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      Concept Summary    


Now, you, too, can learn how to
experience multiple orgasms and
reap the huge benefits.  

Learn in the privacy of your own home. 

Consultations are available by phone.   

Consultations are available for men, for women,
and for couples,     
gay, lesbian, and heterosexual.






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+++   Concept Summary     

+++   Benefits of becoming Multi-Orgasmic  

+++   Sex as a Spiritual Experience    


+++   Questions and Answers  

+++   Additional Factors to Consider    






Benefits of
Becoming Multi-Orgasmic



(o)>   Once you learn the technique,
           repeated cycles of intense pleasure are available to you
           any time you choose to experience them.   


Why is it important for men to learn how to
separate orgasm from ejaculation.   

(o)>   Because the most overlooked factor
           of being multi-orgasmic
           is the health factor.  

(o)>   Because with non-ejaculation orgasms,
           you avoid the fatigue,
           the exhaustion, and the desire to sleep
           that comes with ejaculation.  

(o)>   Because instead of throwing away your life energy,
           you keep your semen and
           all the vital, bioelectric energy
           it takes to produce it.  
           Your body then uses its life energy
           to regenerate your physical self.  

(o)>   Because with non-ejaculation orgasm,
           you keep your proteins, your  minerals,
           your vitamins, and your amino acids.   
           you keep your male hormones
           to enhance your masculinity.

(o)>   Because with non-ejaculation orgasms,
           you can maintain your erection a lot longer, thus,
           pleasing your partner becomes much easier.  

More Benefits:  

(o)>   Multiple orgasms are available with or without a partner.  

(o)>   For both men and women:  
           If you are already multi-orgasmic,
           with the new and expanded (Fifth Dimension)
           ways of achieving multiple orgasms,
           you can learn how to double your pleasure and
           still channel your sexual energy
           into enhancing the health of your physical body.



><> <><><>






Sex as a Spiritual Experience      



Sex as a Spiritual Experience:  
Once you learn how to reach and hold
mild to moderate levels of sexual intensity,
you can then use this altered state of consciousness
to connect to Your Soul-Self,
that's the part of you that is non-physical and
has direct connection to the rest of Source/ Creator/ God.  

Once you reach this level of consciousness,
whole new worlds will open up to you.  
Redirecting your life energy will assist you
in remembering that you are an eternal, non-physical being
having a human experience.  

(o)>   In addition to
      ** increasing your health,
      ** expanding your pleasure,
      ** pleasing your lover,
      **connecting to your Soul-Self, 

Being a multi-orgasmic man is a huge boost to your self image.  

Remember, "Nothing succeeds like success."   c
Once you succeed here, imagine what else you can do!   






Questions and Answers  



Q1:     I'm way past my prime.  
          Am I too old to learn to be multi-orgasmic?  
A.      I'm 75 years old.   I experience more orgasms today
          than I did as a young man.   I'm just an ordinary guy.  
          If I can do it, so can you.  
          <><><>   <><><>

Q2:    What's your secret?   How do you do that?  
A.      There's no secret.   It's simply a matter of
          learning and applying the rules of the game called
          multi-orgasmic sex.  
          Let me say this again.   I'm just an ordinary guy.  
          If I can do it, so can you. 

          The major difference between us is that
          I have learned the rules and
          I have applied them to my life and
          you haven't.

          Those of you learning the rules of multi-orgasmic sex today
          have a huge advantage over people like me.  
          When I began to study the art of of multi-orgasmic sex,
          I had to learn by trial and error 
          in the old and now obsolete third dimension consciousness.  
          I had no coach and no role model available to me.  
          <><><>   <><><>

Q3:     What  do you mean when you say that
           third-dimension consciousness is obsolete ?  

           Those still stuck in third dimension consciousness
           do no know that planet Earth is part of 
           Source/ Creator/ God's Holographic Universe.  
           They do not know that humans are
           eternal, non-physical beings
           having a human experience in a holographic universe.  
           The differences between these two levels of consciousness
           are so profound that it's almost beyond imagination.

           Today, you can learn multi-orgasmic sex
           with full knowledge of
who and what you are, and  
           with full knowledge of the fact that
           we live in a holographic universe.  
           Also, you have me as both your coach and as a role model.  
           <><><>   <><><>

Q4:     Do I have to learn about holographs
           and about all that non-physical  stuff?  
A.       If you want your tomorrows to be just like today,
           you don't have to learn anything.  
           I can coach you, but, you have to learn the rules
           and you have to play the game for yourself.  
           <><><>   <><><> 

Q5:    You said that sex was a spiritual experience.  
          What did you mean?   
A.      I said sex
can be a spiritual experience.  
          Sex, like everything else in life, is what you make of it.  

          In spite of what you have been taught,
          sensuality and sexuality each have a sacred dimension.  
          With proper training, the energy of sensuality
          and the energy of orgasm
          can be used to connect to your Soul-Self.   
          At that point, you will not only remember
who and what you are,
          you will become the controller of your own life.   

