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Why?   Why?   Why?

Why Do Your Believe  

whatever it is that you believe? 







The Big Question


Ask yourself this question:  

Why do I believe whatever it is that I believe?  

NOW!  Not later.  Not tomorrow.   NOW!  
Stop reading.  
Get out a pencil and blank sheet of paper.  
At the top of the page write: 

            This Is Why I Believe What I Believe.  

Spend the next fifteen minutes writing out
your own personal answers to this question.

For the full fifteen minutes,
stay focused on this question and
stay focused on finding your answers.

When you are finished,  come back and
read the rest of this page.  

If you actually take the time to answer this question, 
you'll be amazed at where this will lead you.   






Page Content

(o)>   The Big Question   

(o)>   Your Answer    

(o)>   Is This Really Me    

The Four Biggest Lies
  The False Belief Called   Powerlessness    
     The False Belief Called   Separation    

     The False Belief Called   Violence Solves Problems    

     The False Belief Called   Scarcity    


(o)>   The Tip of the Iceberg    







Your Answer

What Did You Find?    
In a symbolic, story format, I'll share with you
the most common answer to this question.  
This story occurred around 1910.   

Shortly after their marriage, the husband brought home
a piece of ham with a large bone in it.
He asked his wife to cook it for their dinner.  
When they sat down to eat, the husband noticed
that his wife had cut the end off the ham and
cooked it in the same pan with the large piece.  

When he asked her why she cut the end off the ham, she replied,  
"I don't know.  I just did this because my mother did it that way."  
A few days later, the husband asked his mother in law
why she cut the end off the ham.   She replied,
"I don't know.  I just did this because my mother did it that way."  

Being extremely curious, the husband
contacted his wife's grandmother and
asked her the same question.   Granma replied, 
"I cut the end off the ham because
the only cooking pan I had was very small.  
The only way the ham would fit in the pan
was if I cut the end off.   
<><><><>   <><><>

Now ask yourself,
"How much of my belief system
follows the pattern described in this story?"







Is This Really Me?


How much of your present-day life
is based upon what other people said or did?  

What is the origin of the beliefs
that you hold onto so strongly?  

Are the beliefs you hold today based upon
what your parents taught you what you were a young child?
Have you ever examined those beliefs
to see if they match or conflict with
what the evidence tells you?

Are your beliefs  based upon evidence.  
What does the evidence say about your beliefs.  

Have you heard this before: 
e is not what we've been led to believe it is
by those who claim to know.  
You, I, and everybody else have  been (and still are)
making critical, irreversible, life-altering decisions
based upon false,  incomplete, and/or
intentionally deceptive information!~  
<><><>   <><><>

Let's look at some common beliefs and about each we will ask:  
*   Why do I believe this?  
*   What does the evidence tell us?  
*   Is someone promoting this belief?   If so, why?   
*   What would my life be like if the opposite was
      the universal truth on this topic?







The False Belief Called  Powerlessness


This lie states that
Human beings are powerless victims,  
that we are at the effect of all those things
we think of as being outside of ourselves.  

The false belief is that someone or something
outside of ourselves
did the creating and that
we just come along and experience
a single, objective world that has already been created.     
To believe this lie is to deny 
our power  to create by thought. 

Here's What Is Real:

You are much more than a  physical body.  
You and I and everyone else, are
all part of a
Single, Unified Whole.   

We are each
Eternal   (timeless)  
Invisible   (to the human eyes)
 (mobile / alive)
Spiritual  God-Beings
experiencing the illusion called
physical reality.  

We are having a
Human experience   (in a)
Physical/Holographic Body
Here on Earth
(in a)  
Holographic Universe

<><><>   <><><>  

Collective Experiences: 
Prior to entering a physical body on Earth,
we agreed to come here and be part of a collective reality. 

The Ultimate Context:  
We exist.  
We are each part of Source/ Creator/ God







The False Belief in Separation

This false belief states that: 
Humans are separate from Source/ Creator/ God, 
Separate form Nature / Sacred Mother Earth,  and
Separate from their fellow humans.  

The overwhelming evidence tells us:   
That everything is one single Unity.  
The unity of all the oneness of Creation
has been expressed thousands of times
by the
The Wise Ones  and yet, billions of people
still function in the context of separation.  
Let's look a little more deeply into this.   

Why did I believe this false belief?  
*   Because that's what everybody else believed.  
*   Because I never thought about this before.
*   Because that what the Christian religions teach their believers.  
*   Because our leaders would never deceive us or lie to us.  
*   Because billions of people believe it, therefore, it must be true.   

What does this lie do?  
*   It destroys / takes away/ removes 
      the power from prayer.  

The universal consciousness only responds to what is.  
It does not recognize the verbal or written expression
the opposite of an idea.   For example, when you say
"Don't drink and drive," the universal consciousness
responds to "drink and drive." 


 Fifth Dimension prayer has several aspects:  
*   What is believed.  
     If your believe you can't or that
     what you want is' impossible for you,
     you are right.  
     For you, you can't  and. or it's impossible

*   What is declare into existence.  
      The declaration gives birth to it
      in the non-physical world, and   

*   What is witnessed with
      pure power of positive Lloving emotion.  

All of steps are required prior to
the physical manifestation of your desire.


Third dimension, non-functional prayer is prayer 
*   from the perspective of wanting,   
*   from the context of not having,    
*   From the position of separation.  

The Universe responds by giving   
*   more wanting   
*   more not having  and 
*   more separation.

Fifth Dimension, fully functional prayer
is a declaration of what is.   

