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Our Fifth Dimension Consciousness


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FahZoom Home is the name of
the physical structure that is
a combination of our home and  
the main  headquarters,  
the office and
the first physical location for
Fifth Dimension Consciousness Training Program

Fifth Dimension Consciousness Training Center.  
It the Self Awareness portion of our
five-part FahZoom Town project.      

Our intention is to show you
how to use a combination of
mind,  your emotions, and
your five physical sense,
to re-learn the lost art of sensual awareness,

to enrich the quality, the pleasure,
and the joy in your life. 

The portion of the 5D Training Center that focuses on
using our five physical senses to wake us up to our true nature
is known as The Sensual Delights Network  -  SDNet.

Our 5D consciousness training Center
focuses on using our emotions and
combining emotions with our five physical senses
to wake ourselves up to who and what you are

It's also known as The Sensual Delights Network  -  SDNet.

We, every one of us, is an eternal, non-physical, multi-dimensional
divine being having a human experience
in a physical body
on planet Earth in
Source/ Creator/ God's Holographic Universe.   

On this page, we'll introduce you to
The Sensual Delights Network.    

Please be aware that we are creating this entire project
from the newly available  (Oct-2015)
level of consciousness called 
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.    




F. Y. I.

For Your Information 
We are building five independent,
intimately-interconnected, fully-functional,
joy-enhancing, social-service organizations:   
The five partners can be found on the page titled:
FahZoom Town

The consciousness portion of our vision
is fully functional and available right now, today.  






Page Content


(o)>   Concept Summary    

(o)>   FahZoom Home     

(o)>  F._Y._I.   For Your Information     


+++  Our Natural State of Being       

+++   Fifth Dimension Context    

(o)>   The Art of Sensual Touch     

(o)>   The World of Feel Good Feelings     





FahZoom Home  



FahZoom Home is the name of
the physical structure that is
a combination of our home and  
the main  headquarters,  
the office and
the first physical location for
Fifth Dimension Consciousness Training Program

FahZoom Home may be as simple as a large home
in an appropriate location
that we use for the personal home of Robert and his wife, Ryce   
and as our first Fifth Dimension Consciousness Training facility.  
It may have contiguous and adjacent structures. 

FahZoom Home may also be
a fully functional home and property that becomes
our first version, our pilot project,
a mini-versions of Fahzoom Town.   

And     It may be the most appropriate property
for creating the first, full version of FahZoom Town
ever created by humans on Earth.  

<><><>   <><><>   

FahZoom Home is being created using
Fifth Dimension Consciousness: and
a combination of

Human Essence and Essassani Essence.


We hold the vision.

We feel the emotions.

We release the result into
The Infinite Powers 
of Source/Creator/ God-Goddess.   

We relish
      in heightened excitement, 
            in joyous anticipation.   

We experience orgasmic-level thrills
      as the first physical expressions 
            of our most cherished desire
                  show up.   

We float.   
           In the afterglow commonly known as
                  "That freshly-fucked feeling."      

Home!    Home!   We vibrate in harmony with our new home   
FahZoom Home reveals itself to us.  

With sincere gratitude and respect,
we honor all that is
including  ourselves.   

We turn our attention to
celebrating another new beginning!   

We know ourselves.   
We know The All That Is as ourselves.    
One  is all that is.  
Llove  is all that is. 
We are in our natural sate of being.  

We Are Aware of the Fact That
We push ourselves away from our desires, and
they cannot reveal themselves to us if we vibrate with the energies of:      
         feel-bad feelings       don't have      can't      it's impossible      anger     
         fear       criticism         pushing          struggling         arguing    
         fighting      fixing      snafu      victim consciousness       






Our Natural State of Being     




All humans, including you and I, are God-Beings
having a human experience in a Holographic Universe.

As part of our Fifth Dimension
Consciousness Training Program

our intention for ourselves and for all others
is to remember and reconnect to
the joys and blessing that are naturally ours
as a result of our just existing,
as a result of just being.  

All we have to do is stop resisting,
stop focusing on what causes us to feel bad.  
When your mind is focused on anything  that makes you feel bad,
you are pushing away your natural state of being.  

Returning to our natural state of being
is not about doing,
There is nothing we need to do.  
it's about allowing.  

Our job is to allow ourselves to
be, do, have, express and experience
our natural state of being.

Below we have included a list of words that describe
our natural state of being.  
Pick three words from the list below
As you read each word separately.  
Feel the feelings that it inspires.  
Now put your three words together in a single container.  
You are that container.  

How do you feel?    

Here's an example:  
Appreciation      Anticipation        Allowing     

Oneness    Home     Unity      Llove    Compassion  

Health    Well-Being      Clarity      Certainty     Confidence    .
Lloving      to Llove      to Be Loved      Whole       Complete       .
Alignment      Harmony      Wholeness      .
Confidence      Cooperation     Connected       Included       .

