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A Fifth Dimension Perspective of

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The Great In-Between 

The Great In-Between     Is In-Between Everything  
The Great In-Between     contains everything,      
The Great In-Between     connects everything,     
The Great In-Between     is everything.   
The Great In-Between     is the ultimate Context.     




Page Summary  


This two-page treatise on The Great In-Between
will give you a in-depth understanding
of how you relate to everything, including how you relate to
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.  

We call this The Great In-Between because the name,
The Great In-Between describes the "place
(the vibrational rate of consciousness)
where you can consciously and intentionally
connect with Source/Creator/ God-Goddess.   

As you begin to read this page, it may,
at first, not make any sense.  
We encourage you to read on
because you'll soon see how everything,
including yourself, fits together in perfect harmony.

The most important thing you'll gain here (page one)
is to see yourself as A  Child of the Universe.  

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The second page Creating with Emotions,
is the practical side. 
It teaches you how to use emotions
to dramatically improve your life.  

If you look at nothing else on these two pages,
be sure to read:
The Amazing Secret of Fifth Dimension Relationships     

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Life is NOT what you've been led to believe it is
by those who claim to know.  
Most humans are still stuck in the lies,~ illusions,
intentional deceptions, and false beliefs
of third dimension consciousness.~ 

Please understand that the transformation
from life as you know in now into 
The Fifth Dimension Matrix is a process.  

It's not a magic instantaneous jump.  
It's a learning process in which both
your understanding and your abilities grow.  

On this page, we'll introduce you to
several universal rules and principles that
govern life on Earth.  

The rules apply in both
our present very limited   
Third dimension consciousness
in the wide open Llove-filled, joy-filled,
abundance-filled  Fifth Dimension.   

These dimensions of consciousness.  
They are not  physical places.  
They  are states of consciousness, states of being.  

Not knowing and not applying the rules and principles
keeps most people stuck in
stress, struggle, and the absence of the joys of life.

If you are ready to access the Fifth Dimension,
We invite you to learn the language of consciousness,
learn the  rules and principles of consciousness and
apply them to your life.  

Here's an example:  
The Great In-Between

speaks to us (not in words) but in the languages of
      *   Five Physical Senses. 
            *   Internal, Feel-Good  Feelings
                  *   and Feel-Bad Feelings
                        *   Emotions   (states of Being).     

A second example is
The principle of Correspondence.  
It gives us access to information
we would otherwise not know.  
It can be likened to learning basic arithmetic
and learning how to read. 
It opens the door to a greater understanding of
just about everything. 

If you are ready to take your next step into
Being and living as who and what you really are,

 <><><>   <><><>

Don't Believe any of this.  
Don't disbelieve it either.  
Examine the evidence.

Page Summary








Duality Consciousness     Trinity Consciousness


Duality Consciousness:  
Third Dimension Consciousness is run on the false belief
that there is
  Here and There  and  nothing in between.  
Because most people cannot sense (experience)
anything in the space in between,
they believe that it's empty.  

They say to those of us who
can experience the space in between.
It's just your imagination.   
The evidence tells us a very different story.

*1    Electric Universe~

*2    Electric Universe Evidence That Mainstream Scientists Wont Go Near
        Wallace Thornhill, physicist, author 
        Scientists refer to The Space In-Between
        as being filled with plasma

Trinity Consciousness:
Trinity Consciousness acknowledges  
Here   ---  There  --  and  --  The Space in-Between.   
The space in-between is not physical.  
It's electric energy, and it's consciousness.  
It vibrates at a frequency that is invisible to human senses.    

In our so-called civilized society, we have all been taught that
the physical world is the only thing that is real.   
If that were true, then God does not exist and
all major religions on the entire planet are nothing but fairytales.  


You only have to think about this for a few seconds
to see the absurdity of denying the existence of
everything that is not physical. 

In the next section below,
we interrupt our story to
provide an update of
the latest evidence (March 2018)
regarding cosmology.

