature, and that we are separate from each other.    Readers are again directed to the TLC-Life-Center Website titled:    Are You Inside or Outside of God? --

The belief in separation creates conflict, fights, and wars:  

"My way is the correct way.   What you are doing is stupid and wrong, so I'm going to kill you.   And by the way, I know I'm right because God spoke to me and told the truth about you."  

We spend about fifty percent of all human resources creating and/or using tools of violent confrontations against our fellow humans.   With the violent fifty-percent, we destroy a significant portion of the other fifty-percent.

We hear this concept expressed as: "cut off your nose to site your face."   "With an ax and my left hand I managed to chop off by right arm just below the elbow."   Does any of this make any sense?  

Degrees of Separation:   One of the main reasons we've lost site of our unity can be found in the concept we call  Degrees of Separation.   The relationship between one thing and another, between cause and effect is often separated by time or space/distance, or by any of several other ways.   Here are some examples:  

Time:   We have about five years from now (2010)  to begin dramatically reversing Runaway Global Climate Change  before it becomes unstoppable, but the full effect of Runaway Global Climate Change will not begin to show up as major, global-level disasters until about twenty years from now.   The illusion is that because the future disasters are not here now, we can deal with our environmental problems later.   Unfortunately, later will be way too late.   Check the page describing the problem and see for yourself:  

Space:   Coastal flooding is occurring in Bangladesh.   The common atitude is: That's thousands of miles away, and besides I live at one hundred feet above sea level, so why should I care?   When a few million of you relatively near neighbors are flooded out of their home and the government say several of them are moving into your home, perhaps then the problem will be close enough to be recognizable.   

The Things In-Between:   What Is --- There are 10,000 bullion tons of methane  presently frozen in the Arctic Circle.   Methane is twenty times more destructive to the environment than carbon dioxide.   Each year, the amount of this gas being released is increasing.   If we do not take action intentionally designed to stop this cycle, the entire 10,000 billion tons of methane presently frozen in the Arctic Circle will automatically be released into the atmosphere.   The environment will be drastically altered.   Life the way we presently live it will cease to exist.  

The Response ---   Most people are completely unconcerned about this because they  do not,  can not, or will not see the connection between their own personal well being and  
***  A process that is occurring thousands of miles away,
***  The release of a gas that's invisible to them,
***  A few degrees or temperature rise that they personally can live with, 
***  The extinction of thousand of species or plants and animals that they've
        never ever seen of heard of.  
For many people, there are just too many degrees of separation between cause and effect for the dangers to be recognizable.   Here's a Howard Ruff quote that we invite you to spend a few minutes contemplating:   "It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark.

Now Back to the Bottom Line:   Who are you?   What Are you?  What are your most cherished beliefs?   Are your beliefs based upon evidence or are they just your personal beliefs about reality?  What is your personal connection to the environment that you live in?    When you answer these questions, how do you know that you are right?   When was the last time you asked yourself  this question:   "Have I ever been wrong?"   Is it possible that you could be wrong about something, right now?  

From the cosmic perspective, the Earth is a conscious living being.   It's presently riddled with disease-causing parasites.   The parasites are called humans.   A diseased entity either dies or gets rid of the parasites.   We have a choice:  stop being a disease-peddling parasites or be evicted, but then, who cares because:  As the Christians believe, The Rapture is going to save their asses."   or as the ego-centric atheist say, "Who cares, when I'd dead, that's the end of me."   So we can all simply ignore the problems and focus of something really important, like who won last night's ball game.



The Principle of Abundance:   

What is the Principle of Infinite Abundance?   It's who we are.   We are a great creators.  When we function on the level of Fifth--Dimension Consciousness, we can create an abundance of everything that human claim that they want.  

Because most humans have never been taught who they are and how to create, they live in the illusion of scarcity.   Within the context of life on planet Earth in a human physical body, we each have the ability to recreate our own lives.   We just don't remember who we are, and we do not remember how to create intnentionally.   




How Do Does the Principle of Abundance Affect You?   

With the awareness the The Universe has an infinite supply of anything and everything, and with the consciousness of your capacity to tap into that infinite source and create physical abundance, the impulse to steal that which belongs to another simply vanishes.   There is no need to violate anything or any one.   There is no need for either defensive or offensive weapons.       