Eager      Joyous expectations      In the moment    the Joy of Living     .
Ask and receive       Focus your mind and receive       .
Feel feel;-good feelings and receive        It's Good to feel good      

Desire      Question      Be Curious      Ask        Seek      Find      .
Abundance      Fulfillment         Truth    Beauty     Freedom         .

Laugh      Play      Sing       Skip      Dance      Expand      Want more     
Feel Good      Fahzoom      To find Interesting    
To Llove and to be Lloved is our natural state of being.  

Our Job is to feel good for no reason other than to feel good   

To hear this concept expressed
by Abraham/ Esther  Hick, go to: 


Duplicated on the page titled Creating with emoto\ions





Fifth Dimension Context


Question:      Please tell us about creating your
       Sensual Delights home base.  

Answer      We begin by describing the context we are in.  
If you've read the section on Contexts and Content,  you'll
understand why and how a context is critically important.  

Q      Tell us why in one sentence.      

A      Because a context dominates and controls its content.  
It's also a tool that can be used to change your life.  

Here's how powerful contexts are: 

Those who run the world
have been using the power of false contexts
to trick, control, and manipulate
the entire human population.  

Q      That sounds unbelievable.  I need an example.   

A      Ok.   Most of the human population believe and
thus live their lives as if they are
separate from Source/ Creator/ God.  
They're living in a false context.  
They're living their lives based upon a lie.  

If you believe this lie, you live your life
worshiping a false God,
You live as if you are only a physical body,
worshipping an angry, fickle, vengeful mass murder,
super-human being who lives in the sky above Planet Earth. 

You live in fear of eternal damnation.
You obey orders and give your money
to the cartel of criminals
who secretly control just about everything.  
This is the context in which we find our selves 

Q     I thought we were talking about
        the Sensual delights Network.  
        What do contexts have to do with SDNet.     

A      Because contexts dominate and control everything.  
Compare life in an invisible prison called separation 
to living in freedom as who and what you are,
an eternal non-physical God-Being
in a Holographic Universe and as a Great Creator.   

The purpose of SDNet is to wake you up, set you free. 
In order to be free, you must understand
the contexts you are in

The major context we are now entering
is commonly called the Fifth Dimension.  
The shift from third dimension to the fifth
was first heralded publicly at about
the end of September and the beginning of October 2015.  

Q      What does being in the Fifth Dimension mean?  
         Does it make a difference?   

A      Yes, there's a huge difference.  
This means that anybody and everybody has the potential 
to re-create their own lives using the rules of reality.  

We are entering into a multidimensional reality -
in Source/ Creator/ God's
Multi-Dimensional, Cosmic  Holographic Universe.  

In this new Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
the TLC-Life-Center team is creating
the physical facility we call  Fahzoom Town. 
When functioning in Fifth Dimension Consciousness,  
the only limits we have are the limits that
our collective imaginations have.     

Q      How can this be?   

A      In a holographic reality thought is king.  
Thoughts create.  
Thoughts are God's tools for creating.

Does this quote sound familiar: 
"In the beginning was the word
and the word was with God 
and the word was God."  (Christian Bible- John 1:1)
You are a God-being with the power to create by thought.

Q      That sounds exciting.   When will Safe Haven Estates
         be physically functional?  

A      What we are building will not magically pop into existence.  
It's something we have to first build in our minds.  
The physical evolution will follow as
we move, step at a time, into
the physical version of our vision.   

You can support our process simply
by becoming aware of who and what you are.  

Q      So your not asking anybody to do anything
        or to give you money.  

A      That's correct.   

Q      Then where will the money come from? 

A     In 5D consciousness,
money comes as a function of
our vibrating in harmony with what we are intending.  
We feel the feelings, the emotions, associated with
being, doing, having, expressing and/or experiencing
our stated intention. (our self-created context.)  

When we hold the primary focus of our minds in that context, 
we are vibrating in harmony with a completed manifestation.  

The Universal law then fulfills all that is required
to make our intention physically real.  
If and when money is required, it shows up.  
It shows up as a function of who we are and
not as a function of what we do.  

We will be gifted with a large estate property and/or
we will receive the money to purchase it, and/or
in ways unknown to us at this time 
Source/ Creator/ God's will match who and what we are 
and we will be experiencing our declared intention.

Money is a part of the manifestation process. 
Our job is to stay out of the manifestation process
The manifestation process is Source/ Creator/ God's job, not ours.  

Our job is to release regrets,   self judgments,
false expectations,   and    negative emotions. 
Our job is to wake up and realize who an what we are.  

Consciously being who and what we are
is our part of the creation process.  

The other part of the creation process
is to do what FEELS right in every moment.  
Doing is NOT done for the purpose of manifesting.  
It's done as part of the fun we have in the gestation period.   
The gestation period is the time between creation an  manifestation. 