Their evidence also proves that
The Earth is NOT round, it's Convex, and
the Earth's structure is way to complicate
to be a cosmic accident.   

In other word, The Great In Between
appears to be God 
(Source/Creator/ God-Goddess)  in action. 
That's what our collection of the latest evidence tell us?

Are you ready for a new picture,
a new view, a new perspective on everything? 

Get ready for a new normal
because everything is about to
change, grow and, evole
into something more that it ever was before.

We, my fellow Earth-dwelling God-Beings, 
collectively and individually,
we are the leading edge
of God's Cosmic Evolution.

Here are the links to the New Truth:  

Duality & Trinity Consciousness



R. F.  18-04-01




In case you haven't yet heard about this,
A  Major Earth-Changing Truth
has recently been uncovered
regarding the Ice Wall at the South Pole. 
Check it out at:   







Speak the Language of Creation


If we go to live in a foreign country --
a country where the people speak a language
different from our native tongue,
one of the first things we do is to learn their language.  

As a traveler into the world of Fifth Dimension Consciousness,  
one of our first jobs is to learn the language of the 5th dimension:  
***   The language of conscious and intentional creation. 
***    The language of human, five physical senses.   
***   The language of internal feelings,  
***   The language of emotions and the wide variety
          of their expressions.  
***   The language commonly thought of as
            Reading Between the Lines.   
***   The language of just knowing
           without knowing how you know.

Notice what your imagination adds to what you take in
from your five physical senses.  
Where does that the imagined part come from?  
Don't pass off this question.    Answer it.  

If you don't have the answer yet, that's OK.    
We didn't expect an immediate answer.  
Our intention was to open you up to the question.  
Eventually you'll understand
both the question and the answer. 

Read on.   We'll open some doors for you,
and perhaps a window or two.  

Speak the Language of Creation







Now, we are going to begin connecting you
to the Great In-Between.     

Reading Between the Lines:
Reading between the lines refers to
information that is inside of
a verbal or written message,
but is not expressed in the words themselves.  
It's inferred or implied information
that can be learned from the message.    

The viewer/ listener/ reader must look for it. 
If the viewer/listener/ reader does not, him or herself,
focus on this part of the message, 
he or she does not receive that portion of the message.   

Here's an example:  
The following paragraph does not tell us, directly,
what the word fahzoom means, and yet, it tells us. 

      For each of us,
      our FahZoom-future is the vibrational holding place
      for all the desires that make us Feel Good.  
      It has the opposite stuff in it as well,
      however, let's focus on the FahZoom content.   

      The non-written message here is that
      FahZoom is A name for


The Hermetic Principle -- Correspondence:          
Understanding The Principle of Correspondence
is one of the most valuable tools for groking
The Nature of Reality.   

Here's a brief description of Correspondence:

"As above so below;  as below so above; 
as within so without;  as without so within."  

A pattern that appears in one place
can also be found elsewhere.  

How you do anything is how you do everything.

A fractal is a visual example of this.  
The Torus Energy format is another example.  

It's about how to see similarities, matches, relationships,
resemblances, connections, and correlations
among the "things" or experiences we see in physical reality
that appear to be quite different.   

Look for relationships.  
Become aware of the patterns. 
Notice that seemingly independent
and seemingly unrelated things
begin to show up as variations within a theme.   

Notice how a collection of seemingly unrelated things
tell you a bigger story -  a story that was previously invisible.  
It's still the same story.  

Notice that every time
we find another piece of evidence,
we discover that we opened a door
to an even greater Truth.

It's just bigger, more inclusive. 
It offers new perspectives on
and relationships to many things,
some included for the first time.  

Here's an example:
Space and time are intimately related to distance and speed
We see this relationship expressed in
the GPS, Global Positioning System, as Location.   

GPS is a radio navigation system that
allows land, sea, and airborne users
to determine their exact
Earth-surface location, velocity, and time
24/7, in all weather conditions,
anywhere in the northern hemisphere.  