Q6    What's the remember stuff about?  
          Did I forget something?  

A     Yes.  

In order for us to enter life in a human body here on Earth, we had to agree to forget everything we know.   The rules of this game include having to remember everything from the very basics like learning to walk and talk all the way to remembering that you are an eternal divine beings having a human experience.  

My job as your coach, guide, and role model is to assist you in your remembering process.  

<><> <><><>






Q7:    I always thought that orgasm was a genital experience.  
      Are you saying that orgasmic sensations
      are not limited to the genitals?  

A.   You can experience the joy of orgasm
       in any part of your body.   Once you get to feeling
       sustainable mild orgasmic sensations,
       you  can intensify or reduce the level of the sensations
       without triggering the automatic muscle contraction
       of ejaculation.  

You can also direct the energy into any part of your body. 
It's quite common to feel the sexual energy
rising up your spine and into your head.  
It's also quite common to experience full body orgasms.  
<><><>   <><><>

The biology of sexual excitement includes eyes dilating, nipples becoming erect, muscles tightening up, faster heart beat, and rhythmic body movements, such as pelvic trusting and toes wiggling.  

Pulling the pelvis back, slows down the energy flow.   Thrusting the pelvis forward speeds up the energy flow. 

If a man continues into the ejaculation phase, there are powerful and unstoppable pelvic muscle contractions*** and there is a release of semen.   Immediately following an ejaculation-orgasm, comes the sense of having just completed a long and arduous journey.   This results in a dramatic release of tension and a desire to do nothing except collapse and fall asleep.   At times, you may experience the sexual afterglow, often referred to  as "That freshly fucked feeling."  

***Because I am now able to functioning in fifth dimensions consciousness, it's possible for me to stop the muscle contractions of ejaculation.  How to accomplish this seemingly-impossible task part of what I share with my clients.  

For non-circumcised males, the foreskin can play a significant role in enhancing sexual pleasure.   If you are not circumcised and if your have learned to be energy sensitive, when you masturbate, ( or when you have a skilled partner stroking you) you may notice that the covering and uncovering the lingam (penis) head is like turning an electrical switch on and off.   Peeling the cover off turns the energy flow on.  Covering the head turns the energy off.  

Slipping the foreskin on and off the lingam head mimics the motion of intercourse in reverse.   Pealing it off mimics slipping into a vagina except that your penis head is going out instead of in, and the temperature changes are reversed.*** 

***You can significantly reduce the sensations of the  temperature reversal by being in a very warm environment.   

You can direct (push, pull, move) the subtle energy flow with your mind (i.e. with your imagination).   You can also add a combination of breath, and hand movements.  

Once you become energy sensitive, you can move your hands as if you were in a pool or bathtub and the energy will move similarly to the way water moves.  
<><><>   <><><>    

My job is to assist you in learning to how to intentionally use your mind and your sensual/sexual, life-force energy to create your future experiences by conscious intention.  

Sex, including being multi-orgasmic is also a potent attention getter.   Your mind and the power of your life force can be used to direct the universal energy into creating your other intentions. 






Q8    What?   I thought you were teaching us about sex.   
A     That I am.  

And please understand that sex is only one aspect of life.   My job is to show you how to create and experience anything you choose, however, if I don't get your attention first, you'll stay stuck in the now-obsolete, third dimension thinking.  

Sex is one of the most powerful, positive attention-getters on the entire planet.   So, now that I have your attention, let's look at your real potential.  

In addition to sex and orgasm, Source/ Creator/ God has given humans a multitude of other precious gifts,  gifts that most humans are still unaware of.

Q9    Gifts?   Like what?  

A.   Like the fact that you exist and have God-Consciousness.  

We were created in the likeness of Source/Creator/ God, not in the sense that our bodies looks like god, but in the sense that our abilities are those of god-beings.   You have freedom and free will.   You have the ability to create physical matter by thought.  

Your emotions (your internal feelings) are an incredible source of manifestation power.   According to every report I've heard on this topic, humans have the most powerful emotions of any species in the entire galaxy.   Thoughts accompanied by the feel good feelings that come by way of sensuality and sexuality are powerful tickets to anything you choose.   My job is to show you how to consciously use your life force energy.   
<><><>   <><><>

Q10:    What's the difference between male and
          female orgasms?   

A.      Researchers have found that, except for ejaculation,
          the same basic biological reactions occur in
          in both male and female orgasms.  
          The main difference that I am aware of is in
          the direction of the energy flow.   

         Male orgasmic energy pushes outward and into his partner.  
         Female orgasmic energy is internal and stays inside her body. 
         <><><>   <><><>   

Q11:  How do you know that?
A.      Because I have learned how to use my breath,
          my imagination, and non traditional
          male sexual stimulation
          to produce multiple orgasms.   
          I'll give you the concept now,
          but the details are too much to cover here.  