In case you are not yet aware of it, 
what you are experiencing right now
in your personal life is function of who you are.  
It is not a function of what you do. 

Think about this for a moment.  
Your life, as you are living it right now,
is a product of the same process we just described,
only you re using  The Rules of Reality unconsciously.  

What you are getting is a life
built unconsciously, by accident, by happenstance,
and by whatever you bump into as you roam around
in our collective consciousness.   

Q     That's a hard pill to swallow.  

A     Then Don't swallow it. 
You are free to ignore the the evidence.  

We highly recommend reading the section about contexts
on this website.

Q      OK, I'll do that.   Right now,
          tell me more about the cosmic changes.   

A      The readily available evidence,
such as the Schulman Resonance
tells us that the Earth and our entire solar system
are undergoing major changes.  
The frequency (the rates of vibration) are rising.  

The scientists and the people connected to
the infinite, invisible part of themselves
are telling us that the changes are cosmic in scope.  
This transformation is called:  
Moving into The Fifth Dimension

What we hear is that someone of something
at a very high levels of control,
perhaps even to Source/Creator/God, Herself
has decided to clean up the disgusting mess
that has been made on Earth
and on numerous other
life-sustaining planets in our galaxy.  

The violators of the S. C. God's Prime Directive, 
Thou Shall NOT Violate!
are being systematically removed
from their positions of power and control.  

The energetic vibrational shift
is exposing their lies and illusion and
opening humanity into a profoundly different reality.   
The rising rates of vibration
are making it impossible for the Cabal criminals
to maintain control.    

In case you haven't heard yet,
the truth is:  You and I and all other humans
are actually eternal, multi-dimensions; non-physical beings
having a human experience on planet Earth
in Source/ Creator/ God's Cosmic, Holographic Universe.   

This is the context in which
we are creating FahZoom Town.  






The Art of Sensual Touch


Defining and Refining the Art of Physical / Sensual Touch   

Consider these three aspects of touch: 
Non-Sexual Sensuality,
Sexual-Sensuality, and
The Lingam-Yoni Dance.

All three can be used to
amplify your power of manifestation.  
Because they are your most powerful,
positive, emotions builders. 

All three have been given  bad names.  
All three are Godly activities. 
All three can be tools to wake you up
to who and what you are.   

Our job is to show you how that is accomplished and
Guide you as you make your journey
from unconscious slavery to Godly Freedom.  

Remember, it's your journey,  
You are completely in control.  
Pure, non-sexual sensuality is the place we suggest you start.  

Begin with physical objects you find
in your immediate environment.  
Food and/or drink is an excellent place to start
 food can easily and immediately
bring your attention to all five senses.  

To learn more about this, check the page titled,  
The Art of Conscious Living.   

When you begin to notice your talents and abilities,
please  contact us and tell us what you've found.  






The World of Feel Good Feelings



One of the physical structures at Safe-Haven Estates
will be our home and headquarters of
The Sensual Delights Network. 
We've named this Fahzoom Home.   

Are you aware that
Aahh   Oouu   Ohmm
are the three major sounds of delight.  
The name "Fahzoom" includes all three sounds
plus the fourth major pleasure sound,  "Oohh"
and the sound "Ohmm" as in home.

<><><>   <><><>   

Take the time to read our introductory pages,
the webpages titled: 
A trainer's Manual for Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  

You'll notice that I've combined
fulfilling the personal interest of our clients
with creating our vision.  

At the same time,
I/we are fulfilling our mission as a guide teacher, and
role model for the Cosmic Transformation of humanity
into fifth dimension consciousness.  

I show clients how to use a combination of
mind, emotions, and their five, physical sense,
particularly the lost art of physical  of touch,
to enrich the quality, the pleasure, and the joy of life.   

My clients and I are both headed for the same destination.  
When we work together, success for each of us
is rapid and profound.   

As the mission evolves, we find ourselves
physically experiencing bigger
and more profound pieces of our intention.  

<><><>   <><><>    

Becoming Conscious of Who and What You Are:  

If you stay with us, you'll learn that you are an eternal,
non-physical, multi-dimensional being.  

You 'll learn that you live in
Source/ Creator/ God's Multi-Dimensional,
Holographic Universe.  
You'll learn that you and all other Humans are a great creators.   

You'll learn how to repeatedly experience
the most profound sensual and sexual bliss
you've ever had in your entire life.  

You'll learn how transform your body and your life
into bliss joy and abundance
the likes of which you never known.  

Take a Test Drive:    
Are you interested enough to test us
to see if we are telling you the truth?  
Study this website.   Examine the evidence.  
I/we challenge you to prove us wrong! 

The World of Fahzoom! 
The world of Feel-Good Feelings!  
Experience Yourself as Who and What You Ar

Robert Cote'  


Contact us if you have a question or two.
We'll answer your questions.    

I'm also available for
Private Consultations
By Phone
Reasonably priced
Learn in the privacy of your own home. 







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