The Principle of the Blended Being   

The principle of The Blended Being addresses some age-old questions:   Who am I?   What am I?   What am I doing here?  

Am I my physical body?  No! There is a part of each and every one of us that is not directly perceivable or measurable in physical terms?  

When someone asks us who we are, the common response is to tap our chest, and say our name.   That answer implies that we are our physical bodies.   This certainly appears to be the truth, but is it the whole truth, or are we like the three blind men in the ancient Sufi story, describing a small part of something much bigger and much grander than our limited tools of perception can grasp.  

The overwhelming evidence points to the conclusion espoused years ago by Jerry and Esther Hicks in their two books "A New Beginning."   We are blended beings -- partially physical and partially non-physical.  

Our physical bodies are animal in nature and thus, we are blessed and cursed with everything that that entails.   But what about our minds, our consciousness, our beliefs, our attitudes, our emotions?   None of these aspects of our being are physical, and yet they are an integral part of who and what we are.  

Most of us look at life from a physical perspective and believe that everything non-physical is not real.   If that's true, then love and your beloved are only a figments of your imagination.   We don't directly perceive Source/ Creator/ God, and yet, billions of us believe in God.  

So where does reality end and fantasy begin?   The evidence is telling us that they're is no line -- that there is no such distinction  -- that one part is in the physical world and the other part is simply reality in its non-physical form.  

Humans are blessed with the privilege to live in both worlds at the same time.   We are blended beings.   Unfortunately, most of us are still unconscious blended beings.   We suggest that a more productive approach is to live life in full consciousness of ourselves as blended beings.  

The overwhelming evidence points the the conclusion that the non-physical world is the context in which physical reality exists.   In other words, the  first cause of everything physical is in the non-physical world.   (Readers are directed to The Universal Law of Thought.)  

By living as if reality is limited to only that which is physical, we discount and disconnect ourselves from  most of who and what we are.   We live as victims.   We lose our creativity.   We lose our power of conscious creation.  

Those of us who are conscious of ourselves as blended beings have the potential to re-create our lives within the Earth-plane reality that we find ourselves in.   We have the capacity to re-create by our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, intentions.   Our non-physical thoughts stimulate us to take physical actions.   Thus we have the power to be, do, have, express and experience a reality that is profoundly more joy-filled, and much more abundant with the things and situations we choose to experience.  

You also might want to be aware of the fact that we take external actions to produce internal, feel-good feelings.   Those feel-good feelings are not part of the physical world, either.   So here's the bottom line.  

Physical reality begins and ends
in the non-physical world of
thoughts, feeling, emotions, beliefs,
attitudes, and perceptions. 

Welcome to the world of the blended being. 




How Do Does the Principle of the Blended Being
    Affect Your Life

When we realize who and what we really are, we can give up victimhood.   We can stop blaming others for what's wrong in our lives.   We can give up the illusions of being separate form God, separate from nature, and separate from each other.  We can give up the illusion that violence solves problems.  

We can give up the illusion that we can destroy our Earthly environment and not reap the devastating and deadly consequences.   We can end the rape of everything and anything for the sake of short-term profits for those who are already wealthy.  

We can cooperate instead of fighting.   Collectively, we can end all the major problems plaguing humanity.   The bottom line is that everything begins and ends with consciousness and you and I are at choice regarding what we focus on.   In the process of changing ourselves, we also change the context in which we live, do, have, express and experience ourselves.   Thus ,we have the capacity to recreate the context in which we live, and that, my friend, starts the creation cycle all over again.   Welcome to the world of the blended being.     

Being Versus Doing

One of the techniques available to enhance your awareness of the non-physical portion of yourself is to intentionally and consciously engage in one or more of the activities that cannot be learned through the intellect.   As a baby, you didn't learn to walk because somebody taught you.   You learned from that internal, non-physical part of yourself.   As a child, how did you learn to create the balance it takes to ride a bicycle?   Without a sense of balance, you can't ride a bicycle.   Take a moment, sit quietly and ask yourself, "Where does the balance come from?"   

As a child, I practice juggling baseballs and tennis balls.   Although I still know how to juggle, I cannot teach you how to do what I can do.   During my Freshman year at college, I taught myself how to walk on the steel cables between the posts that were placed along the on-campus roads.   The posts were about ten yards apart and had half inch steel cables running between them.   I could easily walk a hundred yards on these cables without falling off. 

