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Concept Summary    


The Universal Law of Allowing means
dropping all judgments and all emotional attachments
to what others are, have, or do.  
This requires accepting others as they are and
granting to them the same rights you ask for yourself.









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The Universal Law of Allowing.   
   The Lamp Post Attitude       

   More About the Universal Law of Allowing

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The Art of Allowing is learning and then knowing
how to get out of the way and and
allow the universe to do its job of
bringing to us what we have chosen to experience.

Relax.    Allow.    Enjoy.   Just Be.
Relax.   Allow.   Forgive.   Appreciate.   Llove.   Enjoy.   Just be.

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1)    We think of something we'd like to experience.
2)   The universe instantly creates it in the non-physical world.
3)   We feel the feelings of it as already manifested.
      We vibrate in harmony with our desired intention.
4)  We express our gratitude.
5)   We let it go, think about something else.

Abraham-Hicks 2019 - Allow the universe to deliver -
YouTube     14:49
Excellent video on the Art of Allowing
Reviewed 21 May 19

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The Universal Law of Allowing     




The Universal Law of Allowing means
dropping all judgments and all emotional attachments
to what others are, have, or do.  
This is quite different from being tolerant.  

Being tolerant is not liking what someone else is or does and
holding emotion-laden, negative thoughts about them,
but letting them be or do it any way.  

Practicing The Universal Law of Allowing
requires accepting others as they are and
granting to them the same rights you ask for yourself --
the right to be, have, and do whatever you choose. 
Here's one interpretation of that law:

As long as you avoid
*   Violating others,
*   Violating the rights of others or
*   Destroying our collective environment,

As long as you honor and follow
Source/ Creator/ Goddess's Prime directive:
Thou Shall NOT Violate,   
I will honor your right to be, do, have, express,
and experience whatever you choose.   

*   I am that I am.
*   You are that which you are.  
*   I accept, honor, and respect you as you are.  
*   I honor, allow, support, and respect your right to
         be who you are, do as you do, and
         have whatever you have.  
*    I honor your right to live your life as you choose,
         to worship ___, or not, as you choose.  
*   I honor those same rights in me, and
         I call for you to do likewise.

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.Universal Law of Allowing 





The Lamp Post Attitude   



Look out the window.  Notice the lamp post
over there across the street.
Do you have an emotional attachment to that post? —
to where it is? — to what it does?    

That lamp post stands there 24 hours every day,
seven days every week,
and at night, shines light on the surrounding area.  
That is its nature.   That is what it is.   That is what it does.  

If you’re mad, sad, angry, jealous, hateful, or
hold any other negative emotion regarding that post,
is it going to change
what the post is or what the post does?

If you go out and kick the lamp post
is it going to change what it is or what it does? 


If you bitch, moan and complain to the lamp post,
is it going to change what it is or what it does?    

If you bitch, moan and complain
to someone about the lamp post,
is that going to change
what the lamp post is or what it does?   


The same is true for our fellow humans.  
We each are whatever we are, and we do whatever we do.  
We cannot change another person’s nature, and,
short of violence or threats of violence,
we cannot force them to do other than what they do.  
And even if we force them to do
other than what they would freely do,
they still remain who they are.   

You can con them, cheat them, lie to them,
or otherwise trick them into being or doing
as you would have them be or do,
but if you do, you steal their soul, you steal their freedom,
you steal their God-granted right of self determination.  

If you violate them,
you violate the Universal Prime Directive,
Thou Shall NOT Violate,  
If you do,
you'd best be prepared
to receive back whatever you put out. 

As long as they are NOT violating us or violating others,
our job is simply to allow all others the free will choice
to be who they are and do whatever they do.  
By giving to others the same thing that we ask for ourselves,
we walk our own talk.  
We also become the role models and
set the example for others to follow.”

When you can hold the Lamp Post Attitude
for all of your fellow human beings,
you’ll have mastered the Law of Allowing.    

The Lamp Post Attitude







In a personal relationship,
we each make changes inside of ourself.
We do so by imagining our significant other
as we would like him or her to be..
You will experience him or her differently.

Abraham-Hicks explaining how his works.
The Amazing Secret of Fifth Dimension Relationships

In our global context,
again we make changes inside of ourselves
only here we function as part of a team
in which we cooperate and
apply a single point of focus for all of us
In doing so we will experience our world differently.

Here's an example of the process in action:
Llove-Day Celebrations
Join us in our Fifth-Dimension-Monthly Full-Moon
Celebrations of Life and Llove

These techniques are based upon
the principles of Reality:

*   We are eternal. non-physical, multi-dimensional, God-Beings

*   We presently Live, move, and express our beingness inside of
     Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
    Cosmic multi-sensory and multi-dimensional Holograph

*   Inside of Prime Creators' Holograph
     we, Earth Humans are greqtcreators.