          It's possible to induce sexual pleasure all the way to orgasm
          by stimulating non-genital parts of the body.  
          For example, by stroking my lingam (penis) and,
          at the same time, stroking the point on my pubic bone
          where the clitoris is located in the female body,
          I am able to produce a series of completely internal,
          non-ejaculatory orgasms.   
          I explain the process in detail in my consultation sessions.   
         <><><>   <><><>     

Q12:   What else should I know that will help me
           to experience multiple orgasms?  
A.       There are numerous things I share with my clients.  
           I'll list some of the main points for you.    

          The processes, themselves,
          are simple and  straight forward.  
          There are several things that can get in the way or
          that can contribute to your success.  
          For the moment, just become aware of them.     

First, understand that becoming multi-orgasmic
has several aspects.   Your tools include:  your beliefs,
your imagination, your emotions,
your breathing, your physical body,
your physical stimulation process, and
your sources of sensual and sexual stimulation.  

It's a really fun game, but it requires
playing from new perspectives.  

Second, you must at least be familiar with
The Three Basic Rules of Reality.     

***We are non-physical beings
      having a human experience.

***We are presently experiencing life in
      Source/ Creator/ God's Holographic Universe.  

***In Source/ Creator/ God's Holographic Universe,
      you, me, and everyone else are great creators.
     We each have the power to create anything
     we choose to be, do, have, express, and/or experience. 

There are some Additional Factors that can assist you.  
We'll discus them in our sessions.    
<><><>   <><><>    

Q13:   I can now see why being multi-orgasmic is
          far more tha
n just physical.     

A:      You are right.   The processes, themselves,
          are simple and  straight forward.  
          The part that will be most challenging
          is getting yourself out of the way. 

Q14:   What is the cost for your consultations?  

A.      $90 per session.   When you pre-pay for three sessions,
          that's $80 per session - a $30 saving. 

          Much more of the supporting material
          will soon be available FREE
          on our websites at:   

Q15:   How do I contact you?     
A.       By phone at:   818-727-0727.   
           By email at:    tcd.cote@gmail.com







Additional Factors      



Some Additional Factors to consider:  
They can assist you in becoming multi-orgasmic:

There's the external physical setting you are in.  
Do you feel safe?  
Is your setting supporting your intentions?  
Is the setting warm and comfortable?  
Are you alone or with a partner?   

There's your mindset.  
Are you tired, stressed, worried, sad, angry,
or otherwise not in the here and now  moment?  
If so, this will interfere with your pleasure.  

Are you excited?  
What are you expecting to experience?  
Are you under the influence of any mind-altering substances?  
Do you feel any guilt about what you are doing?  

Also remember, performance anxiety is a success killer. 
Success comes, not from doing.  
Success in tantric sex comes from allowing.  
"Flow with the river."   Allow what is to be.  
Simply enjoy the sensuality that you are experiencing
DO NOT seek orgasm.  
Allow it to arrive if and when it does.  

There's the dual point of focus.  
Whether you're with a partner or imagining that you are,
one half of this duality is

your focus on the experience you are having or imagining

The other half is to pay attention
to what's happening in your body.  
Feel the physical sensations.  
Notice your emotional state of being.  
Be aware of your breathing.  
Notice where you are directing your sexual energy.  

Are you functioning in multidimensional consciousness
or are you still struggling in the old and now obsolete,
third dimension consciousness?  
Do you still believe the false story that you are outside of God?  

I'll show you how to get beyond trying and struggling
 and into being and allowing.  
I'll show how to function from inside of Source/ Creator/ God.  

Past sexual memories:  
What in you past brings you strong emotions regarding sex?  
Do your memories bring feel good feelings of feel bad feelings?  
What emotion-laden beliefs are getting between you and success?  
I'll share with you what to do with those emotions.  
I'll also show you how to play the game called,
"Nothing succeeds like success.

Wanting, Trying, and Asking:  
You cannot want something and have it at the same time.  
To want something means that you do not have it.  
and the universe will give you more wanting. 
This applies to everything in life,
including being multi-orgasmic. 
A wannabe (a want to be) is a have not.  

Are you letting go and allowing or are you still trying?   
"Do not try.  Either do or don't do."
Trying is justified failure.   Trying is for losers.  

If you pray from either religious or spiritual beliefs,
you do not ask.  
You simply declare with an attitude of gratitude. 
I'll show you how to deal with wanting, trying, and asking.  

Q      What is the cost for your consultations?  

A.      $90 per session.   When you pre-pay for three sessions,
          that's $80 per session, a $30 saving.  

          Much of the supporting material
          is available FREE 
          on this websites

Q:      How do I contact you?     
A.       By phone at:   818-727-0727   
           By email at:    tcd.cote@gmail.com








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