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Concept  Summary



This summary page was written prior to discovering
the solution to the Antarctic Ice Wall Mystery.
What is writem below is much more eloquently described at
ICE-WALL  Mystery in Antarctica    Is Now  Solved

Are you ready for
The Big Surprise?~
This is a False-Belief-Busting disclosure of
an evidence-based truth that will completely shatter
a major, false belief about your life on Earth.

<><><>   <><><>  <><><>

The simplest solution is almost always the best solution.  

Here it is another perspective regarding
our human perspective of Planet Earth:

Of course, the Earth can be seen  as Round. 
Earth is a Torus Field.   A torus field is Round

And here's the previously missing piece:
Your knowledge is incomplete.

We live in Source/ Creator/God-Goddess's Holographic Universe
In a holographic reality, it's possible to see the same thing
from different perspectives and thus,
reach very different conclusions.

Inside of that round torus ball is a flat circular disk
We (humans)  live on that disk.
You call it Earth.

There is a great big Ice Wall
on the outside of that flat circular disk.

All the bodies of waters
on that circular disk
are all flat.

Before you dismiss al this as the imagination of a lunatic
examine the ecidence

Your controllers tricked you into believing
that you lived on the outside of a round ball. 
That's now an obvious LIE to all who choose to see

Step One: 
Remember that you are a divine being
having a human experience. 

Remember that everything in the entire universe
is based upon one simple truth.

          You and God

We are all one being.
Like our toes and our nose,
we are all part of the same being

We are all God-Beings.
We are all parts, pieces, aspects,
representations of
Multi-dimensional images of
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.

We are God.  
We Are Goddess.
We are Everything that is
and Everything that isn't

For the entry way to your own Godhood,
cum, I mean  come this way,~
and yes, there are many orgasmic experiences aong this path

Our theme song is:
When You wisn Upon a Star.

Notice that when you Know who and what you are,
it's still
Here and Now
It's still your Earthly, physical body.
What changed is consciousness.
And in case you forgot,
Consciousness Is All That tere Is
What's you perception of Consciousness?

More References:
The Great In-Between - Page One  

You are a child of Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.  
You are a Child of the Universe.  
You are an eternal, non-physical being
having a human experience.

Your natural state of being.    
is to be, to do, have, to express, and  to experience 
joy, Freedom, Llove, Compassion, and
everything that inspires you feel good.  

Step Two: 
Focus your attention only on
that which makes your feel good.  

Reference: The Great In-Between -  Page Two  

Step Three:  
Ignore everything else.  
Avoid thinking about things that make you feel bad.   

Step Four:  
In every moment, do what feels right for you to do.  
As long as you are not violating the Universal prime directive,
Thou Shall NOT Violate, what you do does not matter.  
What does matter is that you stay in
the positive, Joyous loving state of mind and
avoid that which makes you feel bad.

Step Five:  
When feel-bad stuff shows up,
*   Re-do step three,
*   Then, re-do step two,
*   Then. Re-do step one,  
*   Then, re-do step four.    
Follow this endless Not-So-Merry-Go-Round until
you decide to be somewhere else.






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+++   Summary    

+++   We Feel Desires into Experiences    

+++   Your Self Image in Symbolic Visual Form         

+++   The Lamp Post Attitude    






We Feel Our Desires into Experiences   



We THINK our desires into existence
in the
Non-Physical World of Spirit.  

We FEEL our desires
or the absence of our desires

Our Personal Experiences
in our Earth Lives.   

We Feel Our Desires Into Our Earth-Plane Experiences   
Think of the word Feel as an action  verb,
like walk or run  

Contrary to popular belief,
thoughts, in and of themselves,
have no power of manifestation.  
Thoughts only point our creative process
in a particular direction.      

Feelings / Emotions are the keys
to manifesting anything and everything
in our physical Earth-lives.  

What we think about triggers internal
beliefs., attitudes, and expectations.  
These, in turn, trigger Internal emotions.  
Emotions are vibrations
that attract or push away   
the physical expression
of what we desire.  

We FEEL our desires
or the absence of our desires

Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
gives us a multi-dimensional,
Earth-plane, physical  representation
of our emotions.  
What we experience in every moment
is a physical expression of
Our Emotional State of Being


Forget about the book, "The Secret." 
Emotions, NOT thoughts
are the keys a joyous and abundant life.  

Our Emotional State of Being
determines what shows up
in our Earth lives.  