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More About the Universal Law of Allowing   



Let's compare allowing with its opposite
         (holding emotion-laden, negative thoughts
         about something or someone)  
and see
which side best serves your own personal interests.  

Your Energetic Life force:   
Are your familiar with the universal principle that says: 
"Where Thought Goes, Energy flows."

You need to understand that part of your life force
(the energy that sustains your body and
supports your positive experiences)
goes to support the physical reality of
everything that you think about.  

Whether you judge it good or bad is irrelevant.  
Your life force goes to create or sustain
the physical existence of what you think about.  

"To fight something is to feed it."    
When you think about something
with strong negative emotions,
our negative thoughts are
self- destructive.  

Do you really want to live your life tied to
all those things you think are ugly and painful?  

Do you really want to give your life force
to those things you consider wrong?”  
If your answer is "no," then break the emotional ties,
particularly, when there is nothing you can do
to change what you are emotional about.  

The Ties that bind:   
Negative emotional-laden thoughts
about someone or something
are cords that tie you to whatever it is
that you are thinking about.  

Such thoughts tend to lead to destructive behavior.  
Destructive behavior creates karmic ties.  
Karmic ties can severely curtail your freedom.  

Forgiveness, including forgiving yourself,
goes a long way toward releasing
your ties to the negative things and people.  

Derailed and Sidetracked:  
Whatever time you spend focused on
what you don't like
takes time and creative energy
away from what you do like.  

You've probably heard the line, 
"Bitch, moan, and complain and the universe gives you
more to bitch, moan, and complain about."  

Well, the same principle applies to
failure to allow things, situations and/or people
to be as they are
Judge and condemn and the universe gives you
more to judge and condemn.  

The Power to Change:  
Can you change the things
you are judging and condemning?  
If not, why are you throwing away
your time and your life energy?  
Alcoholics Anonymous
expresses this principle in these words:  

"God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change,

the courage to change the things I can, and
the wisdom to know the difference

The Concept called Projection:  
What you see in someone else is also in you.
When someone is being judgmental or
expresses an emotion-laden opinion
about another person,
they are actually talking about themselves.  

Also, when something goes wrong,
there is the tendency to blame someone else,
throw them out, and then
declare the problem to be solved.  

People tend to deny aspects of themselves and then
look for, find, and hate those same character traits in others. 

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If the above reasons have not opened your eyes,
consider this:  

Honor Source/ Creator God's Prime Directive: 
Thou Shall NOT Violate! 

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Let your thoughts be in harmony with the Golden Rule,
“Do onto others as you would have them do onto you."  
Do onto others as they would be done onto.     

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Here’s another way of expressing this law:

Love Yourself, love Your Neighbor, and love God,
all with equal intensity, for
all three are one and the same thing. 

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To ignore these aspect of reality
is like your right hand going to war with your left hand.  
When you understand the how the universe functions,
you, for your own self interest ,
will observe, honor, and practice the Law of Allowing.  


1- Learn More About the Universal Law of Allowing.






Ways to Practice the Law of Allowing:   
(1)   Instead of making others wrong
for who they are or what they d
 become the observer and simply say,
"That’s something I’m simply not willing to accept in my own life."  
Then allow the other person to be, have, or do as he/she will.  

(2)   When you have an emotional reaction
to someone else’s behavior,
stop and tell yourself: 
"He (she) is neither good nor bad.   
I neither like him nor dislike him.   He just is.   
He's another human being doing the best he can. 
Given his mental programming and conditioning,
his beliefs, his circumstances, his present needs and desires,
I’d probably be doing pretty much as he is."

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Applying the Law of Allowing of One's Self:   
One of the commonly overlooked aspects of this law
is applying it to one's self, and
as you may already know,
if you don’t love yourself,
your ability to love anything or anyone else
is drastically reduced.   

Regarding beliefs and thoughts about one' self,
there is the tendency to go to the negative pole --
to actively judge and  dislike one's self --
to feel guilty about being who you are, --
to feel guilty about doing what you do --
to feel guilty about about what you have done in the past.   

Rather than being forgiving and allowing,
most people have been taught, and presently believe,
that those found to be guilty of any wrongdoing
should be punished.  

This leads to the natural progression
where guilt about one's self
seeks punishment from one's self.  
When that is the case, then the underlying theme
in the persons life becomes one of
attracting punishment or
withholding the manifesting of one's desires.   

In your life, who is your harshest critic?  
Most people will answer that question
with the words, "I am."   
Because the space of negative self-judgment
is the foundation of self punishment,
we recommend that the first place
to apply the law of allowing is to yourself.   

Allow yourself to be as you are and do as you do.  
That's not to say you should be complacent and
continue doing things that are producing negative results.  
Rather, it's about focusing on who you choose to be and
recreating your self as a manifestation of
your positive self-image.   

For a better understanding of how this law works,
see the section titled:   The Vibrating Universe.    


2   Learn More About the Universal Law of Allowing.






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