Grok -Beyond Understanding

To Grok means to understand profoundly,
to understand intuitively
, or by empathy,
to establish rapport with.  

To understand so thoroughly
that you are connected to
The Joy of Creation.


Between the breaths:  
Notice what you find when you read between the lines.     
Notice what you find when you read between the breaths.   

Notice what you FEEL     When you experience
                                       the pauses in-between the breaths.   
Notice what you KNOW   When you experience
                                        the pauses in-between the breaths.  

Notice WHAT YOU ARE  When you experience yourself
                                         during the pauses between the breaths.   

Notice WHO YOU ARE   When you experience yourself
                                        in the pauses between the breaths.  

Notice the explosion of emotions
                                          as you realize - remember 
                                          Who and What You Are.  

Notice what you feel during those pauses:
    *    between the in-breath and the outbreath,  
    *    between the out-breath and the next in-breath.






A message from The Great In-Between



It is  "I"  you feel when you focus on
the pauses between your breaths.  
It is "I,"   The Great In-Between.  

Those of you who have searched for me
in those non-breathing moments
have found me. 

It is "I" The Grand In-Between
who speaks to you now. 
Remember, I speak
rarely in words and
always in feelings

When you feel good, that is I, telling you that
you are attracting more to feel good about.

When you feel bad, that is I, telling you that
you are attracting more to feel bad about.

We suggest you review (re-read)
the above paragraph titled: 
The Language of Creation.  

Now that you have re-read it,    
Live It!  

Start by noticing  
whatever it is that you find
in those still moments
between your breaths.

Now look for me and
find me in the middle
in-between here and there.
between  now and then  
It is I who provides the space in-between. .

I am in your body
between up and down,   
between forward and backwards,      
between left and right,  
between the top and the bottom.     
Between hot and cold
here I am, quite  comfy in the middle.

I am in the middle
between your body and your mind.   

I am between the writer and these notes, 
I am between these notes and you, the reader. 

If you've never looked for the middle between Up and Down 
then, you've never met Mister In-Between.   

You won't find me at the extremes.  
I am "balance" between the poles, 
I am in the middle of every duality known to man.  

Imagine the FahZoom (blissful feelings) 
flowing between Llovers as they intertwine their bodies. 
I am there, I, the Great In-Between.   Imagine what that feel like.  

Until now, you've experienced orgasm as male or as female.  

In Fifth Dimension consciousness
we  can experience
both male and female orgasms, together.  

Previously, your power has been the power of one.  
Two together ( in 5D)  have the power of four.   


The Great In-Between




Where You Are   


Have you noticed that you, too,  are   
always in the middle of your world. 

Wherever you are, the place is always here.  
No matter what the clock or calendar says,
the time is always now 
When you understand "Now,"
you, like me, are outside of time.  

Notice that you always see your world
from the inside,

never from the outside.  

You, like me,
are in the middle of your world.  
That's because you are me
and I am you.  
I am inside of you. 
You are inside of me.   
As I like to say,
everything is inside of itself.
Jesus, in the Christian Bible, Tells us the same thing:

I, you, me, us, we, them, they, and
everyone and everything else
are all part of a single unified Oneness. 
Separation is a third dimension illusion.  

You are an aspect, a piece, a part,
a holographic representation of me.   

In your body, you are
between up and down,   
between forward and backwards,      
between left and right,  
between the top and the bottom.     
Between hot and cold, 
you are right there,  comfy in the middle.   

You are also in the middle
between your body and
the non-physical world where I am.
You and I are fellow God-Beings.  
I'm just a a whole lot  bigger than you.   

Apply the law of correspondence and
see us as parent and child.  
Remember these words from Desiderata:

"You are a child of the universe,
no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not, 
it is clear to you, no doubt
the universe is unfolding as it should."     