What's the point of telling you this?   The first point is that, without knowing about the distinction between learning by my mind and learning from my being, I was becoming proficient at learning from being.   The second point is that I encourage you to do likewise.   Take up some activity that can only be mastered from who you are -- an activity that you cannot learn through your intellect --  preferably an activity in which the your entire body gets to participate.  

Ice skating is probably the best activity for accomplishing this.   Dancing is an activity that almost anybody can participate in but, unfortunately, many people try to dance from their heads.   The goal is to dance from your soul.   Michael Jackson was a master at dancing from the from the core of his being.   Whatever you do the goal is to be here and now, in the moment, with whatever it is.  

Here's another example of this distinction:   If you want to learn math, you seek out a teacher.   If you want to learn to be a master athlete, you seek out a coach.   The teacher can point the way.   A coach can guide you as you learn to do things that are, in many cases, way beyond anything he can or ever was able to do.   

On the internet (at YouTube) you can find a musical example of singing from being.   There you can find an old black an white video of Tom Jones singing a song titled "Delila"   Watch and listen.   Notice his eyes, his facial expressions, his body language.   Listen to and feel the emotions that fill his words.   He is in the moment and is dripping with feeling.   He takes his listeners into their emotions -- into their own space of being.    

Tom Jones   --  Delila  Black and white video
Tom Jones Gold  1965 - 1975

In sharp contrast, and again on YouTube, there's a second version of Tom Jones singing the same song many years later in a highly-staged production number at Cadriff Castle.   Again note the facial expressions and the body language.   This is an example of a stage performer pumping up is faltering ego in front of an audience.   He's no longer in the song.   He's in the audience.  

Tom Jones  --  Delila  Staged production number
Many years later in concert at Cadriff Castle

Here's the third point:   Life is not a function of the mind.   It's a function of feeling.   We tend to deny our feelings or justify them with an intellectual explanation.  

Our physical world and what we do in the world is a function of who and what we are.   In every situation in which we find ourselves, we each decide who we choose to be.  Most of the time, that decision is an automatic function of our programming -- our basic beliers and attitudes.   Once you remember who you are, you can take charge of your life.   Welcome to the world of the blended being.  

One final point on this topic:   Find an activity in which you can practice "Being."   And don't limit your self to the activities mentioned in this section.   Find something that brings you joy.  

Here's an example of something that will definitely challenge you to be in the physical experience and not in your mind.



The Principle of Relationships and References   

Everything is related to something else.   Take away the reference point the relationship ceases to be.   For example up and down and east, west, north and south are related to planet Earth.   When in a space ship away from the Earth, up and down and east, west, north and south become meaningless.  

Money is another excellent example.   The paper dollars you have in your wallet, in and of themselves, are all but useless   The Money you have in the form of credits in your bank's checking account is, in and of itself, is even more useless.   The only value that your fiat money has (paper money or ledger accounts) is in what someone else will give us in exchange for it.   It's value is completely referenced to something else.  

Even gold and/or silver are of little direct value to most humans.   You can't eat them.  You can't wear them for clothing.   You can't live in them and their not a very good sex partners.   Their only value is in their relationship to other goods and services.   Reference:   http://www.MoneyGodMoney.com  

Life on earth is based entirely of relationships.   We call this The Principle of Duality.   Up is only relevant in relation to down.   Hot is only hot in relation to cold.   Letters, word, and numbers are only valuable because of their related meanings.   Wet and dry,  here and there,  then and now,  big and small,  you and me,  and hundreds of other thing are simply partners in a relationship to something else.   Every single thing on the entire planet is in a relationship to something else.  

When one leaves the physical body, when dreaming or after death, a huge set of reference points simply cease to be -- references like gravity - references like time and space, like here, and there, all vanish.   An entirely different set of universal laws come into play.  

We have been taught that anything not measurable in the physical world is mere fantasy, an illusion, that it's not real.   The evidence does not support this belief.   For example, where in the physical world do you go to find love, joy, and happiness, and where do sadness, grief and misery come from?  

You don't find them is physical reality because they are states of consciousness - states of being.   We find and/or create experiences that produce these internal feelings, but the feelings, themselves, are not in the physical world.  

