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Fifth Dimension Consciousness

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About Believability
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From:      http://galacticconnection.com/transforming-money-into-sacred-reciprocity     

Reciprocity is the practice of harmonious, balanced energy exchange which brings mutual benefit.  

We live in a universe of living energy and that we are in constant exchange with this living energy all around us whether we are conscious of it or not.       

They saw how everything in nature is contributing to the well-being of the whole organism of which everyone and everything are an integral part. Much of their practice was to keep the energy exchange flowing and in balance between the inner and outer universes as well as impart this wisdom to their communities.  

Moral code of conduct, treating others as we wish to be treated; as well as the spiritual cosmology where it is the basis of the creative principles of the universe. When this exchange becomes unconscious and out of harmony it is believed to be the source of all discord, imbalance and disease.   

A powerful parallel and complement to the principles of Ayni can be drawn to the Tibetan Buddhist principles of Karma (cause and effect), and interdependence. That is to say that we can not exist as separate individuals without this interconnected web of relationships all around us and everything we do, say and think affects the whole. 

Reciprocity and responsibility was held collectively through a shared value system. .

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 Beauty as a Physical Sensation    

Beauty as a Physical Sensation   



We know what beauty looks like.  
We know what beauty sounds like. 

Now think of beauty as a physical tactile sensation.  
What does the ultimate in physical Beauty feel like?
How many of you will openly acknowledge what Beauty feels like. 

I'll give you a little hint. 
            Extended Orgasms! 
                  Expanded Orgasms!    
                        Timeless Orgasms!  
                              Full Body Orgasms!   
                                    Full Being Orgasms. 

These super-blissful sensations are available to you right now. 

To experience the tactile sensations of Beauty,
you must first invoke her partner, Truth.  
The first step into the Truth is to to remember
Who and what you are.  

Reference 1:    Potential Clients - A Message to . . .   
Reference 2:  
The World of Sensual Delights
Reference 3:   Multi-Orgasmic - How to Become . . .     






Beginners Mind   

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Beginners Mind    Beginners Mind 

Approach people, situations, and things
as if you knew nothing about them.  
Avoid prejudging.   
In spite of what you may think you know and
no matter how much you do know,
compared to what there is to know
you and I and everybody else really know nothing.  

The Beginners mind describes
a way of perceiving a thing or
an event purely as it is,
without prejudgments, expectations,
or emotional attachments.  
The beginner's mind is open to all possibilities.  
It's a way of thinking outside the box of conformity.  
It's a way of viewing something
as if seeing it for the very first time.  
He who is in the beginner's mind, as much as possible,
steps outside of his/her mental conditioning.   

This is the way Einstein and other scientists
were been able to imagine things, concepts, and ideas
that the rest of the world had never seen before.  
When a theory proved false,
they simply set it aside and move on.  

A classic story of a beginners mind
was demonstrated many years ago
by the scientists in the research laboratories
of General Electric.

Whenever a new researcher would join the GE staff,
his first assignment would be
to figure out how to frost a light bulb on the inside.  
As you probably know, the original  light bulbs
were simply clear glass globes
with no light-diffusing coating on them.  
In those days, everyone knew
it was impossible to frost a light bulb on the inside.   

Each new researcher would work
for a couple of months on this impossible task
 and then, one day, the other researchers
would gather together around him and tell the new guy
he'd been the sucker for a long-standing joke.  
"We set you up to attempt to do the impossible."  

This went on for several years
until one new researcher
successfully frosted a light bulb on the inside.  

Why did he succeed where others failed?  
Primarily because he viewed the challenge
with an open mind -
from the beginner's mind.   
He didn't "already know" that it was impossible.  

For more on this see the page titled believability
See the section below on this page: 
About Believability
and go to:









Belief prisons are the invisible, internal beliefs,
attitudes, expectations et cetera.
that control and restrict our behavior. 

If you do not know that a choice exists ,
you cannot make that choice
For  example,
When you believe lies like
Separation, and
Violence solves problems,
you simply do not realize that

*   Infinite abundance is your natural God-given 
    state of bein.
*   You and all humans are a Part of God.
*   Cooperation , Caring, Sharing, and giving Llove
     are the core solutions or every problem and hallange
     that you will ever encounter.





About Believability       About Believability




Why should I believe what your websites are telling us?   