Where Are You



C S 18-06-22





Let's take a moment and t ourselves
through the window offered by
The Universal Law of Correspondence.     
As above so below As within So without.  
A pattern in one place will be fond elsewhere.

This time our topic is the relationship
between parents and children.  
We'll look at a healthy, human, parent / child relationship.  

The child is a biological copy of the adult. 
The child has all the talents and abilities of an adult human.
Many of those talents
are still in their un-manifested, potential form.  

Child takes in training from parents, from family,
and from the surrounding  social structure
(i.e.  from the context that the child was born into).

There is much giving and receiving of Llove on both sides.  
Parent is protector, care giver, teacher, guide, and role model. 
Child is in training to become an adult.  
Adult is expressing the principle called Pay it Forward
Child is expressing the attitude of gratitude.
Parent has great expectations for child.  
Adult tells child:  "Anything I can do, you can do and more."  

Child expects to become an adult with talents and abilities
that are his own, and that are equally as good
as those of parent.    

Let's Listen to another parent speaking to his or her child. 




C S 18-06-22


I am the Universe
You are one of my children



.A parent speaks:  
I am the Great In-Between. 
I am the Creator of the Universe.
I am the Creator of You.   
I am Your Parent, 
You are my child.   
What expectations do you suppose I have for you?  

Do I expect you to be an inherently evil,
powerless, groveling-in-the-mud sinner,
deathly afraid of me,
constantly begging me for favors
because you are helplessly incompetent,
and unable to survive on your own?  


Do you suppose I want you to suffer,
to avoid pleasure, to avoid sensuality,
sexual activity,  and orgasmic bliss? 

Do you suppose that I require
your assistance to punish sinners?
      Definitely Not! 

We Do not Punish.   We educate.
And Why would I want, or need you to worship me? 


Do you suppose my wish for you is that
you become a slave to a cartel of psychopathic losers?   

      Do you really think I'm that stupid?      

Did I create you to be a slave to losers
who use lies, illusions and false beliefs
to keep you in their invisible prison?   
Did I create you to be a slave to losers
who use  threats, intimidation, and murder
to control or eliminate those who refuse to be controlled?  
      Come on children, WAKE UP!

You've been conned!  
You've been  tricked, lied to
and severely mind-manipulated
*      I want for you what any competent parent
           wants for his and her children.
*     I want you to be better at being yourself
            than I am at being me. 
*      I want you to have and easily express
           all the talents and abilities that I have.   
*      I  want the very best for you, now and always. 

Find the best way to wake to
who and what you are at:
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.~    


I have devised a test
to see if you are ready to wake up.
      Say gullible slowly and notice that
      when you speak it just right
      it sounds like orange.

But don't bother saying it because. 
very few  people are able to do this.
But then, maybe you are one of  thee special ones. 
So, go ahead,  say it really slowly. because it's the truth.
I promise you it's the truth. 
If you keep saying gullible very carefully 
eventually you'll hear
the the sound orange creep in and take over.  







What Is Your Nature?   



What Is Your Natural State of Being?




Your Natural state of being is to be
a slightly smaller version of ME,
The Great In-Between.

   The Powers of Your Natural State of Being:  
            When you remember who you are,
            Your Natural State of Being will fill your lives with
             Joy, Llove, and an abundance of
             everything you could ever require or desire.      

Creating with emotions    
think your desires into existence in your minds.  
You feel your desires into physical manifestation.  
              Everything you do, every action you take
              is done to satisfy your desire to feel better.    


Your Natural, God-Given
, Emotional State of Being
is to be like Me, The Great-In-Between.   

Be self-aware, beautiful, healthy, and wise.
Be filed with  joyous, emotion.
Experience Llove and infinite abundance.
Live in freedom while also 
creating more to feel good about.  

Your natural state of being
is to be, to do, have, to express, and to experience 
joy, freedom, Llove, compassion, and
everything that inspires you feel good.  