And what about Source/ Creator/ God?   S.C.God is not a physical being.   Does that make "S.C.God" an illusion, found only in our imaginations?   This brings up the question:  "How are humans related to S.C.God, to nature and to each other?   We have two entire websites focused on these relationships.   You can find them at: 





The Principle of Light   

Light is the transition point between non-physical reality and the physical universe.   The energy waves we think of as light are infinite, un-manifested potential.   That potential appears to be controlled by consciousness.   When light waves are observed, they become particles and are condensed into physical matter.   Readers are directed to two videos that explain the science clarifying the above statements.  What the Bleep Do We Know  and Down the Rabbit Hole.   Both are available at:

The entire physical universe is a creation by light,   All of life on planet earth is made up of three basic components -- carbon, oxygen and light/energy (with a rather minor amounts of the other elements).   Light plays a central role in all of physical realty.   All the chemical components that make up the physical universe (hydrogen oxygen, carbon, et cetera)  were created from light- created in stars.   Light has some of the most unique properties in all of creation.   The wave/participle phenomenon is just one piece of a very unique puzzle.  

For example, billions of light waves are crisscrossing the space between these words on your computer screen and your eyes.   Those waves are invisible to you.   They do not interfere with each other.  They are the fastest-moving "things" in the entire physical universe.   Each point where light strikes a physical object becomes a point from which it bounces off and radiates out in every direction.  

Light and heat are interchangeable.   Light can be stored in biologically-produced physical matter.   Coal and oil are storehouses for light.   All biomass on the planet is filled with stored light.  Plants use light as their energy source when they transform carbon dioxide gas into a carbon-based bio-mass and release the oxygen back into the atmosphere.  

We perceive objects in the physical world because light is shining onto them.   When someone becomes aware of how the universe functions, he or she has accessed the non-physical world of consciousness, and is said to have become enlightened.   When our physical bodies die, we go to the light.   Why?    Why?    Why?   Because light is the doorway between physical matter and the un-manifested portion of reality.  




The Principle of Assumptions


Every human plan and every human action is based upon assumptions.   The assumptions may be simple, personal, and in the moment, or they may be fundamental, thousands of years old, and collectively shared by billions of other humans.  

The Simple:  Your daily life is filled with assumptions.   As personal example, when you take a vitamin pill, or eat a processed food, or drink a beverage that someone else created, you don't really know for yourself what you are actually putting into your body.   You assume that it contains what the container label says it contains.   As a collective example, when you drive your car through an intersection at 30 miles an hour based on the sight of a green light hung on (or down from) a pole, you're assuming that the cars traveling at right angles to your path are all stopped, waiting because they see a similar light that is red.   How many millions of people have died or been seriously injured because they blindly accepted this assumption as a fact, and it proved to be wrong?   

The profound:  Your basic / fundamental / core belief system is based on huge set of un-provable assumptions.   These basic beliefs are commonly called your religion (or your rejection of religion).   If you believe in Reincarnation, Atheism, Christian One-life-ism, or Agnosticism, all of your beliefs are based on un-provable assumptions.   If you believe any religiously-taught beliefs (or anti-religious beliefs) about whatever it is we call God, you beliefs are based on a set of un-provable assumptions.  

For example, the religious scholars leading the fledgling Catholic religion its early days, could not figure out why or how many things happened in the world.   Rather than admitting that they simply didn't know, they declared these mysteries to be acts of God.   The Earth was assumed to be flat like a three-layered cake, with Earth in the middle, hell beneath their feet,  run by a super-bad-guy called "The Devil," and heaven in the sky above their heads,  run by a fickle, often-angry, jealous and vindictive superhuman-being called God?   They made dozens of additional assumptions such as   One-life-ism,   God's Conception Magic Act, and Original Sin.   In spite of the phenomenal advancement of human knowledge which exposes vast numbers of assumptions to be false, assumptions such as these, are still running many people lives.  

