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    Hiring Heaven

              This page was inspired by Jean Slatter's book  "Hiring the Heavens.".









Hiring Heaven:  

The concept of Hiring Heaven is based upon the Universal Principle that Energy Follows Thought.   It's consciously and intentionally tapping into the universal consciousness and applying the energy of Source/ Creator/ God to our lives.   The Universal Energy appears to be all one single unified "Something" or "no-thing" that expresses itself in the physical universe as an infinite potential to be anything our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, expectations, etc. can imagine it to be.  

Our job is to apply several individuated pieces of the Divine Whole into our personal lives.   As an example, see the list below.   I use this cast of Divine characters to assist me in accomplishing my intentions.   







Heaven's Team





Because we live in a Holographic Universe, there are an infinite number of universal energy being available to assist us.   I begin the list with the energy beings I regularly call on for guidance and/or assistance and then below are the names of energy beings that  I may on occasion ask for guidance and/or assistance.      

The Regular Team:  

Creator/God  --  Llove & Compassion

Sacred Mother Earth 

The Great God Money  --  Law of Money 

Law of Truth 

Law of Beauty  

My Personal Over-Soul / Soul-Self  

Energy beings of Safety and Security


The Special Task team:   

Law of Dark energy  

Law of Dark Matter

Law of Wisdom 

Law of Balance

Law of Abundance 

Law of Change   (Shiva the Destroyer) 

Law of Consequence  

Philanthropy Adviser 

TLC-Life-Center Adviser  

All of Robert's Non-Physical Advisors

Robert as Human-Self 

Law of Physical Health  

Law of Mental Health  

Law of Emotional Health  

Law of Spiritual Health 

Peace of Mind

Spiritual adviser for Marijuana Sanity  

Spiritual adviser for Hemp Corporation  

Spiritual adviser for New Corporate World Foundation's
        Win-Win Business Structure  

Spiritual adviser for True, Debt-Free, Corporate Democracy

Law of Sensuality

Law of Sex and Sexual Sensuality

Law of Kundalini   

The spirit energy of Marijuana 

The spirit energy of LSD   

The spirit energy of Peyote  

The spirit energy of Magic Mushrooms   

The spirit energy of Iawaska    







A Personal Experience





18 Feb 2010  -- In a dream, I was interacting with a woman who was afraid of just about everything.  Out of fear, she would not say or do anything.   She was also afraid that her sexuality, if activated, would create problems.  

Upon awakening, I chose to examine this woman a part of my inner world.   I examined her personality as if she was one of the guards in my internal, belief prison.   Using the Theta-Transformation process, I connected to Earth and then to Creator on the seventh plane.   Through Creator, I connected to this persona.   We chose the name "Robina."

"Robina, would you feel safe if Creator brought in beings of security and safety to be with you, to protect you?"   "Yes." she replied.    We brought in Herbert  (the persona of one of my non-physical guides.  He is combination of  Procter and Gamble 's "Mister Clean" and mythology's Hercules.)  

We brought in a second character that has been with me for at least thirty years, Stewart / Wilbur.   Stewart / Wilbur is a variation on the them of a mother grizzly bear protecting her cubs and a fierce looking gorilla.   Nobody gets past Stewart / Wilbur.  

Using the Theta Transformation process, we integrated the energy of Herbert  and Stewart into Robina.   We brought in three additional energies,
Tantrina the master of safe, joyful sexual sensuality,  
The Great God Money for financial and material well being and
Sabrina, the master of body movement -- Movement that can only be mastered from the heart (and not in the head) -- body movement that can only be mastered by actually engaging in physical activity.  

We then instructed Creator to teach Robina that its safe for her to be who she is  --  To teach her how to be herself,   --  To teach her what it feels like to express her expanded persona, and when to be whatever she chooses to be.  

We also instructed Creator to teach her why.   Explaining why stops the ego from protesting and sabotaging.   It brings the head, the ego into alignment with the new format.    

We integrate all these aspects into Robina and then integrated the new Robina into my (Robert's)new, inner, personal consciousness.   

Notice the distinction between having an external team of characters providing services and the internal aspect being and integrated combination of all of  them.  

We have answered our beginning two questions, "What do I really Want?" and  "Who do I choose to be in this situation?"  

If you have not yet read the book Hiring the Heavens by Jean Slatter, we recommend that you d so.   








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