In your Earth-lives, manifest anything and everything
that brings you joy.
All you have to do is learn to
vibrate slightly above neutral between FahZoom and khold-priki~
and thus,
match your Natural Emotional State of Being.  

When you learn
how to feel your natural state of being,
joy, abundance, freedom and
all of our most cherished desires are yours.  

I, Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess,
I, The Great In-Between
simply present your desires to you
in physical form.   WHY?
because you and I are one being   
because living in joy, Llove and abundance is our divine right
because that is your chosen vibrational frequency.
because that's what you choose to
be, do, have, express, and/or experience,  
because that's what you feel good about.    

The only thing you need to do is 

to get your negative, feel-bad feelings out of the way.  
It's really that simple!  
When you decide to stop focusing on what's wrong,
when you decide to stop focusing on what isn't working,
when you stop trying to fix the unfixabel
when you stop focusing on what the bag guys did,
you are on your way into 
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

Remember, success is an inside job.
Ignore everything outside of yourself and
Focus on feel good feelings.

Realize / Remember that you are a Child of the Universe.

When you realize that you are a God Being with sensual desires, 
with grace and ease, your sensual desires
will be delightfully fulfilled. 

When you realize that you are a God Being with sexual desires,  
with grace and ease, your sexual desires
will be delightfully fulfilled.   

When you realize that you are in a physical body
to experience Llove in physical form,
Llove will sweep you into a state of bliss that, at this moment,
you do not even know such joys even exist.  


I invited you to to experience Earth with each other.  
You accepted my invitation and so, 
you are now on Earth on a journey of discovery.  

Your fellow God-Beings are your greatest physical asset.  
I reveal to you now one of Earth-life's greatest,

When you live for yourself,
you struggle
because you function as if you were separate beings,
outside of ME, separate from nature , separate from each other,
and  outside of everything your desire.  
You live in scarcity, you struggle and take physical actions
to have physical stuff - stuff
that you believe will make your feel good.  

When you live for everyone
,     (Service to All)
your actions are those that bring you great joy and,
at the same time, they also bring benefit
to to every other human..  

      A personal  example, Robert takes great joy
      in creating FahZoom Town.  
      In doing so, he provide benefits for all his fellow humans.

Others find great joy in making music,
growing flowers, growing fruits and vegetable, baking bread,
discovering new inventions, building thing
and millions of other activities, all of which
enhance our collective well-being.  

Some say, for this cycle, I
choose to just be and do nothing.  
That's fine because no matter what you do or don't do,
all desires and requirements for everybody
are  completely fulfilled
in their own way and in their own timing.  

Everything you could ever require or desire
that you do not simply manifest for your self
is being provided for you by your fellow beings. 
For example, your fellow Earth dwellers are
your friends, companions, Llovers, co-creators, and the like. 

Every time you expand your consciousness,
new opportunities reveal themselves to you. 
New joys, new feel-good feelings become available.  
There is no end to your journey into expanded consciousness. 
In every experience, feel the joy and say,
"Thank you.  This is wonderful.  
How can we make it even better?" 

In response, 
I, Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess,
I, The Great In-Between
will reveal to you new adventures
and grander opportunities.


Choose to feel financially fulfilled.  
Choose to feel emotionally fulfilled.   
Choose to joyously and easily express and experience
your Natural State of Being.  

Declare your joys into being.
*   I easily feel sensually fulfilled. 
*   I easily feel sexually  fulfilled.  
*   I feel financially fulfilled.  
*   I feel emotionally Fulfilled. 
*   I feel experientially fulfilled. 
*   I feel Llove and I am Lloved
*   I joyously and easily express and experience
     my Natural State of Being.    

The only thing you need to do is 
Learn, practice and Live by"
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.~ 







The Holographic Universe



Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's  Cosmic Holograph
responds to electrical signals in the form of vibrations. 

Creator's Cosmic Holograph acts like a giant multi-dimensional,
multi-sense, photocopy machine.   