Universal Spirituality:   There is an additional belief system that is growing in popularity which revolves around what the evidence tells us.   It rejects the belief in atheism, the belief in one-life-ism,  and the belief in an anthropomorphic God living above the clouds that surround planet Earth.   The Source of Creation is seen as a universal consciousness the permeates everything  

Although significantly more logical and rational, and considerably more functional than traditional religious beliefs, it, too, at its core, is based upon an assumption  --  the assumption is that the evidence is complete and correct.   This is one of the conundrums that have become knows a "Catch 22."   The evidence, itself, tells us that we cannot know anything with absolute certainty.    Reference:   Universal Spirituality    

What un-provable assumptions are at the core of your life?  If you don't know, we invite you to examine a few of the pieces of evidence that we have gathered.   Check out these TLC-Life-Center websites:  
An Interview with the Devil at:  



How Do Does the Principle of Assumptions Affect You?   

At the moment, your core assumptions dominate or control most, if not all, of your life.   Because the ultimate source of life is unknown (and, at this point in human evolution, unknowable) the best we have to offer is to examine the evidence and come up with your own best guesses as to what is most likely reality.   Then live you life as if your assumptions were true, but remember they are only best guesses, so when additional evidence comes along, be prepared to readjust your assumptions and be prepared to readjust your life.   Again we refer you to the information on TLC-Life-Center websites mentioned in the above Paragraph.



The Law of Constant Motion  

Everything in the Universe is in the process of growing, expanding, becoming bigger, becoming more, becoming smarter, becoming wiser, becoming God in physical form --or it's in the process of becoming exactly the opposite.  

Nothing is static.   Nothing ever stays the same.   Everything is inconstant motion.   Life, on Earth can be defined as a function of self expansion, of self movement, self growth, of being self directed.  

The Law of expansion is closely associate with the law of freedom.   Humans are constantly in the process of self expansion.   Where the problem comes in is that they believe that in order for themselves to expand, someone or something else in the physical world must contract.   This perspective violates the law of freedom, and is at the core of all conflicts, all fighting, and all wars.   

When you examine how the universe functions, you'll notice that it is in constant movement of expansion and contraction.  It's always in balance.   Wherever it is contracting, it is expanding somewhere else.    Wherever it is expanding, it is contracting somewhere else.  

Another Mystery of God:    Consciousness is similar to Light in that it appears to humans to have no opposite.   We say that darkness is the absence of light.   Ignorance appears to be the absence of consciousness.  

Can The Law Equal and Opposite be broken or not applicable here?   It's more likely that we are seeing only a portion of this picture.   The inner feeling tells me that there is still something missing here, something that is still part of the unsolved mystery we call "Creator/God."   The All That Is appears to be a form / function of consciousness.   Is poverty simply a function of the absence of the consciousness of abundance?   Are pain, grief and misery simply the absence of the consciousness of love?

Is becoming more conscious, more self-aware, the ticket out of all of our problems?  




How does the Law of Constant Motion Affect Your Life? 

Then the question is:  How do we apply this to our lives and enhance our well-being?  David Neagales refers to marketing a product of service by giving others "The impression of increase."     




The Principle of The Exponential Power of Cooperation

Every major, human accomplishment on the entire planet has come from the combined effort of many people working together.   

There is an energetic principle at work in any cooperative endeavor.   It's expressed in nature.   As a plant grows, it reaches a point where the sum total of its biomass increases dramatically.  For example a small seedling my add a few twigs and leaves, perhaps a ounce of new plant matter in a season, while a nearby adult tree of the same species may create hundreds of pound of biomass in that same season.  

There's even a Biblical reference to this principle:  "When two or more are gathered in my name, I am there also."   This is an universal principle and the rise in productivity from cooperation is exponential (1, 2, 4, 8, 16)   not  linear (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)  

Please also be aware that every major study comparing cooperation with competition and fighting, has without exception, concluded that cooperation is far superior to both competition and to fighting.   



The Law of Observation   

The observer affects that which is observed.   Everything is a vibration.   Everything is a function of consciousness.   Light is the link between the physical and the non physical.    

"The way you do anything is the way you do everything."   When one closely examines a person's behavior, it becomes clear that the observed behavior is mirror of the major patterns of the person's life.  

Here's a different application of the Law of Observation.  It's actually a way to apply the law of correspondence to your life.   Readers are directed to the page that describes how we know what The Powers that Be  are doing.   