You shouldn't.  We recommend that
you don't believe anything we tell you.  
Don't disbelieve it either.  
Avoid making any judgment or coming to any conclusions
until  you have examined the evidence for yourself.  

Q     Have you examined the evidence?    

A      Yes, I've spent the last 50 years
studying, researching and examining
 the evidence
about the inner nature of what a human being actually is,
about our human relationship to planet Earth,
about our human relationship to the source of the universe, and
about dozens of related topics  

Q     Tell us the essence of what you've found.

A      Life is not what we've been led
to believe it is by those who claim to know!

You, I, and everybody else have  been
(and most of us still are)
making critical,  irreversible, life-altering  decisions
based upon false,  incomplete, and/or
intentionally-deceptive information.   

Q     Why do the things you tell us sound so strange?.

A      Because you are being exposed to information
that is so far from what we think of as normal
at your first reaction will be this is impossible.  

Q     I keep hearing stories about major changes
that are about to happen.    In there anything to this?    

A      Yes.   Here's what the evidence based truth is telling us:

The overall context we live in has changed dramatically.  
This change hit a major turning poing on 21 December 2012. 
A major information release  occurred at about
the end of September / beginning of October 2015.   

We now have complete and total access to
Fifth Dimension Consciousness

A vastly different and infinitely more functional set of rules
apply in fifth dimension consciousness.  

We also realize  that we live in
Source/ Creator/ God's Cosmic/Universal Holograph.

The Third major factor is to understand is  
Who and What Humans actually are.

In order to step into fifth dimension consciousness
we have to get our own pre-programed, false beliefs
out of the way.  

Q     Give us the bottom line.   

Instead of judging things
we suggest that you view life from a
Beginner's Mind.    
Neither believe or disbelieve anything.   
Check the evidence.  
Draw your own conclusions.  

If you are sincerely interested in being free and happy, 
examine, study, learn, and apply
these concepts to your life:

The Seven Lost Secrets af Llove

The Law of Context and Content   

The Art of Success    







Bible Quote - Speak One Language  



Genesis 11:6  (English Standard Version)

"And the LORD said, “Behold, they are one people, and
they have all one language, and
this is only the beginning of what they will do.
And nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them."    

Language is thought. 
Thought is first Cause.  
Thought comes from your mind.  
We live in a Holographic Universe.
"In the beginning was the Word and the 
Word was with God and the Word Was God.   
Humans are Eternal Divine Beings.   
Humans are Great Creators.      






<Bible Quotes        


This is what God the Lord Says- - "
the creator of the heavens,
who stretches them out,
who spreads out the earth with all that springs from it,
who gives breath to the people,
and life to those who walk upon it.   
Isaiah 42:5  NIV   <><><>   









Blended Being


I often refer to myself as "we"  instead of "I"
because the being you know as Robert
usually functions as what is commonly called
a blended being
A blended being is a combination of
an Earth bound physical body and
an unlimited, non-physical consciousness.  
We work as a team.  






  Black  Swan 



The text below is a quote from   
About the book titled, Black Swan, by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.  

"A black swan is a highly improbable event with three principal characteristics:   It is unpredictable;   it carries a massive impact;   and, after the fact, we concoct an explanation that makes it appear less random, and more predictable, than it was.   The astonishing success of Google was a black swan; so was 9/11.   For Nassim Nicholas Taleb, black swans underlie almost everything about our world, from the rise of religions to events in our own personal lives."  

"Why do we not acknowledge the phenomenon of black swans until after they occur?  Part of the answer, according to Taleb, is that humans are hardwired to learn specifics when they should be focused on generalities. We concentrate on things we already know and time and time again fail to take into consideration what we don’t know."    

<><><>   <><><>   

We miss opportunities.  
We discount many very real possibilities
without even taking a monument to examine them
because our personal belief system falsely tells us
the things we are being shown are impossible.  

You may have heard this quote,  "I've already made up my mind.   Don't confuse me with the facts."   The illusion that we know something is is one of the human attributes that con artist use to manipulate us.  

We commonly fail to prepare for potential future event and, thus when they show up we are unprepared.  On the opposite end, being prepared is often  a life saver and a way to avoid much grief and misery.   It's also a way to prevent much property loss and/or damage.   See:  Normalcy Bias     






Buddha Gift 


When something comes along that you'd prefer not to experience, look for the blessing in disguise.   This is your Buddha gift.




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