For each of you,
it spits out into your holographic world

a reflection of your dominant thoughts and emotions

Newtonian physics tells you that your world
is an objective, out there world made of physical stuff
that you come along and experience. 

Newton was wrong.  

The world we are experiencing is made of energy.  
That energy is controlled by consciousness.  
Because you are a child of The Universal Consciousness,
Your personal consciousness is part of the control system.  

The Holographic Universe






Your Pathway to Consciousness



Stillness is your path to accessing the Great In-Between. 
Still your mind. 
Step away from fear, stress, chaos, and confusion.  
Begin with your breath.  

Notice what you feel during those pauses:
    *    between the in-breath and the out-breath,  
    *    between the out-breath and the in-breath.

You are presently  focused mostly in a physical body.  
Expand your level of awareness. 

Realize/ remember that you are 
much more than just a physical body.  
You are also a multi-dimensional, Divine Being
having a human experience
in a Holographic Universe.  


What are the benefits of Stillness?   

It's in those moments of stillness that who your really are shows up.   

Your Pthway to Consciousness






Blocks in the Path  



We offer the information in this section
for your information only.  
Just be aware of and let it be.  
Do not focus on it!  
Do not be concerned about it. 

Simply be aware of it and then
re-focus on the feelings associated with
your future, feel-good experiences.  

Remember, what  you focus on
you put into your future.  
If you find yourself thinking about
something that  you don't want it in your future,
Allow it it be.    Shift your consciousness.  
Think about something else.   


The Bad News:   
Control of the planet Earth portion of
Source/ Creator/ God- Goddess's holograph
has been secretly taken over by a species of beings
who live in the invisible portion of the universe
we call Dark Energy and Dark Matter.  

They are the polar opposite of  kind and nice.   
They treat humans with the same callous indifference
with which we treat cows, only much worse.  

You are presently living in their invisible prison.  
This prison allows your body to be free. 
Instead of restricting your physical body to a particular place. 
it put's restrictions on your mind.  

The controllers also poison your body
with slow poison food and medicine and
with deadly microwave energy, and
by destroying your environment, but
that's another story for another tine.  

It controls your freedom of behavior. 
It does so by hiding the truth about who and what you are
It does so by using lies, illusions and false beliefs.
The prison controllers use  lies, illusion and false beliefs
to manipulate and control human behavior.

When you become aware of one of the 
lies, illusion or false beliefs that
they set in front of as a stumbling block
Just be aware of it and let it be.  
Do not focus on it!  
Do not be concerned about it. 

Fill it with enough Llove, to exactly match it.  
This cancels its energy. 
Give it back to the universe
and then feel the opposite of their stumbling block. 
Remember, what  you focus on
you put into your future fahzoom. 


The Good News:  
Most of those who, in the past, controlled planet Earth
are already gone.  
The last remnants of the criminals are those
still controlling the United States Government.  
They, too, will be gone soon.

As of about the end of September and
the beginning of October,  2015, I,
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess opened the door
to Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  

You, all of you, are now free to enter
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  
There is nothing any longer holding humans
in the darkness of third dimension slavery.  

The invisible prison has been exposed for what it was.  
If you look, you'll see the prison and the wide-open exit doors.   

You have access to everything you could possibly
require or desire to re-build a paradise.  
It's your job to design and built it any way you choose.     

We are all free to step across the threshold
into cosmic consciousness.  
We are free to bring Fifth Dimension consciousness
into our personal and collective physical worlds.  

We still only know very little about what that 
looks, sounds, taste, smells, and feels like,
and we won't know much more until
we begin creating our new reality.  

Blocks in the Path






Your Personal Vortex    



Our Personal Vortex is the name for our mini-version of
Source/ Creator/ God's matrix of infinite possibilities.  
Everybody has their own personal vortex. 

For each of us, it's our personal Matrix of Infinite Possibilities.