Our Natural,  God-Given,
Emotional State of Being   is:
to be self-aware, beautiful, healthy, and wise,
to be filed with  joyous, emotions ,
to experience Llove and abundance,
to live in freedom while also 
expecting more to feel good about.  

To manifesting anything and everything
in our physical Earth-lives,
all we have to do is to match our
Natural God-given Emotional State of Being.  

When we learn
how to feel our natural state of being,
joy, abundance, freedom and
all of our most cherished desires are ours.  

Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
simply presents them to us
because that is who we are,   
because living in joy, Llove and abundance is our divine right
because that is our chosen vibrational frequency.
because that's what we choose to
be, do, have, express, and/or experience,  
because that's what  we feel good about.

The only thing we need to do is 
to get our negative, feel-bad feelings out of the way.

Welcome to  the journey into 
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.   

<><><>   <><><>     

Everything we do, every action we take
is done to satisfy our desire to feel better.  

On our journey into feeling better
there are countless joy-filled experiences.  

The final destination is like tomorrow.  
It's only a day away,   and .   .    . 

It's always a day away!
We are always on our journey into feeling better,
into feeling more joy, more fahzoom, more feel-good feelings.

In Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's Holographic Universe,  
humans have the power of command.   
Some of us just don't yet remember that we are both 
Eternal Non-Physical  Divine Beings   and   Great Creators






Your Self Image in Symbolic Visual Form   



Can you See your self here?    




And here?   
This is the same image as above.  
It has been rotated  90 degrees



There are images here that are only perceivable
when you become an active viewer.  





Now see the the two images side by side<><><><>








Turn away from the computer screen and notice the room around you.  
Notice that as you focus on one object, that object becomes
your here and now point of attention.  
Everything else is still there but becomes  secondary to your point of focus.

Notice that you have a story in your mind about every object you look at.  
Become aware of how you feel as you look at each object.  

Now, close your eyes and think about someone or something
that you don't like.  
How do you feel? 
Your feel-bad feelings pulled you away from
Your Natural State of Being.  
Your feel-bad feelings are attracting to you
more of what you do not like.   

We have been mentally conditioned to focus on what is wrong.  
It's time to shift our dominant point of focus
onto what makes us feel good.  
It's time to use our fahzoom, feel-good-feelings
to bring ourselves back to Our Natural State of Being.  

As a step in that direction, we invite you to read and practice
The Lamp Post Attitude    






The Lamp Post Attitude   



Look out the window.  Notice the lamp post over there across the street.
Do you have an emotional attachment to that post? —
to where it is? — to what it does?    

That lamp post stands there 24 hours every day, seven days every week,
and at night, shines light on the surrounding area.  
That is its nature.   That is what it is.   That is what it does.  

If you’re mad, sad, angry, jealous, hateful, or
hold any other negative emotion regarding that post,
is it going to change what the post is or what the post does?   No.

If you go out and kick the lamp post
is it going to change what it is or what it does? 

If you bitch, moan and complain to the lamp post,
is it going to change what it is or what it does?     No.  

If you bitch, moan and complain to someone about the lamp post,
is that going to change what the lamp post is or what it does?   

The same is true for our fellow humans.  
We each are whatever we are, and we do whatever we do.  
We cannot change another person’s nature, and,
short of violence or threats of violence,
we cannot force them to do other than what they do.  
And even if we force them to do other than what they would freely do,
they still remain who they are.   

You can con them, cheat them, lie to them,
or otherwise trick them into being or doing
as you would have them be or do,
but if you do, you steal their soul, you steal their freedom,
you steal their God-granted right of self determination.  

If you violate them, you violate the Universal Prime Directive,
Thou Shall NOT Violate,  
If you do,
you'd best be prepared
to receive back whatever you put out. 

As long as they are NOT violating us or violating others,
our job is simply to allow all others the free will choice
to be who they are and do whatever they do.  
By giving to others the same thing that we ask for ourselves,
we walk our own talk.  
We also become the role models and set the example for others to follow.”

When you can hold the Lamp Post Attitude
for all of your fellow human beings,
you’ll have mastered the Law of Allowing.  


Allowing is one of the key ingredients in returning to
Our Natural State of Being.  





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The Awesome
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See the Truth +  Speak the Truth +  Live the truth  =  Be Free  

Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Fairness, and Justice 
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Freedom without truth is a slavery in disguise.   
Life as we are presently living it, is an illusion.  
It's a secret prison made out of lies and  false beliefs.   
If you think you know the the truth, 
your in for a big shock and a rude awakening


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