Additional Considerations

We include the three concepts described below because they describe significant human behavior patterns:   

The Lunatic Fringe: 

Almost every major change on the planet 
has come out of the lunatic fringe
It came by way of a visionary, a dreamer , a possibility thinker.   It came from a person who was, at one point in his or her creative process,  considered by most of his/her fellow humans as an eccentric, a fool, a lunatic, or a trouble maker.   Look at the extreme opposite of what is labeled conservative.   If you look closely into what is commonly called  The Lunatic Fringe, you'll find the visionaries, the  dreamers , the possibility thinker.   You'll also  find the future of humanity!

As historical examples:  Einstein was thrown out of grade school as hopelessly un-teachable.   Louis Pasteur was drummed out of his medical college for proposing that life forms too small for the human eye to see were the cause of disease.   Galileo was imprisoned for life for publicly proclaiming that the Earth was round.   And then there's the most famous rebel of all time, Jesus of Nazareth.  

For the full text of this topic:  

"How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything."

Our lives are lived by a set of invisible behavior pattern -- patterns that each of us learned as a very small child.   Our personal pattern permeates everything we do.  

If you look, you'll soon notice the behavior patterns in other people.   You can also find your own pattern by watching what others do.   What you can see in others is hidden inside of you.   It may be completely unexpressed, but nonetheless, it's there in you.  

Watch how people treat others, how they treat animal other life forms.  Be aware  that:   

Whatever you see a person doing to someone else, sooner or later, given the means, motive and the opportunity, they will be doing the same thing to you.  

Here's an excellent example:   Watch the behavior patterns of how our so-called leaders behave.   Most of them are stuck in a set of behaviors that we describe as The Grandfather Generation   Their minds and their lives are dominated by a set of fundamentally-flawed, obsolete, dysfunctional, un-provable beliefs.   These are the men of the The Grandfather Generation.   They can't or won't make changes.   With their power and wealth, they push highly-destructive policies and practices onto the rest of us.   

You can find this same truth about people written in the Christian Bible:  "By their fruits you shall know them.".  

Lies of Omission 

In our society a lie of commission (deceiving someone by saying a lie) is considered bad, but a lie of omissions   (deceiving someone by remaining silent) is considered to be OK.   Lies of omission are rampant in our society and people either don't notice or pretends not to notice.  

The biggest lie about lies is that intentionally withholding the truth in order to deceive someone  is not a lie.   Lying by stating a mis-truth is considered a sin, and in many cases, it's also considered a serious crime.    In sharp, hypocritical contrast, using lies of omission to intentionally deceive someone is a long-standing, socially accepted practice in both religion and politics.   

For the full text of this topic:  




Lies and Liars

One of the unique aspects of lying is that the liar, if he says the same lie often enough, he will inevitably come to believe his own lies.   Hitler got caught by his own lies.   Those who control the men who run the United States government are caught in their own lies.  

Most religion peddlers are caught up in and believe their own fairytales.   Here's just one example.  Millions of humans still believe that hell is literally a physical place.   When the Earth was flat, it was beneath our feet.  When science proved that to be impossible, what did the hellfire and damnation peddlers do?   They ignored the evidence.   

What happened in 1993, when  Catholic Pope John Paul II acknowledged that hell is not a physical place.   He, instead, said that hell is metaphor meaning one is separate from God.   The rest of the catholic leaders ignored him and still preach to the Catholic sheep that hell is a real place - a place of eternal darnation.  

To acknowledge a Christian religion with no real literal hell, brings up the question, "Where is heaven? and this in turn, opens the flood gates to questions that wash away much of the Christian Fairytale.   This, in no way, alters the reality of whatever it is that we call God, it simply crashes the Christian fairytale.  

You can, however, examine the teachings of Jesus and notice that His Teachings and the principles of Universal Spirituality are identical in content.   They both say the same thing.   The differences in the language used to convey the messages.  






The Law of Combinations 

Any Time two or more of anything combine or are combined, the result is something that no single part could be by itself.   Here are two examples: 

The ingredients of a cake are each unique, and when combined, they become something different from any of the components.   When heat is added, a chemical transformation occurs and the cake batters become a cake.  






Life's Major Illusions 

Separation from Source/Creation  --  Separation from nature  --  Separation from other humans   

Victim Consciousness    

Linier versus Cyclical    Closed ended versus spiral recycle    

Duality Consciousness    Black or White Consciousness  Here and there and Ignore the space in between 

Cause without Affect.   An Example:    Human are destroying our Earthly environmental while believing that their destruction will not produce negative consequences.    




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