*   It's a vibrational holding place
           for our present and future feel good experiences.  
*   It's the non-physical holding place for all the experiences
           that we intend to manifest.  
*   It's your personal matrix of infinite potential.    
*   It's the non-physical equivalent of
           a box, a closet, a warehouse, a storage yard.  
*   It is a non-physical collection point
           for all the desires our lives have defined.   
*   It's the vibrational holding place for
           whatever inspires us to feel good.  

This is where our future,
feel-good experiences are wait for us
to "arrive" and  "collect" them. 
We arrive by vibrating in harmony with them and
with other feel good feeling


Think of the things in your present-day life. 
For each of us. every one of them came out of 

Our Personal Vortex

out of our
personal Matrix of Infinite Possibilities

We each created them in our personal vortex
by thinking them into existence.  
Our emotions about them
allowed Source/Creator/God-Goddess to bring us
their equivalent in physical form.    


For each of us, our own personal vortex    
contains anything and everything we could ever
want, need require and desire.  

It's the waiting place for everything
we have ever  asked for, prayed for, dreamed about,
and/or intended in this life time
and in other lifetimes as well.  

We access the content of our personal vortex
with our internal feelings/emotions.  
Point your intention at what we intend to experience and
feel the feelings as if your intention were already manifested.

On page two we explain and demonstrate
the role that emotions play in
the manifestation process.  

We must also learn to withdraw our focus
from our khold-priki thoughts and feelings.       

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Nothing is more powerful than our alignment with our Vortex.  

Say to your self, "Right now in this moment, my desire, my intention
is in alignment with my vortex."    

To experience any of these potential experiences
into your physical reality,
decide what I want to experience.  


Question: What moves your desires from non-physical to physical?  
Answer:    Whatever excites you the most.  
                   Thoughts that inspire feel good feelings.  
Your positive thoughts and emotions (feel good feelings),
                   such as thoughts of Llove,  Appreciation, 
                   joy,  Passion,  Exhilaration .       

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Potential Physical Self Vortex






How to Align Yourself with Your Vortex 



Declare your Intention.

Feel the emotions related your intention
as if your desire were already physically manifested.

Do whatever you do related to our intention 
for the joy of doing it and
NOT to produce a specific result 

Release the intended result into
The Infinite Powers 
of Source/Creator/ God-Goddess.  

      in heightened excitement, 
            in joyous anticipation.   

Experience the orgasmic-level thrills
      of the first major physical expression 
            of our most cherished desire.   

           In the afterglow commonly known as
                  "That freshly-fucked feeling."     


A personal Example:

Home!      Home!     I vibrate in harmony with my new home   
FahZoom Home reveals itself to me.  

With honor, we respect, I offer  sincere gratitude to
everyone and everything that, in any way, 
participated with me
in this manifestation, including myself.   

I turn my attention to
celebrating another new beginning!   

I know myself.   
I know     The All That Is     as myself.    
One  is all that is.  
Llove  is all that is. 
I an in my natural sate of being.  

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Be Aware
You push yourselves away from our desires, and
they cannot reveal themselves to you if you vibrate as:      

         feel bad       don't have      can't      it's impossible      anger     
         fear       criticism         pushing          struggling         arguing    
         fighting      fixing      snafu      victim consciousness     .

How to Align ourselves with our Vortex






The Amazing Secret of 


Fifth Dimension Relationships     



A little known fact about
unique  way you experience
              your significant other.   

Every human is potentially everything from the worst to the best.  
You get to choose what part of your significant other's "everything"
that you choose to experience in your reality.  

This has nothing to do with your significant other.  
Trying to change him or her is irrelevant. 
It's completely unnecessary.  
Actually, it's highly counter-productive.   

So, instead of trying to change someone else,
make the changes inside of yourself.  

Simply withdraw your focus from the part of him or her
that you don't like and
focus on the part that you do like.  

When you hold this properly in your own personal vortex,
you'll begin to experience your partner
as you would like him or her to be.   