For Example:   
Pray rain.   Feel the rain.  
Feel the feel good feelings associated with rain.   
Hold the attitude of gratitude. 
Expect more rain.

Never pray for rain.  To pray for rain is to focus on what isn't  
<><><>   <><><>

What happens when you no longer believe this lie?  

You express from   Fifth-Dimension Consciousness.  
Your prayer becomes a declaration of your intention.  
Your declaration becomes instructions that you plug into
to the Macro-Macro computer of Source/ Creator/ God.  
Source-C.G. responds by producing for you
a multi-sensory experience of your intentions.   

<><><>   <><><>  

The Truth about Unity: 

***   "An Ocean of Existence is at the basis of everything."   

***   "An ocean of pure potentiality."      

***   "An ocean of abstract potential existence."   

***   "A single, unified field of intelligence."   

***   "Everything is one."    "Pure being."  

***   "We are single ripples in a unified field of existence."   

***   "Non-material, dynamic, self-aware intelligence
         made of Consciousness.   

***   "We are all waves of vibration in an underlying,
         unified, string field of intelligence.   

***   "There is only one consciousness.   We individualize
          our awareness of it through the filter of our nervous system."   

***   "The self is universal.   Knowing that through experience
         is called Enlightenment.   

***   Scientists call this the "Unified Field or Super String Field."  

***   We live in  thought universe."   

***   "Intelligence is the fountainhead of all the laws of nature." 

<><><>   <><><>

Another aspect of separation is the time and space
between cause and effect.  


Another lie is the creating a false relationship
between cause and effect
in situation where  cause and effect do not relate.  
An example is the elephant keeper charm
which hangs outside Charlie's front door.   
He say it keeps the elephants away. 
He lives in Alaska.  


Reversing cause and effect:  
Pretending that the cause is the effect and
that the effect id the cause  
"I'll believe it when  I see it." 
The truth is you'll see it when you believe it. 


Other reversals: 
Retail advertisers say "Save!"   
Which means,  
"Come to our store and spend."      

Another reversal comes to us
form the world of mind altering substances. 
For those of us on a spiritual quest,
we use of mind expanding substances
like marijuana, LSD. magic mushrooms and the like
in a spiritual format the same way
a child uses training wheels on a bicycle.  

The objective is to access
the expanded level of consciousness
without the mind-altering substances.  

It's common after a spiritual journey, 
to experience periods of expanded consciousness
without the training wheels. 
The controllers call this a flashback.  
They claim this is bad, and
therefore, you should not use mind altering substances







The False Belief that

Violence Solves Problems


This lie states that:   
     Violence Solves Problems.  
     He that can produce
     the most powerful destruction
     wins all the physical stuff.     

The Truth Is:  
     Violence DOES NOT solve problems.  
    It creates them.

Violence is based on the lie of Scarcity
     and the fear that goes with it.

Scarcity is base on the lie called Separation

The Truth is that

*   Humans are God-Beings.~
*   Humans are Great Creators.~
*   We live in a
          mind-created and mind-managed

          Holographic reality.~
*   Earth-life is part of
         a thinking person's Universe.

    *   Control of your life has been hijacked~
  by evil beings that
          feed on the energy
          created by your negative emotions.   







The False Belief Called



This lie states that:  
There is not enough for everybody.  
If I am to have, others must do without.     

The Truth is:  
That Humans are powerful divine beings who have forgotten the truth about The Nature of Reality.   We are great Creators and we live in a holographic universe.   In a holographic universe, abundance is created first by consciousness.   Consciousness is then translated into the multi-dimension image we call Earth-plane reality.  

Scarcity Is a Lie.  

It is a Cabal-created illusion that tricks humans into believing that there is not enough goods and services for everybody to live comfortably.   The lie goes on to say that if I am to have someone else must go without.    This is one of the Cabal's primary lies.  

This lie promotes two other major lies, 
***   The lie of Separation and
***   The lie that Violence Solve Problems.  

Our rights come from our Creator.   Our so-called government is a fraud.   It can grant NOTHING!  It has nothing to grant.  Everything we could possibly need, want, desire , or require is already ours.  

We've been tricked into believing in scarcity.  

<><><>   <><><>

In our holographic universe, what you believe is what you experience.   Lies or truth both show up as real in a holograph.   If you believe the truth, the truth shows up.   If you believe in a lie, the lie shows up. 

For example,
The truth is:  You're an eternal, powerful, shape-shifting divine being having a human experience in a physical body.  

The Lie:  
You are a powerless, inherently evil body-being
sent here to suffer, struggle, and toil
for the benefit of your masters in order to
avoid burning in hell for ever.  

The Truth:   
How, how many believe the passage in the Christian Bible
in which Jesus said: that
you can do anything he did and more?  
Somewhere between zero and none! 

More Lies:   
How many people believe:  
***   That they are their body  
***   That they are powerless, 
***   That they are inherently evil, 
***   That they must toil and struggle for the inancial gain

        of someone with all the money so that the rich bastard 
        will give them money in exchange for their labor,
         their minds, and a huge portion of their lives? 
***   How many are still afraid that
         they may burn in hell forever?  

How many human believe one or more of these lies? 
The number is somewhere in the billions.  







The Tip of the Iceberg


And then there's all those pieces of truth
about which we simply know nothing. 

To lie by omitting the truth is still a lie
if the intention is to deceive others.   

The Christian Bible is a great book. 
What Major Truths
were simply left out

by those who put it together.  
What more is there that we still don't know about?

There are literally dozens of additional false beliefs,
lies, and illusion s that keep billions of humans
in an invisible prison.    






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