Abraham (through Esther Hicks) expressed this principle eloquently.  
Find it on YouTube:  Go to minute nine in the twelve minute recording:  

The above video has been taken off line.

You can find the same principle explained in great detail
by Bentinho Massaro at:
Bentinho Massaro     Create-As-God-Creates.     ...   
.     ....

Concept summary in one sentence:
     When I imagine seeing everything as I prefer it to be,
     the external world will begin to mirror back to me
     the  things, people and situations
     as I choose them to be.

This same principle applies to everything in your life,
your home, your job, your finances, etc.   
You can use this technique
and eventually experience anything and everything
as you choose it to be, do, have, express and/or experience.  

Now imagine you and your significant other both
practicing the above described process.  
Each of you changes your perception of the other.  

What will be the result?  
I can tell you from personal experience
My wife and I both practice this principle and
we have a delightful relationship.       







Six    Fifth-Dimension Principles



Pray by Declaration:  
The next time you pray, don't ask.  
Instead declare your desire
and it is instantly created.  

Because that's how it's done
Fifth Dimension consciousness.

You cannot immediately experience your creation.
You must first vibrate in harmony with your creation.  
You do that by feeling the emotions
of your creation
as if your creation already existed
in your holographic version of a physical world.  

The process of creating with emotions is described in detail on page two.  


Llove is the Answer:   
No matter what the problem is,
Llove is the answer.   

Why is this true?    
Because your thoughts create your reality.  
You can think and feel yourselves
into any reality you choose.  
In Fifth Dimension consciousness,
your problem is either easily solved or
they never even existed.  

When a khold-priki (feel-bad feeling) arises,  
take a very brief moment to be aware of it and feel it.
Then fill it with Llove. 
Match it with the amount of love required
to exactly balance the positive and negative vibrations. 
This makes it neutral.  
It no longer has any power.   
Return it to creator.  
Shower yourself with Llove and move on.    


The truth About Fear:  
You may recall the quote,
"We have nothing to fear but fear, itself." 

Why is this true?   
Because your thoughts create your reality.  
If you think fear thoughts about your future,
we create fear experiences.  

The only valid fear is physical danger.  
The internal message is
      Be aware!  
     You are in a situation where
      your body could be damaged.  
For example, crossing a busy city street calls for caution:   


The Journey  Is  the Destination:  
The journey and the destination are the same thing.  
There is no end to evolution, change and growth.  
Each success, no matter how grand,
opens the door to future and even grander successes. 
So, relax.  Enjoy thejourney.  


You, Like Me, Are a Creation Machine. 
You are in creation mode all the time,
except when you are sleeping. 

Every thought you think goes into your Personal Vortex

Negative thoughts cancel out your positive thoughts.  
Positive thoughts cancel out your negative thoughts  

Canceling Out Khold-Priki:   
Every time you encounter a khold-priki experience,
fill it with Llove that exactly matches
the opposite of the khold-priki.  

The positive and the negative completely cancel each other.  
The experience becomes completely neutral.  
Then, set it aside and let it be.  
Return your focus onto Fahzoom feelings.      

Fifth Dimension Prayer









The second page of this two-page treatise on
The Great In-Between
is the practical side . 

It teaches you how to use emotions
to dramatically improve your life.  







Footnotes and References   



How to Reveal You Are God
Conversation with Bentinho Massaro      2:05:55
Minutes  10:00
  to  14:00  Setting the context  
Minute  14:00 -to 18:50  The Space In Between

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*   You create everything you experience.  
*   You are completely responsible for
     what is in your personal experience.  
*   You created most of your present reality, unconsciously,
      by accident, by default,  by what you saw/heard on TV,  and 
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*   You are a God-Being with the powers of creation.  
*   You have the power to control and create anything you choose
     in your personal reality.   

If you claim that you didn't
create George Bush Jr. in your life?   Think again.  
Before you incarnated into your physical body,
you agreed to enter the present day collective reality --
a reality that included Gorge Jr. 












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